JO’S DREAM by Daniela

Today I want to talk to you about a little girl named JO.

She is a beautiful little girl, who stole the hearts of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, and in particular the heart of Michele Torpedine.

Perhaps many of you will already know her story, but here, on this site, we only talked about it when Il Volo made an appeal for her.

It was July 31, 2019 and this appeal was published on the official Il Volo page, which we also published here on the Flight Crew blog.

The boys said they learned about this little girl who was going to have an operation in America and they appealed to people’s good hearts for a fundraiser for her.

We are talking about Jo, a 3 year old girl, born in Tuscany, with different skeletal malformations, the most serious is the lack of tibias in her legs, a very rare case, not operable in Italy, where she would have been forced to amputate the limbs.

Jos Dream 01

In Florida, at the Paley Institute, Dr. Paley can solve his problem with various operations and physiotherapy, but it takes 500 thousand euros, in addition  travel, accommodation, maintenance and car for all months in America.

Jo, is supported by two parents who love her so much, but who don’t have the opportunity to face all those expenses.

For Jo, many artists and many ordinary people made donations , and in this way have allowed Jo’s dream to come true.

Michele Torpedine, took the story of this little girl very much to heart, and in February, while the boys were already on tour in America, he attended an event in Pisa in favor of Jo.

Here is the video of that event.

Michele says he is there for a much more important reason than what his job usually is, he suddenly fell in love with this wonderful little girl.

When he and the boys saw the pictures of this little girl, they were overwhelmed and therefore they will follow her in all her effort, with the hope of seeing her soon run with them. 

Look at how much tenderness these images:

Jos Dream 02

Jos Dream 03

Jos Dream 04

Michele writes of her that Jo is their other GRANDE AMORE and also that “It is inexplicable that this little girl must also suffer, but we must think about the ending … when we will see her run together with all the other children!”    

The journalist Antonella Pera wrote thus:
“Thanks also to the friendship that binds me to Michele, whom I have known for 20 years, we were able to organize this important meeting with Jo and I asked him and the boys from Il Volo to make an appeal. What can I say? Since when I contacted them onwards the donations have exploded. The three boys participated in the evening in connection on the other side of the world, during their tour in the United States. But the compliments, she concludes, also go to Jo’s parents, for all that what they are doing and because despite everything they have been able to make her a serene and joyful child.”

Finally the day of the departure for Miami arrives and Torpedine writes on his Facebook page.

“Let’s start for the big business! Good luck, little Jo!”

“Me and the boys are happy that little Jo will finally have the opportunity to go to America and we are confident that she can make her dream come true. At the same time, I’m sorry that many other children do not have his same luck … who knows how many there are! And a thought goes to them too.”

Jos Dream 05

Easter holidays come and Torpedine sends his best wishes to Jo:

“A special wish for a happy Easter to little Jo who is on the other side of the ocean … hoping to see her again soon and with me the best wishes from Il Volo, Dave Monaco and Nico Arezzo!

On March 18 the first operation.
Jo’s mom Irene wrote this on her Facebook page:

“Dear Jo …
20 minutes ago, you fell asleep and your operation began.
It is the toughest test in the world. I’m scared. Rationally, however, I know that I have done 10,000 km and a lot of uphill road with all of you to bring it here.
Jo was calm, she never cried. The professionalism of a child-friendly institution can be seen.
We keep you updated,
Mum Irene”

…..and then:

“Hi everyone, Dr. Paley just came out of the operating room. Jo is fine. She hasn’t come out yet, some procedures have to end. Paley has operated on one leg for the time being. The right leg is only postponed in three weeks.

When you see a doctor come to you with eyes that laugh and shine, despite six and a half hours of work and saying to you:
Dear Dr. Paley, thank you. Thanks for how much you love your job. Thanks for those eyes that have looked into mine.”

Jos Dream 06

Physiotherapies are very hard for Jo.

Jos Dream 07

During an interview Torpedine talks about Jo, and from Miami, mom Irene, thanks him by writing thus:
“Thanks to Michele for the words and especially his and IL VOLO’s deeds that never fail. Thanks for being so sincere and familiar in our daily lives.”

The day of the second operation also arrives.

The surgery went well, the road is long, it will take a lot of patience and a lot of physiotherapy, but Jo will be able to walk.

Mum Irene wrote: 

“As soon as Jo perceived that she had the other guardian (the brace/apparatus used to support the leg) after awakening from anesthesia, she said to me:

-Mom, is this a tutor? (brace)
Yes love, like the other foot.
-Yes. (Silence) mom. Are my legs like everyone’s now?
Yes my love. Indeed stronger!
-Mom. (Silence) but now can I walk with two feet on the ground?”

Jos Dream 08

Jos Dream 09

The happiness of IL Volo and Torpedine, who published this article on the official Facebook page, is accompanied by these words:

“We are happy to have contributed together with our manager Michele Torpedine and other colleagues from the world of entertainment to this enormous success: little Jo will walk again!”

Jos Dream 10

I would say that it is a story that started very badly, but that it will have a very nice ending. Jo will be able to walk.

Of course there will still be moments of tension and a lot of work and pain, but the road is now downhill.

What about Torpedine and Il Volo? One word, fantastic. You are unique people!

Good luck Jo, we love you !!


