Yes, we finally saw it, the Matera concert was broadcast by the Italian channel 5 television network.

The entire concert is sold on DVD, along with the CD. I have not deliberately watched the DVD these days, so as not to ruin the surprise and see it directly on TV.

The announcement of the program was given with several advertising passages like this:

The wait was sky high and the IL Volo, did not betray the expectations.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, were splendid, elegant, the incredible voices and the perfect video shootings.

The images of the beautiful Matera, are wonderful!

Too bad the audience was not included in the video, because between one song and another, the boys intervene with stories and videos of memories, of their beginnings and their events. All this adds value to the concert and does not exist on the DVD.

I will translate for you the words made by the boys, between one song and another of the Matera concert, words that will certainly fill your heart with admiration.


Matera 01

IL VOLO IN MATERA 2019 – Click Here

PIERO: Everything started as a game, three strangers put together, now after 10 years we are really like three brothers, we weren’t really aware of what we were experiencing, but the game, now it’s over, and it’s become our job, our daily life, our future. We hope to celebrate another 10, 20, 30 years of career together.

GIANLUCA: We met when we were children, and we grew up together, we created, really a unique alchemy, because we share the stage, we travel constantly together.

IGNAZIO: We will never have full awareness of what we are facing, because we always see beauty, we also see things with naivety.



Matera 02

IGNAZIO: Our goal is to bring the Italian tradition, through music, to different stages and different cultures.

“Arriving in America” is always a bit of everyone’s dream, and getting to that audience was very exciting, because you realize how much you can be attached to a culture, a tradition, a flag. It is very varied, as an audience, of all ages, from the two-year-old girl to her mother.

PIERO: There is that Christmas song that says “From 9 to 92”.

GIANLUCA: And also the prestige that gives you this kind of music, because we do nothing but follow the steps of our greatest idols, like Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, the bel canto that is truly appreciated all over the world.

IGNAZIO: Surely we must say thanks to the American public that is the first who discovered us. Because after Italy, after that famous show, we immediately went to America, and with “O SOLE MIO” , they immediately sent us great affection and it was certainly nice to be able to share the emotions with all the American audience.



Matera 03

PIERO: Italy, in our career, has always given us great emotions, perhaps the greatest emotions, because from 2010 to 2015, we sang only abroad, we did many concerts in America, South Ameica, Japan, but in Italy , we didn’t sing.

IGNAZIO: We must tell the truth, we suffered a little from this, we pretended nothing, but we suffered.

PIERO: Very.

IGNAZIO: Arriving in Italy and being practically unknown.

GIANLUCA: But you know, perhaps the “Made in Italy” musical genre has been increasingly revered abroad, especially in the US, a musical genre appreciated perhaps even more abroad.

PIERO: But in 2015 we had …..

IGNAZIO: The revenge …..

PIERO: The courage to participate in the Sanremo festival

GIANLUCA: … and to bring back the “bel canto”, also in Italy, after 20 years.

PIERO: With our song “GRANDE AMORE”, when Carlo Conti said Il Volo, the winners of Sanremo, it seemed like dreaming. But then, the Italian audience has always remained faithful, from the beginning.


Matera 04

IGNAZIO: I’m sure that if we commit ourselves for a moment let’s remember the emotion of the first time we sang at the Verona Arena. And knowing, being aware of being in that scene with your concert, is something that makes you think a little, and be excited, because a few years before it was unthinkable.

PIERO: In our career we have had the opportunity to do many concerts in the Arena, we hope to make thousands of them, yet. But I can say that I struggled to fall asleep immediately after the Verona concert.

GIANLUCA: It is precisely this, the point, also a piece of advice that we want to give to all the guys who dream of living for music, and they want to do what we are doing, that there will be many people who will probably not believe in you, but you must persevere, because you can truly reach the farthest dream. We believed in it and we still believe in it and we are studying, really hoping to continue to stay together for many years to come.




