As you all know, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca quickly returned to Italy. But maybe not everyone, especially those who don’t have Facebook, knows where the guys are now.

The three, are scattered around Italy, one in the north, one in the center and one in the south.

Let’s start with Piero.

As we read from his words, Piero returned to Sicily, to his Naro, but did not return to the family. To preserve his health and the health of his loved ones, Piero has self-isolated himself in his apartment (which is close to that of his parents), and has no physical contact with them. He has self-declared (as is expected here) and is observing a quarantine, isolated from all.

Piero made a video call with his friend Mariano Di Vaio, whom the boys had met in Miami. 

Here it is and I will roughly translate it for you.

First thing, we all notice, Piero’s new beard cut …… I don’t like it !!! 😑

Mariano also makes fun of Piero for doing this new shave and leaving his mustache like this, and laughing. Piero said he did it alone (of course). He was inspired by the Narcos telefilm, where there is a sheriff, and was inspired by him.

Piero says he’s been in quarantine for two days and already doesn’t know what to do. Mariano says he’s been four days and it feels like a month (he also has a wife and 3 children).

Piero shows that he also tried to cut his hair, with the result that he almost peeled one side. (disaster)

He says he saw a video of a fairly well-known singer in Miami, who was in the disco without worries. 😲


(Thank you Judy Thurman for this nice collage!)

Di Vaio, confirming that he spoke with friends in Miami when the alarm went up, but people still do not realize the big problem of C19.

To pass the time, Piero watches TV, then has tools to train with, takes virtual lessons with his personal trainer.

Piero says that he would have liked to stay at home with his parents and sister, however, he is alone and the policemen come every day to check that he is at home, in isolation, because having been away, he does not know if he may have contracted the virus, and therefore, rightly so.

But Piero, what did you do, right now that hair was starting to grow back!!

Quar 01

Climbing up, from the boot, we arrive in central Italy, Montepagano ….. Gianluca.

Gianluca was traveling, accompanied by his mother Eleonora. They returned home, but not to their parents’ house, but to Gianluca’s house, to be isolated from Ercole and Ernesto. Gianluca lives close to his parents, but they still couldn’t hug each other. They too are in isolation.

Gianluca provides us with many moments of his day and his beautiful home.


In this video, Gianluca says that in quarantine they are all becoming incredible chefs.
He too, who has never cooked in his life, made an amazing banana dessert.

Then Gian also practices playing the piano.

Bravo Gianluca !!

And he trains in his small gym.
Do not overdo it!

Quar 02

Instead, mother Eleonora sends us this photo of Ernesto beyond the railing of the window. On the photo it says: “Love at a distance, soon we will embrace each other again.”

Quar 03

We continue in the ascent of Italy, and we arrive in the north, in Bologna, where Ignazio is.

Ignazio returned to Bologna, where he has his apartment and where his sister Nina was, who was already waiting for him in solitary confinement.

The situation in Bologna is much more serious than in Sicily or Abruzzo.

Ignazio has a long phone call with his friend Fabio Ingrassia, which I translate briefly for you.

Immediately Fabio asks Ignazio if he has bought the new earring, and Ignazio affirms and shows it to him, then asks Ignazio, how is the first day of quarantine and Ignazio answers: Arturo, television and one meter from his sister Nina. Fabio tells him that in Marsala (where Fabio is) there are two new cases of C19.

Nina cooks, and Ignazio confirms that he is now vegan. He also shows a pizza that his sister made him on his arrival, heart-shaped and with vegan foods.

An exchange of ideas was born with Fabio who says that he eats real meat and Ignazio tells him that he is only a skeptic.

A message arrives from Gianluca, who is following their live, and  he says that in Abruzzo they will create vegan arrosticini (typical food made with meat) for Ignazio.

Quar 04

Fabio reports that friends in Miami have said that the C19 is spreading and both say that it was not taken seriously there.

