In these quarantine days, Gianluca and his friends Giuseppe and Eraldo communicate via a video call, which I translate for you.

Gianluca cuddles his dog Luna and says that he will make a live broadcast with Giuseppe and Eraldo.

Friends ask Gianluca how the quarantine is going and Gian replies that he does nothing but run between sofa and kitchen, kitchen and sofa. Instead the twins reply that, however, it is nice, that their whole family in this period is all together, which is almost anomalous.

Giuseppe tells Gian that, after all, the quarantine is pleasant for him who has been away for so long.

Gian replies that after a month and a half outside, it is nice to be at home, with the family, and confirms that he is with his mother, in quarantine in his home and shows that the neighboring house is that of his parents, but says that he and his mom, they saw his father and brother from afar and could not hug them.

Gian admits that it is not easy, to return and not be able to embrace the grandfather, the dad, the brother, the friends (surely even if he does not say it, his girlfriend).

He says that while they were in California, the virus alarm also arrived there and then they closed everything there too, however from Italy they told me, “You can’t imagine what the situation is like here.” He realized it when they landed in Rome – there was nobody at the airport.

Gian and Twins 01

They did concerts with a lot of people, then also the Meet & Greets. Luckily they are fine, they didn’t have any problem and he also says this for the people who are watching them.

Piero and Ignazio, who are now in Sicily and Bologna, were also lucky.

Unfortunately they had to cancel the last three concerts, but health above all. In the US, they are now getting scared and are now taking the example of us Italians, even in Europe.

Giuseppe replies that even England, even if they were reluctant, is taking measures. Everyone has to do it, because the virus is getting everywhere, to be able to travel without problems again, otherwise the infection continues to return.

The problem is worldwide and that he hopes that the arrival of the heat will mitigate everything.   

“Contagion is the most important problem also in South America”, says Gian because a message arrived while the two of them were talking. Gian says that when he saw, from cell phone, Italian Prime Minister’s first speech, he cried, imagining his nation in that way.

Gian and Twins 02

Gian reads some greetings from people from South America and Russia.

Giuseppe asks Gian to tell him something about the tour, as they have traveled around America far and wide.

Gian says it was beautiful, one of the most beautiful tours they have done in the US, a month and a half of great satisfaction, many people, many emotions.

In the comments of the video, someone asks to sing something, to raise morale at all. Gian says that he trained a little on the piano and therefore plays a song, he also makes a mistake and says that he gets emotional.

Now he will have time to train, and says he would also like to write a song.

Gian shows the panorama of Montepagano and Giuseppe shows the panorama of his city: Ascoli.

Gian says that in the evening he will watch TV, there is the second film of the Harry Potter saga and (he is a fan of the saga) and Gian remembers that he was in Orlando to visit Universal Studios.

Gian replies in English to an American fan.

Then they say goodbye to various fans, including Saretto of Bambar and they tell him that they will soon go to Taormina. They remember having eaten 40 granitas in one day.

Gian and Twins 03

Then Gian talks about fans from South America, saying that Il Volo knows that the US audience is more adult, while in South America they are all young girls.

Giuseppe confirms that this is because Il Volo is liked by a transversal audience that is liked all over the world.

Then he asks Gian if he has seen the video commented also by Trump, on the Frecce Tricolori (our aerobatic aeronautics) and Gian confirms that it is very beautiful, on the Nessun Dorma sung by Pavarotti.

Both then stress the importance of observing the rules in these moments.


Gian says that he recommends this to his brother Erny, who however says that he is a very responsible boy.

Then he says that he has not been able to embrace his grandfather, they have not even seen each other, despite the fact that his grandfather is the love of his life, “Woe to those who touch him.”

Gian continues saying that many will understand him, because in his situation there are many people.

Gian and Twins 04

Giuseppe says that now attitudes among people have also changed, we are all far away.

Gian says that he thinks that the virus problem will continue until 2021, and he hopes that a cure, a vaccine will be found soon, otherwise there will always be anxiety about being in a crowded place.

It will be hard to overcome this moment.

Then Gian shows the window from which he sees his brother and dad, who greet him, like Giulietta and Romeo.

Gian and Twins 05

Then Gian shows his lounge rhino.

One of Giuseppe’s uncles welcomes Gian back.

Luna arrives and Gian fondly cuddles him, he says that when she arrived, it changed his life.

Gian and Twins 06

Eraldo also returns and Gian says that the two of them and Alessio are his best friends. They met about three years ago, through a relative of Gian who knows the grandfather of the twins (Alessio has always been his friend.)