Matera 05

IGNAZIO: In USA for Haiti, we had the opportunity to have an experience, which we will never forget, we were three strangers, small, just arrived in America, and we found ourselves singing in the choir of WE ARE THE WORLD.

PIERO: We were among hundreds of artists, without knowing how to speak half a word of English.

GIANLUCA: Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Maroon Five ……

IGNAZIO: There was also Barbra Streisand, who knows, maybe it was the bell, which then gave her the idea to call us to do the tour with her!

GIANLUCA: Two years later, because in 2012 we went on tour with her, in America and Canada, and this too was an experience that made us grow, professionally but also personally.

IGNAZIO: I remember that the first time we met her was for my birthday, my 18 years (for us Italians is the age of maturity)

PIERO: Your 18 years.

GIANLUCA: You celebrated 18 years, on stage with Barbra Streisand, not bad!

PIERO: She perfectly studied our names and pronounced them perfectly, without the American accent, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because the Americans, to speak our names …. what an effort!



Matera 06

GIANLUCA: One of the greatest emotions we experienced in our career was being able to share the stage with a great artist, Maestro Placido Domingo, in a concert tribute to the three tenors.

PIERO: The relationship with the master Domingo, was born thanks to his two grandchildren. He tells in an interview, that he returned to his son’s home in New York, and saw the grandchildren who were watching and listening on television on YouTube, our version of “O SOLE MIO”, and everything was born that way.

IGNAZIO: Surely we must also say thanks to our manager, Michele Torpedine, who then, in the end, was his idea. He wanted to do it for years, and surely we used a little the wake of the Sanremo festival and the success we had in Italy.

GIANLUCA: What then is a repertoire, almost untouchable, we didn’t even want to commit the sin of presumption, also because we are young, there is still so much to study, this is important to say it, also because we didn’t want to imitate or emulate the three tenors, but only to remember this great project, which really brought the “bel canto” the opera, out of the theaters, around the world, and it was an incredible success, which excited millions of people all over the world.

Being able to be joined by the great master Placido Domingo, after 30 years of that great concert, was a great honor.

IGNAZIO: And then we realized that 70-80% of the repertoire, was what we were already singing.

PIERO: It wasn’t so difficult to choose the songs.



Matera 07

IGNAZIO: This year, to start the 10-year celebration, we started with a very special, very exciting event, we found ourselves on a gigantic altar, which was then a stage, turned into an altar, in Panama, for World Youth Day. We had the honor of singing for Pope Francis, being able to share the stage, with our music, with faith, above all, to see 700 to 800 thousand people praying in silence, to have Pope Francis in front of you, to pray together with all those young people.

PIEROWe are believers, and find ourselves, the only ones, there, in front of Pope Francis, who while he prays, listens to your voice, I believe it is an emotion that we will tell, to our children, grandchildren, we will tell it for life.

GIANLUCA: Being able to start the celebrations, of these 10 years, with a selfie with Pope Francis, it is not every day, and above all, to sing the “Ave Maria”, for him and for more than half a million young people, who found themselves there for WYD, and representing all the young people in this important event, was unique. We couldn’t have started the year in a better way.


Matera 08

PIERO: In life it also takes a little luck. On our last trip to Japan, something unexpected happened to us, in Japan the discipline of ice skating is very followed, and in the last Olympics, the Japanese skater, won the gold medal, skating on one of our tracks, doing the choreography on “Notte Stellata”.


Matera 09

GIANLUCA: There are so many Japanese people who come to study in Italy, especially opera. It is incredible, as some people have told us that they have learned to speak Italian, even listening to our songs. And it’s also nice to see so many young people who are approaching, all over the world, even this musical genre, which is our goal, we are young and we want to bring it to the new generations.



Matera 10

IGNAZIO: Often an artist does not have many opportunities to talk about himself, he is always engaged in interviews to say “we sang, we did …..”

PIERO: And it’s inconvenient.

IGNAZIO: It is uncomfortable. I think that an artist, to have a space, to talk about himself, to make people understand what he feels inside, and who he really is, is a rare and unique occasion.