While chatting, Ignazio comes to a contact with Red Ronnie, who asks him where he is and Ignazio confirms that he is in Bologna.

So they talk about the hospital in Marsala, to which Fabio made a donation and Ignazio also confirms that he will do it too and therefore communicates the data for the hospital.

They talk about Ignazio’s guitars that he brought to Bologna, and he admits that he is training.

Every now and then Ignazio has sweet tenderness with his beloved Arturo.

Then Ignazio and Fabio experiment with chords and songs simultaneously with their guitars.

Ignazio asks Arturo what song he wants to hear ….

Arturo stretched over Ignazio and he says to him: “Do you want to rest a bit? I am dad, not a sofa!”

Quar 05

So the first quarantine days of IL VOLO have passed, but there are many days to pass, but the important thing is that they are safe.

Here in Italy, the situation has worsened and I think the boys were shocked on their return.

But even this period will pass.

I also recommend to you, American friends, stay safe!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


  1. Thank you Daniela for this info and translations of live posts by our guys. Please be careful and stay safe and healthy. Hugs! 💞

    1. Love the update wishing them and their families good health❤️❤️❤️Keep up the update

      1. Blessings & best wishes for Il Volo , families & friends. So much cincern & condolances to Italy for all the precious lives lost. Stay safe & strong & feel the love from California. LB

    2. Been a fan since the very beginning. You a r looking great. Many songs I remember when my father was alive.Luv them all. B safe. Take care and keep singing ur beautiful songs!!

  2. Thank you Daniela for translating this for us! I am so glad the guys made it home safe, and prayers go out to them and their family and friends. I finally got to see them live and can’t wair to go again, even had my picture taken with them!

    Everybody be safe,and don’t take chances ! Like many people in the USA

  3. Thank you for the translations! I had already seen the videos on facebook but without your translations, would not have been able to understand anything. It is good to know they’re all back home safe. As for Piero’s new look – I must say I much prefer him with the beard or clean shaven. I suppose the mustache will grow on me though, if he decides to keep it.

    I’ve been reading as much news as I can about the situation in Italy as well as the rest of the world. It sounds quite grim in Italy, but hopefully as we come closer to 2 weeks from when the lockdown was first imposed over the entire country, the infection numbers will start decreasing. I hope for everyone in Italy’s sake that there will be some good news on that front soon. In the meantime, please take care!

    1. Yes, Karen, Piero is considerably more charming with a light beard and longer hair. When he comes out of quarantine, he will be perfect!

      The situation here in my area is very sad, because we are having the most contagious days and deceased people (only yesterday in Brescia 68). Fortunately, my family and I are fine, we are at home, in our garden at best, but all is well.
      Stai al sicuro anche tu!!

  4. Daniela, thank you. You are like a life preserver. I watched those videos and now I understand the pleasant conversations. We are all concerned about them, their families and Italy, so this is special.
    Daniela, you are special.

    1. Thanks Kay, how many compliments.
      I wanted you to understand what they were saying too.
      I will have the shape of a lifesaver indeed, when I get out of quarantine, I can only stay here and ….. eat !!


  5. Thank you Daniela. We are all so concerned for all of you and please take care of yourselves. Italians are such amazing people and you’re all in our prayers. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Victoria, prayers are always welcome, but this damned virus is coming strongly to you. Stay safe, I recommend to you, follow our model.

  6. Thank you Daniela for keeping us posted. I watched the videos you spoke of and I watched I could see and hear in their voices the sadness that they must feel. Gianluca and Ignazio, they have someone to interact with. Poor Piero. It is good that young people are some technology savvy. Me not so much. I am keeping safe in Calgary, Canada, All the best to you wherever you are.

    1. Kimberley,you’re right, Piero is really alone, but he lives next to his parents, therefore, even if he can’t hug them, he can certainly talk to them from window to window. He is also the one who has asthma problems.
      I also think of the many lonely people who cannot be approached by anyone.
      Stay safe.