Jos Dream 11

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

27 thoughts on “JO’S DREAM by Daniela”

  1. I have always said, children see the hearts of the guys. They were raised right and it shows. They are wonderful and that has a lot to do with my love for them. By the way I am 75

  2. Read the story, tears in my eyes for the goodness and kindness of Michele and “my guys”. They are infused with Good Will no matter the circumstances. God Bless them, they are God’s Goodwill Angels no question in my mind. I met them briefly and I saw and heard in their eyes and song how much they enjoy people and performing. I’ve seen many pictures of them with children and they will be great parents when the timing is right for them. As for “little Jo” my prayers to God to give her strength, happiness, smiles and to be walking and running with her friends. Nothing is Impossible with God… Matthew 19:26.

    All it took was hearing and watching them sing one song that my adopted granddaughter talked about and I fell in love with them. I wish I was 60 years younger… just to enjoy the chase again… LOL! Seriously, Gianluca, Piero, ignazio are good will ambassadors for love, goodness, kindness, and for sure the best vocalists ever to grace a stage or our world. Thank you for this story, it is a beautiful one, and I want to thank the doctor for his love of making people better. God Bless little Joe, Michele, Il Volo, the doctor, nurses, airlines and little Jo’s parents, and the airlines that brought them to America.

    My heart belongs to “my guys” somethin about my guys! Hugs and love.

    1. Sassylady, I would say that they are very polite, humble and have a deep respect for people of all ages and also for the less fortunate.
      They are three golden boys.

  3. Please excuse my usage of the words “God’s Will”… over usage will detract from the story, but God’s will is our angel. Thank you one and all.

  4. I’ve been following Jo’s story since I first heard about her. I was happy to have donated to her cause as I’m sure many of us from The Crew have also donated. It makes us feel good to be able to have helped this sweet child. God bless Jo, Michele and Il Volo. ❤️

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, I believe that many fans of ll Volo have donated for this project, and this is really fantastic.
      We are discovering that Michele is a very sensitive person.

  5. This is such a beautiful story! A child will walk because four, wonderful, men cared! They are truly God’s instruments. Everything they do they do with love! One day Jo will walk down the aisle of a theater to hear their concert and she will never forget what they did for her! God bless, Michele, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

    1. Susan, is certainly a very nice gesture, by Il Volo and Torpedine, but what we like most is that it is not an isolated gesture, in other cases, Il Volo asked not to divulge the news.

  6. Thank you Daniele I follow the little Jo and I can read a little Italian but not everything so thank you for translating,and a now our guy’s and Mr Michele have a great heart ❤️ love you Mr Michele Ignazio Piero and Gianluca hope to see you soon 💙🎶❤️🎶💙💛 musica vera che resta 💋💋

  7. Viviane Le Strat
    4 Mai 17h20

    I am amazed by so much generosity but as I had written in the previous post on Michel Torpedine he is a man of great value who gives his all for the people who are dear to him, we can already see where he has led our three wonderful boys in 11 years he led them to the top and now this adorable little girl Jo who will soon be able to walk and one day be on stage with the boys! as we say with us in France “HATS BAS MESSIEURS” I love you

    1. Viviane, I must tell you that since I read the book written by Torpedine, I have absolutely changed my mind about him and I believe that our boys, in addition to having wonderful families, have also had a special manager.

      1. Charlotte, the name of Michele’s book is “Ricomincio dai tre” (I start again from three) and it has only been published in Italian.

  8. Little Jo is such a sweet looking little girl. I can’t imagine the challenges she is dealing with! Knowing she will be able to walk is so heart warming! Thanks to her supporters and her medical team, she’s on her way to a life of walking, dancing, running and happiness! Little Jo, hugs and prayers for you! 🤗🙏🤗🙏🤗🙏

  9. Starting out as a very sad story, but hopefully ending in a very bright future for little Jo. The IL Volo men, including Mr. Torpedine have given another wonderful gift to those who follow them, this time not on sheet music but in the field of medicine, for the life of a little girl. I hope she gets to meet them one day. They really are something!

    1. Yes Mark, it seems to be a story with a happy ending.
      I believe that Jo has already met Il Volo, it’s my idea.
      I also believe that Michele’s sad childhood has greatly influenced his character and for help that can be given to people who need it.

  10. Thank you again Daniela, I was not a part of a fan club when this was happening. I am grateful to hear of it now and see once again the loving generosity of Il Volo, Mr T and also Dave Monaco and Nico Arezzo. Where I live we have many, many giving events and I’m cheered when I see it happens in Italy also. My best wishes for all concerned. I’m thinking Mr T. is complex. A manager has to be tough and here he displays giving from his heart.

  11. What a beautiful little girl and what a wonderful gift Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and Michele Torpedine have given to her. Blessings to all!

  12. What a heartwarming story and it look’s like Jo’s Dream will be realized! God bless Michele Torpedine and Il Volo for their kindness and love for this little girl.

  13. I too have been following Jo and her Mama Irene for a while now and can’t wait every day for the update, videos and photos….and sometimes I get to watch when they are live!! I fell in love with this beautiful sweet little brave girl and her Mama!! If y’all haven’t yet, send a message of support and love to them both! 💝💞💖 Bravo Jo and Irene 💪👏👏💪

    1. Yes, Deborah, I always see your comments, I know that you follow the evolution of the operation and surely you have acted even further, I know your good heart! 🙂

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