Among the many live shows of these days, I saw this video made by the QUESTION & ANSWER program, conducted by Serena and Alessandro asking Michele Torpedine questions of all kinds. I found the answers very interesting and that help us to better understand the manager of our guys.

Enjoy the reading!

S = Guys, Michele Torpedine, manager of Il Volo and author of the book, RICOMINCIO DAI TRE will soon be with us. (she shows the book).

He is a great character in the world of music, he has launched many famous singers and it is an honor to have him here.

(After 10 minutes, Michele connects)

MT = Hi everyone, so what are we talking about today? What should I expect from you Serena? Should I call the lawyer?? (laughs)
But do I have to answer all the questions?

S = Yes, to all questions, and you cannot ask us questions.
Alessandro asked me if I am a little afraid of you, and I am a little afraid of you, because I have read your book and you say you do not have a nice character.

MT = I have a bad temper with those who deserve it, otherwise I am very sweet.
I become grumpy and unpleasant with those who deserve it, but with people who do well I  don’t.

A = Can we also mention names in the questions, or not?

MT = The names yes.

S = My first question is this: is there anything about you that cannot be joked about at all?
(the connection with Michele disappears and when it reappears there is no audio, therefore Michele is asked to exit and return from the live. Michele re-enters, everything is ok.)

MT = No, apart from the physical aspect and the problems of sex, everything can be said about me.

S = But I have all questions about Michele sex!!

MT = I’ll try to answer you.

S = Alessandro ask yourself, the first questions.

Torpedine 01

A = Which is the artist with whom you have had working relationships, who has been the most underrated?

MT = From me or from the audience?

A = The one who didn’t get what he deserved.

MT = There is one in particular, which I brought to Sanremo years ago, his name was Roberto Amadè, he is a great songwriter. We reached the final in Sanremo, but then, the discography and the television viewing did not appreciate him for what he deserved. He is very strong.

A = Because of him or not?

MT = Because the “connoisseurs” did not consider him suitable. You know, you always see the image of those who are doing well (means those who are welcome), of the others not, and with him there was nothing to do, unfortunately, because he was very strong, and he still is because he writes yet . Sometimes there are unexplained things behind success.

A = Instead, what was your most overrated artist? If you can tell….

MT = None of my artists. Just read their names that you understand that they are really good: Gino Paoli, Zucchero, Giorgia, Pino Daniele, Bocelli, Il Volo ….. with these names, you cannot say that they have been overrated, I clearly speak of my artists.
There are many other useless artists, there are names in rap, in trap, in these genres here, which is no longer music, but something else.

Also in women’s discography, there are many voices that are all the same, once there were singers who each had their own musical genre, and a great personality. Today on radio, you can hardly distinguish one from the other species in young people.

Torpedine 02

S = Mine are a little more particular questions, listen carefully to this question.
“Who would manage Il Volo when you retire?”

MT = (he makes a superstitious gesture) …. who will take Il Volo ?? The same happened with Bocelli, after 16 years, his wife and relatives continued the journey and they do it well.

The problem is not to continue, the problem is the initial phase, when they are unknown, it takes the person who senses their talent, afterwards, when the thing has exploded, it is not difficult to manage, as long as you continue on the things already done before.

S = But you think that when you retire, Il Volo will divide, or will always remain: Il Volo?

MT = No, they are too intelligent to divide. I always say that the beautiful part of Il Volo has yet to come, they are still young, they still call them “tenorini”, because they still do not have an age to be considered credible, but vocally, with what they learn on stage, at 28 / 29 years will be great stars, because they sing really well and it will always be better.

A = What artist would you have wanted to manage, which you have not managed?

MT = In Italy I was lucky enough to work with many great artists, I would have liked to have more Pino Daniele, it was the most beautiful production that ever existed on the Italian market. If you talk to me about the international market, that’s another matter.

Pino was the best, his concerts were really all live, he had few recorded sequences.

Torpedine 03

S = Of all the artists you have had, humanly, who is the biggest asshole?

MT = Who has read the book and who follows all my controversies in recent years knows it, is only the artist Zucchero.
The others behaved well, I have nothing to say to Bocelli, to Giorgia, we had a working relationship and then it ended, but I could not say anything about it.