  7. Daniella, if you would like something fun to read, I wrote a fanfic around Ignazio. It is sweet and captures the personality of all three boys. I will gladly email it to you if you would like.

  8. Thank you Daniela, I had missed them.
    I don’t like that Piero shaved his beard either, it doesn’t look like him, but it will grow back fast.
    Gianluca’s house is cute, and of course I love Ignazio and Arturo, he is so big now.

    1. Jill, I agree on Piero and Gian’s house, I appreciate that he remained (like Piero) close to his parents.
      Arturo has really grown up and have you seen how he appropriates Ignazio? Sweet.
      Stay safe dear friend.

  9. Thank you so much, Daniela, for this translation . I’ve been waiting for more info on their return to Italy. I worry about them almost as much as if they were my own children or grandchildren.

    You know, when one is isolated or cooped up alone for any length of time, one can do strange things. I don’t care for Piero’s new look either, and I liked the slightly longer hair, but that will grow back. It’s probably fun to try a new look and since he’s not going anywhere for a while, why not try it. Let’s hope the isolation time passes by quickly and they can be with their families again. Let’s all take care.

    1. Daniela, you are a gem of a person to keep us updated about our guys. I didn’t recognize Piero because I’ve never seen an exaggerated close up of his face without glasses. The photo makes his face look older and larger than it really is. I prefer seeing him clean shaven and hope he gets rid of his mustache. I like to see Gianluca clean shaven too. As for Ignazio I prefer him to only keep the goatee and mustache but shave the sides of his face so we can more readily see his gorgeous dimples.

      Some people I know don’t believe in the seriousness of this pandemic malady. I have a friend in critical condition
      from the Coronavirus. May he and everyone else who is ill have a complete and speedy recovery.

      What about Giampiero and the band members. Where are they? Did Alessandro Quadra perform at any USA shows?

      Take care of yourself. Stay healthy and safe.

      1. Doris, at the beginning here too, the virus was not taken very much into consideration, in particular by young people who are the main carriers of this virus. Young people put up with it well, but the elderly do not. It was difficult to make young people understand that they had to stay at home, otherwise they would have endangered the lives of their grandparents. Our Prime Minister had to make many appeals and then force to stay home, because people did not understand and now instead understand and mourn the many dead.
        Listen to the advice, stay at home.

        Giampiero Grani has returned home and will be in quarantine like the others, I read that on his arrival, instead of being picked up by his loved ones, as always, he took a bus to get home, and not having contact with his loved ones.

        Surely the other members of the band and Barbara will also be in quarantine, anyone who returns to Italy must do so.

        Alessandro Quarta is isolated in his home, here in Italy.
        He wrote to everyone to stay home and posted a video, where he plays the national anthem.

        Stay safe!!

      2. I Love them from 1st day -competition in Italy 14 years ago!!!
        beautiful boys with enormous voices!! Attended every concert in California -even the last one -March 9 i San Jose
        Right now my hearth is with them and all Italy !!!!
        PS. Doris -you are right -(I was waiting to tell them to) prefer them
        clean shaven -out of mustache and beard!!They special Gianluca
        lost beautiful charm!!! Only Ignacio look handsome with his mustache ( sup price how he change and from childish boy -he became so handsome man!!!)
        You are extremely good and great singers Keep working -because you are on the way to be next”Tree tenors”

    2. Maija, we all care about them, they are part of our routine and our affections.
      Unfortunately I think this time will not pass very fast, we are not talking about days or weeks, but a few months.
      But we will do it.


  10. So glad to get update on our guys. A bittersweet homecoming but they’re safe and well. I missed a Meet & Greet in Vegas and at age 82 doubt I’ll have another opportunity. But I will continue to enjoy their voices every day.

  11. Daniela, thank you for your translation and the photos and the videos of Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio in self – quarantine back home in italy.

