A Special Treat from our Favorite Marie!

Ciao a tutti!  I challenged Marie to come out of semi-retirement and write something for us.  I figured she was getting bored looking at palm trees, sunshine and sandy beaches!  This is what she quipped… 🙂   Jana

Something’s Wrong With Me ~ Marie Crider

With the world in a sad and humbled state right now I thought you might like a little something on the lighter side:

~I just listened to an hour interview. It was all in Italian. I don’t understand Italian.

~I can’t lay in the sun without humming “O Sole Mio.”

~I go to concerts with a camera on my lap, but I’m afraid to use it in case I miss something.

~When in the front row at a concert and a security guy walks in front of me I want to shout, “How dare you come between me and THEM!?”  What does he think I might do, jump up on the stage?  Ok…I might jump on the stage, but I’ve got Leelee, my concert buddy, holding me down.  Oh, I could get past security anyway.  He doesn’t have a club big enough to pry me off Ignazio’s leg.

~All Il Volo CDs in my car are copies of the originals. Just in case someone should steal my car.

~When St. Mark’s Basilica started flooding, I panicked. I wanted to book a flight, grab a bucket and go.

~Piero neglected to ask me if he could change the color of his glasses.  (I may never get over that one.)

~The only pictures on my dresser are my Mom, my Dad and Gianluca.

~I have a strong urge to confess to the murder of someone named Delilah. Just to keep the heat off the Boys.

~I want to stand on a balcony in Italy and sing my heart out.  It wouldn’t matter that I can’t leave my hotel room…the air is Italian and that’s good enough for me.

~I have 17 Il Volo t-shirts (actually 16 plus one nightshirt thanks to Jana) but I can’t wear them. Cause…well, what if one should get a stain on it… or fade…or get lost with luggage at an airport…or destroyed by a rabid dog…or snagged on a barbed wire fence? Makes me sick thinking about the horrible things that could possibly happen to one of them.

~I have “Il Volo” tattooed on my left ankle and an “Il Volo” license plate on my car.

Yep, something is definitely wrong with me.  I may need professional help.


Grazie Mille, Marie, for sharing your thoughts with us and coming out of semi-retirement!  I’m sure we all feel the same in many ways!  But, just one question, why is Gianluca on your dresser and not Ignazio??  🙂


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  1. Omg, I love it!!! Thank you Marie! And like Jana I also want to know about your choice of photo on the dresser 😘☺😁

    1. That pictureis one of my most precious treasures.  Gianluca’s nonno gave it to me when Jane and I were in Italy.  Later Gian signed it special for me.  I love all three of them dearly. However..its.the tall, hairy, dimpled one who I will be with in my next life.

      1. Lol lol unless I get to my next life first!! We will need take a number🥰🥰🥰

  2. Oh Marie, how I have missed your sense of humor and your devotion to Il Volo. I loved reading your thoughts and had such a good laugh. We all need that these days. Would love to hear more from you!

    1. Thank you, Jana.  The site is so professional  looking and  informative now that it’s administered by folks like Daniela, Pat and you. What a great job you’re all doing. I’m so happy the site has continued on.  I couldn’t be more proud of you all.  I love this site, the people who run it and the people who read it.

      1. Grazie mille, we do our best! 🙂 I gave you my promise, and I intend to keep it to the best of our ability!

  3. That was great Marie. Gave me something to laugh about. I think the next Il Volo concert that you go to they should have a 15 minute intermission where you get up and do a comedy skit. Audiences would love it!!

  4. That was great Marie. But I know what is wrong with you. Its a bad case of ilvoloitis. Sorry, there is no cure.

  5. Oh thank you soooooo much for that post. What a delightful outlook on life. I loved it!

  6. Way Marie! Soooooo funny. And how lovely to laugh right now. A relief from the heavy, sad and angry time we seem to be in. You and IlVolo give us a lift. Bravo e grazie mille.

  7. I have truly missed reading your stories etc ! In this trying time we need as many laughs we can get !! Thank you Jana for bringing her out of retirement !

  8. Marie, how nice to be able to read about you. We missed you so much !!
    Thanks for the compliments you give us, but you know, I started following this site when you were the one writing, and I was delighted to read your beautiful words about our golden boys.
    I saw you so happy in the photo of the concert, together with Leelee. I send you a big hug dear friend !! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Daniela. Please keep up the good work.
      Truth is I couldn’t have been happier. For the first time Ignazio really knew who I was. He also mentioned this site!

  9. Thanks so much for an entertaining article. We certainly need this right now Love this site and all the wonderful articles we get to read thanks to the hard working staff Stay safe and healthy everyone

  10. Hi Marie. So glad to hear from you. Miss your humor. I asked Jana
    to do some posts that would keep us “in touch” with the boys.