I have been with Il Volo for 11 years, in short, the only one who humanly disappointed me is only Zucchero, luckily like him, there are not many of them, this is an environment where someone still thanks you.

S = In your book you say that no artist has ever thanked you.

MT = It is the vice of the environment, but not everyone is like that, as always, there are intelligent people and others who instead have no sensitivity, or have no memory, because they are greedy of fame.

S = Do you have to say thanks to someone?

MT = Yes. You must know that in the beginning, when I played (he was drummer) I needed money, the whole family was poor, indeed very poor, and when I started playing, my father beat me, because playing, especially in the south, it was not considered a real job, it was wasting time and I had to go to work at 12/13 years of age, otherwise there was no money to eat.

Fortunately then, I started playing for Orietta Berti (Italian singer), and I started to bring home some money. She was the first to trust me, I did a little bit of everything with her and she said that I could be a manager.

Then I went to work for Gino Paoli (Italian singer) and he told me if, in addition to playing, I wanted to take care of him, and with these two characters my life changed.

From a life of total misery, I went to a good time.

(Michele receives a call and the connection jumps, then he reconnects.)

Torpedine 04

A = In fact I thought that, with Gino Paoli, first you only played and then instead you became his manager.

MT = Yes, in fact, I suggested to Gino to take a tour with Vanoni (Italian female singer), at the beginning they didn’t want because there was a love story between them, then they accepted and it was a great success, a very successful tour, and we made a lot of money and my life changed.

A = I personally met Lucio Dalla (author of Caruso) and I think he was one of the few who remained the same, despite the notoriety.

MT = Yes, it’s true, moreover he lived in Bologna like me, and we met often, because we were friends, but also because he lived the city, he didn’t live a retreat, where nobody could meet him, often you met him in the shops, in bars.

S = If you met fifteen year old Michele Torpedine, what would you say to him?

MT = It is a question that many ask me, but, despite those were the most terrifying years for me, because I only took the beating, we ate little and lived five in a room, but it is the period that I remember, as more absolutely beautiful, so I would tell myself to do the same things again, even if I suffered. 

Everything I do, I think back to that first period and for me it is a great victory.

Yesterday on RAI1 the recording of the 2015 IL VOLO concert was broadcast and the boys made high audience, they won the audience of the evening, and for me, this is as if I were doing it for the first time.

S = What you are proud of, but you would never put on your resume.

MT = It is difficult to answer because I am proud of everything I have done and for now everything has gone very well, so there is nothing that I would eliminate.

A = I would like to ask you a question relating to live concerts.
Is there a concert you would like to do in an important location, and with whom?
I remember that with Zucchero you did the concert in the Kremlin.

MT= With Il Volo, next year we will do something for the first time in Piazza S. Pietro (Vaticano).

I was the first to do a concert in the Kremlin with Zucchero, then with Bocelli I did the concert under the Eiffel Tower and the concert in front of the  Twin Towers, and I made the proposal for the Bocelli concert at the Colosseum, then he and I parted, but he did that concert, and the idea was mine.

I could think of a concert on the Chinese Wall, or on the Moon ….. with Il Volo I made Pompeii.

Torpedine 05

A = If you hadn’t become a manager, what would you have done?

MT = I would have continued to play the drums, also because it is the only thing I can do.

I also wrote it in the book, they made us work as children, I practically didn’t see school, so today I would be doing concerts on some cruise ship or in some place, but anyway with that job, I would always have to eat.

S = Once the girls used to say “Come and see my collection of butterflies.” (like a phrase to attract the girls in the house), now what collection would you show?

MT = Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on the case, I am part of an industry, where girls do not need many incentives for certain moments, however it would be sad to think of using those means, when there are serious people who hopefully have other topics to show.

S = Now Michele I have some stupid questions. Nothing is known of your private life, we want to know if you are married, engaged, divorced …. we want to know your facts. Always ask you about the guys from Il Volo, but tell us about yourself. Did you ever say I LOVE YOU?

MT = Very few times.

(Michele reads a message)

A message from the president of Sony has arrived at this moment: “The boys don’t miss a beat.” 