    Though my heart hurts for them and their families during this COVID 19 crisis, all three of our boys are taking it in stride, making jokes about Gianluca learning how to make a banana desert; playing his piano, and going to his little gym in his house to work out.

    i laughed about the comments regarding Piero shaving his nice beard –( I still like his handsome face!) It will grow back right awayPiero.

    Ignazio does a lot of talking and kidding around both in Italian and in English explaining how to make the donation to the Miami charity. He cracks me up. I love the way he sings a few chords of a traditional funny Italian song, in dialect, and a few lines of “Isn’t She Lovely.” And “You Are So Horrible to Me”– changing the word beautiful to horrible!

    Ignazio, you have to try to eat some meat dishes some day!

    I got very emotional at the photo of Gianluca’s Mother, Eleonora placed in the railing of the window for Ernesto, and the photo says,”Love from a distance, soon we will embrace each other again.”

    I can’t wait for their quarantine to be over and they can all live their happy lives together.

    I looked forward to go to their concerts in Italy, but pray next year this terrible virus will be a thing of the past.

    I send my prayers to Il Volo, their families, and all the Italians going through this terrible, sudden “storm” that has affected Italy, America and the rest of the countries in the world.

    Thank you guys for cheering us up with your wonderful attitudes, funny videos and your kidding around with music, conversation and fun. “You are so beautiful to me.” and everyone who loves you.

    I wish I could tell you all of this myself in person.

    Be well, stay safe, and remain positive. God bless us all.

    Love you forever, your fan,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Yes Elisa Marie, you must be sure, next year we will talk about this period as a nightmare that has now passed.
      A test that none of us were prepared for.
      We will say “It was a bad time, but now it’s gone”, and we will really appreciate more the things that today seem normal to us.
      Stay home, stay safe.

  12. what a very nice update Daniella. So good to know that our guys are doing what must be done and still very hard. Here in Iowa (middle part of the US) it is the same. For people over 65 they are saying stay home, the virus is harder on the elderly. I really enjoyed myself at the concert in Mesa, AZ. There is something about IL Volo that brings a motherly instinct in me, and then there is the instinct of how gorgeous they are and sexy! It is boring sitting in the house day after day, and I’m on my 2nd day with 12 more to go… it is hard to believe what you hear from our President… his ego is bigger than the whole world, he needs to be sent into outer space IMO. It is hard to dill the days without going crazy, TV, crossword puzzles, read, pick up the house… it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom but I have no energy for that as of now. I wonder if Gianluca’s Mom came back before he did… she was in AZ with him and he told me she was standing in a corner across the room, Ignazio also said his sister was there? Both ladies were dressed in jeans and looked comfortable. It was a joy and a thrill to meet IL Volo in person. I wanted to give them a gift, so I had to think long and longer, and finally came up with a Saint Michael clip that you put on your sun visor in the car. St. Michael is the patron saint of travel and protects. The guys seem to like to drive, so I thought this was the perfect gift… not expensive by any means, but wanted them to know I care and appreciate them always. I fell in love with them really and I love everything they do. Sweet, kind, caring, laughter always, and a magical voice(s) that make all want to hear more and more. They performed 2 hours straight and gave the best concert and the only concert I’ve seen. IL Volo is here to stay for many generations. I was a fan the minute I heard them sing… change of subject… “my dog, Missy, snoring in the chair…. she has to be with me 24/7 and it is both good and tiring. Thank you Danielle for your reports on “my guys” somethin about my guys! Keep up and keep on reporting what each is doing. I think Piero is a handsome guy with or without his beard, but he is definitely one sexy man. Thanks for the update on IL Volo.

    1. Certainly, Sassylady, we appreciate that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, give useful examples to other people, that the rules must be observed, even if it seems to us sometimes absurd.
      We have to do it for ourselves, and for others.
      Eleonora, Gianluca’s mom, was in the US with him, surely it was she that Gian pointed out to you. I don’t think Nina, Ignazio’s sister, was with him on the tour, I think Ignazio joked, however you see Nina, in the video of Ignazio’s phone call with Fabio, she is on the sofa and for a moment Ignazio indicates her.
      Don’t get tired of being at home, stay safe.

