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On February 18, there was a nice radio interview, also broadcast on the web, by Radio Cerrano (a local Abruzzo radio) where Ercole Ginoble, Gianluca’s father, was a guest. It was a delightful and fun interview.

 At a certain point Ercole called Michele Torpedine by phone, and he said a lot of really sensational news on the next appointments of IL VOLO.

But let’s go in order. Here is the video of the interview.

At first Ercole says that as a young man he also worked in the first private radio stations, in the 70s / 80s.

The announcers, together with Ercole, retrace the years of IL VOLO’s career.

Then Ercole confirms that Il Volo is now in concert in the US.

Ercole says that for the third time they sold out at RCMH and also in many other theaters.

He confirms it is very demanding to be a parent of Il VOLO, especially the first few years where they were taught to follow them always and everywhere, since they were minors.

He says there is also a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress, in fact he says that on the last South American tour, in 30 days they took 20 planes.

One of the announcers says that the strength of IL VOLO is also the great friendship between them, and Ercole confirms that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca spend most of the time together and therefore their friendship is real.

They also talk about Sanremo and the horrible treatment by the press room of last year.


Then Ercole calls Michele Torpedine by phone and after the greetings and pleasantries, Michele says very important things, after the world tour, which I summarize as follows:

There will be a third date for Verona.

They will be sent for an event on March 27th in Assisi, with the Pope.

There will be a second tribute to the Three Tenors and will take place in Piazza S. Pietro in Rome.

These news has really amazed everyone, for the moment I think the events are still being implemented, but we really hope that they will become reality.

I was amazed, St. Peter’s Square, it’s a truly wonderful thing. An event which is impossible to miss!

It will be spectacular! ❤️❤️❤️

~ Daniela ~


Credit to Radio Cerrano for the video and photo.

“We’re Talking About Il Volo Here” – Kitty

Just watched all the, as yet available, videos of the concert last night.  As with everyone else, I cried, and I cried, right along with my feelings of pride and joy. 
CmUoubjVIAADImzPiero was in his element, and with his idol standing right beside him.  What more could you ask for; but the stress of not blowing it had to be enormous.  Ignazio, Ignazio surprised us a little earlier in their North American tour by singing an Aria in duet with Piero.  As usual, he did himself proud then, and now he has further extended those abilities, to our delight, of course.  Had to smile watching him though, he was having a real fight with himself, when he wasn’t singing, trying to stand still in this particular musical environment.  Poor guy!  He, of course was wonderful in spite of the dictated expectations.  Proud of you Ignazio, now go and find something to jump off of, or mess up your beautiful hair and scream!  It’s okay, really!  And now Gianluca… I have to admit I wondered how he would handle this genre. Gianluca is somewhat  the chameleon of the three, in my opinion; but he never disappoints when a challenge arises. He has this sexy, suave, debonair persona about him, that lends itself easily to the romantic crooners of the past.  His voice can be enticing, to be sure, but he can also sing with great passion and fireOpera, however, may be the ultimate of those challenges.  In hearing him last night, he certainly met that challenge, and did it with his usual grace, and dedication.  He was absolutely wonderful!  Amazing!  This vocal transformation reminds me of Sinatra, in particular, because of a video I saw not long ago of Frank singing opera with Kathryn Grayson in a duet from Don Giovanni in the 1947 film “IT HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN”.  ( FRANK sings OPERA ) you tube.  Uncanny coincidence, to say the least!

It was a magnificent job from all three of our guys, but what would you expect?  Don’t forget we’re talking about Il Volo here, there is none better!

Ciao Kitty

Il Volo Professional ~~ Touring Break

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


Il Volo has been busy in their short break from touring, a break so short, in fact, that the European leg has begun with a concert in Madrid last night.  It looks like it was marvelous as always, and while we wait for all of Madrid to have their say, lets recap the last couple of weeks.  ~~ Kelly


World Youth Day Kick Off

wydIl Volo announced they will participate in World Youth Day in July during an appearance in Loreto, Italy.

World Youth Day is an event organized every three years by the Roman Catholic church emphasizing the unity of different cultures.  A highlight of the event is the arrival of the Pope and his conducting the final mass of the event.  It is called “youth day”, but it will actually span nearly a week  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Youth_Day ).

While in Loreto, they also stopped at Santa Casa, the church which contains the house where the Virgin Mary lived. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilica_della_Santa_Casa ).  That would account for the somewhat reverent silence and feel of the last video…


Article: Il Volo pronto a “spiccare” a Loreto, con direzione Cracovia 2016 ~~English Translation by Melissa B.

source: http://www.emmausonline.it/2016/05/13/il-volo-pronto-a-spiccare-a-loreto-con-direzione-cracovia-2016/

Photos: IL VOLO AL CENTRO GIOVANNI PAOLO II ~~ Centro Giovanni Paolo II – Loreto Facebook





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Visit the World Youth Day Website here.



RTL 102.5 Interview

Once again in studio, Il Volo gave an interview to Italian radio station: RTL 102.5.



Interview (click photo to hear): Giovedì 19 maggio 2016



Facebook Post: RTL 102.5; 15 photos ~~ Il Volo Diary Facebook

Facebook Post : RTL 102.5; 7 photos ~~ Rock Me Il Volo Facebook



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Coming Up

Three Tenors Tribute in Florence

Article: Il Volo: A Magical Night, Tribute To The Three Tenors ~~ English Translation by Melissa B.

source: http://www.sorrisi.com/musica/concerti/il-volo-una-notte-magica-tributo-ai-tre-tenori/

It is believed that this will be a PBS special, so we would likely be able to look for programing information later this summer or early fall.