Well, the first concert in Matera was done, besides the special for PBS.

At the next concert, that of Palmanova, there are some days off …… what to do ???
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, have thought well, instead of resting, to do a nice fashion photo shoot.

For who?  Still no one knows, but this time there are no little-dressed girls, only the three of them with clothes very suitable for their age, jeans and t-shirts, modern, nice and beautiful.

G = Hello, we are almost ready for today’s photo shoot.

Guys, say hello!

We all know that our Gianluca could be a perfect model!

Between 01

Piero, but are you the photographer?

Between 02

Between 03

Bello Igna.

Between 04

Wow Wow Wow   😲  😍 

Between 05

G = The super-star has arrived, “mamma mia”, Dolce & Gabbana, look at him, you are a model, look at him, with palm trees, where are you from, from Hawaii?

Between 06

Between 07

Between 08


But maybe the photo shoot wasn’t just in the studio, it continued outside and as a location, a stable with horses.

Or maybe they are two different photo shoots, we will know when they are published, but look how beautiful Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are with horses.


G = Mamma mia, you spoil me too much though, so it’s not good.

Between 09

Between 10

P = Paolina (name of the mare), Paolina, what is there, greets everyone.

I = Someone complained, what have you got down there?
There is something wrong???
You have something against it, little gentleman (he refers to the horses).

And now look at how sweet our Ignazio is with this horse.

I = But do you want a little kiss? (horse says yes with the head)
You want the little kiss, right?
You want it, come here. (gives him a kiss)
Do you want another one? Do you want another kiss?
But tell me, do you want another kiss? (horse says yes with the head)
And you have to tell me (gives him a kiss)
Do you want another one? Do you want another kiss? If you don’t tell me yes I can’t understand, yes or no? (horse says yes with the head)
You want another kiss, yes, firm, firm that I give you the kiss (gives him a kiss) …. he wants kisses.
What’s up? Call me?, do you want another kiss? Do you want another one? But you have to tell me yes or no. (horse says yes).
He wants another kiss. (laughter)

Between 11

But how sweet was our Ignazio, it is clear that he has love for horses, in fact we remember that he has two in Sicily, but unfortunately he sees very little for the countless work commitments.

We know almost nothing about this or these photo shoots, but we were pleased to see our boys, who are not only good singers, but also excellent and beautiful models.

Thank you guys!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

23 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO BETWEEN ONE CONCERT AND ANOTHER ? by Daniela”

  1. And there are no holes in their pants! Maybe just some very tiny ones somewhere, but that’s improvement. In one picture it appears that Piero has had his hair cut quite short. Anyway, three very photogenic dudes! And the horses are handsome too. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I noticed Piero has cut his hair quite short. I hope it was a mistake and not a new trend for him. As for the shoot, I would have liked to see them with the horses more too!

      1. I noticed, Connie, Piero cut his hair shorter, maybe because the summer tour here, outdoors, can be very hot. Ignazio also cut his hair sideways.

    2. Mark, you’re right, big step forward, but I have to disappoint you, I’m translating an interview for you, and Ignazio is wearing pants where he has his knees out of the holes. But the big news is this fashion is ending (finally) here in Italy. 🙂 🙂

      1. Daniela, It’s no big deal to me really, but I am glad to hear this fashion statement is coming to an end. Hope it’s not replaced with something worse! They’re still good looking and very talented guys no matter what they wear. The holes are just a little distracting. The first time I ever saw them, they were in Armani suits, or some other upscale brand, and that stuck in my head. Thanks for the heads up on Ignazio.

      2. We can say Mark, that they also look good in jeans and shirt, as fashion commands, but when they are in an elegant version ….. wow wow wow

  2. Pictures are great as are the subjects…lol! I adore the three of them and I so hope I’m able to see them in America. There would be no question if I was 60 years younger and could chase them…lol… but my ever loving doctor is going to give me a shot of cortisone so I can chase them…lol and so funny. I know in my heart they are the best of the best and their voices are gifted from God and hard work on their part. “My Guys” somethin about my guys that thrill me and give me peace. Big love and hugs to IL Volo. <3

    1. Sa
      ssylady if you secure a concert ticket, make sure you get a “meet and greet”. That way you will be able to meet them and maybe get a hug! Unforgetable!

    2. Sassylady, they are also nice boys, this photo shoot must be really nice, I see them completely right for their figure and their age. The idea with horses is also very beautiful. Here in Italy they say: they too are race horses.

  3. Thank you for the pictures. They make my day just to look at and it is
    heaven to both see and hear them.

  4. Ciao Daniela, I don’t care what they wear (except Ignas baggy pants). They dress like young guys in their twenties. Love the interaction of Ignazio and the horses. They know when someone loves them. The horses I mean. Well the guys too, we have told them often enough, and will continue to do so.

    1. I love to see Ignazio interact with animals, although in another video clip of them onstage in Matera when they were introducing their next song from the show Cats, I thought I heard him say he doesn’t like cats?
      I liked his jacket with the Palm trees, that’s definitely something someone from here in Hawaii would wear.

      1. Jill I didn’t hear that but I’ll go back and listen again. I have a cat but if I had to choose between the two 🙀 just guess.

      2. Jill, I think Ignazio, with the animals, is right in his kingdom.
        I didn’t hear what Ignazio said about cats, but I think it was said in an ironic tone, usually those who love dogs madly, don’t appreciate cats too, it’s a statement.

    2. You noticed RoseMarie, create a feeling between the horse and Ignazio, really fantastic.
      By the way, who wouldn’t want to hear Ignazio say “do you want a little kiss ?, Do you want it? Tell me yes or no” …… what do you say RoseMarie, we line up ????

      1. Dear Daniela, yes I will start the line and you will be right behind me. Also, I love horses too. I had my own when I was a little younger, and I still miss him 😥

    1. Jill, Tell your cat I apologize, I didn’t mean to upset him. Mine is still worried though 😾

      1. Daniela I will definately listen for that question if Ignazio is askin me if I want a kiss I will be running over to him to make sure he wont change his mind. Then I will be seventh heaven.

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