  13. Dear Daniela, you are so good to us to take the time to make the translations for us. I understand that Brescia is one of the hardest hit areas in Italy. You must be under a lot of stress, we are feeling it here too. I am self-quarantined for 1 week now bc of my age and bc I was in LA for the concert and traveling. Thank goodness the guys left and made it home safely. I hope the whole Il Volo team is well and home. I watched the guys live on Instagram and was trying very hard to understand what they were saying bc I don’t speak Italian. I don’t care for the “mustache “ Piero ended up with but the beard will grow back, or he can go clean. Gianluca has shared his baking skills with us before, remember the apple roses? I made them and they were delicious but I never saw banana bread with a whole banana. Ignazio has a new earring but I miss the old one. I wish the guys, their loved ones and all of us, love, good health and happiness. Ciao and Andra’ tutto bene.

    1. Dear RoseMarie, I warned you that I was translating, I like to do it, thinking that you too can understand.
      But you have to practice understanding Italian, so we can make a nice speech.
      You have done very well to put yourself in isolation for some time. Take care of yourself and stay there, while this storm ends its course.
      Yes, I remember Gian’s rose cake.
      I believe that this quarantine will make us many moments on video, even of Ignazio, who you know, is very reluctant to do them.
      Certainly ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE !!!

  14. Thanks Daniela. You are the best. Since I am 84 I am sitting at home.
    I would love to go back and volunteer but feel I need to do my share in the “WAR” on the C virus.I hope things will start to get better in Italy.

    1. Thanks to you Regina, who receives your greetings every day.
      Don’t leave home, I know your heart would like to help others, but help yourself, stay safe dear.

  15. Thank you Daniela. I saw the videos. I am in Virginia. Schools, restaraunts, businesses closed. We are home with only essential trips to the store. TAKING advantage of resting, doing things around the house. We are retired, so no worries about work. I had knee surgery anyway, so keeping my leg up as much as possible. Following the guys at home. I hope you are doing ok. Thank you for the translations!!’ Stay safe and germ free everyone Follow the guidelines in wherever you live. Ciao!!

    1. Donna, you had to do the convalescence, take advantage to do it well, but keep fit, because all this will end and you will have to walk along the long rows of seats of the various concerts.
      Hope your knee is better.
      Stay safe.

  16. Thanks for the translations What would we do without you Daniela or the whole crew. So glad to see guys home safe and smiling Hope all the rest of the operation is also home and safe Sure hope things slow down there or just go away. Stay safe

    1. Thanks Beverley, you are very kind and I am happy that you managed to comment. I read your message, that you were unable to post the comment.
      Stay safe too.

  17. Daniela, you are so wonderful! I truly appreciate all the updates on our guys. So happy they are home and safe, maybe enjoying the quiet after the busy months of concerts.
    Glad I got to see Piero in Mesa before he cut his hair again, but he has a right to do as he wants to his own body, His eyes will remain the most beautiful ever!
    Stay safe and well, everyone.

  18. Lois, I’m so glad you saw Il Volo in Mesa.
    A little relaxation is deserved for the guys, but it is really forced.
    But health comes first.
    You too, stay safe.

  19. Dear Daniela,

    Like others, I am very grateful for your extreme kindness for translating for us non-Italian speakers. I keep in my daily prayers the “guys”, their families and their entire entourage. And of course, you and your family in the “hot zone”. It is difficult for us to grasp the extreme health issues in Italy. I live in Ohio which is about 4 hours from Detroit, Michigan. Everything here is shutdown, but that makes it much safer for all. I am confident that this will, in the end, makes us all stronger and, I hope, more compassionate toward others. Please stay safe and know how much your translations (about our beloved guys) means to us.