(certainly referring to the consensus of audience that had the concert on RAI1)

Everyone has his point of view with women, I am now elderly and still single, unfortunately I have a negative attitude with women, I have little confidence in them, perhaps because most women in our environment are very “easy”, there are many temptations, and they are unable to be faithful, and I do not respect this type of woman and I am afraid to put such a woman in my house, in fact I was single. I am a southern man and would be very disappointed if my woman cheated on me, I am also jealous, and when I am on tour around the world, I cannot control the situation at home.

Torpedine 06

S = But don’t you miss something in your life?

MT = It is clear, I miss a woman and a son, especially a son.
I miss going home in the evening and finding the family waiting for you.

But I have too many examples near me of unfortunate friends who have not found the right woman or have had divorces and I think it could happen to me too, so I avoid. I have my adventures and then it ends.

S = You like being the sex symbol.

MT = Maybe!! I am a sex symbol for those women who want to start singing or dancing in our environment, but if I were a delivery boy, it would be much harder for me.

 A = How do you see the situation of the concerts, in this moment of virus?

MT = I see it badly, unfortunately, but it is the same for everyone. Luckily in America we only lost 3 concerts, now in August we will have two dates at the Arena and Taormina then Milan, but we will certainly move them to spring 2021. By now this year it will be difficult to do something live.

S = I keep asking you silly questions. Do you watch porn movies?

MT = No, I don’t watch them because they bore me, in the end they are all the same. Look, I always tell the truth and I have to tell you that I have been to Cuba four times and I have never taken advantage of situations, I saw the colleagues who were with me going back and forth from the hotel, I never did it because I didn’t I like to take advantage of this, it’s horrible.

S = How important is sex in a relationship?

MT = A lot and being able to have a person by your side, that involves you is very important.

Final chat and goodbyes!!

Torpedine 07

I enjoyed reading about Michele and I think he really gets “naked” in the interviews.

He has really had very difficult years and surely regrets not having his own child. Maybe that’s why he always said that he considers Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero as his children!!

Did you like the interview?


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Enjoyed your article as I am not Italian speaking I learned more about Michele. I did not know anything about him personally I wish the book he wrote about the guys would come out in English.

  2. Thank you Daniela. Wonderful interview. I love everything you send and got some insights with this interview. The boys are so blessed to have such a man in their lives. Be safe. We love. You.

    1. Victoria, as always, thanks for your compliments, a post dedicated to a little girl is coming soon. I hope things go well for you, a hug to you, Jay and Trish.

  3. Daniela, your posted interview with Michele Torpedine was very insightful. Thank you. He was at times straightforward, and then he kept most of his private life to himself. He referred to himself as “elderly” — maybe he meant “older” than the guys of Il Volo.
    They are fortunate to have Michele as their manager and a second “father.” Torpedine referred to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero as his “children” — how sweet!

    I agree with him about Zucchero; I am not a fan.

    I wish Michele’s book would be published in English If so, I hope you will post it so we all will know where and when to purchase it his book.

    God Bless everyone,
    Love, Elisa Marie

    1. Elisa Marie, I have to tell you that Michele Torpedine has amazed me more than once for his character, which may seem grumpy, but he is very sweet.
      I also wish his book was translated, it would be nice for you to be able to read it.

  4. My dear friend, this was a pleasant surprise. I do not remember any other interview with Michele that was translated. He was very open with his answers.
    I am reading his book and getting a real insight to this man, he has had a fascinating life. Did you know he appeared as a drummer for Jimi Hendrix? Does he speak English? If he needs another client he should contact Ciro Marra the 15 year old with a beautiful voice.
    Apparently the concerts in Verona and Taormina are being moved to 2021. I have tickets for Taormina and hopefully will be able to go next year.aybe St. Peters Square too. That would be a once in a life time event.

    1. Dear RoseMarie, of course I know about Hendrix, and when I read it, I thought wow !!
      Our Torpedine always amazes us.
      For the concerts, I believe that until June we will not know anything definitive.
      Of course we have to meet in St. Peter’s Square, it will be fantastic. !!

