Even Puglia has undergone the charm of IL VOLO.

How can one resist? 😍❤️

But let’s go in order.


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And those who found Barletta, the friends Boccia and Esposito, the authors of Grande Amore.

Francesco Boccia:

I miei grandi amori…….sempre e per sempre nel mio cuore  ❤️

My great loves … always and forever in my heart ❤️

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And now:


Thanks to the beautiful photos of Mr. Ginoble, a really crowded square, in the beautiful square of the Cathedral of Lecce.

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“NO PUEDE SER” (final)



The view is far away but it serves to have the whole of the square and the final reaction of the people. At the end of the song, the boys demand a big applause for Alessandro Quarta, who is performing in his land.

Final greetings

The encore

And here in the front row, among the people, is the bishop of Lecce.

You must know, that the Cathedral in Lecce is a symbolic square of the local church: with a single entrance, it is closed by the buildings of the Diocesan Museum and the Bishop’s Palace. The previous bishop had always denied her use at concerts. The current, Monsignor Michele Seccia, who chairs the commission, has instead decided to open it, long enough to grant it for the summer 2019, also to Il Volo and Fiorella Mannoia. Denied instead, to those singers with songs with explicit or irreverent lyrics.

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I translate this nice article from PORTALECCE.

PORTALECCE Article – Click Here

Il Volo in Piazza Duomo

Gianluca: “It is an honor to be here and to sing in front of ‘my’ bishop.”

A concert that showed a splendid combination of the baroque art of Piazza Duomo and the musical art of this trio. The uniqueness of the artistic frame of the venue was in fact highlighted by the leading singers of the evening: “As soon as we took the stage a few minutes ago, we saw a magnificent scenery, one of the most beautiful squares not of Italy but of the world.” Gianluca Ginoble said,  “The idea of singing in Piazza Duomo was born four years ago, when we were on vacation in Porto Cesareo with our manager Michele Torpedine, and after coming for a walk in Lecce, we thought about how nice it would be to sing in this place. Today this dream has come true.”

Bar-Lecce 10

It was Ginoble, who with the other comrades of the group, had an episcopal meeting with the archbishop to address a personal greeting to Msgr. Michele Seccia, stating that it was an honor to sing for the archbishop this evening. The singer recalled that he had received the sacrament of confirmation from Bishop Seccia, when the latter exercised his episcopal ministry in the diocese of Teramo-Atri. Great successes of the group excited those present, who sang songs like “Grande Amore” and “L’amore si muove”.

Among the surprises, the performance by violinist Alessandro Quarta, an artist much appreciated for his rigorous Salentine origins. A concert that took place in a workmanlike manner, the organization was impeccable in terms of plant engineering and safety and security measures adopted.

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Il Volo at the Duomo, the lyric that becomes pop welcomed in the heart of the Baroque of Lecce

Corriere Article – Click Here

Their voice is majestic and seems to give further strength and intensity to the Baroque art that frames Piazza Duomo: Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca begin by singing “Il Mondo” and are full of energy, they are young, they are beautiful.

Last night in “tour” in Lecce, the three singers of the opera group “Il Volo” have bewitched the Salento public, with their masterful singing and artistic qualities, with their “savoire faire” of other times, made however very current by the sympathy and from the synergy that hovers between them. Very elegant and formal, like in a top-level theater.

Gianluca Ginoble’s grace was immediately evident, in thanking the Bishop of Lecce, Monsignor Michele Seccia, for the hospitality that the singer remembers having met on the occasion of his Confirmation. On the other hand Il Volo has always been able to juggle the graces of the Church: not least, the famous “selfie” that Pope Francis granted them this winter in Panama.

Bar-Lecce 13

“Ah, heck, at 12 you couldn’t keep it in the Curia?!” Ignazio Boschetto jokes.
The trio performed great international classics, such as “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and Italians, like “Volare”, by Domenico Modugno.

In the front line there is also a fourth protagonist: the Salentine violinist Alessandro Quarta, who a few months ago performed on the stage of the Ariston, for Il Volo, “Musica che resta”. “I’ve always dreamed of playing here, at the Duomo. But never would I have thought of a concert next to the three of them, which are the best of Italian opera music in the world!”

“And now your Alessandro Quarta, all for you”, Gianluca exclaims. And here is that the violinist has performed some passages, accompanied to the piano by the teacher Giuseppe Magagnino (Salentine pianist of national fame).

