On February 18, there was a nice radio interview, also broadcast on the web, by Radio Cerrano (a local Abruzzo radio) where Ercole Ginoble, Gianluca’s father, was a guest. It was a delightful and fun interview.

 At a certain point Ercole called Michele Torpedine by phone, and he said a lot of really sensational news on the next appointments of IL VOLO.

But let’s go in order. Here is the video of the interview.

At first Ercole says that as a young man he also worked in the first private radio stations, in the 70s / 80s.

The announcers, together with Ercole, retrace the years of IL VOLO’s career.

Then Ercole confirms that Il Volo is now in concert in the US.

Ercole says that for the third time they sold out at RCMH and also in many other theaters.

He confirms it is very demanding to be a parent of Il VOLO, especially the first few years where they were taught to follow them always and everywhere, since they were minors.

He says there is also a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress, in fact he says that on the last South American tour, in 30 days they took 20 planes.

One of the announcers says that the strength of IL VOLO is also the great friendship between them, and Ercole confirms that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca spend most of the time together and therefore their friendship is real.

They also talk about Sanremo and the horrible treatment by the press room of last year.


Then Ercole calls Michele Torpedine by phone and after the greetings and pleasantries, Michele says very important things, after the world tour, which I summarize as follows:

There will be a third date for Verona.

They will be sent for an event on March 27th in Assisi, with the Pope.

There will be a second tribute to the Three Tenors and will take place in Piazza S. Pietro in Rome.

These news has really amazed everyone, for the moment I think the events are still being implemented, but we really hope that they will become reality.

I was amazed, St. Peter’s Square, it’s a truly wonderful thing. An event which is impossible to miss!

It will be spectacular! ❤️❤️❤️

~ Daniela ~


Credit to Radio Cerrano for the video and photo.

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  1. To Daniela, Thanks for your detailed information regarding Radio Cerrano (a local Abruzzo radio station where Gianluca’s father, Ercole Ginoble was a guest, and that Ercole Giginoble says that as a young man he also worked in the first private radio stations in the 70s/80s–Destiny is what I see from this.

    What wonderful news from Michele Torpedine that after the world tour there will be a third date for Verona, and Il Volo will be sent for an event March 27th in Assisi with the Pope! And a second tribute to the three tenors in Piazza S. Pietro in Rome. How spectacular that will be. Oh, to be able to be there!

    Il Volo and their parents work so hard on these tours, flying every place
    around the world which must be unbelievably stressful. But yet they keep doing what they love to do for their fans who appreciate it so much, and we hope they know how much we love them.

    We get to sit back and enjoy the concerts; and they have all this energy at every concert to never disappoint their devoted audiences.

    To Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio and your families, I say–

    Grazie mille, Che Dio sia sempre con te.

    Elisa Marie

  2. thank you for the translation, always very much appreciated, as I am always curious as to what is being said.,in Italian.

  3. Ancora, Grazie mille Daniela e Pat. I love everything you do but the translations are the best. It looks like the guys will be very busy this year. Michele is full of surprises isn’t he. Nothing happens by chance, there is so much activity going in the background it is simply amazing. I can’t wait for the next announcement, I hope it will include Greece. Ciao tutti!

    1. RoseMarie, are really strong news, Michele is full of surprises, but we hope that everything will make sure that these beautiful things can be realized. We will all be in Piazza S.Pietro !!

  4. As I am listening to Il Volo right now, I read your post. Thank you!!!! One of my goals is to be in Assissi some day when they sing there. Thank you very much for this translation. I saw alot of nice videos yesterday from Orlando. I am happy they could spend an entire day at Universal. Am healing from knee surgery. So catching up on news, posts, tweets, videos!!!!’…..Donna

    1. Yes, Donna, it must be fantastic to see the splendid Assisi, the Pope and Il Volo singing, truly a heavenly vision, and it is only in a month. Hopefully it will be done.
      How’s your huge leg doing, is everything going well? Get well soon!

  5. Is the Piazza S. Pietro possibly large enough to hold all the people who will want to see and hear live a second tribute to the Three Tenors?! Never entered my mind that they would do a second tribute. It’s the best news possible in my opinion and what a tremendous gift to the fans.

  6. I now realize you were referring to St. Peters Square at the Vatican. It’s my understanding it’s a large area, but I bet it will be full and what a majestic setting.

    1. Yes, Mark, when we talk about St. Peter’s Square, we mean the Vatican. It would be really beautiful. We cross our fingers and hope that it will come true. It would be truly fabulous. I too would never have thought of a second tribute, but, as I already told you, they will never give up their chance to show that they can do this and more.