  5. Great interview! So nice to know that he is as sincere as he appears. He taught our young men how to be independent, sincere and how to respect all the people they meet. When teach someone good morals and good values you give them the best that a family can give. To me he is a father and those guys love him like a father!

    1. Thanks dear Susan, I agree that Michele has told the truth, and it is disarming, one gets an idea of ​​him from his public image and then discovers that there are really many nuances. The boys often said that for them he was like a father, and as a good father he alarmed them about the problems that there may be in their “golden world”.

  6. Thank you Pat and Daniela, This was enlightening for me, as I knew nothing about Michele. Families are so important in Italy, I am surprised he has not made one. However, as he said, the women you meet in his business usually have their own motives to know him.Maybe when he retires, he will be around a different kind of women. I am comforted that he loves “our boys” like sons, because he has shepherded them since they were very young. Il Volo and their families seem to give him lots of love and respect. I hope he does not retire soon, as the boys are still developing. I think they need him a while longer. 25 is still young. Thanks again.

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! The subjects that Daniela writes about are always very interesting to me and obviously to all of you too! 🙂

  7. Thank you Daniela, very different interview and I’m surprised they got as much information out of him as they did. Seems like a mystery man for the most part of his personality. I wonder if he was ever verbally rough on the boys when he was having a bad day? How does the media/press treat him, especially after he took on the boys as clients, at first and now that they have much notoriety?

    1. Mark, I can tell you that little was known about Michele Torpedine, journalists ignored him, as is often done with managers, who work in the shadows, ordinary people knew little about him, but journalists know him very well. I think they started talking about him with Il Volo, in particular for the cause unleashed by Renis and then now, after he published his book where he said many inconvenient truths to many people. His book was initially blocked for a few months, but then the situation changed.
      I don’t know if you had read the post I wrote a year ago, I am attaching it to you.

  8. Viviane Le Strat
    1 Mai 2020 22:36

    I adored Mr. Torpedine is really human he loves his artists he is a man with moral values ​​and in this job it is rare! boys love it! he knows how to recognize talents! thanks Daniela

    1. Thanks to you Viviane, and Michele is just like you said, I think it was fortunate for Michele to know the boys but equally for them to have him as manager.

  9. Thank you, was a good read. Just want our young guys to stay well and safe. Donna

    1. We all want it, Donna, and reading about the people who work alongside our guys and finding out that they are honest people, makes us very happy.

  10. Thank you for this article. The man behind the scenes
    does much work to promote those onstage. It was
    Interesting to learn a bit about him. Sad his distrust of women, but happy the young men feel like sons.
    Sally McConnell, Sarasota Fl. IL VOLO fan club.

    1. Yes, Sally, the work in the shadows is often not recognized, but I think Michele did a great job with the boys and the boys have a lot of gratitude towards Michele.

  11. That was an interesting interview. Thank you for translating. He is indeed a self made man coming out of what sounds like an unfortunate childhood. But he seems like he was the right man for Il Volo and he has helped and promoted them so well. There was a question/statement about his clients never thanking him, but I would think that Piero, IGna and Gianluca are very grateful and I bet have thanked him more than once. I was interested to hear that concerts will be moved to 2021 and hopefully the tickets we have for Taormina will be good when a new date is picked. Hopefully travel and congregating will be safe. As always, thank you Flight Crew staff for all you do to keep us informed.

    1. Janet, I think we have to wait until June to get certain answers about the concerts.
      As for gratitude, Torpedine does not refer to the boys but to the artists before them, in his book he says this well.
      One reporter one day asked him: “Michele, with whom did you find gratitude and desire to go on?”
      and he replied:
      “Do you have any doubts?
      But of course with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, in a word IL VOLO! “

      1. I remember once he said he had to tell the guys to stop thanking him all the time!

  12. Daniela:

    Thank you very much for your translation of the interview.
    I was interested to hear that concerts, the Arena and Taormina, will be moved to 2021 spring. I hope the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) will be ended, and we can go and see Il Volo there.


    1. Thanks to you, Yukio, it is a pleasure to read about you. I hope that the situation due to viruses is going well, and I hope you two are well.
      The concert situation also interests me a lot, having tickets for Arena, while you have Taormina (my dream). I would say it is better to wait for some confirmation that I believe will happen before June, in which case I will keep you informed immediately.
      We hope to meet you soon in a nice concert.
      A hug from Italy!!

