The first articles and videos about the first concert in Matera have come out, some really nice.

They say 01

Beautiful is this TRMh24 video that summarizes the evening, enjoy the images and activate the subtitles.

This is from Murgia Live 24, Radio Altamura 1.
In this video, people entering to watch the concert are interviewed, they are very nice short interviews, in their answers we find all our thoughts.

I translate for you.

Where are you coming from?
From Matera.
From Matera, why IL VOLO, what is written on the sign?
It says: Unique emotion, one thought.
Ten years of career, Il VOLO.
How wonderful, why do you love them?
Because they are very good and sincere guys, they are not presumptuous, and of course they sing very well, they have a real natural talent.
They are great, I love them.

Where are you from?
From Perugia
Why Il Volo?
Because we always follow them, since they started, this is the sixteenth concert, and we have another five scheduled for this summer.
Yes, in Taormina and everywhere.
We also went to Naro in Sicily.
How wonderful, thanks.

Where are you from?
 From Matera.
What’s your name?
Antonella and Rita
Why Il Volo?
They are great,  they are a show.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore
What will you do when they sing this song?
We will go directly under the stage, or we will even go over the stage.

They say 02

Where do you come from?
From Matera. 
Why Il Volo, ma’am?
Because they have a music genre that makes me shudder.
Your favorite song?
Grande Amore, by far. 

Where are you from?
I from Policoro (near Matera), but my friend is from Poland.
Even from Poland?
From Warsaw
Why Il Volo?
Because they are extraordinary and deserve the success they have had.
Thank you

It’s a video, we’re on Radio Altamura 1, where do you come from?
From Matera
What’s your name?
Why Il Volo?
Because I like them.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore

I’ll come to you, where do you come from?
From Matera, always from Matera.
Is she a lady from Matera too?
Yes, I am from Matera.
Look, lady, why Il Volo?
Because they are very good.
What do you like?
I like all of them, all their songs and how they are.
And Grande Amore?
Grande Amore is beautiful.

Where do you come from?
From Gallipoli.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are fantastic, what other explanation.
Thank you

They say 03

Where do you come from?
My city is Matera 2019, capital of Europe culture.
Why Il Volo lady?
Because their music transmits emotions to the heart.
Thank you

So where do you come from?
But really Naples center?
Why Il Volo? and why Matera?
Because they are special and I love them.

Where are you coming from?
From Lecce so far away.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are three simple and genuine and very good guys.
Thank you

Where are you coming from? 
Why Il Volo?
Because they are special, they are three good guys and I like their songs.

They say 04

Where does she come from?
From Matera
Why IL Volo? Why tonight here?
Because it’s nice, see Il Volo.
They’re good?
Well done. 

Where do you come from?
From Matera.
From Matera too, why Il Volo?
Because we like them.
From one to ten?
10 and praise with the academic kiss?
Exactly, it’s normal.

Where are you coming from?
I’m from Vietri sul mare, from Salerno, from Campania.
They’re telling me you’re a soprano.
Yes, I’m a soprano.
Why Il Volo?
Because we love the same musical genre, I’m soprano, and then I know them.
What do you expect this evening?
To get excited, they are very good and therefore, to share this evening with them.

Where is he from?
From Palagiano.
Why Il Volo?
My sister is crazy about Il Volo, so I had to go with her, of course. But I like them too.

They say 05

We are in Cava del Sole Matera, why Il Volo?
Because it was a wish of both my mother and my in-laws and mine too.
Where is he from?
From Gioia del Colle, Taranto.

Madam, where did you come from?
From Potenza.
From Potenza, why Il Volo?
Because I have been following them since they started their career, I have followed their entire path, I love them, I love them, as if they were my grandchildren.

Why Il Volo, why are you here?
No, no.
Why are they good? They are unique?
Yes, I think they are very humble people, and they give me a lot of emotions.
Where are you from?
From Calabria.
From Calabria, and how old are you?
Why Il Volo?
Because they are unique and inimitable.

