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Yes, after days of silence or old videos, finally, something new is happening.
There will be a nice surprise for Christmas day!
Piero has published this short video, which portrays him and Ignazio traveling, united, by train ……. destination ????
Immediately the fans began to investigate and among the various searches this news came out.


This news concerns the schedule of Rai 1’s Christmas day and if you read it carefully, you will see that at 08:30 pm (Italian time), there will be 15 minutes of connection with Il Volo from Piazza S. Pietro in the Vatican-Rome.
So, Piero and Ignazio were probably traveling from Bologna to Rome to rehearse or record this beautiful event. Gianluca will come from a different and shorter road, but he will also be arriving.
What a nice surprise !!
In fact, the news was confirmed by this announcement of a Facebook page “TV Guide” which informs about upcoming television programs, and that I translate for you.
Among the many television presentations arriving in the coming days there is also the performance of Il Volo in St. Peter’s Square scheduled for the evening of 25 December. It will last a quarter of an hour and will be broadcast by Raiuno at 8.30 pm, immediately after Tg1 at 8 pm. Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone will wish us a Merry Christmas by singing the classics of the Holidays.

We will see our dear Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on Christmas Day, from the beautiful Piazza S. Pietro. Despite the anti-Covid rules, it will be a nice event in a Christmas atmosphere different from other years, but no less meaningless.
Even if the Covid situation raises a lot of concern around the world, here in Italy the tension is a little relaxed, even if we are always subjected to very strict rules, in particular always mandatory masks and distancing. From day 13, only one region remained orange, which means medium risk and that is Abruzzo. For this reason, the Abruzzo Region has published this video of Gianluca with this appeal:
Here are the words of Gianluca:
Hi everyone, I’m Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo.
We all have a great responsibility, which is to secure fragile people, the elderly, but also young people suffering from pathologies, who without knowing it, every day, come into contact with positive asymptomatic people.
You too can participate in the Abruzzo Region screening project, only in this way, by doing our part, will we be able to contain the virus.
We need each of us, and you too. 

Christmas is approaching, so let’s listen to this beautiful concert done in Assisi in 2013.

And now let’s laugh a little with this short video that I saw on Katrina Angelus Facebook.
Well, despite all our serious thoughts due to the current situation, let’s try to see the light, at the end of this year to forget.
We remember the beautiful moments of love and collective union, hoping that soon they will not be just a good memory.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


On February 18, there was a nice radio interview, also broadcast on the web, by Radio Cerrano (a local Abruzzo radio) where Ercole Ginoble, Gianluca’s father, was a guest. It was a delightful and fun interview.

 At a certain point Ercole called Michele Torpedine by phone, and he said a lot of really sensational news on the next appointments of IL VOLO.

But let’s go in order. Here is the video of the interview.

At first Ercole says that as a young man he also worked in the first private radio stations, in the 70s / 80s.

The announcers, together with Ercole, retrace the years of IL VOLO’s career.

Then Ercole confirms that Il Volo is now in concert in the US.

Ercole says that for the third time they sold out at RCMH and also in many other theaters.

He confirms it is very demanding to be a parent of Il VOLO, especially the first few years where they were taught to follow them always and everywhere, since they were minors.

He says there is also a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress, in fact he says that on the last South American tour, in 30 days they took 20 planes.

One of the announcers says that the strength of IL VOLO is also the great friendship between them, and Ercole confirms that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca spend most of the time together and therefore their friendship is real.

They also talk about Sanremo and the horrible treatment by the press room of last year.


Then Ercole calls Michele Torpedine by phone and after the greetings and pleasantries, Michele says very important things, after the world tour, which I summarize as follows:

There will be a third date for Verona.

They will be sent for an event on March 27th in Assisi, with the Pope.

There will be a second tribute to the Three Tenors and will take place in Piazza S. Pietro in Rome.

These news has really amazed everyone, for the moment I think the events are still being implemented, but we really hope that they will become reality.

I was amazed, St. Peter’s Square, it’s a truly wonderful thing. An event which is impossible to miss!

It will be spectacular! ❤️❤️❤️

~ Daniela ~


Credit to Radio Cerrano for the video and photo.

Nostra Grande Avventura Italiana~Assisi

Onward to Assisi we go!  We took a Regional train to Assisi and enjoyed the variety of the terrain as we sped along a track unknown to us.  We marveled at the beauty each region of Italy holds.  I had visions of Under the Tuscan Sun in my head and was not disappointed as we rode through that area.  The countryside was covered like a patchwork quilt with olive groves and vineyards.  We were not unlike school children staring out the window on a field trip to some new destination.  It’s hard to imagine a train ride as being thrilling, but this one certainly was for us.


