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The promotional tour in Mexico has been very successful.
Many fans presented autographs from Mixup for the moment.


Surely Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, will have been very happy with this beautiful participation of their fans. But unfortunately there was also an inconvenience for Ignazio, he was not well, he had a fever, he presented himself at the event, but at a certain point he had to leave, much to the disappointment of the fans, but then they understood that it was a health factor. Poor Ignazio …… this is the moment in which it is announced that Ignazio has left.

And here, at the end of the event, the moment when Piero and Gianluca have to leave the store, the fans didn’t go away, they waited for them.

In addition, the guys participated in various interviews and a press conference.

New York 01

New York 02

New York 03

New York 04

But also the promotion in Mexico is over and, fortunately, Ignazio is better, but the boys did not return to Italy, as it was already leaked, they arrived in the US.

Here they are….

New York 05

New York 06

Ignazio is amused, because he says that, unbeknownst to him, they have opened his own pizzeria! 😁😁😁

In this video, in front of RCMH, Ignazio says: “See you in a few months”, and Piero replies: “Look at the pictures I took!”


New York 07

New York 08

The delicious and irreplaceable Barbara, always with them.

New York 09

In short, IL VOLO is right there, in the US, how wonderful!

Of the reason for their coming to the US, very little is known, they seem to have come to promote the new CD and the special that will be broadcast in a few days.

I really hope they do some nice TV shows.

………. and maybe be careful, you could meet them on the street … wouldn’t it be great !! ❤❤❤



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Well, the first concert in Matera was done, besides the special for PBS.

At the next concert, that of Palmanova, there are some days off …… what to do ???
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, have thought well, instead of resting, to do a nice fashion photo shoot.

For who?  Still no one knows, but this time there are no little-dressed girls, only the three of them with clothes very suitable for their age, jeans and t-shirts, modern, nice and beautiful.

G = Hello, we are almost ready for today’s photo shoot.

Guys, say hello!

We all know that our Gianluca could be a perfect model!

Between 01

Piero, but are you the photographer?

Between 02

Between 03

Bello Igna.

Between 04

Wow Wow Wow   😲  😍 

Between 05

G = The super-star has arrived, “mamma mia”, Dolce & Gabbana, look at him, you are a model, look at him, with palm trees, where are you from, from Hawaii?

Between 06

Between 07

Between 08


But maybe the photo shoot wasn’t just in the studio, it continued outside and as a location, a stable with horses.

Or maybe they are two different photo shoots, we will know when they are published, but look how beautiful Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are with horses.


G = Mamma mia, you spoil me too much though, so it’s not good.

Between 09

Between 10

P = Paolina (name of the mare), Paolina, what is there, greets everyone.

I = Someone complained, what have you got down there?
There is something wrong???
You have something against it, little gentleman (he refers to the horses).

And now look at how sweet our Ignazio is with this horse.

I = But do you want a little kiss? (horse says yes with the head)
You want the little kiss, right?
You want it, come here. (gives him a kiss)
Do you want another one? Do you want another kiss?
But tell me, do you want another kiss? (horse says yes with the head)
And you have to tell me (gives him a kiss)
Do you want another one? Do you want another kiss? If you don’t tell me yes I can’t understand, yes or no? (horse says yes with the head)
You want another kiss, yes, firm, firm that I give you the kiss (gives him a kiss) …. he wants kisses.
What’s up? Call me?, do you want another kiss? Do you want another one? But you have to tell me yes or no. (horse says yes).
He wants another kiss. (laughter)

Between 11

But how sweet was our Ignazio, it is clear that he has love for horses, in fact we remember that he has two in Sicily, but unfortunately he sees very little for the countless work commitments.

We know almost nothing about this or these photo shoots, but we were pleased to see our boys, who are not only good singers, but also excellent and beautiful models.

Thank you guys!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Gianluca is telling us about a novelty, today they will go to do a photo shoot, (or maybe a video) in the marble quarries of Massa Carrara.

G = Hello everyone, today we will have the privilege of doing a photo shoot in the marble quarries of Massa Carrara, I’ll show you how wonderful.

