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During their stay in Matera for the two concerts, IL VOLO was also interviewed from Ana Ferreira by Brazilian TV, for the “Vida Melhor” program. The interview is in Portuguese and I do not understand this language, but at a certain point, about mid-video, in the direct interview, the questions to the boys were made in Italian so I translate the questions and their answers from there. There is also the possibility of using subtitles, but since the presenter speaks quickly, the translation is not reliable, in fact it is sometimes ridiculous.

Interview on Vida Melhor – Click Here

Ana = Claudia, what a joy, to be here alongside the three most beloved Italians in Brazil, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. All right, guys, how are you?

G = All right, all right, let’s try to speak in Portuguese, not very well.

I = We are very happy to speak Portuguese.

Ana = First of all, I would like to compliment you and best wishes for your 10 year anniversary, it is truly a long and beautiful, and wonderful story. In 10 years, so much time, so much experience, what was the most beautiful moment, the most important for you.

P = In 10 years, so many experiences, so many collaborations with so many artists, world-famous, international, we have only learned so many things from them, but the fundamental thing of these 10 years is that our friendship, from the first to the tenth year has always solidified .

Ana = For you (turned to Ignazio) the most exciting moment of these 10 years.

I = Surely the Pope was one, singing in front of the Pope, one meter from him, during the WYD in Panama, it was a very strong emotion, something that touched us a lot, also because unexpected. Seeing all that expanse of young people and that particular energy that was created on that altar, you can’t call it “stage”, it was really very beautiful.

Ana = Let’s jump into the future, how do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

P = Many people are asking us, “Now, after having celebrated 10 years of your career, what do you expect?” We will certainly try to reconfirm everything we have done in the past, make new music, grow even more professionally, because we never stop learning.

(Ignazio sings “A CHI MI DICE”)

Matera Interview 01

Ana = Whit all this talent, the boys of IL VOLO have made thousands of fans fall in love, I ask, how is the heart of each of you?

And they respond with great humor.

P = I did blood tests yesterday and they are fine !!

Ana = Seriously, we have discovered that Gianluca is the only one engaged in love. Both Ignazio and Piero are looking for “true love”.

I = The nice thing, speaking of love, is that there are no well-defined canons, starting at zero and ending to ten. Love can be unpredictable, it can be something that will surprise you in any situation.

(Gianluca sings “IL MONDO”)

Ana = Romantic, elegant, this breathtaking combination, next October, IL VOLO landing in Brazil, comes back, to our country, for the new Music tour.

Will the concert in Brazil be different from the others? It will have a little history from all these 10 years, what songs can we expect?

G = The best of our repertoire, everything we have built in these 10 years. We look forward to returning to surprise all Brazilian fans and we hope to excite you.

P = We promised it and we did not keep our promise, but this year we will work on it and try to do some songs in Portuguese, even to see, our pronunciation as it goes.

G = We hope not to disappoint you, in fact, if you hear something gouging, do not laugh, as regards our pronunciation in Portuguese.

Ana = See you in October. Thank you.

G = See you in October.

P + G = See you soon, bye.

Ana = As they say in Italian “arrivederci”, Brazil is always waiting for you, with open arms.

Matera Interview 02

And now, I translate the beautiful words that their friend Marico Bartoletti expressed on IL VOLO and Alessandro Quarta.

The guys from Il Volo, they gave me a double beautiful gift inviting me to attend their private concert in Matera: a magical evening (of music and feelings) and the friendship of a star of the stage that I already admired and what time it is me entered the heart: Alessandro Quarta

For those who have not already framed it, it is the wonderful virtuosist who appeared in our lives (at least in mine) first alongside Roberto Bolle and then on the Sanremo stage just duet with Il Volo and making the Ariston audience stand up, enraptured by the almost erotic passion with which he attacks the violin, drawing sounds of a celestial brutality.