Matera 11

IGNAZIO: We are three guys who weigh a lot the words, and in these years, we have always given a particular weight to the word THANK YOU, because being grateful to someone, to something, is always beautiful, it makes you feel better, and we would certainly like to say thank you to several people in this interview. But the biggest THANK YOU, and I think I speak on behalf of all three, goes to our families but above all to our manager Michele Torpedine, who, despite the many difficulties we have encountered in these 10 years, has always been there to give strength to us, and constant determination …

PIERO: His constant presence…….

IGNAZIO: …… that he sent us in these 10 years.



Matera 12

PIERO: The best thing about these 10 years is to see our fans, grow with us. We met 15-year-olds, who now have 25 like us, and our biggest THANKS goes to you fans, who supported us and endured us for 10 years. We hope to live this long adventure and we love you so much.



Matera 13

GIANLUCA: We have had a 10 wonderful years. Unthinkable things have happened to us. We were 14/15 years old and always sharing the same passion that unites us, which is music and love for singing.

IGNAZIO: This is what we want to do in life, and it will be our goal for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years, until I have to accompany Piero by the arm.

GIANLUCA: 10 years of friendship, of music and above all of fidelity and respect.

PIERO: There will be lots of surprises, we promise you we won’t let you down and we’d like to tell you THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.



❤️ PIERO ❤️

Matera 14



Matera 15



Matera 16



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. It appears that the Best of 10 Years CD with the concert DVD will be released in the US on December 6. They are available for preorder on Amazon US.

    1. I ordered mine from and it came on Monday–with a Swiss postmark! I do not speak Italian but it is not hard to use the Amazon Italy website. Just have an Italian dictionary handy in case you need to look up a word!

  2. Their best interview yet, I think. And I really enjoy their interviews that take us inside their minds and the way they experience life in their very different public mode. So interesting. They seem to be all you have told us they are Daniela and more. You are our lifeline with these three incredible young men in their music journey. Thanks!

    1. Mark, they are boys “with their heads on their shoulders” always.
      In the midst of so many dull artists who give neither emotions nor good examples, they are really the exception, as well as being able to sing very well.
      Thanks for the nice compliments.

  3. Thank you for the pre order information. I wall be so happy to have something from the boys. I love how authentic they are. In this day and age of scripted and canned dialog, I love how true and open the boys are,

    1. Victoria, I believe that the speeches I have translated to you exist only on the version of the concert broadcast by Channel 5. That is why I translated them for you.

  4. So glad that I got to read what they said during the concert thanks to you. I found their words so heartwarming They are three amazing young men who are so genuine


  5. Thank you again Daniela for giving us these comments made by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca between the songs in the Matera concert. I just received my “Best of 10 Years” CD and DVD but haven’t watched it yet. I wish they had included their comments even in Italian! They are so well spoken and have always known what is important. I continue to be amazed that three young boys with tremendous musical talent would also be so kind, thoughtful and have so much common sense. Once again I have to thank their parents and bless them for also sharing them with us. My local PBS stations will be showing their Matera concert the second week in December. I’m hoping Il Volo will come to the US to do some promotions!

    1. Thanks Margaret for your nice compliments.
      You thank the parents of the boys, and they too always thank their families, it is one of the things that I really like about them, their attachment to families, they show it in many comments and attitudes, without inhibitions.
      Be careful, Margaret, because the boys, having finished the promotion in Mexico, will come to promote in the US, they are coming.

  6. All I can say is…WOW!! e GRAZIE MILLE! 💖💖💖 Daniela, we cannot thank you enough for all your effort and love in putting this together for us! Your translations are wonderful and as I have said before..

    ❤❤❤Noi ti amiamo così tanto!❤❤❤

  7. Thanks Deborah, your compliments are flattering me, but you saw that the post succeeded well, also thanks to your beautiful photos, thanks !!
    A hug 🙂

  8. Daniela and Pat…thank you for this beautiful article! These three young men never cease to amaze me. They pour their heart and soul into every song and interaction with others. So kind, respectful and genuine ALL the time. I love to hear them say they hope to be together for many years to come! They are a phenomenon we have had such joy of witnessing these past ten years!