You got it, right ??

They are in Massa Carrara, in those caves, where Michelangelo wandered around to take the most beautiful marble, from which his fantastic statues would come out.

massa carrara 01

G = We are ready for today’s photo shoot, Paolo is removing the dark circles from me, I need it.

There is Ignazio who is doing his hair.

massa carrara 02

massa carrara 03

G = ready for this adventure?


The road to get to the top is not very easy, and there are cliffs and someone is scared.

Michele = But where the hell are you leading me?

I = Michele (laugh)

I = Here there is someone who is afraid …. Michele, Michele (laugh) Michele, come on, we are still low, we are high at 600 meters.

Michele = No, no. There is still the precipice.

I = Michele … Michele … Micheluzzo

G = It’s very cold, a nice hot tea!

massa carrara 04

G= We are returning to the base for the lunch break.

P = Hello

G = It’s very cold …… what a marvel.

G = I show you, there are some sculptures …. there are oxen ….. there is the quadratore (stone cutter) ….. then look how wonderful. Bye

massa carrara 05

massa carrara 06

Maybe it’s not just any photo shoot, but it could be the cover of their new CD, you think, do you like the setting?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ Another Milestone with A Hint of What’s New

A Gold Record For Il Volo

In a year that has garnered some nice accolades, The Guys have another: A Gold Record for their single, “Constantemente Mia” with Belinda!

Edgar Cortazar Oficial Facebook

According to Athina, the record was awarded in Venezuela for over 15,000 songs sold, counting all digital sales: all Single Audio Track, online, mobile, download, Streaming and Ringtones.

I think everyone has heard this version and seen this video as well as heard the English version, “I Bring You To My Senses” (my favorite Il Volo song!), but here is the video and a translation just because they aren’t exactly alike:

By Il Volo Bolivia Fan Club Official

Constantly Mine
Alone here, I imagine you beside me…
the time make never-ending thinking about you…
I miss you always…
And into my arms…
I wanna feel you…
Constantly mine, mine…
I hear you in any place…
You make longer every beat of my loneliness…
Constantly mine, mine…
Constantly mine, mine…

Kissing you, loving you night by night…
I talk with your face in the dark…
And in a moment…
My feelings re-emerge…

When it’s raining and it is cold…
You are with me…around me…
When I sleep y dream with your warmth…
Constantly mine, mine…
I close my eyes and here you are…
Between my tears
And all the rest…
Constantly mine, mine…

I hear you in any place…
You make longer every beat of my loneliness…
Constantly mine, mine…
Constantly mine, mine…
Taken from: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/constantemente-m%C3%ADa-constanly-mine.html#ixzz3AyuyPo1t

Congratulations, Guys!

 What’s New in 2015?

GianMicheleRosetocomWe’ve all been wondering what’s next for Il Volo.  Is there a new album?  If so, when?  When are they going on tour next?  Dang, it; who has the information, anyway?

Michele Torpedine!

This week, he and Gianluca gave an interview to Roseto.com, and Mr. Torpedine had some interesting things to say.  Read on to find out what !  😀

Click here —> (Italian) http://www.roseto.com/scheda_news.php?id=12765

TRANSLATION about Il Volo (by Anthina Angelopoulos):
-What is the next goal of Il Volo?
-We are expecting many things. In the meantime, a new record label. The next album will be produced by Sony and released in 53 countries around the world. Then in 2015 we’re expecting a world tour and a TV mini series, dedicated to the three boys, with RAI and Mediaset fighting about it. We are expecting soon a lot of good things, so we hope that 80% of all this will come to fruition”

Full translation from All About Il Volo —>  http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/08/michele-torpedine-a-world-tour-and-a-fiction-about-il-volo-in-2015/

Photo Shoot

jasminboezaThis is an older bit of news, but a few pictures from a casual photo shoot have surfaced.  Jasmine Baeza met the guys in LA before their concert at the Greek Theater this year, and obviously couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  Who can blame her with such subjects to study?

Click here —> http://jasminebaeza.com/portraiture

 Just For Fun