Matera Interview 03

This year he is the fourth member of the most famous Italian musical education in the world: not for nothing is our most appreciated violinist on a planetary level, having completed – starting from his Salento – a professional path very similar to Gianluca’s , Ignazio and Piero: and that is, while here we wondered who he was, on the other continents they went mad for him.

I don’t have the musical culture to judge his professional talent (from which I limit myself to being dazzled). But I have the sensitivity to evaluate his human talent which is not inferior. We immediately told each other beautiful tales: I saw him get excited for people and situations that can be in total harmony only with a very high soul. At fifteen he was the most successful young violinist in the world.

Matera Interview 04

Now it has drained the adjectives that can describe it. To raise the bar of the challenge, he decided to artistically confront himself with an even crazier one: Astor Piazzolla, the one who in response to those who maintained that “in Argentina everything can change except tango”, with his bandoneòn made an artistic revolution no less to that of jazz. And it became, precisely, “el asesino del tango” (the killer of tango).

In my opinion it was three hundred years that the Demon, after having inspired in a dream to Giuseppe Tartini the mad “Trillo del Diavolo” was looking for someone like Alessandro. He probably put his bow on his shoulder and told him. “Go ahead you boy”. He forgot to give him the tuxedo: but even so, we like it all the same.

Matera Interview 05

This is instead an article that talks about IL VOLO, and was published in the Italian magazine OGGI, which I translate for you.

Matera Interview 06


“But just when I was going to sing with the Pope, did they have to steal my suitcase?” The anecdote is by Piero Barone, the bespectacled of the three.

“I was the only one who had brought the big suitcase for Panama, for World Youth Day. And just at that time they stole my suitcase. So I ran to buy a suit, but the shoe store was closed. In the end I performed in front of Papa Francesco, in sneakers. Fortunately the cameraman, crafty, has not filmed my feet and no one has noticed. “

Stories like these, the three boys of IL VOLO, are full of.

“Ah, and that time that Ignazio fell off the stage with a child in Tampa, Florida?” This time Boschetto is the protagonist “We are always very affectionate with the little ones. They put this baby in my arms. I take it but I stumble, to protect the child, I turned around, I hurt my arm, and they also have  sued me”.

But nothing can stop IL VOLO. It seems like yesterday, but 10 years have already passed since Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio presented separately to TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE.

They were just 14 years old, now they are three very solid career pop stars, famous all over the world.

“We have just returned from Japan, we will spend the summer in Italy for a tour that will end on September 24th here in Verona. Then we will go to South America and Eastern Europe. We are around, until May 2020.”

We meet them in their dressing room at the Verona Arena, just before the performance of the Seat Music Awards. To see each other at the beginning, little more than children, chubby, unrecognizable, has a certain effect on them. “But do you really have to publish it, the photo of 10 years ago?” they joke. “We have changed a lot physically, but we keep the carefree, the passion of the beginnings, Gianluca tells us. “We have remained humble and simple.”

Matera Interview 07

This, unfortunately, is not shared by a part of the press. During the final of the last Sanremo Festival, a chorus of whistles and insults was raised in their direction in the press room.

“There is a difference between criticism and offense,” comments Barone.

“We knew that by participating in Sanremo, we went to the lion’s den, but we risked it,” says Ginoble.

“In 10 years, we have faced so many prejudices against the music we make”, Boschetto intervenes, “But the very fact that Alberto Urso, a tenor, has won AMICI, fills us with pride. Our message has passed, there “we have done”.

Do you quarrel among yourselves?
“Once on stage,” says Piero, “Ignazio is a fanatical Juventus, Juve lost four to one, and I kept making the sign of four with my hand. He didn’t take it well.”



