And here is the report of the concert in Matera, lived by Crystal Dawn, member of Flight Crew.


Ciao Flight Crew!
I have arrived in Japan after a 30 hour travel day by my wristwatch.

I had little sleep— only 3 hours after the end of the Matera concert and my departure from Matera to make all my connection (bus, two trains, and two planes) prior to my arrival in Japan where I am visiting my son and meeting my one year old granddaughter Fiorina. Now for the highly desired concert details……

The signs we were holding up had written on them “Grazie Ragazzi” with a heart. We were instructed by Matera fan club members to raise the papers and wave them when Piero entered the stage for their first song. The guys were clearly touched from this gesture.


This Cava de Sole concert was another beautiful setting in Matera with a lovely sunset as the backdrop prior to the beginning. The sound quality much better for me here than at the PBS concert.

My front row seat was directly center. I was very close and when Piero sat on the edge of the stage near the end of the concert. I was the first to reach his side with Antonia a few paces behind me. I was able to hear the power of his voice as it entered the microphone. Quite a thrill. I was also first to reach Gianluca when he stood on the speakers (he did not sit). Such a beautiful smile as he acknowledged fans below him.


The banter near the middle of the concert when Gianluca acknowledged the inclusion of several songs in English and any Americans present— I had my hand raised and he pointed to me and asked where I was from and I said, “Oregon.”

Security was very heavy at both concerts, with local police, military, and hired security people—not necessarily staff. I do not know if this is usual, or new. But when fans approached the stage at the Sunday concert security pushed in and quickly pushed us back. Several times I felt it was a bit over the top as we were being very respectful of the guys.


The guys delivered an amazing concert. More relaxed than the PBS concert. Ignazio wore a black shirt and no jacket. Piero white shirt and jacket, and Gianluca in all black—always very stylish.

This concert was also fairly intimate with only about 500 seats—I overheard someone state that number and looking around I would agree. The evening warm, the lighting and sound breathtaking.


When the drums beat for the opening of “Musica Che Resta” I felt the vibration throughout my body. Alessandro Quarta delivered a passionate accompaniment. It is a sublime mixture of the guys and Alessandro. I was very happy to learn of his partnership in this tour.

This Musica concert was more in keeping with my concert expectations. I do feel that as this was their first one, that as they continue throughout Italia that they will be even more relaxed and have more fun on stage with each other and their audiences. By the time they reach America they will have a finely honed mixture of songs and banter.


My one GREAT disappointment was not having the opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet with the guys. Yes, prior to the PBS sound check I was able snatch a quick photo with only Gianluca and Piero—but no conversation in the few seconds exchange as they literally ran past me. Matera was considered a “Zero” concert by the promoters (why I do not understand). In any case, I had made great effort to attend. I extended my travels by two weeks to attend this concert—which gifted me with the extra days to visit their home villages (Roseto degli Abruzzi, Montepagano, Naro, Marsala (eating at Nina’s pizzeria), and Bologna). Prior to my travels in Italia, I was praying in 10 churches (along the Camino de Santiago during my 800 kilometers pilgrimage walk) for for IL VOLO’s continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy. I traveled for 100 days with often an IL VOLO focus. To literally come to the end of my trip and not achieve that goal of spending a few minutes chatting with guys was honestly depressing for me. I was literally soooo close to them physically for the two concerts, yet also so far away with regards to meaningful conversation.


The guys always deliver a spectacular professional performance, are engaging with their audience, appreciate their band and orchestra members, and acknowledge their management. They are humble, sweet, gorgeous young men.

I was very honored to be able to attend both concerts in the historic Matera. It is now a cherished memory of a lifetime.


Once again, thank you so much Crystal Dawn for your report.

I have to correct a number.
You say there were 500 people, newspapers say 1,500.

I feel satisfied with what you saw, and I think you could interact with the guys.

You also did a beautiful spiritual journey.

It is true, you did not have the opportunity to exchange a few words with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, but you must believe me, do you know how many would have liked to have been in your place, attached them to the stage where Piero was sitting and close to Gian?

Thanks again for this report.


Our other crew member also sent me her impressions, here they are:

It was really extraordinary, I don’t know what to tell you what I liked most. For me the solo of Ignazio and also that of Piero and then the duet between all is three. But I didn’t make the video.

It was really nice when Piero said … “Now we have to sing a song in English for our fans who came from the United States.” I don’t know if it is possible but I always fall in love with them a little more every time I go there I see them in concert . It was really an exciting night.


I also thank you for your impressions.

Of course you were also in magnificent places, front row, you witnessed a beautiful concert during a beautiful sunset in an immortal city.

What can I say …… jealousy …. no, we are happy for you !!!!


Credit to owners of all photos.


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  1. Thank you Crystal Dawn for your wonderful review of the first Il Volo concert and I know you were at the PBS concert as well..

    I will not tell you that I am jealous because that would put a strain on your heart that is filled with love for our boys… I have seen enough concerts to know that you do not want to feel the sadness of other that were not able to attend but fill their hearts with love of knowing our guys were fabulous on stage.,.. That is what filled my heart when reading your report… I do however know how it feels to have the guys just a few feet away and not be able to share your thoughts and your admiration for them to them… I had the same experience in Taormina last July… I will say it will subside and the beauty of the concert will be your lasting memory…

    Daniela you always deliver to the Flight Crew the Il Volo news of the day… Thank you so much for that…

    PITTERPAT0, thanks to you as well for keeping the Flight Crew going every day for our enjoyment… They two of you are doing a wonderful job here, I know it is a labor of love…

    Thank you all who work so hard for the Flight Crew.