We took a cab from the train station up into the hills of Assisi.  This being our first taxi ride of the trip we quickly became aware of the shall I say, skill and expertise it takes to be a taxi driver in this country!  Our driver sped through those streets like he’d been doing this since he was 2, narrowly missing people, cars and buildings!   What an amazing first impression we had taking in all of the narrow streets lined with people browsing the shop windows, or just enjoying the storybook atmosphere this ancient town possesses.  Our hotel was right in the heart of this beloved town located in a beautiful 600 year old building.  Yes, Jana, I remembered your advice and touched these magnificent ancient stones whenever I could.  Our room was very tiny by American standards , but seemed to be the norm for over there.  I mean it was so tiny Marie could reach out from her bed and shut the bathroom light off without having to budge out of that bed!  Lying there listening to the beautiful church bells chime every hour made the size of the room feel pretty insignificant.   It was so worth it to be staying right in the heart of all of our destinations! 





We explored all of Assisi we could possibly muster up the strength to as it is ALL HILLS...and what you go down you must eventually go back up again.  Our visit to St. Francis Basilica was the highlight of this town for us.  Besides always having a love of St. Francis,  I had such a strong desire to see this church ever since watching the video of  the guys singing there for that Christmas Special several years ago.  It was extraordinary.  No cameras or speaking allowed, just pure reverence prevails in that holy structure.  No pictures I could have taken would ever have done it justice. 


We bid Assisi a reluctant farewell and hired a very nice taxi driver named, Marcello, to drive us on to Perugia where we would pick up our first rental car of the trip.  More adventures ahead as we are on our way to Montepagano!    




Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins; Locarno and Assisi


Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook

Hey Everyone!

The Il Volo Tour 2015 has kicked off with a concert in Locarno, Switzerland, and it seems like the audience was completely smitten — as we already knew they would be.  You can’t see Il Volo in concert and not fall in love.  Well, I supposed you can, but then you’re probably on the wrong website.  You’re welcome to stay around while we shamelessly try to change your mind.      😉

Their visit to Locarno was followed by a fundraising appearance in Assisi.  Since they came right on top of each other, I included them both.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly




Il Volo Enchanted the People in Locarno, Switzerland  ~~ All About Il Volo



from Luan B.



Il Volo Report and Interview in Locarno Ticionline ~~ All About Il Volo




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Locarna Photo Album by Simone Cossa ~~ Simone Cossa Facebook; LiJoy



Beautiful Day

from Il Volo Abruzzo




Maurizio Lollini Facebook
Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Il Volo Con Il Cuore nel nome di Francesco Assisi  ~~  All About Il Volo (includes video)


Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Maurizio Lollini Con Il Cuore Photo Album ~~ Maurizio Lollini Facebook



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Il Volo Interview in Assisi  ~~ All About Il Volo



Piero on Periscope



gg3952805A Greeting From Ignazio

A Letter From Jane

From time to time I get lovely personal emails from some of you. They play to my heart. I am honored and grateful to receive them. This one is so poignant that I needed to share it with all of you. With Jane’s (maryjane) permission, of course.

Jane and Mary B.
Jane and Mary B.

Dear Marie,
In between reading all of the wonderful posts on the Flight Crew site I have found myself returning repeatedly to a certain youtube video, Assisi Natale 2013 (Adolphe Adam).
There is a moment during O HOLY NIGHT that simply took my breath away.

To see them perform in such a gorgeous church setting was something I had always dreamed of seeing. The part of the video that captured me was when Piero sang his solo, “Noel” during O HOLY NIGHT. You will see Gianluca and Ignazio on either side of him simultaneously close their eyes as he hits his high note. They appear to be momentarily in a spiritual space. The reverence and holiness of this reflected on each face. We know they convey their emotions superbly in all of their music. We have put them on the highest pedestal as they certainly deserve to be. I truly think we are watching special grace being sent to us through them as they sing as is reflected during this brief moment. They have filled us with their love and brought us together as a group for the sake of loving their music. When you meet them you see they are not your typical teenagers. They are young men filled with a desire to bring their music to the world. They work hard and are totally devoted to their passion. They have a message to deliver and they convey this message of love through music. Many of us have felt drawn to them from the very beginning. Several people in this site have said how their music has helped them heal through different challenges in life. I feel blessed to have them in our world. They have made the world a better place for many.

This moment Jane?
This moment Jane?

Have you seen this video and did you notice this moment? There is just something about it that keeps me going back and watching it over and over. I sat down tonight and wrote out my feelings as to what this meant to me. I don’t want to sound over board here. Just my thoughts I thought I’d share with you.

Il VOLO friend,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CO3ZSEtxAI   ←The  video

Dear Jane,

Thank you for allowing me to share this letter. Most of all, thank you for thinking of sending it to me when you wrote it. This letter is special and so are you.

But what are you thinking? Of course I’ve seen that moment! It’s me, Jane! I see all their moments and that one is a killer! Now, thanks to you, others will see it too.

With Il Volo Love,