Chapter Love. It is here, that the three pretend not to hear …..
Piero Barone broke with Valentina Allegri (“but I can’t tell you why”) and swears to be single.
Gianluca Ginoble, who to us, turns out to be engaged, eludes the question: “I leave you in doubt”.
The only one outspoken is Boschetto: “I am single because with our life around the world, it is not easy to keep up a story. You can succeed only when you meet the love that makes your head spin. And then, who knows because, I like blondes, but I tie myself only with brunettes .”
Same sincerity on today’s music: “I listen to the TRAP, but I’m not in this genre”, says Ignazio. “I am a romantic and when I listen to lyrics that say – I’ll take you, I’ll slam you, I’ll do you – I don’t like it. I prefer texts with more poetry. In music, the damned, are more like. As in love: at women,  like bastards,  us good guys,  they don’t consider us. “

And … icing on the cake, from the official page of the designer Carlo Pignatelli:

Matera Interview 08

Carlo Pignatelli

IL VOLO celebrates 10 years of career, wearing Carlo Pignatelli men’s suits.

Beautiful interviews, which lead us to get to know our dear boys more and more.

And in the last image, how much beauty, how much elegance.

Come on, guys! 



Credit to owners of all photos and video.


And here is the report of the concert in Matera, lived by Crystal Dawn, member of Flight Crew.


Ciao Flight Crew!
I have arrived in Japan after a 30 hour travel day by my wristwatch.

I had little sleep— only 3 hours after the end of the Matera concert and my departure from Matera to make all my connection (bus, two trains, and two planes) prior to my arrival in Japan where I am visiting my son and meeting my one year old granddaughter Fiorina. Now for the highly desired concert details……

The signs we were holding up had written on them “Grazie Ragazzi” with a heart. We were instructed by Matera fan club members to raise the papers and wave them when Piero entered the stage for their first song. The guys were clearly touched from this gesture.


This Cava de Sole concert was another beautiful setting in Matera with a lovely sunset as the backdrop prior to the beginning. The sound quality much better for me here than at the PBS concert.

My front row seat was directly center. I was very close and when Piero sat on the edge of the stage near the end of the concert. I was the first to reach his side with Antonia a few paces behind me. I was able to hear the power of his voice as it entered the microphone. Quite a thrill. I was also first to reach Gianluca when he stood on the speakers (he did not sit). Such a beautiful smile as he acknowledged fans below him.


The banter near the middle of the concert when Gianluca acknowledged the inclusion of several songs in English and any Americans present— I had my hand raised and he pointed to me and asked where I was from and I said, “Oregon.”

Security was very heavy at both concerts, with local police, military, and hired security people—not necessarily staff. I do not know if this is usual, or new. But when fans approached the stage at the Sunday concert security pushed in and quickly pushed us back. Several times I felt it was a bit over the top as we were being very respectful of the guys.


The guys delivered an amazing concert. More relaxed than the PBS concert. Ignazio wore a black shirt and no jacket. Piero white shirt and jacket, and Gianluca in all black—always very stylish.

This concert was also fairly intimate with only about 500 seats—I overheard someone state that number and looking around I would agree. The evening warm, the lighting and sound breathtaking.


When the drums beat for the opening of “Musica Che Resta” I felt the vibration throughout my body. Alessandro Quarta delivered a passionate accompaniment. It is a sublime mixture of the guys and Alessandro. I was very happy to learn of his partnership in this tour.

This Musica concert was more in keeping with my concert expectations. I do feel that as this was their first one, that as they continue throughout Italia that they will be even more relaxed and have more fun on stage with each other and their audiences. By the time they reach America they will have a finely honed mixture of songs and banter.


My one GREAT disappointment was not having the opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet with the guys. Yes, prior to the PBS sound check I was able snatch a quick photo with only Gianluca and Piero—but no conversation in the few seconds exchange as they literally ran past me. Matera was considered a “Zero” concert by the promoters (why I do not understand). In any case, I had made great effort to attend. I extended my travels by two weeks to attend this concert—which gifted me with the extra days to visit their home villages (Roseto degli Abruzzi, Montepagano, Naro, Marsala (eating at Nina’s pizzeria), and Bologna). Prior to my travels in Italia, I was praying in 10 churches (along the Camino de Santiago during my 800 kilometers pilgrimage walk) for for IL VOLO’s continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy. I traveled for 100 days with often an IL VOLO focus. To literally come to the end of my trip and not achieve that goal of spending a few minutes chatting with guys was honestly depressing for me. I was literally soooo close to them physically for the two concerts, yet also so far away with regards to meaningful conversation.


