IL VOLO in Black and White by Daniela

A few days ago, IL VOLO attended the CALL TO UNITE event.

In connection from their homes Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, have chosen the beautiful AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAÈ, here is the video, for those who have not yet been able to see it or for those who do not have Facebook.

Guys, what a shiver, this song is magnificent and hearing it in these moments, where we are all distant, moves us so much.

Their voices go straight to our hearts. What other message could be more effective to send to the world, at this moment, than this beautiful prayer!

In addition to the beautiful song, we appreciate the simple and effective video shot in black and white, the mix of which I believe was made by Ignazio.

bw 01

Sometimes black and white gives us infinite shades of spectacular gray, which seems to give even more effect at the moment, which is thus immortalized.

So let’s enjoy this beautiful roundup of black and white photos!

bw 02

bw 03

bw 04

bw 05

bw 06

bw 07

bw 08

bw 09

bw 10

bw 11

bw 12

bw 13

bw 14

bw 15

bw 16

bw 17

bw 18

bw 19

bw 20

bw 21

bw 22

bw 23

bw 24

bw 25

bw 26

bw 27

bw 28

And after so many beautiful black and white images, we end up with a touch of color.

On the beautiful song GRANDE AMORE for the umpteenth time, a cover was made, this time by the country of Ukraine. For some reason, Piero and Gianluca came to know about this version and personally congratulated those who performed their song.

The compliments of Piero.

Gianluca’s compliments.

What can I say guys, the Ave Maria Misericordiaè was really a beautiful surprise, which makes us even more proud of you.

And what can we add to your umpteenth demonstration of altruism, complimenting the Ukrainian version of Grande Amore?

We love you! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos.

19 thoughts on “IL VOLO in Black and White by Daniela”

  1. I have always loved them in black and white on stage. They always look elegant. Maybe their friend Max told them about the Ukraine version of Grand Amore. Ignazio just got a new Leica camera and posted some beautiful color photos he took. They are all multitalented young men.

    1. RoseMarie, let’s get ready to see beautiful photos of Ignazio, when they start something, there is always a good result.

  2. It is amazing what black and white evokes. The drama of their talent. My husband was a professional woodwind musician and the pictures of him in black and white were also beautifully dramatic, somehow enhancing his talent. As far as black and white on stage, I do feel that somehow it states “we are legitimate and seriously professional in our work”. At any rate they are wonderful.

  3. Thank you, Daniela! Nice article. The black wonder white pictures are wonderful. Those kids are great!

  4. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the video and the wonderful black and white photos. I especially love the one with the beautiful, smiling faces of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in the water with suits and ties! And they picked the perfect song to sing with Ave Maria Misericordiae, which is a beautiful prayer and is needed now more than ever.

    1. You’re welcome, Margaret! Their Ave Marie really touches my heart. I never tire of hearing it! I have learned all the words and sing along with them. 😊❤️

  5. Hi Daniela, I hope you had a wonderful visit with your granddaughter! Thanks for all these photos, and I think the “Ave Maria” was a perfect choice. It’s a beautiful song with a very stirring arrangement, plus (of course) the guys do it so well!

    1. Judi, it was beautiful and tiring to have my granddaughter here, but how many hugs and kisses, in less than two months, she will be here every day, how wonderful.
      What about the Ave Maria, the first time I heard it made me shiver, and it is still the same today.

      1. Wonderful news that you have your granddaughter with you. Give her a hug and kiss for me!
        I had a very similar reaction hearing Il Volo’s Ave Maria and it still fills me with a special feeling of faith, hope and love.

  6. Thanks Daniela. You do sch great work. Loved the black and white pictures. Miss the boys doing concerts. Maybe they could make some single records.

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