These are some of the connections that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have made in recent days.

Meanwhile, things here in Italy seem to be getting better, we are no longer forced to go home, but always with caution. Some activities have been reopened, hopefully things will continue to improve.

Il Volo for Chile
Just when in Italy they are starting to come out of the quarantine, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca from Il Volo send this greeting to all the Chilean ilvolovers, the Swing Management family and they promise to return as soon as possible.

Look at the message they recorded from their homes in Europe.

P = Hi dear Chile, we are Il Volo.

I = And we hope to return soon to sing all together with you.

G = We speak to you from Italy, everyone in his home, we are taking advantage of being with our family. We feel a lot about this world situation, hoping that it will pass soon and that we can return to your beautiful country, so dear, Chile. We send a big hug from Italy, see you soon.

Intense 01

As part of the transmission from Telemundo:  UN NUEVO DIA.

Il Volo, experiences the pandemic from Italy and tells how the current situation of the country is Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto, the three members of Il Volo, tell us how he experienced the pandemic from Italy, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus.

(I translate roughly, I don’t know Spanish but it is quite understandable from Italian.)

PR = What a talent with Il Volo, it gives me peace to listen to this song and at the same time I am so happy to welcome his members from Italy, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.

Good morning!

I+P+G = Buongiorno, Hola!

PR = Guys, I’m glad to see you, you are in three distinct parts of the country and since Italy was one of the countries most infected by the virus. First of all I want to know how you are and how you lived the quarantine and if anyone close to you got the virus.

P = Here the situation is sad, because it started here. All the people are locked in the house, but thank God our families have not been infected. The most important thing now is to be responsible, we don’t have to go out and we take care of everyone who is by our side.

PR = Of course, it’s super important.

Hey Gianluca, you have more than 10 years of life together, you are practically like brothers. What was it like spending this time?

G = We came back on March 13, a week earlier because we had to cancel some concerts of the tour in the United States. And we returned almost two months ago without seeing each other again, and it never happens, because we are always traveling together all year round, doing concerts, as you just said, we are like three brothers.

I really miss Ignazio and Piero, but obviously this is a world situation that is happening to us.

And we also hope to return to concerts for our fans around the world.

We miss singing on stage a lot, but we understand that the most important thing is health and that everyone is fine. It is very dangerous to go out on the streets. That we have to be home because of the pandemic is the most important thing, but soon we will get together. We hope.

PR = Of course, sure of it.

And it is good that you mention these concerts, which we are now experiencing virtually, Ignazio, in fact we started by watching the video of the Ave Maria, the song you sang at the event in front of the Pope, organized for Youth Day.

How was that experience?

I =  It was nice. Well, this song moved us a lot, because we sang it in front of Pope Francis in January of last year.

And well, you know that singing is very important for us, for our life and for the people who have always supported us in these 10 years, and Ave Maria is a very exciting song for us, it has a phenomenal melody.

Well, I’m a little excited because I just heard that Gianluca misses us, and I was a little excited. (laugh)

PR = How nice, that we have been able to bring you together, even if it is virtually right now, and seeing your new video here today in “A NEW DAY”.

Intense 02

ALTISIMO LIVE – The biggest live event of Latin music and pop culture that supports farmworkers.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have thus commented: “Happy to express solidarity to them and help in fundraising.”

For this event, Il Volo sang the song IL MONDO.

And so, RadioItalia, which sent on air, the mini concert recorded in November, where I was also in the audience …… what a fantastic experience !!

Intense 04

Finally, a CD with the song MA IL CIELO È SEMPRE PIÙ BLU, a nice song by Rino Gaetano (good and unfortunate Italian singer-songwriter, who died very young) was announced for sale on Amazon. The proceeds from the sale will go to the Italian Red Cross.

Of course, IL VOLO also participated in the project!

And last but certainly not least, because in fact it has a lot, being UNICEF in the world, and being IL VOLO, the only singers to represent Italy.

And what could they sing?

There is need for sun in this dark period, and here is O SOLE MIO !!! ❤️

After an apparent calm of a few days there have been all these events, a short distance from each other and the week is not over yet, there are other projects on the way.

And we are here to tell you about it ….. see you soon.


Intense 03

Wishing all MOMS a


🌼 🌸 🌺 🏵️ 🌻 🌷 🌹

May you have


today and always!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Viviane Le Strat
    Le10 May 2020

    Thank you Daniela I am happy that the situation is improving for our boys in Italy! of course we must remain cautious, in France too it is deconfinement for tomorrow but let’s remain vigilant, thank you for giving us precise news on the situation of Gianluca Piero and Ignazio! I wish a happy birthday to all the mothers of the world!

  2. The love I feel in my heart for all three of them amazes me. I would love to run up to them and give them a big hard hug because when I see them I’m smiling and laughing. Thank you IL Volo, thank your parents for a wonderful job of raising you. I dearly love all three of them, no favorites because they are all wonderful. Hearts a fire!

  3. Happy Mother’s day to you too Daniela and all the other Moms. God bless.
    Great translation, very nice surprise. Our guys are awesome!!!!!

  4. Happy belated Mother’s Day to everyone ❤️ And special thanks to the 3 moms who raised 3 wonderful young men and their siblings.

  5. Thank you for the information. It has been rough in the US. It has been very difficult. I hope things return to normal soon. I really enjoyed the two songs. God Bless il volo for their unselfish action to help others.

  6. I hope all who were able to celebrate Mothers Day found joy. I am so moved by these 3 young men. I am so proud to support them. They and their families are so special.

  7. Ciao Daniela, gosh they were busy guys, even while staying at home. Thanks for the translations and the videos, though I was wondering in the interview what surprised the the host so much and then got them all laughing! Terrific that you were there–I was trying to find you.

    1. Yes, Judi, I would say that they were not so calm about commitments even if they were at home. Better that way, at least we have been able to see them often.

  8. Thank you for writing (in English) these articles. Keeps us in touch with the guys.

  9. Thank you Pat, Daniela and Il Volo for all the great videos and music! I really enjoyed the Radio Italia Live mini concert, especially hearing some of the songs from “Musica”. How wonderful Daniela that you were able to be there. It must have been a wonderful experience!

    1. Margaret, what to say, it was a fantastic evening on Radio Italia, I hope they do other evenings like this, also all free and the guys a few meters away from me, fantastic.

  10. Thank you for all the information on our guys and how they are doing! What is the name f their new chandelier when will it be out?

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