The guys always deliver a spectacular professional performance, are engaging with their audience, appreciate their band and orchestra members, and acknowledge their management. They are humble, sweet, gorgeous young men.

I was very honored to be able to attend both concerts in the historic Matera. It is now a cherished memory of a lifetime.


Once again, thank you so much Crystal Dawn for your report.

I have to correct a number.
You say there were 500 people, newspapers say 1,500.

I feel satisfied with what you saw, and I think you could interact with the guys.

You also did a beautiful spiritual journey.

It is true, you did not have the opportunity to exchange a few words with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, but you must believe me, do you know how many would have liked to have been in your place, attached them to the stage where Piero was sitting and close to Gian?

Thanks again for this report.


Our other crew member also sent me her impressions, here they are:

It was really extraordinary, I don’t know what to tell you what I liked most. For me the solo of Ignazio and also that of Piero and then the duet between all is three. But I didn’t make the video.

It was really nice when Piero said … “Now we have to sing a song in English for our fans who came from the United States.” I don’t know if it is possible but I always fall in love with them a little more every time I go there I see them in concert . It was really an exciting night.


I also thank you for your impressions.

Of course you were also in magnificent places, front row, you witnessed a beautiful concert during a beautiful sunset in an immortal city.

What can I say …… jealousy …. no, we are happy for you !!!!


Credit to owners of all photos.



The first articles and videos about the first concert in Matera have come out, some really nice.

They say 01

Beautiful is this TRMh24 video that summarizes the evening, enjoy the images and activate the subtitles.

This is from Murgia Live 24, Radio Altamura 1.
In this video, people entering to watch the concert are interviewed, they are very nice short interviews, in their answers we find all our thoughts.

I translate for you.

Where are you coming from?
From Matera.
From Matera, why IL VOLO, what is written on the sign?
It says: Unique emotion, one thought.
Ten years of career, Il VOLO.
How wonderful, why do you love them?
Because they are very good and sincere guys, they are not presumptuous, and of course they sing very well, they have a real natural talent.
They are great, I love them.

Where are you from?
From Perugia
Why Il Volo?
Because we always follow them, since they started, this is the sixteenth concert, and we have another five scheduled for this summer.
Yes, in Taormina and everywhere.
We also went to Naro in Sicily.
How wonderful, thanks.

Where are you from?
 From Matera.
What’s your name?
Antonella and Rita
Why Il Volo?
They are great,  they are a show.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore
What will you do when they sing this song?
We will go directly under the stage, or we will even go over the stage.

They say 02

Where do you come from?
From Matera. 
Why Il Volo, ma’am?
Because they have a music genre that makes me shudder.
Your favorite song?
Grande Amore, by far. 

Where are you from?
I from Policoro (near Matera), but my friend is from Poland.
Even from Poland?
From Warsaw
Why Il Volo?
Because they are extraordinary and deserve the success they have had.
Thank you

It’s a video, we’re on Radio Altamura 1, where do you come from?
From Matera
What’s your name?
Why Il Volo?
Because I like them.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore

I’ll come to you, where do you come from?
From Matera, always from Matera.
Is she a lady from Matera too?
Yes, I am from Matera.
Look, lady, why Il Volo?
Because they are very good.
What do you like?
I like all of them, all their songs and how they are.
And Grande Amore?
Grande Amore is beautiful.