    1. Thanks Sandy, for the compliments.
      I assure you that the situation is serious here, so they did well to close everything. The virus is infecting everything, even from you, you are all sheltered in the house safely. I have always been positive and we will certainly come out of this situation, stronger and hopefully more compassionate towards others. We all pray for this.
      A hug.
      Other translations will come!

  20. As always Daniela “Thank You” for the latest updates on our special guys!! So glad that they are home even though they are in quarantine! I was surprised to read that a policeman checks on Piero everyday!! Luckily they each have some contact with family. Piero nearby his family where he can wave to them,Gianluca with mom and Ignazio with Nina closeby and of course their music and today’s technology that keeps us all in contact with one another!! Praying for all.

  21. Hello Daniela, Thank you so much for keeping everyone posted about what the boys are doing during quarantine. I saw them in January in Toronto, Canada with my 90-year-old mother and my 4 sisters. They were so sweet to my mom backstage. Ignazio even sang a short birthday song to her. They bring so much joy to people and are such a wonderful gift to the world. I hope that they and their families will stay well. Blessings to all of Italy, the birthplace of my grandparents. The whole country is in the hearts and prayers of all Canadians.
    P.S. – If Piero, Ignazio or Gianluca would like to practise speaking English online with a certified native-speaking instructor while in quarantine, I’d be happy to offer my time to them. My in-person classes have been cancelled for the next little while, so I have a lot of time on my hands, because I am in self-isolation too!! God bless. Stay well!!

    1. Yes, Lisa, we are always so busy, that we never have time for ourselves and now, suddenly, we are all without commitments. Let’s enjoy our loved ones, our greatest affections.
      I know, kids know how to be very sensitive towards people, they give a lot of love, but they also receive a lot of it from us fans.
      Stay safe

  22. Thank goodness for today’s technology. They can keep in touch with their friends, helps pass the time. Thank you Daniela for the update on the guys. Translation is always appreciated. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation of the translation.
      It’s true, it’s so nice to know, that I write, I press a button, and in a few minutes my message will be with you, at the other end of the world. Yesterday I heard a really correct phrase: “Technology, which we continued to criticize, because it isolated people, in this case, brings people closer, and does not make them feel alone”
      Stay safe.

  23. Maybe the guys next tour will bring them to Seattle. The CEO of one of our PBS stations made several attempts to contact IL Volo’s team about coming here with no response. When I’ve abbreviated IL Volo in emails/text, it reads IV. IVs are the means of introducing life-saving fluids; an appropriate analogy I think. The guys bring life-saving soul energy to the world. I would so enjoy talking to other IV fans in the Seattle area. Is there any way to connect us from your membership list? Once again, thank you so much for all you do.

    1. Hopefully, Barbara, it would be nice if they came to Seattle.
      If someone from Seattle reads your speech, he will surely respond, or I will ask Pat if he can tell you who is from there.
      Yes, the boys bring a lot of energy, in many cases, life-saving.
      Stay safe.

      1. Barbara, Laura Parish, follows our site, but she has a fan page on facebook. The fanpage is called IL VOLO SEATTLE.

    2. I’m close to Seattle, doing kid care for my grands. I don’t mind being “at home”, it’s my favorite place to be. I was going to Vegas for the concert and while I was so disappointed it didn’t happen, I’m glad the guys got home safe. As for Piero new looks, he doesn’t know how to look bad. 😉

      1. What a pity, Colordujour, I am so sorry that the concert has been canceled.
        Unfortunately this virus is doing a lot of damage, but in particular a lot of victims unfortunately.
        Stay safe.

  24. Thank you for the translation. I’m so happy everyone made it home safe and are doing well. These men are amazing, so cute and funny. I think everyone can’t help but love them. Thank you again for the translation. Best wishes health and happiness to you all.