      1. Daniela…only 10 inches today, but another foot of snow coming Saturday. Winter found us!😊

  9. Thank you Daniela, for all the time and effort you give to this blog. We know it is a labor of love, but I am sure everyone here will say how much we appreciate the time and energy you put into your translations and the accumulation of the pictures and material to post.
    A big Thanksgiving thank you from all of us–Thanksgiving and every other day!

    1. Penina, thank you very much, I am really pleased to know that you are waiting for my translations, and this encourages me to continue.
      Grazie mille for your welcome compliments.

  10. Thanks a lot for this beautiful article and translations. The concert in Matera is wonderful, I’ve seen it several times till now, for the first time in the cinema in October. Thanks again your work is invaluable.🤗😗

  11. Daniela, what would we do without you? Where would we get such access and such insight? Thank you for the devotion you have to these wonderful, very unique artists who bring the best of Italy to the world. They are truly a gift to the world and you are a gift to us.

    1. Nancy, you are overwhelming with compliments, thank you, thank you.
      The posts I translate to you are a reflection of what guys do, so it’s always their merit.

  12. Thanks again Daniela for the wonderful translation. I have seen the Matera concert and it is truly one of their best. It will be broadcast here in the Boston area on PBS this Monday night December 2nd and hopefully the boys will make an appearance to promote the cd and the USA tour!

  13. Mary, my information was that the boys from Mexico came directly to the US to promote the cd.
    Now, unfortunately yesterday, Ignazio was not well, but I hope that today everything is ok.
    A hug

  14. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the translation of this beautiful concert. I happened to find the Italian version on You Tube last night and, although I did not understand exactly what they were saying, their singing and their interactions and just their way of being said it all. Their humbleness and genuine feelings come through. Your translations made it even more beautiful. I love that they said they are particularly grateful to the American fans who were the first to love them. Their gratitude for all of us supporting them for years was clear. They are in a class by themselves! They continually show what special people they are. I have ordered my cd and it should come in a few days. The Matera concert will be on PBS in the Bay Area on Tues and Wed nights next week.

    1. Janet, you said well, they differ from others.
      Perhaps their style of “being” is frightening to a certain class of radio and journalists, because they do not conform to the style of so many young people today: vulgarity, disrespect, praising violence …… everything this is not part of Il Volo. They have education, respect for people, affection for their families, and this is making inroads into so many hearts, where they had already entered because very good singers and performers. For all this, they deserve our support.

  15. Wow, such wonderful words of the guys! I so wish we could have seen the little interviews in the USA. But, thankfully there is Daniela! 🙂

    As Janet said, I am also pleased to hear they are thanking the USA fans for their beginnings. Maybe they heard we were feeling forgotten?

    A few words on the cd dvd…. I also got mine from amazon, but US. It came to about $37 or so with shipping. I was also looking at barnes and noble and they have it there also for preorder however it’s just the cd, not the concert. Ours came from Greece!

    I did watch the dvd and it was awesome of course. There are English subtitles but they are not word for word and it’s just the few words between the songs. There are some extras on there but I have not looked at them yet. Perhaps it is some of the interview?

    I’ve decided they just know too many songs now! Everyone has their favorites and even though they might not sing your favorite tune, everything they sing is perfect!

    What a perfect post of thanks to put before Thanksgiving! Wishing all a lovely holiday with family and friends!

    Let’s hope igna is feeling better! Wonder if they will share in our Thanksgiving feast somewhere?


    1. Grazie mille, Jana, so you confirm that on the official DVD, these little interviews are not there. In fact, I assumed, that they had been inserted by Channel 5, between one song and another, for this reason we have also attached to this post the video broadcast by channel 5, so that you can see the boys in small interviews on the sofa and read what was said.

      I sincerely hope that Ignazio is better, these guys have too many commitments, and being sick, far from home, it certainly isn’t nice.

