IL VOLO at TG KIDS NEWS by Daniela

While IL VOLO, was on tour in Genoa, they were interviewed as usual by several journalists, but two were really special, here is their interview that aired on the TGCOM24 channel, and what I translate for you.

PR1 = Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of the children’s news, here from the Children’s City of Genoa.

PR2= Today we start with a trio, known and appreciated all over the world: IL VOLO.

PR1 = Marta and Giorgia, two great fans of theirs, went to the International Festival of Nervi, to meet these three artists who are celebrating 10 years of career together, despite being very young. Let’s see the interview together.

MARTA = You have been together for 10 years, but how was your trio born?

I = We met in a TV show of young talents, and the producer and director of that show, joined us, and we started singing together.

GIORGIA= At your beginnings, you have been selected, to represent Italy, in a new version of “WE ARE THE WORLD”, dedicated to Haiti, how did you feel in the midst of great artists?

P = Look, I don’t know if it was a greater experience, that of doing “WE ARE THE WORLD” or that of being interviewed by you, because it never happened to be interviewed by some beautiful girls like you.

At the age of 14, we found ourselves, in the midst of great artists, but we didn’t immediately realize the event, but then we realized how important that adventure was.

MARTA = One of your big fans is Palcido Domingo, one of the three tenors, along with Pavarotti and Carreras, you also did a great CD and a concert with him, right?

G = We had the honor of sharing the stage with the great master. I guess you have dreams? We had them at your age and we continue to have them even now, and we had the honor of making our dreams come true, that of singing with one of our idols.


GIORGIA = The song “GRANDE AMORE” that you presented in Sanremo, to whom it is dedicated, if you can reveal it.

G = You are curious! Do you want to know if we have a girlfriend? “GRANDE AMORE” is our favorite song, we dedicated it and we continue to dedicate it to all the people who are 10 years old, who follow us and support us.

MARTA =  Your voice has a lyrical setting, why do you use it also for pop music?

I = Between us there are differences, for example Piero is the one who has the most lyrical voice, I the most pop and Gianluca is in the middle. We also use it in pop, because we think that an artist must never be limited, we must always go further and see where we can go, and this is what we do.

GIORGIA = You tour all over the world, but what is the Italian song you sing that has the most success ever?

P = “VOLARE” ….. how does it do next? Do you know the song “VOLARE”? (the girl does not know the song)

G = You know “MI FA VOLARE” by Rovazzi (an Italian disc jokey)

P = Hello everyone, to our friends of the TG of kids.

G = We had the pleasure of being interviewed by two princesses.

P = What’s your name?

GIORGIA = Giorgia

MARTA = Marta

I = My name is Ignazio (with the voice of a small child).

P = We send you a big hug. Bye Bye


What do you think of this type of TG?

I find it a great idea, and that these children play in a special way, good!

I also think that our boys, as usual kindly, have agreed to be interviewed by these little beautiful “princesses”.  👸 👸


Credit to owners of all photos.

25 thoughts on “IL VOLO at TG KIDS NEWS by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, when Gianluca said their favorite song they sing is “Grande Amore”, did he mean it is dedicated to all the fans who have followed them for all their ten years?
    That is so sweet ❣️

  2. Daniela, when Gianluca said their favorite song is “Grande Amore” did he mean they dedicate it too all their fans that have followed them for ten years?
    That is so sweet ❣️

  3. Thank you Daniela for translating this interview. The girls are so sweet, and the boys too, of course. I watched it earlier, but didn’t understand much. Thanks again.

    1. That’s why I translated it, Jolanta, because everyone, you might understand. There are pretty parts, which sometimes escape, due to linguistic difference.

  4. What a treat to hear their interviews, I love their favorite song as well. Every interview shows a little bit more about them. I think we’re all proud of the boys. They are true gentlemen.

    1. Yes, Victoria, there was the concert in Lecce and I read an article, which finally hit the mark, also talking about their way of being. Don’t let it slip away, I think it will be published within a day.

  5. Quite a lovely interview with these little ladies! So proud of the guys for speaking with them and making a memory with them that they will never forget…Speaking as a way former young lady, if I had the awesome opportunity of speaking with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, those moments would be forever embedded in my memory and my heart, wouldn’t have be able to hold the excitement and the impression I would have come away with. My respect to these three gentlemen was strengthened not that it needed to be. I am a forever follower and my admiration of them is immeasurable…Grazie Piero, Grazie Ignazio and Grazie my Gianluca…

  6. They show respect to everyone they have contact with, young, older, men, women and especially children. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have them in my life, even though they don’t know me.

  7. Thank you Daniela for this lovely interview. The girls are beautiful and did a great job! I love watching Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca when they are with children. Just looking at their faces, you can see how much they love children. They are the sweetest and kindest young men! What a great memory for Marta and Giorgia!

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Margaret., They are the sweetest guys, towards children.
      I don’t know if these girls understood well with whom they were talking, but I believe that now, these two, will follow with more attention, these nice boys.

  8. Thanks again Daniela, your post just shows how special the Il Volo team is. Cute, Respectful and just Wonderful. As for they singing they are simply great!

  9. Exactly so, Vincent. By tomorrow, you will read in the post of Lecce, a very nice article, dedicated to these peculiarities of our boys. Their way of being is not going unnoticed, in the midst of so much vulgarity and roughness.

  10. Grazie Daniela!! I love this interview!! ! I have always been amazed at how these three endearing young men relate so beautifully to all ages …from 2 to 92 and beyond!! Those young girls wiil remember that day forever!! To know them is to love them….and we do!!💕💕💕

  11. I love their interviews.,Thank you Daniela for translating this one. Those 2 girls are so cute!! They are always so great with the young ones.,Thanks again… Donna

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