“We’re Talking About Il Volo Here” – Kitty

Just watched all the, as yet available, videos of the concert last night.  As with everyone else, I cried, and I cried, right along with my feelings of pride and joy. 
CmUoubjVIAADImzPiero was in his element, and with his idol standing right beside him.  What more could you ask for; but the stress of not blowing it had to be enormous.  Ignazio, Ignazio surprised us a little earlier in their North American tour by singing an Aria in duet with Piero.  As usual, he did himself proud then, and now he has further extended those abilities, to our delight, of course.  Had to smile watching him though, he was having a real fight with himself, when he wasn’t singing, trying to stand still in this particular musical environment.  Poor guy!  He, of course was wonderful in spite of the dictated expectations.  Proud of you Ignazio, now go and find something to jump off of, or mess up your beautiful hair and scream!  It’s okay, really!  And now Gianluca… I have to admit I wondered how he would handle this genre. Gianluca is somewhat  the chameleon of the three, in my opinion; but he never disappoints when a challenge arises. He has this sexy, suave, debonair persona about him, that lends itself easily to the romantic crooners of the past.  His voice can be enticing, to be sure, but he can also sing with great passion and fireOpera, however, may be the ultimate of those challenges.  In hearing him last night, he certainly met that challenge, and did it with his usual grace, and dedication.  He was absolutely wonderful!  Amazing!  This vocal transformation reminds me of Sinatra, in particular, because of a video I saw not long ago of Frank singing opera with Kathryn Grayson in a duet from Don Giovanni in the 1947 film “IT HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN”.  ( FRANK sings OPERA ) you tube.  Uncanny coincidence, to say the least!

It was a magnificent job from all three of our guys, but what would you expect?  Don’t forget we’re talking about Il Volo here, there is none better!

Ciao Kitty

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  1. The boys saved my sanity. I woke up with a terrible tooth ache Saturday morning and could not find one single dentist in town who worked. Was told to go and get some things to put on the tooth and hang in till Tuesday. So I sat down at the computer and searched for every posted video of the concert. This kept me from screaming.
    The boys were fantastic. Hope we get more videos of tonight’s concert. I still need
    their soothing voices to keep me going till Tuesday when i can call the dentist.

    1. Poor Baby! Hope you feel better after seeing the dentist! My dentist prescribes Ibuprofen alternating with acetlmenophen every four hours. Works for mne!

    2. Gina – you need to live here – my dentist will actually come into his office to treat someone who needs help NOW ! [I think though you need to be one of his patients ? ] I live Lakewood, Ohio and his office is in Willoughby- he is so good that I will follow him to the ends of the Earth to stay with him,.

  2. Oh Kitty, they are awesome! I knew Gianluca could sing those high notes, Myron told me so, but this was amazing. Can’t wait to here him sing the whole song on PBS. Was so happy for Piero to sing with his idol and Ignacio was totally fabulous as they all were. Couldn’t be prouder of them.

  3. I thought like you Kitty, I wondered how Gianluca would handle the opera arias. Why should I have worried? Aranjuez is more or less an aria and he has been doing it for several years with passion and beauty. But Ignazio took my breath away. He really seems to have benefited from the coaching they received. His phrasing, his timing, his dynamics (besides his magnificent voice) were so superior to how he has been singing these arias as to almost seem like a different person.
    And Piero–Piero was in his element and he just radiated his happiness and vocal prowess. The whole thing was just beyond wonderful. Like everyone else I am scouring youtube for the best videos. Can’t wait for the CD/DVDs!!!

  4. I also scoured the web for as many videos as possible. I have to say I thought Ignazio was stronger and projected better than I have ever heard. I will die until the DVD comes out so I can see the whole concert. It was a WOW!

  5. My IlVolverfriends you have said it all!!! All three sang with their hearts & souls!!! I don’t know how I can wait until Dec for the DVD either!!! What a marvelous night !!!

  6. Soooo fabulous, I am also scouring the internet for videos and find I am wishing my life away until September 30th. They were all completely tremendous, so skilled, such magnificent voices. As you say Piero in his element , Ignazio showing just how good he is and Gianluca completely breathtaking, we know he always delivers but wow, wow wow!! So strange seeing them standing still?