Where do you come from?
From Gallipoli.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are fantastic, what other explanation.
Thank you

They say 03

Where do you come from?
My city is Matera 2019, capital of Europe culture.
Why Il Volo lady?
Because their music transmits emotions to the heart.
Thank you

So where do you come from?
But really Naples center?
Why Il Volo? and why Matera?
Because they are special and I love them.

Where are you coming from?
From Lecce so far away.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are three simple and genuine and very good guys.
Thank you

Where are you coming from? 
Why Il Volo?
Because they are special, they are three good guys and I like their songs.

They say 04

Where does she come from?
From Matera
Why IL Volo? Why tonight here?
Because it’s nice, see Il Volo.
They’re good?
Well done. 

Where do you come from?
From Matera.
From Matera too, why Il Volo?
Because we like them.
From one to ten?
10 and praise with the academic kiss?
Exactly, it’s normal.

Where are you coming from?
I’m from Vietri sul mare, from Salerno, from Campania.
They’re telling me you’re a soprano.
Yes, I’m a soprano.
Why Il Volo?
Because we love the same musical genre, I’m soprano, and then I know them.
What do you expect this evening?
To get excited, they are very good and therefore, to share this evening with them.

Where is he from?
From Palagiano.
Why Il Volo?
My sister is crazy about Il Volo, so I had to go with her, of course. But I like them too.

They say 05

We are in Cava del Sole Matera, why Il Volo?
Because it was a wish of both my mother and my in-laws and mine too.
Where is he from?
From Gioia del Colle, Taranto.

Madam, where did you come from?
From Potenza.
From Potenza, why Il Volo?
Because I have been following them since they started their career, I have followed their entire path, I love them, I love them, as if they were my grandchildren.

Why Il Volo, why are you here?
No, no.
Why are they good? They are unique?
Yes, I think they are very humble people, and they give me a lot of emotions.
Where are you from?
From Calabria.
From Calabria, and how old are you?
Why Il Volo?
Because they are unique and inimitable.

Hi everyone, I’m from Matera.
Where are you from?
From Matera.
After I chased them in all the cities, finally they are here in my Matera.

They say 06

They say 07

Ten years in Volo: “It’s the era of lyric pop.”

by Andrea Spinelli

They say 08

QUOTIDIANO.NET Article – Click Here

They say 09

Matera, 17 June 2019 – These are feelings carved in stone in a city of sorrowful beauty, to be observed “through a veil of poetry and melancholy” as Pascoli said, those left in Matera by Il Volo to kick off the celebrations of their tenth anniversary.

A celebration in which Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble paid homage with two concerts in extraordinary spaces of the European Capital of Culture such as San Pietro Caveoso and, just yesterday, the Cava del Sole, ranging from the hits of its repertoire such as “Grande amore”, “Musica che resta” or “A chi mi dice”, Italian version by Tiziano Ferro of “Breathe Easy” by Blue, and classics poised between lyric and pop like “Nessun dorma”, “Arrivederci Roma” and “Caruso”.

“It was two quite different performances,” explains Piero Barone. “The first, in fact, was filmed by the cameras of Duccio Forzano for a television special that PBS will air in America in November, which will also feature a CD / DVD celebrating this anniversary of ours, while the second is the concert that we are going to bring on tour more oriented on the last album Musica.

The live record repertoire will also take them on tour, debuting on February 5th at Radio City Music Hall in New York and then returning to Europe and Italy between spring and summer.

They say 10

With PBS you have often worked.
Barone: “This is our sixth special with them. The first one was realized in Detroit, the second and third in Miami, the fourth in Pompeii, the fifth in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and the sixth in Matera because we try to bring Americans not only singing and Italian tradition , but also the beauties of our country.”

The celebrations for the tenth anniversary began, therefore, in Matera.
Barone: “Yes, even the mayor told us in front of the play of light for the special TV that Matera has never been made so beautiful.”

Boschetto: “The Americans said we were amazed and convinced in Piazza Santa Croce that we could not have done better, this time we were able to surprise them even more”.