Hi everyone, I’m from Matera.
Where are you from?
From Matera.
After I chased them in all the cities, finally they are here in my Matera.

They say 06

They say 07

Ten years in Volo: “It’s the era of lyric pop.”

by Andrea Spinelli

They say 08

QUOTIDIANO.NET Article – Click Here

They say 09

Matera, 17 June 2019 – These are feelings carved in stone in a city of sorrowful beauty, to be observed “through a veil of poetry and melancholy” as Pascoli said, those left in Matera by Il Volo to kick off the celebrations of their tenth anniversary.

A celebration in which Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble paid homage with two concerts in extraordinary spaces of the European Capital of Culture such as San Pietro Caveoso and, just yesterday, the Cava del Sole, ranging from the hits of its repertoire such as “Grande amore”, “Musica che resta” or “A chi mi dice”, Italian version by Tiziano Ferro of “Breathe Easy” by Blue, and classics poised between lyric and pop like “Nessun dorma”, “Arrivederci Roma” and “Caruso”.

“It was two quite different performances,” explains Piero Barone. “The first, in fact, was filmed by the cameras of Duccio Forzano for a television special that PBS will air in America in November, which will also feature a CD / DVD celebrating this anniversary of ours, while the second is the concert that we are going to bring on tour more oriented on the last album Musica.

The live record repertoire will also take them on tour, debuting on February 5th at Radio City Music Hall in New York and then returning to Europe and Italy between spring and summer.

They say 10

With PBS you have often worked.
Barone: “This is our sixth special with them. The first one was realized in Detroit, the second and third in Miami, the fourth in Pompeii, the fifth in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and the sixth in Matera because we try to bring Americans not only singing and Italian tradition , but also the beauties of our country.”

The celebrations for the tenth anniversary began, therefore, in Matera.
Barone: “Yes, even the mayor told us in front of the play of light for the special TV that Matera has never been made so beautiful.”

Boschetto: “The Americans said we were amazed and convinced in Piazza Santa Croce that we could not have done better, this time we were able to surprise them even more”.

You arrived among the “Sassi” before Daniel Craig with the filming of Bond 25.
Barone: “But we already have our James Bond. And it is Ignazio.”On September 24th, return to the Verona Arena.

Ginoble: “News from yesterday, the date is sold-out. Last time we entered the Arena for a special TV, this time for the end of the tour party.”

They say 11

What are the surprises of these 2019 concerts?
Barone: “The largest is probably the violin presence of Alessandro Quarta. Because the public deserves to listen to music that remains performed on the tour as we did in Sanremo in the evening reserved for collaborations.”

Last month you were in Japan. A concert was shown in cinemas. What welcome did you find?
Boschetto: “We brought the show of Magic Night because it rests on our most classic repertoire. And the record came in second place in the standings behind Bohemian Rhapsody of the great Queen.”

Ginoble: “It all started in the nineties, when lyric pop was exported all over the world by Pavarotti and Bocelli. Singing this music in Japan in 2019, doing it in a cradle of beauty like Matera or like the Arena makes us proud to export it all over the world.”

If a “tenor” voice like that of Alberto Urso triumphs today at “Amici”, is it not a little your merit too?
Barone: “We may have cleared this genre of music, helping to free it from the prejudices it brought with it. Perhaps there are people attracted to this genre, but fearful of having to overcome the reserves that are there especially in Italy, because if it is very popular abroad, there must be a reason.”

They say 12

They say 13

Well, we are very happy with these nice articles.
I think that in front of the obviousness of such a beautiful concert, it was the least they could write.
We hope that things continue like this.
They deserve the best.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

37 thoughts on “THEY SAY, OF THE FIRST CONCERT OF IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. Radio City Music Hall February 5, 2020! Do you know when other locations will be available? So excited!

    1. Susan take this news calmly.
      Even if it’s a newspaper that says it, don’t trust what you publish, it could be true but we use the conditional.
      There is no official date yet.

