You all know the news: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have just returned home.

Here’s what Gianluca just wrote and which I translate.

Fiumicino, ore 14.30
Dopo due mesi di tour negli Stati Uniti, sono tornato in Italia, fra poche ore sarò di nuovo a casa.

Ricordo che mentre partivo mi dicevano “Vedrai che il tempo vola… tanto qui non si muove una paglia”. Invece, mentre io non c’ero, le cose succedevano eccome, anche se non mi rendevo bene conto della situazione perché ero lontano ed impegnato. Poi, qualche giorno fa quando Conte è intervenuto in diretta nazionale è stato qualcosa di inatteso che mi ha profondamente toccato. In quel momento, mi ha assalito la nostalgia di casa e soffrivo al pensiero che il nostro paese, il più bello di tutti, stesse attraversando un periodo così critico.

Oggi viviamo un periodo storico che ricorderemo per tutta la vita. Queste emozioni forti, le paure, le speranze… ce le porteremo per sempre con noi, ma la prossima volta che vivremo quello che fino a qualche giorno fa davamo per scontato, lo faremo con un’altra coscienza e avrà tutto un altro sapore. Il sapore di qualcosa che non ci è stato regalato dalla nascita, ma di qualcosa che ci siamo dovuti riprendere attraverso le rinunce a cui siamo chiamati oggi.

#iorestoacasa con la mia famiglia, fatelo anche voi e riflettete su quando valga un abbraccio perché io sono tornato, dopo due mesi fuori, e non posso stringere chi mi è mancato.

Return 01

Fiumicino airport, 2.30 pm

After two months of touring the United States, I went back to Italy, in a few hours I will be home again.

I remember that while I was leaving they said to me “You will see that time flies … then, nothing ever happens here.” Instead, while I was not there, things did happen, even if I did not realize the situation because I was far away and busy. Then, a few days ago when Conte (Prime Minister) spoke nationally it was something unexpected that deeply touched me. At that moment, homesickness assailed me and I suffered at the thought that our country, the most beautiful of all, was going through such a critical period.

Today we live in a historical period that we will remember for a lifetime. These strong emotions, fears, hopes … we will take them forever with us, but the next time we live what we took for granted a few days ago, we will do it with another conscience and it will have a completely different flavor . The taste of something that has not been given to us since birth, but something that we had to take back through the renunciations to which we are called today.

I stay at home with my family, do it too and think about when a hug is worth it, because I came back after two months spent outside, and I can’t hug those I missed.

Return 02

This was posted by Piero.

Covid19 is dangerous for those with respiratory problems and we remember that Piero suffers from asthma.

Return 03

Here is a message posted by Piero after his return to Naro:

Hi friends, sorry if I only write now but it took some time to realize everything that’s going on. I came back yesterday from the United States, we were there since January and believe me that we didn’t get a chance to fully understand what was happening here in Italy. We had the full perception of the emergency just a few days ago and we made the decision to stop the final part of our American tour to return to Italy before all the airlines closed. In these weeks between concert and another we met tens of thousands of people, and before returning to Italy we were informed us about the precautions to be taken. Currently in voluntary isolation, I am here at home, in my own country, with all the necessary comforts. I think I’m lucky for this. I have taken on this responsibility and will pass my quarantine without seeing my parents, grandparents, only with the purpose of protecting them. All of this has made it easier for me to see the reaction of my country, Naro, united right now, with a punctual administration in the information it gives to the citizens. I therefore say to my friends, to those who follow me and anyone who reads these few lines: everyone stay home and follow the WHO information. To face all this looking into perspective because sooner or later it will all pass. And if we stick to these rules it will pass faster. See you very soon, Piero

“And here they are at home welcomed by their tender friends.”


We have to stay at home and then the people, who cannot meet, in Naples did this, everyone on the windows and on the balconies to make their voices heard, because nobody is alone.

At the beginning and end of the video, they sing the anthem of Mameli, the Italian national anthem.

