During their stay in Matera for the two concerts, IL VOLO was also interviewed from Ana Ferreira by Brazilian TV, for the “Vida Melhor” program. The interview is in Portuguese and I do not understand this language, but at a certain point, about mid-video, in the direct interview, the questions to the boys were made in Italian so I translate the questions and their answers from there. There is also the possibility of using subtitles, but since the presenter speaks quickly, the translation is not reliable, in fact it is sometimes ridiculous.

Interview on Vida Melhor – Click Here

Ana = Claudia, what a joy, to be here alongside the three most beloved Italians in Brazil, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. All right, guys, how are you?

G = All right, all right, let’s try to speak in Portuguese, not very well.

I = We are very happy to speak Portuguese.

Ana = First of all, I would like to compliment you and best wishes for your 10 year anniversary, it is truly a long and beautiful, and wonderful story. In 10 years, so much time, so much experience, what was the most beautiful moment, the most important for you.

P = In 10 years, so many experiences, so many collaborations with so many artists, world-famous, international, we have only learned so many things from them, but the fundamental thing of these 10 years is that our friendship, from the first to the tenth year has always solidified .

Ana = For you (turned to Ignazio) the most exciting moment of these 10 years.

I = Surely the Pope was one, singing in front of the Pope, one meter from him, during the WYD in Panama, it was a very strong emotion, something that touched us a lot, also because unexpected. Seeing all that expanse of young people and that particular energy that was created on that altar, you can’t call it “stage”, it was really very beautiful.

Ana = Let’s jump into the future, how do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

P = Many people are asking us, “Now, after having celebrated 10 years of your career, what do you expect?” We will certainly try to reconfirm everything we have done in the past, make new music, grow even more professionally, because we never stop learning.

(Ignazio sings “A CHI MI DICE”)

Matera Interview 01

Ana = Whit all this talent, the boys of IL VOLO have made thousands of fans fall in love, I ask, how is the heart of each of you?

And they respond with great humor.

P = I did blood tests yesterday and they are fine !!

Ana = Seriously, we have discovered that Gianluca is the only one engaged in love. Both Ignazio and Piero are looking for “true love”.

I = The nice thing, speaking of love, is that there are no well-defined canons, starting at zero and ending to ten. Love can be unpredictable, it can be something that will surprise you in any situation.

(Gianluca sings “IL MONDO”)

Ana = Romantic, elegant, this breathtaking combination, next October, IL VOLO landing in Brazil, comes back, to our country, for the new Music tour.

Will the concert in Brazil be different from the others? It will have a little history from all these 10 years, what songs can we expect?

G = The best of our repertoire, everything we have built in these 10 years. We look forward to returning to surprise all Brazilian fans and we hope to excite you.

P = We promised it and we did not keep our promise, but this year we will work on it and try to do some songs in Portuguese, even to see, our pronunciation as it goes.

G = We hope not to disappoint you, in fact, if you hear something gouging, do not laugh, as regards our pronunciation in Portuguese.

Ana = See you in October. Thank you.

G = See you in October.

P + G = See you soon, bye.

Ana = As they say in Italian “arrivederci”, Brazil is always waiting for you, with open arms.

Matera Interview 02

And now, I translate the beautiful words that their friend Marico Bartoletti expressed on IL VOLO and Alessandro Quarta.

The guys from Il Volo, they gave me a double beautiful gift inviting me to attend their private concert in Matera: a magical evening (of music and feelings) and the friendship of a star of the stage that I already admired and what time it is me entered the heart: Alessandro Quarta

For those who have not already framed it, it is the wonderful virtuosist who appeared in our lives (at least in mine) first alongside Roberto Bolle and then on the Sanremo stage just duet with Il Volo and making the Ariston audience stand up, enraptured by the almost erotic passion with which he attacks the violin, drawing sounds of a celestial brutality.

