February 15: CHICAGO

And here we are in CHICAGO, the theater is sold out !!

But how much emotion must Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have, as they walk in this street in front of the theater where they will perform?

Chi 01

Chi 02

Once again, an incredible welcome for these young men.

Chi 03

Chi 04

 Impossible to get used to this affection by the audience.

Security increasingly forbids videos. 🙁

Fortunately, Deborah Georgini Beaupre was also at the concert, she made many beautiful photos, some short videos, but in particular she was present and her comments make us understand, what happened during the evening.
Thanks Deborah !! 😘

“This happens to the girl sitting right next to us during 🎶O sole mio🎶 Notice first Gianluca comes down and is singing to her, then after he goes back to the stage, Ignazio decides to sneak down to sing to her also!! Meanwhile…Piero needs to outdo both of them with his famous part of the song not far away from all this!! (Sorry the videos are very short.) The ragazzi were in rare form that night!! Gotta love them!!💖💖💖”

Chi 05

Chi 06




(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)



Mix of songs:

In the backstage of the concert, a young and nice Italian actor Salvatore Esposito was also present. I will translate what he says in this video:

S = Igna, so Chicago is yours (by Il Volo)
I = Wait, the concert has yet to begin.
S = All sold-out, all Chicago is talking about you, come here Piero, come …

February 17: ATLANTA

And here they are in ATLANTA, it seems that security was less demanding here, better for us, these videos are beautiful!!






(At the end of this video, you can see that Piero’s  microphone quits working and Ignazio reaches him with his, to help him finish the song. ❤️️🎤)

Final greetings

Without words ❤️❤️ 

“The Atlanta concert was incredible! In my wildest dreams, I never thought this would happen to me. Ignazio…Me…Grande Amore!”

 – Debbie Sanders Folds


ATL 01

ATL 02

And now, go, go to the sun 🌞, Florida and California are waiting for you.

The tour continues, good trip !!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

20 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: CHICAGO and ATLANTA by Daniela”

  1. How wonderful that Gianluca, Ignazio, And Piero danced with one of the girls in the audience when they sang O Sole Mio–how thrilling for her; she must have had goose bumps and a fast-beating heart! She will carry that memory for the rest of her life.

    Leave it to Piero to “one-up” the other guys by dancing with the girl while hitting his high notes in O Sole Mio. Everyone is so familiar with those notes that seem to go on forever! I believe that is why O Sole Mio is one of the most requested songs from beginning to end. Each one of the IL VOLO trio puts their special voices to the song.

    Bravo to all the guys for always relating to the audience — it’s their way of showing their gratitude for their fans’ devotion.

    Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero that is why you are loved!

    Elisa Marie

  2. Daniela, once more thank you for your posts on the Atlanta and Chicago IL VOLO concerts.

    I can’t wait for the next updates on the Florida and California concerts. Finally, the guys will get to enjoy the sun and warmth of those two States.

    Elisa Marie

  3. Daniela, my sister & I saw them in Atlanta Monday night! They were awesome! They make it look so easy. Their voices blend as if they were really brothers. My sister & I are wondering if they travel with all of these incredible musicians. Do you know?

    1. Susan, I’m glad you and your sister enjoyed the concert. You’re right, they make everything seem so easy.
      Yes, the musicians who present at the end of the concert, come with them from Italy and travel with them, at the end of the concerts I will also post on their long bus trip.

  4. My friend and I were at the Atlanta concert and it was perfect from beginning to end. Even better than I had expected. We met some lovely people there including a young man whose music teacher was in the orchestra on the stage, so they are local musicians . You would think they played for Il Volo permanently as they were so good! Wonderful evening, including the sound check!

    1. Clarissa, it is always a joy to read that the concert was above your expectations!
      Some musicians come with them from Italy, others are local musicians, are sent to them before the arrival of Il Volo, the music scores to train on.

  5. The Chicago concert was incredible! The response from the people was unbelievable warm and enthusiastic, I thought I was going to be the only crazy person jumping and cheering but no! the crazy ones were thousands! I got to see them during the sound check, they are so humble and caring. Very well raised kids. I had my Il Volo book and they signed it graciously. I gave Piero some Peruvian hats and he gave me back his killer smile! I couldn’t utter one single word after that. The theater people warned us not to be too enthusiastic while we were there and I wonder now if they thought we were too quiet… Some girls (from 20sh to 80sh) couldn’t stop themselves and just kissed them and hugged them and they responded enthusiastically too. I couldn’t do anything after Piero’s smile, and I feel so stupid for not having hugged Ignazio when he talked to me when signing my book! Well, there goes the second best concert of my life! The first one was when I saw them in Austin three years ago. Ilvolover forever!

    1. Emilia, what beautiful things you wrote.
      I don’t understand why you shouldn’t have been too enthusiastic, it’s so nice to see and feel the affection of people.
      I’m glad you also liked the soundcheck.
      Ilvolover forever.

      1. Daniela
        The staff told us not to clap, not to take pictures, not to call their names, so we were there, quiet and with our eyes wide open. But I guess most of us were so starstruck that couldn’t say anything anyway!

  6. I flew from Naples, Fl where the temperature was 85 to frigid Chicago to see the concert with my daughter but my heart was warm with affection for our guys. The concert was fabulous and the audience responded with rousing cheers and applause!! I wanted to enjoy the concert so I didn’t take any pictures but my daughter did. Next stop for me is Tampa. Yeah 🎹🎼

  7. The size of the audiences is what pleases and impresses me. It would seem to me, at this time, that there would never be a reason to alter what they do for a performance, because the people can’t seem to get enough. Some even travel from concert to concert, country to country and they seem to be always sold out. American fans appear to be devout!

  8. I was at the beautiful Chicago Theater last Sat. night, 2-15, to enjoy a wonderful IL Volo Concert! Words cannot express how ‘fantabulous’ it was to see the boys again. The boys sang so passionately and rise to each occasion. Unfortunately, I was under-the-weather, not contagious, on meds, but nothing would keep me from being there after not seeing our boys in concert for three years!! ☺ Many friends, old and new, were all thrilled to once again greet one another. We enjoyed dinner together at The Wit Hotel Restaurant, before the Sound Check. The Chicago Theater personnel were extremely helpful guiding people and assisting in any way possible. I enjoyed the Sound Check so much, very personal and kind words spoken with the boys. Our boys have matured and are so appreciative of their fans, and they show their love freely to everyone. I could go on and on, but will stop. Blessings to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. ♥♥♥

    1. Harriett, I am extremely happy to read that you had fun and that it was a good concert, sighed after three long years. Also, I’m glad you found old and new friends.
      Thank you for reporting these beautiful sensations.

  9. I have been enjoying all the reviews of the concerts so far. It does seem that Il Volo’s fan base in the US is growing and I love to see how warmly the audience has greeted these talented young men. Sold out concerts and standing ovations and lots of applause and showering of love on them. I have tickets to 4 concerts coming up and I am introducing the guys to a few new fans. some friends and family will be going with me to see them for the first time. Reading all the reviews makes me even more excited about the west coast concerts. Thanks Daniela and Pat for sharing all these photos and reviews.

    1. Well Janet, we have enticed you even more in expectations. Now you will enjoy 4 beautiful events.
      It’s true American fans love Il Volo.
      Now we are also waiting for your reviews !!

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