  11. Ignazio’s leg ohhhhh nooo I need a full body cuddle from now till eternity, he totally captivates me. I have all things crossed I can see them all in Barcelona late June. Great read thank you Marie, stay safe and smile. xx

  12. ❤️💋🥰😘 welllll…. what a lovely, pleasant, very welcome surprise! YAY!!!! Muah 💋 Marie 😉☺️🥰

  13. My sister and I discussed it and agree: You do not need professional help; your thinking is just where it should be! I don’t know exactly how they did it, but we are all hopelessly hooked. I watch their interviews just to see them, to hear them, to spend a little more time with them. Hopeless! I would love a picture of Gianluca on my dresser, but my kids would commit me. Your Delilah comment made me laugh out loud! Thank you for this. Janice
    I’m listening to them right now. L’amore si Muove.

      1. You know we’re not listening to what they say, rather watching body language and figuring it out. 🤗

  14. Thank you for taking the time to make us all smile. Marie, you are so witty and funny! There’s no one like you, that is for sure! 😊❤️

    1. What a great surprise to see your name and read your post with its usual wit, which always made me smile/laugh! Have not posted on this site since you “retired,” but I read it daily. Good to hear from you and hope we all hear more from you. Remember how you did not especially care for my flight crew name? Remember I owned 1 dimple and you the other? Well, now I own the leg that you are not “attached” to!! Take Care and “come back” soon.

      1. Ha, ha, ha. I do remember. I guess, since we are all in the kindness mode right now, you can take the other leg. However, you may need to fight Val for it.

      2. Heck, if we are claiming body parts now, I’m going for his cherry red lips!! 🙂

  15. good morning, im still waiting for a respoinse to my refund frm march 11 performance, which was cancelled. my bank cant tell me ifi have gotten it yet unless it knows how much it was ( FOR @PEOPLE< ROW !$ HANDICAP) im dealing with cancer at the moment , and the guys have really helped me, and me(US) not seeing them really bummed me out, even though it could'nt of been helped.. I have written others, they just push me onto others.. so if you could Pls let me know how much my refund(S) were or are, so i can tell my bank,,, i was going to try to get a auto picture of them

    1. Jay, wish I could help you but I’ve no idea. Maybe the fan site can give you a clue. (Ilvolomusic.com)
      They’ll be back here I’m sure.
      I’ll say a prayer for your quick recovery.

  16. OH, Marie, OH Marie, you have made the day of many Il Volovers. Thank you for this special talent of speaking for us in a lighthearted way. I would not only hold onto Ignazios leg with you, I would volunteer to take Pieros place when he depolates (? or waxes) Ignazios hair for him.

  17. Thank you Marie for this morning’s Boost”!! I remember reading your posts long before I had enough confidence to post myself. I couldn’t believe that their was another “Nonna” so in love with the guys!! Do you still have that Il Volo number plate? Moving to another state may have different requirements for car registration!! And of course you still have your tattoo!!! Stay healthy and as long as we have the “Guys” music to listen to “All is Well”🙏❤️

    1. Very clever, Annette. I will forever keep those Ohio plates. Lucky for me South Carolina only has a rear plate. I had a front one made…of course.

  18. I have a great love and prayers for the family and our favorite young men, Ignazio was safe at the San Diego concert because I was too far away to get to him or Piero! Maybe next time I will be closer and the security guard will not be able to stop me ❤️ Their music is very helpful to me because of my depression since my husband passed away. I listen to them all day and evening, hopefully they will perform at a place that I will be able to take photos, at the Symphony Hall they were not allowed. God bless you and your families!

    1. I wish I had a nickle for everyone who has ever told me how much the Boys helped them during their sad times. I could buy an Italian Villa with all the money. So glad they have helped you too.

  19. Hey Marie,

    How wonderful to hear your witty and truly funny comments. I did not get to go to Detroit this year because of arthritis issues. I am still trying to get my ticket money returned.
    I love your love for Ignazio. Just his tight hug and kiss on the top of my head would be enough to keep me for a while.
    I, too, miss you. Lunch in German Village will never be the same. Enjoy your sunshine…it is raining, storming and blowing cross winds here in southwestern Ohio. Sending my hugs to you! Keep safe.

  20. Hi Marie

    SOOOOOOOO good to hear from you! But why Ignazio’s leg? Why not his arms?

    It this time of lockdowns, our humor is the only thing that will keep us going! And I have to say, the cartoonists and video makers are having a field day.

    1. So good to hear from you Marie.
      Do you remember when you and Jane were traveling in Italy, and I said that you both could be the opening act for Il Volo because you were so funny? But you do know that you would have to leave the stage before they came on don’t you?
      Ignazio mentioned the flight crew ? How did that happen?

      1. He said he knew me because of my connection to the site. I know you have heard me whine plenty of times because he usually just looks at me like he should know who I am. Believe it or not, Piero usually points at me during a concert and holds it until I point back. Gianluca always holds both of my hands prior too a big hug at m&g. But this time. THIS TIME… the dimpled one was sure who I was. I will still have a smile one my face when they plant me in the ground!