    1. I agree with all of you about our guys. However, Gianluca was amazing. Good grief, this boy has it all. All three were incredible and I’m seeing more and more videos of this fantastic concert. Can’t wait for the PBS Special.

  7. What an evening! Bravo to whomever was the genius who came up with this idea of pairing the Maestro and IL Volo together. Gianluca really showed us all what he is capable of and then some. Ignazio showed further richness to his vocal range and poise. Piero, as we all know, was truly in his element. I couldn’t help but think of the “pre-Il Volo” Piero listening and/or singing along to operas and dreaming of perhaps the day might come when he could do that. He must have felt some nerves along the way last night but I bet he floated off to sleep.

  8. I have been watching so many of the videos also and am amazed at how wonderful Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were in this tribute to the Three Tenors which was a fabulous idea. They are always totally prepared, so professional and put so much passion and love into their music. They are confident, relaxed and loving what they do. And to think they are only 21 and 23 years old, and are singing with one of their idols and paying tribute to him and Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras. It is a dream come true!

  9. Thanks so much, Kitty! I’m not going to repeat what has been said, it’s all so true! I would like to say that my goose bump range is considerably high sine the concert last night! BRAVO…..GRAZIE. …IL VOLO! Whatever did we do before we discovered them???♡♡♡

  10. I was in 7th heaven the other night and I’m still floating on a cloud. I’ve been watching as many clips I could find and telling myself just one more and I’ll take a break. Not possible so no break. They were wonderful❤️
    Now I’m watching the Periscope clips of Verona and guess what. They are wonderful still.

  11. Thank all of you for commenting on my very impromptude blurb, and especially to Marie for posting it so quickly. With the tears still visible, I was just so emotional after watching this performance, that I couldn’t hold it in. Various thoughts came to mind afterwards, some of which did not pertain directly to the program, but to things related to the whole spectacular evolvement of Il Volo. Things like, all being placed in Italy, close in age, into an environment of history and music, and art. They each have been given superb voices, and put with families who recognized the gifts, and I’m sure, sacrificed much to further encourage. If you just even start there, and in your mind think of the unlikelyness(?) of happenstance, it only serves to bring also to mind so many aspects of their incredible rise to fame. The right leadership and opportunities, yes, play a crucial role, but it would all be for naught if the love and commitment for how it might benefit peoples lives and hearts wasn’t a prime goal in their endeavors. I’m sorry, I have to stop. Looking at what we know of everything that has transpired through just the last six years or so for the guys, I would say that in my mind, the source is quite evident. Blessings, KITTY

    1. KittyKam, loved your impromtu blurb. I think of the boys and everything that has gotten them to this point in their lives. There is an unmeasurable force behind them, we may not call it the same thing, but we know it is there. May the “force be with them” always. Vaya con Dios ragazzi.

  12. My dear friends as I said in my article a couple of weeks ago, These guys started their training doing arias and other opera music. This was a kind of “back to basics.” When Gianluca started voice work this is the sort of thing he worked on as well as what we loosely call pop music. Ignazio has always had the projection. Naturally Piero.

    Basically, Since the boys are doing their pop songs in a classical format already, they did not have that far to travel to get back to opera.
    Back to basics. BRAVO to our guys.

    re: long distance to travel vocally: imagine someone like Bieber (the same age) having to make this kind of a vocal and musical transitiion.

    (cough, cough choke) .

  13. Don’t forget to watch the video of Gianluca’s idol singing opera.

    “Frank sings opera” on YOU TUBE

    1. I did! And I didn’t think much of it, either. She (Kathryn Grayson) is a lot better than he is. I found his voice sounded thin, no power, no projection. Yes, he hit the right notes, but that’s about it.

  14. peninahonig, I agree with you totally, I just thought it a coincidence that Frank, being Gian’s idol in his style of singing, also sang opera in this movie. Rather unexpected, just as opera from Gian was unexpected. Frank sang it without there being any change in his sound or projection. Gian, on the other hand, was singing from an entirely different, deepened , defining way. Powerfully projecting in the manner of someone totally capable of the musical ability called for. The comparison was only in the fact that they both now have done the unexpected . The difference? Frank winged it, Gian delivered it!!