You arrived among the “Sassi” before Daniel Craig with the filming of Bond 25.
Barone: “But we already have our James Bond. And it is Ignazio.”On September 24th, return to the Verona Arena.

Ginoble: “News from yesterday, the date is sold-out. Last time we entered the Arena for a special TV, this time for the end of the tour party.”

They say 11

What are the surprises of these 2019 concerts?
Barone: “The largest is probably the violin presence of Alessandro Quarta. Because the public deserves to listen to music that remains performed on the tour as we did in Sanremo in the evening reserved for collaborations.”

Last month you were in Japan. A concert was shown in cinemas. What welcome did you find?
Boschetto: “We brought the show of Magic Night because it rests on our most classic repertoire. And the record came in second place in the standings behind Bohemian Rhapsody of the great Queen.”

Ginoble: “It all started in the nineties, when lyric pop was exported all over the world by Pavarotti and Bocelli. Singing this music in Japan in 2019, doing it in a cradle of beauty like Matera or like the Arena makes us proud to export it all over the world.”

If a “tenor” voice like that of Alberto Urso triumphs today at “Amici”, is it not a little your merit too?
Barone: “We may have cleared this genre of music, helping to free it from the prejudices it brought with it. Perhaps there are people attracted to this genre, but fearful of having to overcome the reserves that are there especially in Italy, because if it is very popular abroad, there must be a reason.”

They say 12

They say 13

Well, we are very happy with these nice articles.
I think that in front of the obviousness of such a beautiful concert, it was the least they could write.
We hope that things continue like this.
They deserve the best.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

MUSICA TOUR 1 by Daniela

And here we are with the first day of Musica Tour concert.

What an emotion!

Everything is ready…..

Tour 01

We immediately see the beautiful photos posted by Ercole Ginoble, and we immediately enter the atmosphere of the concert.

Tour 02

Tour 03

Tour 04

Tour 05

But who do I see in the front row? Our two friends from the Flight Crew.

Damn, what luck first row, right in the middle, fantastic places.

I’m really happy for them.

Tonight it will certainly be a more pop program, this is my feeling.
But let’s start seeing the first videos.

“IL MONDO”, and look at that beautiful public participation.

Now live videos, forgive the quality of the videos, but we thank Mr. Trombetta for the live broadcast.

A splendid solo by Ignazio that sings “E PENSO A TE” by Lucio Battisti, written by Battisti and Mogol.


“MUSICA CHE RESTA”, Alessadro Quarta, solo.


“ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, beautiful Ignazio’s solo.




“GRANDE AMORE” (sometimes the video is not heard)


“LOVE STORY” (Piero’s solo)


Tour 06

Tour 07

Tour 08

Tour 09

Tour 10

Tour 11

Tour 12

Tour 13

Tour 14

Tour 15

Tour 16

Tour 17

I don’t think we’ll have an immediate report from Crystal Dawn because she came back after the concert (she wasn’t very close to where she slept) and after only five hours of sleep (if she could do it) she caught the plane for Japan and then a 24-hour blackout.

We will hear your comment in a few days.

But this message came to me in the middle of the night, after the concert (which seems to have been very long). 

It was sent to me by the other member of our crew:

Had a lot of FUN…  It was Awesome 😘😘😘

Tour 18

Of course you will already have noticed that Maestro Giampiero Grani is back, I am happy with this return.

He published this video on his Facebook page:

The audience at the end of the concert was literally crazy, Piero asks: “Can we leave?”


Tour 19

So, after seeing all these videos and photos, what is your opinion ??
I would say that there will be a lot to interact with them and have fun.
We can’t wait for our concert to come !!


Tour 20

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

PBS Special by Daniela

Well, the date of the PBS special arrived, 14 June 2019.

We are all very excited to have photos, videos, discover the songs that will be sung.
There are two Flight Crew members that have been selected by the official fanclub for this great initiative, and they are Crystaldawn and Antonia Guzzo.