Here in Italy, everywhere they are putting up signs with this writing:


Return 04

Return 05

And tonight we will light a candle at the window to tell our doctors, nurses and police personnel that we thank them for their hard work.




Credit to owners of all photos and video.

45 thoughts on “RETURN TO ITALY, HOME by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, those videos are so beautiful.
    First the dogs greeting their Papa’s, and then the Italian people singing. It made me very emotional.
    I know now that the guys did the right thing.
    We give everyone in Italy a big warm collective hug, and know that they will get through this terrible time, just like they have survived other catastrophes.🇮🇹🙏

    1. Yes Jill, very sweet to see Gian and Ignazio with their dear 4-legged friends.
      Thanks for the collective hug.
      At the bottom of the video of the people singing at the windows are the words of our Prime Minister Conte: “We stay apart today, to hug each other stronger tomorrow”

  2. Now is the time to look to a higher power. Trust and say all is well. It is a powerful phrase. Trust that people you have never seen or met are praying for you. Italy is always in our hearts and mind. We always think about our guys and their families. Please know you have thousands of people thinking good thoughts of you. I wish you love and comfort. Much love great Grandmother Helen!!

    1. It is a big world, but when we all share the same crisis, the world becomes so much smaller and hopefully more United. Love your neighbor. Look up to the sky…..God is watching over us. He will not fail us.

  3. My love and prayers go out to everyone in Italy, the birthplace of my parents. I am relieved that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are home with their families and friends. Gianluca expressed very kind and emotional words (thank you to Daniela for translating them for us.)

    So did Ignazio and Piero. We hope you truly know how much America adores the three of you and your powerful, angelic voices.

    Piero, please take care of yourself–I know you have asthma, so take every precaution to stay well.

    Here in America our President Trump said he will do everything to have his scientific team advise and assist Italy. Our President always says Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the most loving, generous people. I agree 100%

    God, please protect all of us from COVID19, and guide all the specialists to find a cure right away.

    God bless everyone; stay strong and vigilant.

    All my love,

    Elisa Marie

  4. Thank you Daniela for translating Gianluca’s words and for the beautiful videos. Luna and Arturo have missed their human friends very much. Our guys are happy with their families and it is very important at this difficult time. I wish them and all of us health and patience. Let’s be careful , stay at home and soon andrà tutto bene. Hugs from red zone unfortunatelly 🙁

    1. True, Jolanta, for the boys to be close to their loved ones, in the family, raised hearts.
      How sweet their little dogs are.
      A virtual hug to everyone !!

  5. Dear Daniela, my heart is breaking for all of us. My family in Greece and Croatia and my new friends in beautiful Italy.. I was so disappointed to miss the concert in LV, I was looking forward to it for many months. But the world is not perfect as we know today. I am just happy that the boys are back home with their families, as they should be, They gave us 2 exciting months of their lives this year. I wish them love, health and happiness for all they have done for us. Reading your translation of Gianlucas words, i can hardly believe what a wise young man he is. I hope to see them again soon. ANDRA TUTTI BENE,

    1. True, Jolanta, for the boys to be close to their loved ones, in the family, raised hearts.
      How sweet their little dogs are.
      A virtual hug to everyone !!

  6. Thank you Daniela for the videos and translation of Gianluca’s message. He always expresses himself so beautifully and from the heart! Continue praying and Andra Tutti Bene!

  7. So much from our Italian brothers and sisters touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. What beautiful precious people!

    Andrà tutto bene
    All will be well

    Amore from Jeanine

      1. So true, and feeling your heart, Daniela! Sent a post 90 minutes ago, wondering if the singer leading one specific video (different than posted here) is Piero. Sounds so much to me like him!

        Love and grace to you and yours, precious Daniela!

