And here it is the beautiful Radio Italia concert I attended, as part of the audience, during the recording.

What a thrill to see everything again and how nice to think I was there, a stone’s throw from them.

Good vision to all and tell me your comments.

And here a brief and nice interview with Radio Italia, A TU PER TU, with IL VOLO.

After the pleasantries, the speaker immediately asks what is the most important stage for them and Piero replies that they are many and the Arena of Verona is among them and Radio City Music Hall.

Radio 01

Then he asks the boys if they have a ritual before doing a concert and the boys show that they shake hands, before the concerts and join three punches, before the interviews.

Radio 02

He then asks how they can make decisions or who must respond first and Ignazio replies that in 10 years they have learned very well how to react, and they only need a glance to see if one of them wants to answer or not. Moreover they now have the maturity to understand that maybe, the one that offers one of them is better than their own and they accept that it is the best thing to be presented.

Radio 03

The speaker asks if they have passions that unite them outside of music. Piero and Ignazio say tennis. Ignazio and Gianluca, football.

But all three say gym.

Moreover Gianluca says that they eat the same healthy things, because they must keep fit. In one month they took 22 planes. 

Radio 04

Radio 05

Radio 06

Radio 07

Radio 08

Radio 09

Radio 10

Radio 11

Radio 12

Radio 13

Radio 14

Radio 15

(In this photo, right under Manola’s microphone, is my husband’s face, I was next to him, but I’m covered by Manola, and from my blue cell phone, I was taking a picture.😁😉)

Radio 16

Radio 17

Radio 18

Radio 19

Radio 20

What a great concert. The boys were at ease, and we were happy with this beautiful opportunity.

Thanks guys, thank you Radio Italia.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

18 thoughts on “RADIO ITALIA, THE BEAUTIFUL CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. To experience any and all concerts would be a dream come true. I’m not sure how I fell in love with them so quickly and I do mean love in the most precious way. Their kindness to others, the love of life, the love they have for their parents and friends. Their amazing gift to walk on stage and make all comfortable. Most of all their voices bring happiness to so many. Love my guys always and forever.

  2. I watched the whole program and I looked for you but could not really see you. There was a woman in a red sweater with the same hair color that I thought might be you, but I think now it was not. The show was wonderful and intimate and like sitting with the guys in a living room chatting. How lucky that you were able to be there. Thank you for translating what they were saying. funny and charming as usual.

  3. Grazie ancora Daniela. If anyone deserved to be there it was you!! Ma…I wish I could have too! 😉 Now I see where you were sitting!! I had not found you yet as I watched, but now I will look even more as I have not finished getting more beautiful screenshots to post!! The video was fabulous, but being there I am sure was the ultimate!! Grazie per tutto quello che fai!❤❤❤

    1. Yes Deborah, being there was fantastic. The boys were so close, wonderful, you would have enjoyed it a lot. Who knows, maybe next time. And then we laughed too much when the make-up artists came on stage, of course, those women in the official video aren’t there.:)

  4. What a beautiful concert and amazing experience for you. It’s always nice to see Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero happy among fans who love them. I’m upset because I read in the morning that yesterday Ignazio felt worse, had fever and had to stop signing the records in Mexico. Some fans or rather pseudo fans were dissatisfied and unpleasant. I don’t understand such people and this behavior. They are people just like we all and have the right to have the worse day or be ill. They work so much and must be tired. A real fan is grateful for all they do for us and understands that they are humans, not machines. I wish Ignazio health and I’m happy that we all here are real, supporting fans. Grazie mille Daniela and Pat for your work, and I’m happy for you Daniela you had the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful event. Hugs

    1. Yes, Jolanta, I also read about Ignazio and I hope he is well now. I believe that the reaction of certain fans, before knowing the cause of the fact that Ignazio had left, I believe that when they knew the reason, they understood. However these guys are too busy, they’re not robots.:)

  5. Thanks Daniela for sharing. Ignazio seems more prone to catching colds etc. From the beginning in 2009 he would be bothered by colds.
    Wonder if the loss of his weight has some effect on his immune system. The minute I read it (in Italian) I understood he was ill and was afraid that some of the fans would be upset. I do not speak Italian but if you read slowly sometimes you can connect familiar words and understand the meaning. The flu and colds are all over here.

    1. Yes, Regina, I think Ignazio is better, even if yesterday he didn’t do all the scheduled interviews, to which only Piero and Gianluca appeared, and he was to rest.
      Of course, these continuous climatic changes between one continent and another are quite traumatic.

  6. I thought the interview and concert was great So sorry to hear Ignazio wasn’t feeling good. They keep a very hectic pace and all the travelling and workouts they have to get tired but always hope that all of them will stay well. Glad to hear Ignazio is feeling better Thank you to You and Pat for keeping us up to date

  7. Dear Daniela, Fabulous post from you as usual. You and Pat work so hard to keep us up-to-date. The first time I saw the boys in Tampa, Ignazio had fallen with the little boy and missed the meet and greet. Of course we were dissappointed but understood that he had to go to the ER, some of the youhger fans actually followed him to the hospital.
    I know they are in NYC right now but not sure why, I hope something will be posted soon. I’m so happy that you and Beppo could make it to the show.

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