  7. Hi Pat
    What time is our dinner in Las Vegas?
    I’m doing my itinerary and I want to make sure I have the time right.
    Can’t wait to see all you guys!

      1. Hi Daniela
        Yes, I will go to the sound check if they have one in Las Vegas. I hope to get hugs, as I didn’t get any the last time I saw them🙁
        PBS confirmed yesterday that they will have a meet and greet before the concert!
        It is only for half an hour, and there will be 30 of us. That means each one of us has just 1 minute each with them!
        I’m getting excited already😀

      1. Jill,
        Here is the information I got in mid-January about the Las Vegas dinner:
        The Il Volo Fan Dinner is at the
        Lucky Penny Restaurant
        at the Palms Hotel and Casino
        Dinner Reservations are made
        in the name Il Volo Fan Dinner starting at 4PM
        Just let the person seating you know
        that you are attending the Il Volo Fan Dinner
        Box office opens at 3PM for anyone needing to pick up concert tickets…
        Concert time 7:30 PM.

      1. You would think that opera lovers would welcome Il Volo bringing classical music to future generations that might not otherwise be willing to listen to it. But you can’t please some people!

  8. Lots of good news. This guys always have a new treat for us. I think Michele earns every penny of what they pay him. He is worth it. Interesting about Ercole’s interview.

    1. Yes, Laura, Michele always has very strong but really sensational ideas.
      As I repeat, we cross our fingers that all this can be done.
      The interview was really pleasant.

  9. Thank you Daniela for translating the radio interview of Gianluca’s father. It’s always nice to get new information and these new events sound very exciting and hopefully will happen. It’s something to really look forward to, and a second tribute to the Three Tenors in St. Peter’s Square sounds pretty amazing!

  10. Rereading the post, I noticed that I have neglected to translate a part of the interview, it is not new news, but it is certainly interesting.
    Torpedine says that only Gianluca had been requested for an American film. After evaluation, he refused, because it meant staying too long away from Il Volo’s programs.
    What do you think of this ??

    1. I think that is so considerate of Gianluca to think about IlVolo and his adopted brothers That had to be a very difficult decision to make Thumbs up to Gianluca

      1. I attended my first concert in Ft. Lauderdale Saturday and was totally mesmerized They were all awesome The only thing I was concerned about when I went to M&G even though Ignazio was in a happy, playful mood but have to admit he is way too thin

  11. WoW that is wonderful news thank you Daniela and to Ignazio,Piero and Gianluca see you in Düsseldorf and Taormina good luck for all te the concert the coming hugs and kisses to all I’ll Volo lovers 💙🎶❤️🎶💛😘😘

  12. Dear Daniela, can you please at least find out if the Second tribute to tenors will be again PBS special and if it is planed for 2020 or 2021.
    Thank you.

  13. I was suspected long time ago, that it will not take Hollywood too long to snatch GG , after all HE IS the most beautiful man in the world. Glad he did not accepted, boys, please stay together for ever…….

    1. Irene, I don’t think PBS will miss such an opportunity, if the event will be there, PBS will be there.
      Yes, thank goodness that Gianluca did not accept the part, IL VOLO would have been penalized.

  14. Thanks Daniela for the translation. I hope the St. Peter’s Square event comes true. One concert I wish I could attend. Going to see the boys next week.

  15. Thank you Daniela for translating this nice intrview. The news are great and I cross my fingers for the beautiful events come true. I’m also glad that Gianluca refused to play in the movie. Maybe that would be a nice adventure, but he, just like his two friends-bothers were born for music, to make us happy with their amazing voices. Thank you again for all your posts thanks to which we are up to date😍😗🤗

  16. Maybe it’s just me, but I wish someone would speak to Ignazio about the weight loss. He looks very tired (which I understand), he looks ill and he looks sad. Whatever diet he’s on, I think it has erased his youthful look and sparkle. Don’t mean to sound harsh or criticizing, just concerned. In the latest picture on the fanpage he looks terrible.

    1. Thanks Pat,
      I’m not going to be able to eat with you guys, because I meet with the PBS representative at 4.45pm. Then at 5pm we are taken to a meet and greet with the guys in some undisclosed place.
      I will definitely come to the restaurant before hand so I can at least say hello to everyone.

    2. Mark,
      Don’t worry, when I see Ignazio I can give him a complete check up! You don’t have to thank me, it’s my pleasure😊
      He probably lost weight so he would have a little more energy on tour, but with all the running around they do it’s made him lose even more weight.
      I think once he gets back home to his family, friends and animals, he will be back to his usual self.