  8. One of the most important events in my life was to see and hear IL Volo in person and meet them. I did see them on March 1, 2020 in Mesa, AZ, USA. The world should be so proud of them for their love of country and making other countries aware of them. It was a wonderful sold out concert at the Ikdeda theater. I did sound check and met all three individually and the words I wanted to say came out differently, but I pray all three knew my heart was full of love for them. They are performers in the highest, they gave 2 straight hours of singing, no break in between. 10 years canmake a difference to our bodies, and it was showing our guys needed a few days off to unwind, relax, and do nothing. My love for them is stronger every day and I give thanks to God for giving them the voice that reaches beyond where they live. they belong to the world to see, hear, and enjoy. I still like the little boy that lives inside Ignazio, he is the most of the mostest when it comes to laughter.. he loves to laugh and it shows in his actions. What a sweetheart. I dearly love “my guys” and I will never place one above the other because each one is their own personality and I adore each one for themselves. Hold your head high my Italian friends, you have given the world a most magnificent trio of singers ever to grace the stage. I love them as I love my grandchildren and if anything could change it would be my age nearer to theirs so I could maybe pursue them… LOL! Yes, I am old and gray haired, but there is still some fire in the furnace. Nothing wrong with remembering. Love to IL Volo and I hope I will see you again. Rest, relax, and have fun with Luna and Artero… their pets know love and was very happy to have them home. Stay safe as i know you will. Thank you for sharing your love of music with all, and know you are loved above and beyond and Welcome to our United States of America always and forever. Love is not measured by what you have, but what you GIVE! IL VOLO you gave your hearts to America and to me. Love and hugs to you always.. my love and appreciation for you is here to stay.

    1. What a beautiful tribute! My husband and I went to one of their first concerts in Houston in 2009 after I fell in love with their music and personalities. We followed them to Nashville, Austin, Boston, and Las Vegas two years ago. We always sat down front and bought Meet and Greet tickets for those great hugs! We live 3 hours from Dallas but sadly could not attend this year because of my husband’s health. I was so glad to find out that they traveled safely home.

      1. thank you Danela for translating and letting us know how they are. The state I live in has just announced suspending school for 4 weeks and we have 23 cases of the virus…so it does travel rapidly. It was a joy to be able to see, hear, and converse with “my guys”. Each one is special and are kind and good. Glad I’m back on this site… I lost it and then couldn’t find it. Not exactly computer savvy. To all who are in Italy, please know we are praying and hope this disease is eradicated and never returns. May God Bless each of you and take care of your famiiies. Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio you are grace and handsome each of you.. may God keep you safe and know you are loved the world over.

    2. I’m old and grey too but this trio just captured my Herat and never let go. My family laughs at me because I am always listening to their songs. They have voices like no one else I know and they make me happy, happy, happy

  9. Good morning, Daniela.
    I was touched by the singing of the people in their apartments and on their balconies. I wish I knew the language interpretation of the words.
    The melody is beautiful. The solidarity of the people encouraging each other with music is very moving. It inspires hope.
    Thank you for posting it.

    1. Vicky, I think you mean the song you hear after the national anthem.
      I don’t know it, it’s a beautiful Neapolitan melody, which talks about hugs, I liked it a lot too, it’s not a song known all over Italy, it’s tied to the Neapolitan territory, it’s really very sweet.

  10. Oh Daniela, so poignant – Gianluca’s reflections . … this whole post, poignant …. Grazie…. big hug 🥰

  11. Thank you Sassylady for your sweet thoughtful
    words. I long to express what is in my heart
    so you have done it in a loving powerful way.
    I appreciate your loving expressions.

  12. Dear friends,
    today even Piero has written a very nice message, you can read it, it has been added to the post, they are very beautiful and aware words, read them.
    Bravo Piero!

  13. I wish, somehow, that the boys could read this outpouring of love for them. I miss them already. The anticipation and planning that goes into seeing them in concert is half of the fun for me. Andra tutto bene!

    1. RoseMarie, I believe that all this love will also come to their ears and they will be grateful for it.
      Yes, certainly ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE!

    1. I’m sorry about your mom too, Janine.

      The video of the balconies is beautiful, Piero’s voice from Sicily is a bit reminiscent, but it’s not him, I think Piero yesterday, the first day at home, is disoriented to see how things really are.

