And we arrived in beautiful Sicily, the first appointment is in


at the Teatro Verdura.

Sicily has a special charm for our guys, who feel they are at home.


“IL MONDO” , “L’AMORE SI MUOVE” (Video published by GDS.)



Beautiful this “off program” tribute to the great Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri who recently passed away.

With great sensitivity, Piero and Ignazio sang a love song in Sicilian dialect, this is the title: “E VUI DURMITI ANCORA 💖 (And You Still Sleep).

Very beautiful this article by All Music of which I translate the best parts.

All Music Italia Article – Click Here


All Music Italia was present at the Palermo date of the show that IL VOLO is taking around the world to celebrate ten years of career.

When we talk about Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto, we must put in sequence the words talent, music and success.

Talking about the concert is a bit like doing singing lessons at the conservatory, I’m not a good teacher but I can tell great stories with my reflex. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sing, very well, they talk (a lot) with the public, they joke (without stopping) between them, between dialects and jokes … And between a tribute to Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra and one to Modugno, time flies!

Over two hours of emotions, even this umpteenth concert by IL VOLO confirms themselves as a guarantee of great music, of great love.



And now let’s move on, to the definitely favorite stage of the whole tour.


Yes, because all the stages are important, but some are really SPECIAL and Taormina is certainly the most special of all.

Here the boys are at home, not only in the theater, but everywhere, on every street, in every corner. Taormina loves them, and they reciprocate with the same coin.

Who among us fans wouldn’t want to be there for a concert?

Let’s start with the beautiful photo of Mr. Ginoble.


The concert is about to begin.





“O SOLE MIO(Piero)


Listen when Gianluca is good at speaking in Sicilian dialect, these guys too funny, to die for laughing.  🤣 😂 ☺️

The final greetings.



And here is the comment of my friend Melina, present at the concert (bless her!)

“Indescribable concert last night in Taormina. Impressive theater, standing ovation to every song, cheers, laughter, emotion. Words are not enough, they can’t make the idea. The boys are always magnificent, relaxed, happy and jokers. I still haven’t fallen from the pink cloud and I can’t put together coherent thoughts, so much is the wonder mixed with nostalgia and the sense of loss. As soon as I return to the real world, I will try to write something sensible.”

Another comment from Melina:

“The night before the concert, we had dinner at La Botte and the boys came to eat there too, very kind, helpful and patient. Ignazio, who had gone to pick up a granita at the Bambar, (which is in front of the restaurant) and then eat it at the restaurant table, by dint of stopping it before he sat down, made it melt, but he always smiling and affectionate, he didn’t get impatient at all and gave everyone attention.”


I would say that they were two fantastic concerts, too bad not to be there, but certainly with the heart, we were all there with them.

But I want to close this beautiful Sicilian parenthesis with a beautiful group photo, a dinner in the beautiful Taormina, with our boys and their friends and ….. Saretto Bam Bar among them.

Bye bye Sicily, Puglia is waiting for us !!




Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

26 thoughts on “PALERMO/TAORMINA, MUSICA TOUR 10 and 11 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela and Pat for sharing. Beautiful concerts, especially that in Taormina. Since I’ve seen the concert from a year 2014, it is my dream to go to Taormina and watch and hear the boys in that magic place. Maybe some day…. But on the first photo from Taormina I noticed a big banner and I’ve recognised it. It’s made by the girl from funclub IL VOLO POLAND. The banner was with an inscription “IL VOLO La Polonia vi ama” and the italian and polish flags. I think it’s very beautiful. Thanks again. Bacci

    1. Il VOLO Poland is very active, on Instagram they are the first to post, they are in every step with the boys

    2. Yes Jolanta, I noticed the banner too and certainly the guys saw it, really beautiful.
      As for Taormina, I think it’s the dream of all of us fans.

  2. As always thank you Daniela,and many thanks to Melina for her review on the beautiful concert in Taormina.
    The song( And you still sleep) is so beautiful,I don’t think I have heard that before.

    1. Jill, in fact the song in Sicilian dialect had already sung it years ago, always in Taormina, but with folk accompaniment.
      I will tell Melina, that you liked her comments, she was very happy with the concert.

  3. Thanks for sharing Daniela. It is great to almost feel the atmosphere because of the beautiful pictures and video’s. I can see the concert in Taormina was very special.

    1. Tineke, the IL VOLO concert in Taormina, is always special.
      The atmosphere, the people and also the ancient theater in that wonderful place create pathos and the boys are more involved and their voices rise wonderfully to the sky.

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for another memorable post on our special guys! The concert in Taromina seems all the more special. They seem to be having so much fun and the audience enjoying every moment!! Like others, this is one concert I wish that I could have attended!!!

    1. You’re welcome, Annette! I have always wanted to go to Taormina! It looks like a magical place! 🙂

      1. I visited Taromina once many years ago!! And it is truly a magical place!! And as Daniela said, maybe we will all meet there for a big fan convention ❤️

    2. Annette, people love them and they feel that they can be freer, in ways of doing and saying things.
      Sooner or later we’ll have a big fan convention, all in Taormina !!

  5. Thank you Daniela for all this information. I especially wanted to find out about the song that Piero and Ignazio sang together in Sicilian. It was beautiful. Both concerts in Sicilia were a success and it was nice to see so many friends and family members of our boys supporting and cheering them on. Great write-up and photos. Thanks!

    1. Anna, as I have already said, they were already sung, but this time they interpreted it in the sweetest and most sentimental way, really beautiful.
      It was a magnificent concert, with all their friends and parents present, an incredible atmosphere.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  6. Thank you again for sharing all the videos and photos The Sicilian song sung by Piero and Ignazio was beautiful The concerts looked like so much fun Also happy to see Gianluca taking a more active part in the joking and he seems to be so happy and smiling a lot more so glad

    1. Beverley, I really enjoyed seeing Gianluca joking in Sicilian, so I have attached the video, because nobody lost these nice moments.
      The Sicilian song ….. a rare pearl.

  7. I have been in love with the Taormina concerts. Best one was their first. The boys get extra energy while there. I also fell in love with the Folk song “Evui Durmiti Ancora” when they sang years ago with the local Folk band.
    English translation

    And you still sleep
    The sun has already appeared on the sea
    And you my darling still sleep
    The birds are tired of singing
    They are rested on this little boat
    And they wait when it is that you’ll look out the window

    Give up do not sleep anymore
    That with them in this alley
    There’s me too waiting for you
    To see this face so beautiful
    I spend my nights here outside
    And I only wait for you to look out the window

    The flowers without you don’t want to stay
    They all are with their heads down1
    Everyone of them do not want to blossom
    If you don’t open this balcony
    Inside the bud they are piled up
    And wait for you to look out the window

    Give up do not sleep anymore
    That with them in this alley
    There’s me too waiting for you
    To see this face so beautiful
    I spend my nights here outside
    And I only wait for you to look out the window

    1. Regina, I thank you very much for adding the translation of the Sicilian song. They are truly magnificent words full of feeling and Piero and Ignazio performed it with so much love.
      Taormina is really special !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Yes, they have sung it several times, but I don’t recall them singing it this way–previously they sang it at a much faster tempo. I like it both ways!

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpat for all the videos, photos and comments of your friend Melina. How wonderful that she was able to be attend Il Volo’s concert in Taormina. It truly seems to be a magical place and I would love to attend an Il Volo concert there!

    1. Margaret, you say that to me? I have been saying for a long time that I want to go to Taormina to a concert, and I live much closer than you, but I haven’t been able to go there yet !!

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