Gian and Twins 07

The twins ask Gian what the banana cake he cooked was like and Gian shows it to them, and says that the dough also contained banana, along with almonds and walnuts.

The twins ask Gian to tell everyone what his breakfast consists of and he says: “Lactose-free Greek yogurt, inside a crushed banana, almost liquid, then chopped almonds and walnuts …..” Giuseppe says not to say last two ingredients, which maybe he will play a game to guess these components.

Eraldo says that he spoke to his grandfather who told him that now the young people complain, because they have to stay at home, but then, what should his generation have done, who was called to war? Gian replies that in fact the younger generations complain too much, instead in grandparents there is wisdom.

Gianluca says that our generation is spoiled, it is hard to stay in quarantine, but it must be done for health. This situation will make us grow and face problems differently and we will face life differently. We will be more mature and look at life with other perspectives, and when we are grandparents, we will say that in 2020 we were closed at home, because of the C19.

So Gian offers some nice masks on his face, and the meter, away. The twins say that we have to play down and laugh a little.

Then Gian says that he has also done some physical training and shows his small personal gym.

Giuseppe says that in the next few days they will do a live broadcast while Gian or all three sing or while Gian is cooking.

A fan in the video asks Gian if he saw Piero’s new haircut and Gian says that with that mustache, he looks like Pablo Escobar.

Another fan, however, asks Gian to do a live broadcast every day.

Gianluca reads some greetings from the fans and in the end it is he who greets everyone.

Gian and Twins 08

Well Gianluca, it seems to me that with your speeches, you have given good messages to follow.

There are no words to add.

We listen to all the rules.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpato for another wonderful English translation and beautifully prepared article. We appreciate your enormous efforts to keep us informed.

  1. It is nice to see the guys almost daily. How can you get a personal message to them direct Just would like to say Hi and tell them how thrilled I was at my first concert and at the meet and greet. Hope you are staying well Know what the guys are going through as we are now experiencing it in the U.S. Prayers for all the countries affected.

  2. Thank you so very much for this post. So helpful to those of us who could not understand what we had been seeing. Please KNOW THAT WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU FOLKS DO TO pass along the news of “our boys”. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Connie.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful translation. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are so wise and responsible young men, real example for others. This time is very hard for all but for you Italians especially. The news are so sad. Let’s be responsible, patient and andrà tutto bene. Grazie mille

    1. Yes, Jolanta, the situation is now very serious, last night they tightened the rules even more.
      I recommend you stay safe, because the virus is very contagious and dangerous.

  4. I listen to Il Volo’s song “Life is Beautiful that way ” every morning when I wake up and in the evening before I go to bed as inspiration. It would be wonderful if we could hear the 3 of them sing that song via video chat.

    1. Maria, that song is very beautiful.
      It would be really nice to hear that song from them, online.
      Maybe they will read our wishes, who knows.

  5. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpat. We seem to be saying that a lot lately, but we owe you all the thanks we can give for the beautiful work you do for us with the translations. This was a monumental undertaking because it was a very long instastory between Gian and his friends. Gian was a great host, showing us around his beautiful home .How about that hot tub and rhinocerous? Oh, and what a view, magnificent. Isn’t he lucky to have little Luna with him, she is such a sweet dog.. I’m sure his mom Eleonora helped him with the baking of the banana bread. I know he likes sweets, good thing he has his small gym to work out. Our guys are the best, they have never forgotten their fans and continue to keep in touch even under these dire circumstances. Viva Italia and Andra’ tutti bene’.

    1. Dear RoseMarie, it is true, it was a long chat, and I had to listen to it piece by piece in order to summarize the most important parts.
      But I knew you would like it.
      Now I’m translating a chat by Piero.
      Yes Gian’s house is beautiful and particular and that view speaks for itself for beauty.
      I believe that in quarantine, the boys will give us a lot of chats to see.
      Stay safe. ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE.

  6. Grazie mille, Daniela. It’s so kind of you to translate for all of us Italian-challenged fans! I loved seeing the aerial tricolor too…it brought tears with everything Italy is going through now.

    1. Thanks Judi, are sad moments, but happy moments will come and then we will all laugh and embrace each other.
      When I see our tricolor arrows, I get goosebumps and I feel very proud.

  7. Daniela and Pitterpat, Thank you and gratitudes abounding for what you have done here. To be able to read (in English) what I watched in Italian is such a gift. I don’t know how to measure your generosity. Also, it is heartening to see all 3 communicating with the Il Volovers and Italy. Is it possible to contact Michele Torpedine about putting together a telethon for Italy, so the world could contribute to help Italy? My best to all of you today and follow the rules. Stay inside.