    1. Yes, both concerts were a thrill of a lifetime. I will cherish those memories for the remainder of my life. I did get to take photos and shake the hands of both Piero and Gianluca. I just wished for a few moments to express my appreciation of their music and character to them personally. Instead I only had a few seconds in the midst of their race across the street to the sound check.

      IL VOLO was a side focus to my 100 days of travel. My spiritual pilgrimage across northern Spain lasted 45 days and was dotted with candle lighting and prayers for IL VOLO’s continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy in 10 churches honoring their 10 years of career. Then my travels in Italy began with visiting sites where they performed—Milano, Verona, Roma. And then extended to their home villages after the Matera concert date was announced, which meant that I needed to extend my time in Italia by two weeks. I ate at Ignazio’s sisters pizzeria in Marsala, and visited the museum of Piero in Naro. In Montepagano I visited the piazza where the Sanremo celebration interview took place for Gianluca, and in Roseto I walked the sandy beach where Gianluca plays volleyball with his friends. In truth, I experienced a spiritual pilgrimage and a fan pilgrimage. Along the way I met Piero’s best friend Dario who arranged my visit to Sicilia through TourNaru, and in Roseto I met the cousin to Gianluca’s best friend. Therefore I do have two “back channels “ to send messages to the guys—which I have already done.

      I am grateful to the the IL VOLO official fan club staff for selecting me for the PBS special and look forward to the DVD to re-live the memories. I am guessing that the promotion will coincide with the Radio City Music Hall concert, but I do not know for sure as nothing has been announced.

      I am grateful for the love and support from the Flight Crew and especially Daniela whose prompt email gave me the heads up about the Matera concert fan club ticket sales, which provided me with the opportunity to secure a front row center seat. Thank you everyone

      1. You don’t know what joy Crystal has been for me, to be able to be useful to you, on your journey.
        We will calmly retrace your entire journey, because I am sure, many fans would have liked to be with you and, ideally, they will do it through your story.
        A hug

  2. This is wonderful and we were with you in heart and soul. We’re thrilled with the recap and gobble up all the news that this crew sends us. Thank you for all the hard work on our behalf.

  3. Love all the reviews, wonderful!!! Almost felt I was there!!! M any thanks for sharing!
    Love our guys so much! 💕. ❤️. 💕. ❤️. 💕. ❤️

    1. Anne, who doesn’t love these guys?
      They spread love and we fans collect and send back more love.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. Hi Crystal Dawn: You certainly did an unbelievable amount of traveling! I am curious!! Where you traveling alone? If so ,you are one courageous lady. Thank you for your reviews on the concerts.I am sure you will never forget any detail. I am , like many others, anxiously awaiting their American tour. Safe travels back to Oregon and thank you to Daniela and Pitterpato for getting your report out to all of us Il Volo lovers!!

    1. Annette, it’s fun to have great correspondents who go to see the concerts and give us a report … like a real newspaper. 🙂 🙂

  5. Yes, all 100 days alone. I had a wonderful time. Was never lonely or felt unsafe. Honestly in Roseto it felt so much like home that I did not want to leave, and in truth extended my time there by two extra days. I sense that for me, there was an ancestral pull there that literally held me grounded to that region. DeMaio is my ancestral name, but the connections to relatives have been lost to the mists of time and space.

    I sobbed heavily upon leaving Roseto. And again upon leaving Naro. Dario was a very gracious host and tour operator. Those were the only times I cried leaving places in Italia.

    I plan to organize a group and return to Italia and Sicilia next year. I’ll share more later after I return home. Presently I am still in Japan visiting my son and family.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing all that with us. I also have made 2 trips to Italy alone and did fine. Went to 2 concerts with Gian’s Aunt and cousins… long story, and also saw them in Turin. It is so awesome that you went to 10 churches to pray for them. They are always in my prayers.,Hope you are slowly getting back to “life “ in Oregon!!

  6. Crystal Dawn what an adventurous woman you are. Because of that you have had such a wonderful trip and the chance to experience thrills of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope the guys read your story and know what a great fan you are. Also congratulations on your new grandchild! That is a thrill of another kind! I for one would be interested in this return to Italia and Sicilia when you have any details. I will be at the concert in Verona and so looking forward to my Italian adventure. Thanks again also to Daniela and Pat.

    1. Janet, I had no doubt about your interest in traveling, you’re always around the world !!! How nice, it’s beautiful to be able to admire different places and people. Then next stop Sicily.
      I look forward to meeting you in Verona!

  7. Oh, Crystal Dawn! I am charmed by your account. it’s a lovely story, and expressed with much charm. Thank you for sharing.

    (When you mentioned about Piero’s powerful voice, I remembered when I was first listening to them….The speakers on my sound system are not that high quality but not too bad either. It was just ok. But when Piero would start to sing, the speakers would crack. I had to lower the volume, and eventually got new speakers.)

    and your pilgrimage to 10 churches for our guys’ “continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy” – that touched me as well.

    A pleasant and sweet time to you with your loved ones in Japan.

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