Matera Interview 03

This year he is the fourth member of the most famous Italian musical education in the world: not for nothing is our most appreciated violinist on a planetary level, having completed – starting from his Salento – a professional path very similar to Gianluca’s , Ignazio and Piero: and that is, while here we wondered who he was, on the other continents they went mad for him.

I don’t have the musical culture to judge his professional talent (from which I limit myself to being dazzled). But I have the sensitivity to evaluate his human talent which is not inferior. We immediately told each other beautiful tales: I saw him get excited for people and situations that can be in total harmony only with a very high soul. At fifteen he was the most successful young violinist in the world.

Matera Interview 04

Now it has drained the adjectives that can describe it. To raise the bar of the challenge, he decided to artistically confront himself with an even crazier one: Astor Piazzolla, the one who in response to those who maintained that “in Argentina everything can change except tango”, with his bandoneòn made an artistic revolution no less to that of jazz. And it became, precisely, “el asesino del tango” (the killer of tango).

In my opinion it was three hundred years that the Demon, after having inspired in a dream to Giuseppe Tartini the mad “Trillo del Diavolo” was looking for someone like Alessandro. He probably put his bow on his shoulder and told him. “Go ahead you boy”. He forgot to give him the tuxedo: but even so, we like it all the same.

Matera Interview 05

This is instead an article that talks about IL VOLO, and was published in the Italian magazine OGGI, which I translate for you.

Matera Interview 06


“But just when I was going to sing with the Pope, did they have to steal my suitcase?” The anecdote is by Piero Barone, the bespectacled of the three.

“I was the only one who had brought the big suitcase for Panama, for World Youth Day. And just at that time they stole my suitcase. So I ran to buy a suit, but the shoe store was closed. In the end I performed in front of Papa Francesco, in sneakers. Fortunately the cameraman, crafty, has not filmed my feet and no one has noticed. “

Stories like these, the three boys of IL VOLO, are full of.

“Ah, and that time that Ignazio fell off the stage with a child in Tampa, Florida?” This time Boschetto is the protagonist “We are always very affectionate with the little ones. They put this baby in my arms. I take it but I stumble, to protect the child, I turned around, I hurt my arm, and they also have  sued me”.

But nothing can stop IL VOLO. It seems like yesterday, but 10 years have already passed since Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio presented separately to TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE.

They were just 14 years old, now they are three very solid career pop stars, famous all over the world.

“We have just returned from Japan, we will spend the summer in Italy for a tour that will end on September 24th here in Verona. Then we will go to South America and Eastern Europe. We are around, until May 2020.”

We meet them in their dressing room at the Verona Arena, just before the performance of the Seat Music Awards. To see each other at the beginning, little more than children, chubby, unrecognizable, has a certain effect on them. “But do you really have to publish it, the photo of 10 years ago?” they joke. “We have changed a lot physically, but we keep the carefree, the passion of the beginnings, Gianluca tells us. “We have remained humble and simple.”

Matera Interview 07

This, unfortunately, is not shared by a part of the press. During the final of the last Sanremo Festival, a chorus of whistles and insults was raised in their direction in the press room.

“There is a difference between criticism and offense,” comments Barone.

“We knew that by participating in Sanremo, we went to the lion’s den, but we risked it,” says Ginoble.

“In 10 years, we have faced so many prejudices against the music we make”, Boschetto intervenes, “But the very fact that Alberto Urso, a tenor, has won AMICI, fills us with pride. Our message has passed, there “we have done”.

Do you quarrel among yourselves?
“Once on stage,” says Piero, “Ignazio is a fanatical Juventus, Juve lost four to one, and I kept making the sign of four with my hand. He didn’t take it well.”