  14. These gentlemen are very thoughtful, but of course we all knew that before. How kind. The USA is going to be near Italy in stress levels in the next 3 weeks. We all need to pray.

  15. I think that we all should pray for the world as it is not one or two countries that the virus is affecting. Our dearest boys and their families will be among those I will pray for.

  16. To all my Flight Crew friends,

    While we all endure this time of disappointment, sadness, uncertainty, and anxiety, while so many in the world are experiencing so much pain and suffering, we must remember to remain strong and to do what we can to get through this, to help those less fortunate than us, to embrace those who are close to us, and to thank three young men who have brought us all so much joy!

    As has been said before, this too shall pass, and when it does, there will be a time for reflection and evaluation, a time for peace and relief, a time when we can all again appreciate the true meaning of life.

    And speaking of life, may I suggest you take a few minutes to listen to a song that to me seems so appropriate for a time like this. Follow along with the words and voices of Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero:

    La Vita (Grande Amore album, 2015)

    Quanti giorni vuoti,
    How many empty days,

    Quanti giorni tristi in questa nostra vita?
    How many sad days in our lives?

    Quante delusioni,
    How many disappointments,

    Quante inutili passioni nella vita?
    How many useless passions in life?

    Quante volte abbiamo detto basta;
    How many times have we said enough;

    hai disprezzato questa vita?
    that you despised this life?

    Mai una volta che pensiamo
    But not one time did we think

    a quello che ci porta questa vita!
    about what this life brings us!

    Ah-Ah la vita!
    Ah-Ah, life!

    Che cosa di più vero esiste al mondo?
    Does there exist anything more true in this world?

    E non ce ne accorgiamo quasi mai,
    And we almost never even realize it,

    Quasi mai, quasi mai.
    Almost never, almost never.

    Qualche volte abbiamo come un senso di paura della vita.
    Sometimes we have a sort of fear of life.

    Anche se ci sono tante cose che non vanno nella vita.
    Although there are many things that don’t work out in life.

    Ma che cosa pretendiamo, cosa ci aspettiamo dalla vita?
    What things do we insist on, what do we expect from life?

    No, Non è possibile sprecare inutilmente questa vita!
    No, it’s not possible to waste this life in vain!

    Ah-Ah la vita!
    Ah-Ah, life!

    Più bello della vita non c’è niente
    More beautiful than life there is nothing

    E forse tanta gente non lo sa, non lo sa, non lo sa.
    And maybe many people just don’t know, they don’t know.

    Ah-Ah la vita!
    Ah-Ah, life!

    Che cosa di più vero esiste al mondo?
    Does there exist anything more true in this world?

    E non ce ne accorgiamo quasi mai,
    And we almost never even realize it,

    Quasi mai, quasi mai.
    Almost never, almost never.

    La vita!

    Che cosa di più vero esiste al mondo?
    Does there exist anything more true in this world?

    E non ce ne accorgiamo quasi mai,
    And we almost never even realize it,

    Quasi mai,
    Almost never,

    La vita!

    ~ A big hug to all from John from CT ~

    1. John from CT, you always share so much wisdom, love, and respect! Thank you for your sentiments and a great song of our guys!


    2. Thank you, John, for helping us remember what is important…….life…….and all that we have in it! I am thankful for all that I have including my wonderful family, friends and Flight Crew family. As one of the people who did not get to see and hear the guys perform this year ( I was supposed to be at the Las Vegas concert) I feel very sad, but at the same time glad that the guys got to go home just in time. I can’t imagine being away from home all that time on tour and then being stuck and not able to go back. We are all thankful that they made it safely home!

      Hugs to you!

    3. John, this is one of my favorite songs, ever since I heard it for the first time in Sanremo, sung by Shirley Bassey in 1968, because of the beautiful meaning of his words, never so right, as in this moment.
      Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

      Here we are all closed in our homes, who is well, must avoid contagion, for himself and for others.

      By now everyone knows that every day there is an appointment on the balconies and windows to sing and make people feel that nobody is alone.
      This is one of yesterday’s videos.


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