  2. Hi Daniela. Once again you have given us a terrific article,with pictures ,comments and sounds of the Matera Concert. I really appreciate all your hard work in translating the comments of the various audience members and send you a million thanks.You certainly keep us in touch with all the latest of our favourite Guys. The pictures are fantastic and all three of them seem to be very happy to be on tour again. I hope I am not imagining things but it seems as if the tide is turning and finally some in the Press are beginning to appreciate the talent of Il Volo.and the genre of their music. Loved the bit about Ignazio being Matera’s James Bond.
    Finally, we have a date for a concert at Radio City Music Hall next year, hopefully further dates for other concerts will soon be forthcoming., in the meantime I will look forward to the PBS showing and the CD/DVD of the Matera Concert.and all the postings on YOUTUBE of the concerts around Italy.this Summer..Once again,many many thanks.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Marion.
      In fact, it seems to me that the newspapers, at least some, have understood who we are talking about. Unfortunately, national television has completely ignored the event and also, many very important newspapers.
      For the dates, nothing definitive has been said yet.

      1. Cannot believe that this the first concert of their new series was not televised. What happened to Rai uno ???

      2. Marion, Rai 1 always sends many concerts of singers, we did not hope that he would transmit this, but that he would talk about it in the various newscasts. Nothing. I believe that at the same time, during the special PBS, a kind of documentary for the capital of Culture 2019 was recorded and there will be IL VOLO..
        I think and hope that the Verona concert will be recorded by RAI. Broadcasting the first concert would have taken away the curiosity of so many people to attend their concerts. Verona will be the closing one and there are rumors that it will be a show.

  3. Thank you Daniela. It’s nice to see the love they are getting! It looks like they will be at Radio City on February 5th. This is great news!

  4. Thanks Daniela and Pat for this translation. What a great way to kick off their 10 year celebration. The concert and the choice of songs sound great and Alessandro Quarta is an amazing addition to the stage. They look like they are having fun and good to see that they have so many Italian fans and even the press seems to be more supportive. I am excited to hear them mention a real date for the start of the North America tour next year. The rest of the dates and venues cannot be too far behind now. Also Gian i think mentioned that the Verona date is sold out. Cannot wait. We should see who will be going to the concert and make some plans to meet.

    1. Janet, I too am very happy with this beautiful beginning, and I am happy that the newspapers have nice words for them.
      Yes, Verona is sold out and I will be there in the Arena. But you will be there too, right?
      It is known that in the first half of next year they will come to the US, but the dates have not yet been confirmed.

  5. I only have time in this moment to watch the clip. Loved it, and especially I love Ignazio’s little bounce. Those little nuances that endear them to us. …There are so many!

    I so look forward to catching more of this soon. Out of town guest and hosting a workshop so… I will be patient.

    I love and appreciate you all, even though it’s been a few years that I’ve been here less while dealing with life. My heart is still with you, friends!

    And I’m getting excited for 2020 U.S. tour (yes?!).

    What a dream it would be to have our beautiful boys (definitely young men!) perform in Portland, Oregon! Putting the thought out there. Pirate and I will give you all a grand tour of such beautiful countryside, along with gelato, of course. Will you dream with us?!


    1. Jeanine, you KNOW I dream that dream for Portland 2020 too!
      It would be awesome!!!


      1. I Do Know that, Connie!!
        Meanwhile, November will be the PBS Special. I’ll be checking in to join you in watching it, as I have officially ended TV connectivity (just don’t watch it, except IL VOLO! 😉
        Love to you, my friend,

  6. Thank you so much, Daniela and Pitterpat0! Still need to read the rest, but I saw Radio City Music Hall and had to stop to comment…

    Radio City Music Hall… Yesss!
    I remember September 2013 when I cried at their first time realizing their RCM dream! (Didn’t we all?)

    And Ignazio’s video clip for Gianluca and Piero. Ahhhh… memories!