    3. In fact, Mark, we have all noticed the loss, perhaps excessive of Ignazio, and we have already reported about it, but Ignatius seems very happy with his new physical form and if instead you sometimes see it thoughtfully, it is not for this reason, but because unfortunately he has many haters who write bad things about him.
      I’m very sorry, he doesn’t deserve this.

      1. I would not have made comment if I had known he has many haters and how can that be? I know he is a very kind, loving and giving person. I was simply concerned that he may be having some ill health at the present time. I’m glad you explained Daniela, but it really bothers me that he would be attacked in this manner. I thought the haters had faded away in recent times. I feel bad that I critiqued him as I did.

      2. When I saw him of course I noticed how thin he was, but he was full of energy and fun, maybe because it was the first concert of the tour and he did not seem tired at all. I thought he looked terrific! But then–I always think he looks good!

      3. Mark don’t worry, your comment was more than normal, of pure concern.
        Unfortunately Ignazio has many haters and I don’t understand the reason, you think that here in Italy, last week there was an appeal to report, this instagram profile that continued to bully Ignazio. Surely, if Ignazio has read what has been written, he will not have felt like smiling.

  17. Daniela, Oh my, thank you so much for this posting. The translation, and news about other places we might be able to see our “boys”. All of you Flight Crew members give so much. It does not go unnoticed.
    I too am getting very concerned about Ignazio. Many days without his ready smile and a wanness. A lack of happiness. This is so unlike him. We have followed Il Volo for so long we know this look is very unusual
    for him. Yet no one is mentioning what is going on.

  18. I attended their concert at MGM, and I noticed Ignazio looked tired. I really enjoyed that concert but was concerned about Ignazio. Then I found a YouTube comment about Ignazio’s voice which upset me a lot.
    I actually posted this person’s comment hoping for some negation from music teachers but I guessed I posted it late.

  19. I’m bringing over my post on the MGM show.
    By the way, I saw a video on FB showing Ignazio warming his voice before the show. Good for him. I really want these 3 men to have a long career. Love their voices.

    I was at the MGM Washington DC show. My first IL Volo concert, wish it could last longer. I just concentrated on their singing which was divine so I was not able to take videos. I thought Ignazio look tired and I felt that this reflected on his solo (my opinion). I really hope he take care of his voice. I’m concerned because I came across a comment on you tube by OperaJH posted 2 months ago. It has upset me So much that I find myself praying for the boys voices which is a God given gift.

    I’m sharing his post:
    2 months ago (edited)
    Valerie Are you kidding? I have loved them since they were 13 and 14 years old. They were already great then! Look at Piero’s voice – from good to spectacular – that’s what happens when you take care of your voice. He has one of the finest voices in the world, with its power and beautiful timbre. Same with Gianluca – he has improved his already gorgeous baritone. Ignazio is somehow the opposite – he HAD arguably
    the best voice of the three and he could hit very high notes with ease. Now his voice is scratchy, he has difficulty hitting those high notes and in fact can’t hit many of them anymore. Sometimes he goes off-key. It’s difficult for him. And that’s because he hasn’t taken care of his voice well. Does my saying that mean I don’t like them? Or Ignazio? Not at all. Please don’t conflate the two. With care and a bit of curative training he might be able to achieve a new tone and re-develop his voice. Many people who know music agree with me because they can hear it too.

    I could not help wishing that Mr. Heaton or people who who are Know music would negate this person’s opinion.

    1. Sonia, you were right to report what you read.
      I wouldn’t worry too much.
      I’m not a connoisseur, but Michele Torpedine said that all three boys study and cultivate their voice, which has certainly improved over time. Now one evening, it may also be that one of the three is not in perfect shape, they have a really tiring tour, but it does not seem to me that Ignazio has particular problems and in any case we will hear Myron’s opinion, when they are in the Las Vegas area.

      1. I was fortunate to attend the concerts at Radio City Music Hall and also in Bethlehem. I did not think Ignazio seem tired at all, He is always on the move, running all over the stage, playing the drums and jumping on the piano! I also thought he sounded great and his solos were powerful and better than ever, although I am pretty certain he didn’t sing his second solo in Bethlehem. He was telling his stories and making the crowd laugh. He seemed very happy and so pleased with the love and enthusiasm from the the audience at both venues. At Radio City, he was taking a video of the audience standing and cheering during Grande Amore. I do think he has lost enough weight and it’s not as easy now to see those lovely dimples! I continue, as do many. to keep Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in my prayers.

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