Bar-Lecce 14

Then a moment in which each of the three sang as a soloist, to give a single voice to the different vocality and peculiarities that characterize them: in this sense, interpreting “Almeno tu nell’universo”, the tribute of Ignazio Boschetto to Mia Martini: “I am here to remind you that no one can ever judge us!”

But then also some funny sketches to soften the show:

“A nice thing happened this evening: we went on stage at 10, because at 9:30, ready to get dressed, we realized that Ignazio had forgotten his clothes in the hotel!”

“And what do you want from me?”, said Ignazio. “I proposed to do the concert in underwear, but there was the Curia and nothing could be done about it!” It is still the boys, looking around saying, “But have these gentlemen at the window and on the balconies paid for the ticket?” But how many are you? 150? They come out of the bathroom too! Let me check under the stage!”

Bar-Lecce 15

To announce the last song, long awaited “Grande Amore”, the song with which they won in Sanremo in 2015, Ignazio recalled: “In the end the dreams are wishes that come true and this year we are celebrating our 10 years of career: the date dates back to April 25, 2009, and from there everything has changed. But it’s all the fault of this song!”

A refined public, who has repeatedly stood up to applaud and which on the final has broken down into masses, abandoning the armchairs to push himself to the foot of the stage, where the three singers have not pulled back in signing their records and gadgets . Of course, there was no lack of controversy over the blocking of an area, for security reasons.

For the rest, enormous enthusiasm for a party and a great celebration of opera, able to bring more and more young people to this musical genre.

Bar-Lecce 16

Even the adventure PUGLIA has ended, and it seems in the best way.

Wherever they go, these guys leave behind a trail of success and love.

But immediately on the run, next stop ABRUZZO, in the land of Gianluca !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. The guys of Il Volo are as usual brilliant, funny, charming and humble. Their concerts are magic. But I must say I am equally charmed by all the beautiful towns, piazzas, town squares and churches of Italy. What a gorgeous and historic country. I love seeing all these cities and towns as the background and stages for our treasured Il Volo. It is like a wonderful travel journal. I hope to see more of Italy in person. Thanks again Daniela and Pat for the translation.

    1. Janet, I think you are right, the concerts of the boys are fabulous, but seeing them in the context of these beautiful cities widens the atmosphere even more.

    2. I was thinking many of the same things you just put so nicely Janet. Il Volo and their concerts are magic and I love seeing all these beautiful piazzas, churches and cathedrals. How sweet that Gianluca mentioned the Bishop confirming him and that the Bishop allowed their concert in the Piazza Duomo!
      Thank you Daniela for the photos, videos and translations of these lovely articles. There is so much love at these incredible concerts!

      1. Margaret, I believe that Gianluca, when he performs in his land, has a special emotion, that boy is a treasure.
        Yes, there is a lot of love in these concerts.

  2. I love this email and all your information about IL Volo. Please keep them coming. Thank you

    1. Really, thank you very much for the compliments, Eleanor, they stimulate me a lot to continue, and I’m glad that you are waiting for these e-mails with joy !!

  3. Dear Daniela and Pat, thank you again for all of your work you do for us here. These articles are such a pleasure to read (finally). This is the first place I go to while having my first cup of coffee in the morning. The boys have sung in some very lovely venues this time. How romantic to sing bel canto in a beautiful town square, under the stars and in front of appreciative audiences. I wish I could have been there for all of the concerts, thank you guys for a beautiful summer. See you in Verona.

    1. RoseMarie, I wanted to be with you at those shows. I am re-evaluating my beautiful Italy very much, thanks to these concerts held in these beautiful squares and cities.
      But soon we will have a common concert 🙂

    2. I’m looking forward to Verona concert too and 2 weeks earlier il Volo comes to my country 😉 I’m so happy to see them live again soon. They bring magic and happiness to my life 😉

  4. We travelled to the Lecce IL VOLO concert after attending their concert the week earlier in Taormina Sicily – both awesome concerts and so worthwhile visiting Italy from our home in New Zealand.
    Both nights were simply magical and IL VOLO wowed the audiences from start to finish, as expected! Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are such talented and beautiful young men and deserve ever accolade and huge successes – they are super stars. Meeting them in person confirms how friendly and down to earth they are.

    1. How wonderful Annette, I was waiting for your news. So was everything okay? Write us about the concert you preferred, and the motivation. We are all thirsty for news !!

  5. Thank you Daniela and Pat for sharing videos, news, interviews of he boys concerts. You keep us readers updated and informed. What would we do without you? Thank you again.

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