    Since I couldn’t be there, I took a nap exactly when the concert started, woke up at intermission to use the bathroom, then went right back to sleep. I must have been there at RCM (!), at the very least in my dreams, as I had been smiling so hard in my “sleep” that my cheeks ached when I awoke!

    Hmmm… Maybe in person in 2020? (I’m not really a city girl, but I could be persuaded for a very good cause! 😉

    Sweet anticipation!
    and always Love!

    1. Jeanine, you’re so sweet.
      It’s great to feel your love and enthusiasm for these three adorable boys.
      We hope they will soon give the final dates of the American tour, because I believe you fans are no longer in the skin.
      Thank you for your compliments.

      1. Any and every compliment and appreciation to you, Daniela, is so deserved!

        Love and appreciation for Our Guys is so transformative and fun!

        No longer in the skin… I wonder if that’s related to the American expression like “I was so excited, I jumped out of my skin.” Funny! 😉

        Love to you and all,

  7. Thank you very much Daniela for all great translations you make for us. It’s very generous, you have to spend so much of your time. Il VOLO have had a wonderful beginnig of their 10th anniversery tour. I’m sure that the whole tour will be very beautiful and succesfull. I wish them that.
    Once again thanks a lot Daniela and Pat for posting all these wonderful photos and videos. Greetings

    1. Thanks Jolanta and I firmly believe that this tour will continue with such success.
      Missing only one day and then we will also see the second concert. 🙂

  8. Oh Daniela and Pat…How wonderful to see the lovely people at the boys’ concert and hear them speak…then to be able to read and understand their comments. They love them our boys just like we do…Te Amo!!!! Thank you over and over again for your translation and time spent doing this for all of us English-speaking fans. You are appreciated more than you know! 2020 USA Tour…can hardly wait to hear about Chicago, IL ♥♥♥

    1. Hariett, did you enjoy small interviews with people? I know, most of us would have answered this way, because they are the best for us.
      And we love them

  9. Daniela:

    I have not expressed to you before how grateful I am for your postings. I open every one I see from you because the news you bring to us is of love for our beautiful Il Volo and information that we love to read. I, like so many others, have followed Il Volo since the beginning so it is my 10th year as well. I am approaching my 50th concert with this summer, beginning in Cattolica, then Taormina and more, with Verona the end of my Italian concerts (Will go from there to Budapest and Kiev), etc. Il Volo has not only introduced me to beautiful music, beautiful boys, now men, but their country, Italy. I had never been to Italy until I saw their first PBS special and knew I would have to follow them everywhere. Now, I see almost all of the Italy concerts as well as other countries and I am considering moving to Italy. A beautiful country as Gianluca always states. I am from Canada and so I travel far and wide but at every show, I close my eyes and listen to their voices and the music and I am transported to a world of peace, calm, beauty and passion. I give many CD’s and DVD’s to people who have not yet experienced these wonderful men. Again, I thank you and I, of course, thank Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. They have given the world beauty again and I for one, am forever grateful.

    1. Judith, nice words, thank you for the compliments and wonderful thoughts you have expressed for our boys.
      It is true, they are the best ambassadors, not only of bel canto but also of our beautiful Italy.
      You have seen many concerts, how nice it must have been to be able to follow them from the earliest times and see their growth.
      I follow them only after Sanermo 2015.
      A curiosity, last year you were at the Marostica concert?
      It is the only one I went to.
      This year I will be in Verona, it will be nice to meet.
      If you live in Italy, where will you move?
      A hug.

  10. Hi Daniela, wonderful news that the IL Volo team will return to great Radio City Music Hall in February 2020. I’m looking forward to concert. New York is fantastic in February. Daniela thank you for your wonderful energy in keeping us all in the loop.

  11. Hi Vincent, we know that the US tour will be there, but as I said, don’t take the things the newspapers write as affirmative, the dates have not yet been given for certain, but surely the period is approaching.
    Thanks for the compliments Vincent, for me it’s a pleasure.

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