    1. Gian was simply wonderful.
      And here is something a bit off topic but not much. I was listening to the radio one day last week (to my classical station that every now and then plays Il Volo) and there was an aria sung by none other than Placido! When it was over the host of the program said “That was Placido Domingo, who has re-invented himself these days as a baritone!” Which just made me smile as I thought of Placido coaching OUR baritone!

  15. Dear friends, I had teary eyes even when watching the rehearsals. Everything you said Marie, I agree, and won’t go on and on about the rich performance the ‘boys’ gave individually. They were perfection with their idol, the Maestro. These young men have achieved so much in their young lives, it is really amazing. As said before, the right circumstances, caring, loving parents, management and the fact that their God-given talent was recognized and nurtured. Thanks to so many who shared their photos and videos, it truly was a spectacular concert for our ‘boys’ and for all of us too. Trying to be patient for the CD and later the DVD. Hugs!!

  16. Does anybody know why Jose Carreras was not participating in the concert?
    This was the most magical night! We are now used to the best,and no one can surpass them!

  17. Oh Kitty: My sentiments also on Ignazio trying to stay still . I was chuckling to myself as I watched his performances! But what an amazing night! All three gave it their all . Bravo

    1. I, of course, watched Ignazio too. Cracked me up! He tried so hard. I think most of us know him so well, we can anticipate his movements. OK…maybe just some of us. Please don’t let it just be me.

      1. Not just you Marie. He did give a little toss of his beautiful hair. I pictured him behind stage just doing his little dance, then back to business. You and I agree he is a sweetheart.

  18. Marie, I love watching Ignazio and in Verona he let it all out!!! I just love this kid! He’s so full of life, but he can control when need be! He almost makes me want to be that age again…almost!! Thanks, Kitty…keep up the good work!!♡♡♡

  19. Buongiorno a tutti, vi seguo da molto tempo dai primi mesi di quest’anno, ho letto tutti i vostri commenti e da tempo volevo poter commentare con voi ma io parlo solo italiano cosi’ dovrete utilizzare il traduttore. Sono stata al concerto di Firenze ed ho fatto diversi video e se volete li condivido volentieri con voi, intanto ve ne mando uno che non ho visto tanto in internet, Piero Ignazio e Gianluca ridevano dicendo che essendo che il video uscirà a dicembre dovevano fare una canzone natalizia (anche se siamo a luglio). Spero vi piaccia e se volete ve ne mando altri. Buona giornata a tutti e buona visione!!

    1. Translation: Hello everyone, I follow you for a long time since the early months of this year, I read all your comments and long wanted to be able to comment with you but I only speak Italian so you’ll have to use the translator. I went to the concert in Florence and I made several videos and if you want to share them with you, meanwhile there I haven’t seen occasionally mando a internet, Piero Ignatius and Gianluca laughed saying being that the video will be out in December were to do a Christmas song (although it is July). I hope you like it and if you want I send others. Good day to all and happy viewing!

      Grazie Daniela. Vi diamo il benvenuto. Non c’è problema. Noi tradurremo.

  20. Scusate ho visto che ho postato Libiam’ dei lieti calici, allora adesso vi mando Adeste Fideles, vi avviso che in alcuni sentirete la mia voce di sottofondo, accidenti e’ la prima volta che uso la videocamera e in alcuni casi non sono riuscita a non canticchiare…..perdonatemi!!

  21. Hi Daniela I don’t speak Italian but thanks for that video with the 16 songs sung by the boys & the christmas song as well were superb. Nice you joined us finally & hope you continue to give us your feed back on what we are discussing. Looking forward to anything else you can send us.

  22. Now that Piero has sung with Placido, and Gianluca with Andrea, will Ignazio be next? I wonder who he would choose to sing with, because he loves such a variety of music. I think, if he would have been able to, it would have been the late Pino Daniele. Anyone have any ideas? Marie, you know so much about him, what would your guess be?

  23. I would love to see him perform with the likes of Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin. I know you weren’t expecting those, but HE could do a lot of damage singing some soul music.

    1. You are right Marie “HE” ❤️ can sing anything❤️ I think “HE” ❤️ Has a little jazzier side to him. What do you think?

  24. Mi piace molto la vostra pagina e ho assai apprezzato la vostra recensione Perchè non permettete la traduziond in italiano anche dei commenti?

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