      1. Daniela
        We have already had the tickes of Taormina and Arena this year. I hope to see you there next year.

  13. Thank you Pat and Daniela for this translation. It was very interesting and I thought most of the questions were very good or different in any event. He obviously had a very difficult early life but as he said, it made him the man he is and he wouldn’t change it. As glamorous as his life may seem to us, there are always aspects that are painful. I am happy to hear that he believes the boys will stay together. And the reason he gives is a good one. They are too intelligent to divide or separate! I never gave a thought to who would manage them if he retires, but it seems Gianluca’s father has traveled with them extensively. And I’m happy for him that he has such a warm and good relationship with Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their families. They seem to enjoy each other’s company. I know I have heard Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca thank him many times when they received awards and in interviews.

    1. Margaret was also strange for me to read certain questions, but I have to tell you that the fact that they are different from the usual, has had my attention.
      I believe that Torpedine will be the manager of Il Volo “for life”, however our guys would be able to manage themselves. They are really remarkable guys, in every respect and for this we must also thank Michele.

  14. Thank you for this very insightful translation into Michele’s life Daniela. I also read the 2019 article and I learned so much about this complicated man who brought fame to so many including our beautiful Il Volo. I feel sorry for him on some levels, because his life was not easy, but I am happy that he has mentored our guys so lovingly all these years and loves them like the sons he never had. There is so much love between all of them and I hope they all stay together for many tears to come.💕💕💕

    1. Joanie, I’m glad you read the 2019 article too. Did you also read the 2018 article when Torpedine had just published his book? I too was amazed by Michele’s personality, so different from what it looks like.

      1. I did not read the 2018 article Daniela and I would love to. Where can I find it? He is definitely a very complex person.

  15. Daniela: Once again, you have translated for me and all of us who unfortunately do not speak Italian (although, I am getting better) — this interview by Michele is wonderful and gives new insights to the man and his life. Very honest and direct. A good man and I thank you for sharing with us.
    Judith (simply another Il Volo lover!) and now, a fan of you.

    1. Judith,….. wow my fan …. thank you, I’m flattered!
      Torpedine had a very difficult life as a young man and perhaps now he may seem grumpy, but I have come to know him, he is very sensitive, he loves our boys very much and he respects their families, really different from what he may seem.
      There will be a next post, reading which you will notice another unknown side of Michele.

    2. Hi Judith, Daniela has been very good to us with her translations and we love her for it.

  16. Just for the record, add me to the Daniela fan club, big time! And I eagerly await and appreciate each and every one of your posts.

  17. I would also like to be added to the Daniela fan club please!

    Your translations has been increasing so much in the last month, yet you keep on doing it and even in more detail!!
    I also want to thank Pat for processing all Daniela,s input, which I am sure is also very time consuming as well.

    Please be assured that every bit of info that you give us about our dear Il Volo guys and their manager, is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi dear Ineke, thanks for the compliments, but you know, lately, being locked in the house, I didn’t have much to do, so I could translate more! 🙂

  18. Yes, please add me also! I was watching the new video with I Fatti Vostri, and I was saying “Daniela, help!!”
    Also, I understand that a few restrictions have been taken off in Italy, so I’m so hoping that you are finally able to see the rest of your family now.

    1. Hi Judi, thanks for the compliments, I laughed when I read “Daniela help”.
      I have to tell you that when I saw I FATTI VOSTRI airing, I immediately thought of the translation, but then, I was a little disappointed, because in reality the presenter did not ask the boys anything new, it seemed like a copy of other interviews ….. where are you now, how long you have been at home, how many concerts you have canceled, you are the bearers of “bel canto” which celebrities have come to your concert, which stage you like best, what you do during the day .. … in short, all things already heard and I also thought that maybe the boys get tired of the usual questions. The boys, however, took advantage of the moment to make an appeal, to bring attention to all the people who work in the backstage of a concert, which are many and are now out of work. Good guys!!
      That’s all, I hope I have satisfied your desire to know! 🙂

      Tomorrow I will see my granddaughter, after two months, I am happy!

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