Personally Speaking ~ Power and Pride ~





Combine the talent, experience,  grace, maturity, style, vocal strength, charisma, intelligence, individual uniqueness, friendship, trust, respect and common goodness of each of these individuals and you have a powerhouse beyond compare!


Maestro Placido Domingo is already a legend in his time with Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio now becoming legends all of their own along with this great man.  


The PRIDE they all must feel in their hearts following the historical concert they gave in Florence is so well deserved.  Placido, Michele, their parents and all of us who hold them in the highest esteem are filled with more love and admiration for the distinguished performance given.  They reached new unparalleled heights with every breathtaking note and song.  It was truly a mesmerizing experience to behold.  I literally could not take my eyes or ears off of them. Their voices coalesced with such beauty and control at times and individually brought tears to my eyes when singing solo.  

What an enchanted evening it was!




20 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Power and Pride ~”

  1. Thanks Jane. What a picture! What a dream! For them and for us.

    I can’t imagine what’s next for you guys, but whatever it is, it will be amazing and exciting! We’ll be waiting, watching and weeping with pride.

    1. Very well put Marie. I love these guys more each time I
      hear and see them. How
      much greater will they get?
      Only time and talent will

  2. Beautifully said Jane. They have been speaking of surprises coming and you can’t help but wonder what could they possibly do next. Whatever it is, it surely will be wonderful!

  3. They are the classiest of young men, pure class. They make me laugh, they make me cry, I just love them and I know Placido does too. This is the concert I was waiting for, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who made it happen.

  4. So true. 🙂 They’re not enough adjectives to say how proud I am as a fan. Can only imagine what their families are feeling. 🙂 <3

  5. Personally I am very proud to be a IL VOLOver and I am especially proud to be a member of The Flight Crew. Gianluca promised surprises but he really didn’t need to, we will be with them all the way!

  6. Here is what I think the guys are thinking in that picture:

    Piero: “I just sang with Placido Domingo AND I’m holding his hand. I can die now, it’s OK.”

    Ignazio: “I just sang with Plácido Domingo. I am a big boy now.”

    Gian: “I just sang with Plácido Domingo. Still..I’ll use my sexy smile.”

  7. Surprised? No. They did exactly what I knew they would. They have shown to the world, once again, they are the best singers. Period. I cannot imagine how they will sound with another ten years of experience, training and dedication to their craft. I do know that we will love them as we love them today, with all our hearts. Love and joy and peace right back to you Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio!

    1. I just want to be around long enough to see them mature vocally, and to have families of their own . I hope the future is good to them. I get very emotional when these thoughts pop into my head. So I’ll stop how. Well maybe one more thing, thanks to all of you for listening. By the way, I love my 5 grandkids a little more amd I am very proud of them too. Just in case they see this.

  8. Thank you, Jane. The Concert was a Night of Magic!!! I had tears of joy & pride also!!! I just wanted to watch the videos yesterday, again & again. Our Flight continues to soar!!! Can not wait for the unveiling of future triumphs!!! Love that we all share this marvelous journey together!!! 💖 💖 💖

  9. How blessed we are to have known these wondrous guys from the beginning….to have seen them grow and mature and to have a taste of what the future has in store. Thanks, Jane, for your timely post , so well done.

  10. I can only imagine how these three will sky rocket even further once this PBS special is aired in North America! There is no limit as to where these three will go in time.
    Thank you for all your nice comments.

    1. Wonderful Jane we wil awlays be holding our breath from now on to see what they do next

  11. Great picture. Tiny thing: Gianluca could have used the same smile he flashed to all of us when he was leaving the Fan Faire in March. I still have that one in a frame.

  12. I can’t believe how I relate to every one of you girls in your feelings about these unbelievable BOYS !! None of you have said any thing that I already feel about them! I’ve had all the love and tears just like all of you !!! I ‘ve only met them twice, but maybe l may make it for the third time as I’m close to 100 yrs old !!!!

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