      I wish you a happy thanksgiving, who knows if three Italian guys knock on your door …. do you have enough food for everyone ?? :):):)

      1. wow, you are up early! No, just enough for me, Lorna and Sharon! 🙂 I’d have to go buy another turkey!

        Actually, not sure what the extras are – have not watched them yet….

      2. Well if three Italian guys knock at my door, I know I will invite them in and I will have enough food for them!
        Happy Thanksgiving to all and God bless everyone. I know we have so much to be thankful for!

      3. Jana, if they knock on your door, I’m sure you will fast, just to let them in.

        See, Margaret doesn’t let the opportunity slip.


      4. Yes I am sure I would think of something! Of course I may pass out and there would be plenty of food! Haha

  16. Grazie for putting your heart and soul into your wonderful translations Daniela!! We love knowing what is said in their interviews so thank you for making that possible!! The boys spoke so beautifully during this concert and we learned even more about them and what they are feeling. I only wish they had included those interviews on the DVD for all the world to see how humble, very special and lovable the three of them are. They don’t often talk about us in their interviews so I was very pleased and grateful to hear them talk about the beginning of their careers and fans here in America. Their new PBS Special from Matera is airing in my area Monday night, Dec 2, and all month!! I can’t wait!!

    1. Of course, Joanie, I rejoiced, listening to their words of gratitude to their American fans and I immediately thought about how happy you would be reading them.
      The news said that Il Volo will arrive in America to promote the CD. I hope it’s all true.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  17. P.S. a word or 2 about the PBS concert…. you will see a flash of chris and I. Chris is wearing purple. I am next to her in red white blue. 😉 it was filmed here in Detroit on labor day. Watch for the clip of me talking with my hands on the phone! Lol there were only 7 volunteers that night!

    There will also be a surprise at the very end of the interviews said by ignazio! 🙂 unless PBS is smart and they cut it out….but I don’t think they are that smart, will have to see.

    Yes, it’s being shown several times in Detroit next week as well.

  18. PBS is broadcasting Matera concert in North Carolina and Florida this Sunday, in NY Dec 12, so I’m rushing back home to Florida to watch this wonderful concert and with your translation it will be even more exiting experience! Can not wait to se our dear boys in RCMH and in Chicago and Tampa. Anybody can get on line to check when their PBS is scheduled to broadcast this concert, it may be different throughout US. Thank you again Daniela for bringing our boys even closer to us…

  19. Thanks Irene, I’m glad you will soon see the Matera concert in PBS, but I don’t think these interviews will be included in the PBS video, let me know.
    Translating for you is always a pleasure.

  20. Thank you so much for this,, it brought tears to my eyes, it was emotional, tender, and beautiful. thank you so much

  21. A big “Thank You” once again to you Pat and Daniela for providing us faithful Il Volo fans with this beautiful post. Daniela your translations on what they were saying provides us with a closer look into their beautiful hearts.Just got a message from a fellow Il Volo fan that their PBS special is being televised here in Southwest Florida on December 8th. Can’t wait and belated Thanksgiving Blessings to all!!!

      1. Hi Mark: I just checked the schedule for our PBS network and the concert is airing on Sunday December 8th at 9:00pm. Our PBS channel is 30 WGCU out of Ft Myers. Check your Local PBS for December schedule!! Not sure if it is the same as ours!!

  22. Love this Daniela/Pat combination ~ so streamlined and works so smoothly! Daniela, your translations are a blessing for me and Pat, many thanks for your part in make this site so successful.
    Our guys are very fast becoming super famous around the world!!!! (Yet in South Africa they are still unknown.)

  23. Dear Ineke, thanks for the compliments, now you can watch the video and understand what the guys say.
    In an interview they said that there is a surprise, they will go to a place where they have never been ….. who knows, we keep our fingers crossed.

  24. When will the Matera concert that was show on PBS-Orlando, FL, be available on DVD? I have been to Matera – quite an interesting place.

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