Chapter Love. It is here, that the three pretend not to hear …..
Piero Barone broke with Valentina Allegri (“but I can’t tell you why”) and swears to be single.
Gianluca Ginoble, who to us, turns out to be engaged, eludes the question: “I leave you in doubt”.
The only one outspoken is Boschetto: “I am single because with our life around the world, it is not easy to keep up a story. You can succeed only when you meet the love that makes your head spin. And then, who knows because, I like blondes, but I tie myself only with brunettes .”
Same sincerity on today’s music: “I listen to the TRAP, but I’m not in this genre”, says Ignazio. “I am a romantic and when I listen to lyrics that say – I’ll take you, I’ll slam you, I’ll do you – I don’t like it. I prefer texts with more poetry. In music, the damned, are more like. As in love: at women,  like bastards,  us good guys,  they don’t consider us. “

And … icing on the cake, from the official page of the designer Carlo Pignatelli:

Matera Interview 08

Carlo Pignatelli

IL VOLO celebrates 10 years of career, wearing Carlo Pignatelli men’s suits.

Beautiful interviews, which lead us to get to know our dear boys more and more.

And in the last image, how much beauty, how much elegance.

Come on, guys! 


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. That family sued ignazio? How rude!!! I love his comment about love. At nearly 25, he is still so pure and innocent in a spiritual way. His raw honesty and vulnerability shows through in so many ways. With all of the things he has been through, you might think he may be a bit cynical, but he is clearly still looking for the right girl, whether she be blonde or brunette. When true love finally hits him over the head, he will not know what hit him! 🙂 Alessandra truly did not deserve him. Whether or not their parting was mutual, I feel igna was very hurt by it. I cannot erase the memory of the scoffed look on her face after he clearly sang unchained melody to and for her at the Atlanta meet and greet a few years ago.

    1. It is true Jana, I too was upset by reading that the parents of the Tampa child sued Ignazio. I reread it several times to be sure. If there had been a video, we could have understood, if Ignazio said it almost as a joke, but the journalist reports it as a true fact, then we must assume that Ignazio was really sued by the child’s parents. I was also shocked, also because, of the two, Ignazio is the one who got hurt.
      But I always leave a door open to the perhaps wrong interpretation of the journalist.
      I agree with you, Ignazio is still in search of true love, he deserves a lot, and we all hope that, blond or brown, is his soul mate.

  2. Jana, you took the words out of my mouth!
    Ignazio injured himself in order to save the little boy he was holding. I don’t think the child was hurt, maybe frightened. The parents were not forced to put him on stage, and should be ashamed to sue Ignazio.
    I also love his comments about love.
    When the guys were talking about their tour, they did not mention coming to the states. How can they forget us so easily☹️
    Thank you Daniela for interpreting these very interesting interviews.
    I am now going to dye my hair blonde🙂
    Ignazio once said “ love knows no age”

    1. “Love knows no age”, really a beautiful phrase ….. and then you will become blonde ??? But Ignazio said he loves blondes, but he is attracted to brunettes, if I were you, I’d make half a blonde and half a brunette, so you’re safer! 🙂
      When they don’t mention US in interviews, it’s not because they don’t remember you, but because they’re talking about this year’s commitments.
      They remember you very well, indeed many Italian fans are a little jealous of the affection they have for you!

  3. I was in the second row in Tampa when Ignazio fell right in front of us. The parents brought their young son to the stage and handed him up to Ignazio, Ignazio tried to get back to Piero and Gianluca while carrying the boy and tripped over some cables that were laying across the stage. He was protecting the boy and consequently landed on his left shoulder, he finished the show and then went to the ER. He wore a sling on his arm for a few days. From what I could see the boy was not injured.
    It sounds like they will be in the states from February until May or somewhere in that time period. Hope the schedule comes out soon.

    1. I remember RoseMarie very well, that you were there in Tampa, so you know what happened.
      It is certain that those months of 2020 will be in U.S.
      We are all waiting for the dates and the names of the theaters.