    2. Hey Penina!
      Good to hear from you too. We have “known” each other for a long time now.
      By-the-way I’ll take any part of Ignazio I can get away with, leg, arm, hairy chest, dimple…is it getting warm in here?

    3. Pinina, surely you know that by the time we got to Ignazios legs the security guard would be all over us. My suggestion is we all ban together and rush the guard and overwhelm him, that way some of us could get to hold Ignazio for a moment.

  21. I have picture of ou guys painted by Fabio on the wall, and drawer below. I have many flowers on the drawer. So all together looks like little alter 😂😂😂 I was asked by my man if I need special stool to dont injure my knees when I pray every day to my sweethearts 😂😂😂 I definately need a shrink 😜😜😜

  22. Maybe we can get a two-for-one deal at the shrinks office.

    You are a lucky lady, Alice to have a coveted Fabio painting of our guys. I would kneel to it daily.

  23. You are priceless, Marie. We certainly have missed your humor. Our boys are about the only thing that keep me going since being stuck in my house for the duration. I also have to keep my TV on so I don’t miss any news from our President or Governor. My son and daughter-in-law are bringing me take-out for supper tonight and reminded me we will each have to eat in separate rooms. I know this is very serious, but it also seems very funny. I know that as they say “this too shall pass” but in the meantime, having only me, myself and I for company will soon get old. Everyone stay safe and well – Allene in Mn.

    1. Well hello Allene! Haven’t seen you for a long time. I know you well enough to know that you have enough videos and CDs to last you through this. Stay in and warm.

  24. Oh Mare, Marie@! how good to read you again!! You have been dearly missed you , crazy lady you!. I’m still a pirate only now I am a semiretired pirate… and now a pirate in self isolation! Thank you God for CD’s and videos! I still lust to nibble on Piero’s earlobes and I would be more than happy to self isolate with him! I miss your daffy wickedness!
    SINcerely, your fiend, Piratesorka

  25. Oh, hello my favorite pirate. I share your lust. With all that’s going on right now it’s probably not a good idea to ask God to isolate me with Ignazio. Still.. “God, when you have a free moment i would like to talk to you”.

  26. Marie, I know what you mean about that Delilah woman. She has seriously annoyed me ever since she came on the scene. Thank you for the laugh in the midst of hand washing and news of the next restriction.

  27. Marie, I’m pretty new to this site, but not to Il Volo! And like you and most of the others responding, I’m batty over Ignazio–have been since his first pudgy, dimpled appearance on PBS from Detroit with that glorious voice. Have to tell you that I laughed till I cried at your post, because – YES – I watch the hour interviews as well! (Keep hoping that something will sink in.) Most of what you said fit too, so better include me at the shrink’s also. Isn’t it a waste that Ignazio’s been in isolation with his sister?!! My latest weird trick is watching the youtube videos, and trying to catch all the adorable expressions with a screen shot. Haven’t started to print them up yet. Pray for me.

    Judi Edwards
    5th row at the Tampa concert!

  28. Only Jana should read this.  Everyone else just look away.

    Jana, I just noticed your “cherry red lips” comment.
    Look Missy! We’ve been going over this for…what …7 or 8 years now?  No juicy lips for you!  I already gave away a leg.  Must keep lips for myself. Sorry Dear.

    1. Well, mom, you claimed his legs, arms, hairy chest, and dimples – the lips were up for grabs! no pun intended! lol! 🙂 ok, if you want his lips, too, can I weave my fingers through his wavy hair and give a shot at taming those wild eyebrows?

  29. Jana, my adopted daughter, I truly hope you get the chance to run your fingers through his hair and sooth that furry brow some day. However, there will be no living with you after that. You wouldn’t speak to anyone. You would just sit around smiling and drooling all day.

  30. I absolutely adore Marie, she sounds a lot like I think….(oooh bad) lol. I can relate to her post because I have the same feelings running thru my head. I absolutely adore each man and I cannot say a favorite because I love them equally. My only regret is that I am 83 years young and too young for them. I would chase them around the world believe me. Beautiful voices, handsome beyond word description, but the most adorable thing about them is their manners, their kindness, and their smiles, and never forget those sparkling beautiful eyes. I freely admit to being in love with each of them. It was a thrill of a lifetime to see them perform and my first ever concert. I truly love them as people, entertainers, but the best of them is their kindness to all they meet. Thank you IL Volo for giving me the pleasure and joy of spending an evening listening to your beautiful voices, saying a few jumbled crazy words in hero worship to you and words coming out helter skelter, but this is true blue…. I love each of you and will always. I hope in heaven you give concerts so all can know the pleasure of what angels sound like. I told you I am goofy about “my guys” somethin about my guys always and forever. I want to hear more from Marie. Thank you Daniela, you are also a gift. Hearts a fire always for IL Volo.

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