Nostra Grande Avventura Italiana~Assisi

Onward to Assisi we go!  We took a Regional train to Assisi and enjoyed the variety of the terrain as we sped along a track unknown to us.  We marveled at the beauty each region of Italy holds.  I had visions of Under the Tuscan Sun in my head and was not disappointed as we rode through that area.  The countryside was covered like a patchwork quilt with olive groves and vineyards.  We were not unlike school children staring out the window on a field trip to some new destination.  It’s hard to imagine a train ride as being thrilling, but this one certainly was for us.


We took a cab from the train station up into the hills of Assisi.  This being our first taxi ride of the trip we quickly became aware of the shall I say, skill and expertise it takes to be a taxi driver in this country!  Our driver sped through those streets like he’d been doing this since he was 2, narrowly missing people, cars and buildings!   What an amazing first impression we had taking in all of the narrow streets lined with people browsing the shop windows, or just enjoying the storybook atmosphere this ancient town possesses.  Our hotel was right in the heart of this beloved town located in a beautiful 600 year old building.  Yes, Jana, I remembered your advice and touched these magnificent ancient stones whenever I could.  Our room was very tiny by American standards , but seemed to be the norm for over there.  I mean it was so tiny Marie could reach out from her bed and shut the bathroom light off without having to budge out of that bed!  Lying there listening to the beautiful church bells chime every hour made the size of the room feel pretty insignificant.   It was so worth it to be staying right in the heart of all of our destinations! 





We explored all of Assisi we could possibly muster up the strength to as it is ALL HILLS...and what you go down you must eventually go back up again.  Our visit to St. Francis Basilica was the highlight of this town for us.  Besides always having a love of St. Francis,  I had such a strong desire to see this church ever since watching the video of  the guys singing there for that Christmas Special several years ago.  It was extraordinary.  No cameras or speaking allowed, just pure reverence prevails in that holy structure.  No pictures I could have taken would ever have done it justice. 


We bid Assisi a reluctant farewell and hired a very nice taxi driver named, Marcello, to drive us on to Perugia where we would pick up our first rental car of the trip.  More adventures ahead as we are on our way to Montepagano!    




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  1. Jane, oh my, you have brought such memories back to me. I was in Assisi in 2015 and walked those beautiful streets. Up (gasp) and down. We looked and shopped in those tiny shops. What fun that was. We stood and looked over the same expanse towards St. Francis. Sitting at dinner we were advised to go out and watch the sunset. It was magical, the beauty of Assisi is beyond any words I have. Thank you again for letting me relive my experience.

    1. Thank you, Rose Marie. I know we will relive our experience over and over for years to come. You are right in that it is hard to put words to such beauty.

  2. Jane beautiful words you wrote. It ‘s true, Assisi wraps you in a charming environment of peace, not only its churches, San Francesco and Santa Chiara, but the whole city is pervaded by an aura of peace and tranquility.
    In the panoramas typical light brick buildings stand out in the green hills. Assisi touches the heart.

    1. ohhhhh….. wow………….
      it is said that when a Saint lives in a place, that whole place is sanctified…….

  3. Jane, thank you for your awesome pictures and experience in Assisi. I too had an amazing experience there. We were entering Assisi by bus and I had this feeling like never before – and looked up the hill at the church and there were many nuns with their black and white habits blowing in the wind. Unforgettable. When we walked around the very plain church, a priest came to us and said “Remember God loves you more than yourself.” I then bought a hand carved statue of St. Francis; it is on my dresser. When I came home I went to the library and read every book there was about him. He is my patron saint. I always wanted to go back but it would never the same.

    1. What wonderful memories you have of Assisi, Anncruise.
      You should return, perhaps it could also be better.

  4. Thank you for transporting us with you to Italy!!! The photos & your descriptive words give me the feel of being there! Assisi is such a special area to all who visit there! On to the next part of Jane & Marie’s adventure!!!

  5. Oh Jane, you left off just as you guys were going to Montepagano. I can’t wait for your next post. Joanie G

  6. Jane & Marie : Let me congratulate you on your tenacity on doing this trip on your own! My daughter honeymooned in Italy and of course there was the stop in Assisi. While she was resting on a bench while hubby used the facilities, she struck up a conversation with the lady next to her. The conversation went where are you from etc. To their utter amazement, they not only both came from the same state, same city, & both-lived on the same street!! What are the odds! Today I have a beautiful granddaughter named Chiara! I anxiously await your next chapter!!

    1. Annette,it ‘amazing what happened to your daughter, a rare coincidence.
      Your granddaughter brings a beautiful and sweet name.

  7. Jane, such beautiful pictures. You made me laugh out loud when you said “the room was so small that Marie could reach out and shut off the bathroom light from her bed”Saint Francis of Assisi is my favourite saint(patron saint of animals)🐿🐿🐿I put the squirrels in there for Daniela!
    Did you sample any of those pastries you took a picture of? They look yummy!

    1. Jill, yes, I/we sampled the goodies. Those huge meringue cookies were so good! I had to stop and sample at several shops. I just couldn’t pass them up! 🙂

    2. Thanks Jill for pointing out my “scrici”. I must say that that window of desserts was really inviting.

      1. indeed, when i saw the goodies, i had to take a close look. and yes, they were/are goodies

    1. Thank you Cynthia. It’s so much fun to share it with everyone here! So nice to meet you as I think you came on when I was gone.

      1. you’re welcome, Jane. yes, i am somewhat new here. started just as you were leaving forItaly. thank you again, GOD BLESS YOU 🙂

  8. I’m so enjoying your pictures and narrative! It’s not likely that I’ll ever be able to go to Italy, so I live vicariously through those who do get to go. Thank you!

    1. Ruth, I know what you mean about living it vicariously through others…that is what I did up until this trip! 🙂

  9. When I went to Assisi in 2003 it was horribly hot but the Basilica was cool and of course, a place of great peace. At night I walked down towards the great Medieval gates of the city and stopped for some gelato. Coming down from the Basilica were all these Franciscan friars….I couldn’t believe my eyes..There was my professor from graduate school whom I had not seen in over 10 years!. It was so wonderful to chat with Brother Bill. Who would have guessed we would meet in that timeless city? Assisi is timeless and magical.

    1. Pirata, then Assisi is truly a place of meetings. It ‘s true, Assisi is a magical city and timeless ……… and very hot in summer !!!

  10. Thank you for sharing this magnificent chapter of your journey Jane ! I have been to Italy and I am going back in May but I doubt that we will get to Assisi so thank you for transporting me,through your eyes, to that magical city with your discriptive and captivating discriptions and photos !!!

  11. Thank You for providing this, Jane. The hometown of that dear mystic and saint, Francis, never came ‘alive’ for me in the stock photos that I’ve only ever seen, but they do in yours here and also through your own words.

  12. Beautiful! Thank you, Jane and Marie!

    Seeing IL VOLO sing in Assisi (the Christmas concert) does so much for my heart! Especially Happy Christmas / War Is Over.
    Oh God, please.

    I love Saint Francis and always think of him at any mention of Assisi. I live on a big hill, so I know What goes down must come up! 😊

    If I could only go to one place in Italia, it would be to a concert by IL VOLO in the Basilica of Assisi!

    Love and hugs to you, sweet friends,

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