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! I love it too! To be able to know some of what the guys are saying.

    2. Kay, I understand how important it is for all of you to understand, the same is true for me when they speak fluently in your language.
      Both Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are supporting charitable initiatives in the area to which they belong. They are fantastic guys.

  8. As a relatively ‘new’ fan – first saw il Volo on our PBS station, and was completely smitten – not sure who the ‘twins’ are!!!!!
    My first CD of il Volo that I bought was.a Christmas one; was so disappointed as about 3 of the songs were scratched and skipped terribly. Was a mail order, and I couldn’t return it….still have it, just skip over those songs!!! Have purchased other CD’s since, which I love!!!!! (Love it when y’all do an Elvis song!!!!)
    Oh, How Great it would be to have you perform with our Wichita Symphony, which is SO well-known!!!!
    Stay Safe! But enjoy being with family!!!

    1. Thank you Daniela and Pat, what a great article, so informative.
      I see little Luna is able to run between two houses to visit🐶
      The Italian Air Force flying in formation like that always makes me emotional, as it does when the USA and Great Britain do the same thing.
      Gianluca mentioned that this virus could be around until 2021, but I don’t think it will last that long🙏
      Did everyone see the mini concert from Ignazio on his Instagram? Sooooo gooood🙂

      1. Dear Jill, I really hope the virus ends its course long before 2021.
        I recommend you stay safe, here are very hard days with many infections and deaths. Luckily my family is ok. In spite of everything ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE

    2. Brenda, I have always said, that those who listen to them are fascinated by them.
      The twins are recent friends (only for two years) of Gianluca. Giuseppe and Eraldo years ago, had been successful as a duo of singers called BTWINS.

  9. Thank you so much, these translations give us so much joy.
    Sending you all our best wishes and praying you and yours keep safe and well xxxxx

    1. Grazie mille Sue. I am also translating other things for all of you.
      From you how the situation is. Here very heavy, but we resist, we have to meet at some concerts, right? We think positive.

  10. Thank you so much for the translations! It means so much to us, especially right now. I’m sure I’m not the only one worrying over the three boys as well as the whole situation in Italy and around the world, and being able to understand what they are saying helps. The twins that Gianluca was talking to – are they also Italian celebrities? And I would not have noticed they were twins if not for your title, but when I saw that I looked at the picture again and I do see the same facial structure, etc. It’s amazing how much difference a different haircut can make.

    Once again, my best wishes for you and your family in this difficult time. Please let there be good new soon…

    1. Karen, I know how important translations are for you, so I’m happy to do them.
      The twins, a few years ago, had a moderate success as the BTWINS music duo, in 2011 they participated in Sanremo, find their videos on you tube. Now they take care of the family business which has a well-known knitwear factory.

      1. Thank you for explaining! I just YouTubed them out of curiosity and watched their Sanremo song. To be honest it seems like a generic pop song without much to make it stand out, but it’s not bad. I’m surprised they didn’t get bigger or stay in the entertainment business longer though, as I would have expected the twins concept to be an big help when promoting.
        It was nice to learn something more of Gianluca’s friends. Thank you again!

  11. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the videos and translation. I do love to watch these even though I have little idea of what is being said. So it’s great to find out how they are doing and what they are feeling. Gianluca really is a very sensitive and thoughtful young man. And he as well as Piero and Ignazio are truly wise beyond their years and have always been even at an early age. It’s nice that Gianluca has his mother and Luna for company and Ignazio has Nina and Arturo. And it seems Piero is chatting with various people and I assume they soon will be able to see their families. I thought the video of Nessun Dorma Frecce Tricolori was beautiful! Keeping you and all of Italy in my prayers.

    1. Of course Margaret, it’s already nice to see them, but even to understand what they say, it’s even better!
      When we always find out from their speeches that they are wise and mature boys, we are even happier. There will be other translations.

  12. I simply want to thank you, as everyone has expressed above, for sharing Gianluca’s, Piero’s and Ignacio’s feelings, music and words with us all. For me, seeing their faces and hearing their voices comforts me. Il Volo has been a large part of my life from their PBS special in Detroit and they are family. They are love, joy, playfulness and anticipation and your translations help us feel better about seeing and hearing them again. Thank you again, Judith, an appreciative Canadian fan!

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for the compliments, even a translation about Piero will come soon, I just finished it.
      I think the two of us met marginally in Marostica two years ago, right? At the next opportunity we must absolutely know each other. 🙂

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