Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins; Locarno and Assisi


Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook

Hey Everyone!

The Il Volo Tour 2015 has kicked off with a concert in Locarno, Switzerland, and it seems like the audience was completely smitten — as we already knew they would be.  You can’t see Il Volo in concert and not fall in love.  Well, I supposed you can, but then you’re probably on the wrong website.  You’re welcome to stay around while we shamelessly try to change your mind.      😉

Their visit to Locarno was followed by a fundraising appearance in Assisi.  Since they came right on top of each other, I included them both.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly




Il Volo Enchanted the People in Locarno, Switzerland  ~~ All About Il Volo



from Luan B.



Il Volo Report and Interview in Locarno Ticionline ~~ All About Il Volo




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Locarna Photo Album by Simone Cossa ~~ Simone Cossa Facebook; LiJoy



Beautiful Day

from Il Volo Abruzzo




Maurizio Lollini Facebook
Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Il Volo Con Il Cuore nel nome di Francesco Assisi  ~~  All About Il Volo (includes video)


Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Maurizio Lollini Con Il Cuore Photo Album ~~ Maurizio Lollini Facebook



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Il Volo Interview in Assisi  ~~ All About Il Volo



Piero on Periscope



gg3952805A Greeting From Ignazio

16 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins; Locarno and Assisi”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the videos, pictures, and information. Where do I even begin???? 😍☺️🎼

  2. I never cease to be amazed by each one in his own way….then when they are together….it’s one perfectly blended sound! Truly. ..three voices…one soul!! Bravo, IL Volo!!! Stupified…in Texas!!♡♡♡

  3. Is the “wahhld” big enough to hold these three beautiful, talented and magical men? What a collection of wonderfulness – and it’s only their first one of the summer! Thanks so very much for the videos and their love notes!! Can we move to Italy? Now??

  4. Wow! Great post, thank you so much! I think I will need to listen to Piero’s Periscope voice over and over. Must have just woken up and headed out to the balcony to eat that healthy breakfast. But, the voice…how can I say this…deep, sensual, alluring. Am I hitting the right words here? 🙂 Oooh -la-la. Maybe that is a better choice of sounds rather than words. 🙂

  5. Wow! I have goosebumps. Piero singing the aria from Tosca was unbeleivable. On periscope with Gian he said hello to Joanie in L.A. and he was talking to me. I wish. Joanie G

  6. All videos and photos are beautiful, the boys sang, as always, breathtaking and Piero’s aria from Tosca… I’m speechless,beautifully touching, full of emotion,pure perfection..♡♡♡…:-) And another success of our boys on ESC Radio Awards 2015 ! Their entry Grande Amore, written and composed by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito, won the Best Song category with 25.92% of the vote, and Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca scored a landslide victory in the Best Group voting with 37.13%, the best result ever in this category. Congratulations to them and to the writers of the song! Here is full article

  7. Thank you for the videos and photos. I have watched them all with tears in my eyes, our boys’ voices have matured even more since I saw them a year ago in Milwaukee. I want so badly to go to another concert. Please, please Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca bring your magnificent voices back to the USA..


  8. Wonderful collection of videos & pictures Marie. I thought Ignazio was walking on his knees towards the conductor after his solo but he was just bending over. What an original idea he can not be beat.

  9. Il Volo strikes again… They are stealing hearts everywhere they go… But my heart was taken six years ago by a curly headed little boy with a great baritone voice… I thought I could not ever fall in love again…But I did … At least I am not fickle, because that little boy with the beautiful face of an angel, curly hair to die for and a perfect baritone voice is all grown up and he captured my heart and soul once again…

    1. Thank you Jeanette for finding this latest concert video of Gianluca! I heard that he was singing Aneme é Core but I could not find it anywhere. OH what a voice and so handsome and dear to me.
      My first encounter was him singing Ave Maria on TLUC and ~~ you said it all above. You and I are in the same boat! Maybe following the same trend as Marie and Loretta! LOL.

  10. Thanks Kelly for an incredible post the boys are just magic to me when they do their concerts. What an beautiful atmosphere they create. Love to watch them.

  11. Thanks Kelly for posting all these videos !! What a magnificent start of their Grande Amore 2015 Concert Tour in their beloved homeland !!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to their concert in Stamford CT !!! They have matured so much in one short year both physically and vocally !! They just simply take my breath away every day !! I should have stayed in Italy all summer so I could go to the concerts !!!!

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