  25. Thank you for doing a wonderful translation of the Videos of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio… I look at the videos and I am charmed, but you bring them to life… To know what they are sharing with their fans is a treasure… We all so appreciate what you do for all of us who do not understand the Italian language, the most beautiful language of all…
    I know I am a little late to the party… Deborah and I returned home late last night from our time in Las Vegas… Although the concert was canceled, we did have the I Volo Fan dinner for those who were there… Now that I am home, I am in seclusion from my daughter and of course I am not venturing out as well… I am well but I need to make sure of that for the sake of my daughter who lives downstairs… We all are now taking this C-19 very seriously… We here in the USA were a little slow to digest the severity of the virus, but now we are following the importance of not being close to anyone… Keeping our distance if we have to venture out… I hope everyone takes this virus seriously all around the world, so that the the Corona virus will die a quick death so the would we live in can get back to living life again…

    1. Dear Jeanette, I am so pleased to hear that you are now at home, safe, with your daughter.
      I felt so sorry for the canceled concert in Las Vegas, for all that so beautiful that had been organized, a great meeting of love and happiness.
      There will still be many good opportunities, but now we have to think about health.
      I recommend, do not think that these sacrifices, which seem great, are too many, be scrupulous, you read that our guys are taking them seriously, and ….ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE !
      Stay safe!

  26. Thank you Daniela for keeping us up to date on our guys while the are in isolation. And how sweet of them to continue to communicate with their fans. I hope this horrible thing is over soon. There are still too many not taking it seriously. Here in Washington it is quite bad. Though the area where I live is not too bad. Yet.

    1. Laura, I think we will read and see many directed by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because the quarantine will be long to pass.
      I will try to keep their speeches translated.
      Did you read, just above, that I gave the name of your fan page to Barbara from Seattle?
      Stay safe.

      1. Yes, I did. Thank you for spreading the word about our group. I hope she joins us.

  27. Thank you for your translation. I love knowing what they are saying. I saw them also in Foxwoods in Connecticut February 1st! Second row seats, meet and greet, it was a dream come true. I only wish I had given them the scarves I made for them, during the show. Sadly I had to give them to Barbra at the meet and greet. I was able to hand piero’s bag to him but I don’t know if they ever really got them! I wish I could find out! But thanks again and stay well!!

  28. Hi Daniela… saw them in Chicago was last minute but got 3rd row seating…was so very happy am 76 went alone…have loved them from day one…hope to afford meet and greet one day…so very glad they are “home” and well..just love them dearly
    Ignazio melts my heart love all three.
    Agree, don’t like what Piero has done but it will grow back..such a sweetheart as well as Gianluca..thank you Daniella God Bless our beautiful boys and their beautiful families. Am on quarantine in Elmwood Park IL special blessings to you and yours..stay safe Daniella

    1. Hi Marilyn, I too have never done a meet & greet, I prefer to meet them in other ways, if possible.
      I’m glad you saw them in Chicago, then the virus didn’t seem like the danger it is.
      I recommend you stay safe in your quarantine in Elmwood Park and ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE!!

  29. Hi Daniela,

    Your translations do get us through the long days of isolation we all must now endure. We all love following these wonderful guys, their families and their entourage. Listening to their music is real medicine for the soul. I saw them recently in Atlanta, my third concert. They just ooze charm. I had hoped to see them in Taormina, but maybe not this year.

    Now for the trivial: I do not like Piero’s new look. He is perfect either cleanly shaven or as he was on this last tour.
    I do not like Ignazio’s earring (old or new, but the old one was better). These guys don’t need adornment, just like they don’t need over-amplification or annoying laser lights. They only need a good orchestra but they can easily sing
    a cappella.

    I am happy the trio is home, resting and seemingly healthy. I am happy that the same applies to you and your family. Stay safe everyone!


    1. Hi Sally, it certainly does us good to read about our kids, it helps us to endure the quarantine days better.
      I have read about many who complained of too bright lights at concerts.
      Yes you are right, they don’t need it, I listen to a beautiful a cappella song with admiration.

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