We are very happy for them, we hope they can send us some nice news.

Yesterday there were general rehearsals and little was leaked, just some afternoon photos and a video of TRM Tele Radio Matera.

Here they are.

PBS 01

PBS 02

PBS 03

PBS 04

PBS 05

PBS 06

PBS 07

And here is the TRM video, remember to activate the subtitles.

And TGR Basilicata.

And here is the opinion of Crystaldawn, who published in the comments of the post of Matera and that perhaps, not all of you have read.

The concert was very intimate with only approximately 20-25 round tables seating 6-8 guests. Upon arrival we were offered a glass of sparkling wine. The evening warm and the backdrop of Matera skyline lit up was spectacular. Our fan table was in the front row near the center. Due to PBS filming, we were not allowed to use our cell phones to video the guys.

PBS 08

Their voices were amazing and being so close it was a powerful sound. The guys were great of course, but somewhat reserved due to the filming. Ignazio the most active—but that is to be expected. 

Now for the songs, it was a mix of everything. Beginning with “IL Mondo” and ending with “Grande Amore”. Alessandro Quarta was their special surprise guest. He played “Musica Che Resta” with them, along with accompanying each on their solos, and having a solo of his own. Only a couple of songs from their new album were sung . . . “Arriverderci Roma” and “A chi mi dice”.

PBS 09

To be honest, I anticipated more songs from their new album (I will hear them Sunday night), but this is for PBS promotions in the USA and I felt a lot of the material they presented had already appeared on PBS specials and therefore to promote their new album for Americans mostly new material (along with some old favorites) was expected. 

The guys were dressed in casual black suits, black shirt and socks. Ignazio wore blue loafer shoes. They never changed their clothing and kept their jackets on. I like it where part way through they take their jackets off and roll up their sleeves. But again, PBS filming. I look forward to Sunday night when they can cut loose.

PBS 10

Ignazio brought a jogging friend and his mom. Ignazio looks great with his weight loss which all three made a point of showing it off. Gianluca had his whole family and girl friend Francesca. I didn’t notice any special guests of Piero. I was able to obtain a quick photo with Piero and Gianluca as they were entering the sound check prior to the concert and give both a small pilgrimage gift that I prepared for them. In the case of Ignazio, I handed it to his mom after the concert.

I had hoped that the guys would be able to say a quick hello and photo with the 10 fans who were selected. But that did not occur before or after the concert. We did receive a little wave from the stage when they were near our table and off camera. 

I look forward to Sunday night and a concert that will be more in line with my expectations.

PBS 13

PBS 11

Thank you very much Crystal Dawn, for your very welcome report, it must have been exciting to have the boys so close.

Well, the voices of the boys have not betrayed, strong and powerful as always.

We understand that you prefer a less formal program, where guys don’t feel harnessed by how they should look, but more free to express their personalities. I think their concert on Sunday will have a more formal initial part and then another less formal one. Sure that the songs will be different, less popular classics and maybe some new additions.

And what about Matera, the ancient Sassi lent their precious image for an even more beautiful show.

Thanks Matera.

PBS 12

From what Crystal Dawn said, and from what has transpired from the short videos, we can say that there were these songs: (in random order)

















(For now, they are the ones we have been able to know, but I believe there are others.)

And here are some short videos of the evening.






In the exchange of words, here is the speech:

G = We have a prince here.

I = Thank you, in fact, they wanted to do me PRINCIPE DI MARSALA (Prince of Marsala), but I said no, no, no, there is already a BARON, just a Baron of Agrigento here. (laughter)

P = Di Naro, not from Agrigento.


And here’s today’s Basilicata news.

Director Duccio Forzano in Matera for the live show of Il Volo.

Thanks again to Crystal Dawn for her report, now we wait for the other news.

Ok, the special PBS has been made. And now it’s running, tomorrow is the big day, MUSICA TOUR is waiting for us.


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