  4. I think Daniela you aced the report on IL Volo. I love to read your posts, they are informative and also funny and brings joy to me. There are not enough words in the English Dictionary or any dictionary that can describe my feelings for “my guys”. I have never been so taken with anyone until I heard Ignazio sing “Mondo” and then heard songs with all three. My hope is to be able to sit front row at their concert in America and laugh and applaud them and give them a hug. They are so deserving of adulation and love. I pray they will continue together and be friends forever and that is asking a lot from all three. They sing beautifully solo and together. I love hearing them sing, warms my heart and while I don’t understand the words, the melody and they are enough. CIAO…. I hope I am saying it right… it is used in many ways I’ve noticed. Many thanks to all who make this possible to enjoy. <3

    1. Really thanks for all the compliments, Sassylady, I am very happy that you like our posts.
      I always look for you, interesting news that, due to the different language, maybe you can’t read.
      Soon they will also come to you, and surely you will have the opportunity to see them and feel them close.

  5. Daniela, Thank you for sharing the interviews, the stories the boys share and the hard work you do translating the information! 👍❤️

  6. As long as they can maintain their uniqueness in all the ways that they are truly unique, their success is guaranteed with all audiences anywhere for many years to come.
    As for true love, it will come to them when they least expect it. And that’s the best way to fall in love.

    1. I agree, Mark, they are really UNIQUE, both as artists and character.
      If they manage to maintain this uniqueness, they will always be loved by fans.
      Love comes when you least expect it.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post! They are the best talent and kindest to come around in decades. They will find love when they least expect it. Funny how that happens and it’s exciting and beautiful. Hope I can get to see them when they come here to the U.S. I live in Pennsylvania. Absolutely love them, their style of music and their sweetness. God bless them!

    1. Carolyn, you will certainly see them, have no doubts.
      Stay on these pages, because there will be posts dedicated to their sweetness.:)

  8. Daniela, thank you!!! Really nice article. I always learn little tidbits here. They are so awesome , I would spend my last cent to see them again!! Love to all of The Flight Crew!!

    1. Thank you Donna, I have more tidbits in store that I hope you will taste with us again.
      Those guys are always more adorable, right? 🙂

      1. Jana, gray is very fashionable lately.
        But then, these guys always like women who are a few years older than them, so ……:)

    1. Hi Jill, I left a reply for you that is down at the bottom here. Just want to add to it, if you do see it. I’m replying almost a month since you commented because I’ve not been able to follow along with you all, as before. Anyhow, if you want to see the time-lapse video of Hawaii that I recommended to you in my reply, there are several with the same title you’ll probably have to bring it up on YouTube by typing in something like, “Barry White — September — Ct Thomas upload — YouTube” {There are several videos uploaded on YT by other people of Barry White’s song, “September”, which are not the video to which I’m referring. Ct Thomas published it on YT on Dec. 5, 2013). 🌟🌴🌼

  9. Thank you Daniela, so great to read your articles. My Italian is poor, English a bit better…but when I add both languages I almost understand everything 😁
    I agree with all previous comments. Il Volo is fenomenal. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have talents and incredible passion to music. I love to see their live performances with perfect voices and great interferance with audiance too. I was in Matera concert where they started Musica tour, incredible experiance. Still 2 concerts in front of me … can’t wait till September.
    Kisses from Poland to all Il Volo’s fans 🥰

    1. Alicja, I am very happy to have helped you in understanding, this is my goal.
      How nice you were at the Matera concert, I wanted to be there.
      Soon they will be in Poland, there is a lot of love for them too.

  10. Aloha 🌺🌻Jill ! Just wear a platinum blonde wig to Il Volo’s next U.S. concert nearest you and get a seat in the front row! When sweet Ignazio notices you, whip off the wig, shake loose your brunette locks and flash him a great big, beautiful grin. Well Heck! Ya just never know….😅😂 Jill, There’s a little gem of a video that always first puts me in mind of you! You might like to check it out. It’s a video filmed in and above Hawaii, all done in time-lapse and has two, rhythmically appropriate, romantic songs by the late, great Barry White. It contains two parts; the second part contains the awesome, time-lapse footage of the star-filled night skies and with the optical and infrared light beams from the astronomical Observatories atop the summit of Hawaii’s [sacred😔] Mauna Kea, of which I’ve no doubt you are familiar!). The video is published by Ct Thomas on YouTube from 2013 and its title is: “Barry White — September”

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