The Trouble Tree ~ Gina

I wish I had the talent for writing then I could have created a soap opera of the daily troubles that come to one during their daily life, but all I can do is forward suggestions of ideas that seem to touch me.

We seem to search for an answer why we are so affected by three young men with “heavenly” voices.

I saw the prose below a few days ago and it hit me that Il Volo in a way is my “Trouble Tree”.

By taking a moment to sit down and listen to their music I get to take time to leave the problems and when I get up and go back to the problem it has greatly diminished.

I am so grateful that three young men decided to try out their luck at a singing competition. That event gave us a great gift.

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trouble tree 2
(Author Anon.)

I am not a ‘gusher’ by nature, but at times something hits me. I and all the people that participate on this site have at times a need for a “Trouble Tree”.


12 thoughts on “The Trouble Tree ~ Gina”

  1. Gina, that was beautiful!! I’ll Remer the trouble tree! You are right on about listening to “THEIR” music! It’s very soothing and some how comforting at times when the world seems so unsettled! Thanks. …dot in Texas….

      1. Gina, you are so right. I spend a lot of time listening to those beautiful voices. When I get lonely or depressed, I put on Il Volo and I am not lonely or depressed anymore. Thanks a lot for the information. I hope they make it to Central Florida this time.
        Alice in Florida.

  2. Lovely story, Gina…thank you! (By the way, my beloved late Mom was from Waco, too!) <3

  3. Dot I have been to New Braunsfels and San Antonio. I think they should come to San Antonio for a concert.
    We moved here in 1998 after 19 years in Lubbock.

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