Il Volo, Italy’s representatives in Vienna scored the overall victory: Their entry Grande Amore, written and composed by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito, won the Best Song category with 25.92% of the vote, and Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca scored a landslide victory in the Best Group voting with 37.13%, the best result ever in this category. Congratulations to Il Volo and to the writers of the song!

In the Best Group category, Italy’s Il Volo cruise to a landslide victory with 37.13% of the vote, the highest ever score in this category. Second place goes to Elina Born & Stig Rästa from Estonia, 18.80% of the listeners voted for them, followed by Norway’s Mørland & Debrah Scarlett in third place (11.44%).


Follow the link to read more and check the full results of the voting…

Thanks for the heads up Laura Badtke.

33 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…..”

  1. Very proud of them, but not surprised, how could they not win. Another achievement and we have to share Il Volo even more.

  2. I voted every day and I’m so very proud. We will have to share even more, but we have been waiting for the rest of the world to see what we knew already. How sad if the world did not ever experience their music. I understand, Gerri, I really do. But it is their time to fly . . . 😇🇮🇹🎼💗

      1. I’m glad we knew them when too, Ladies. Sorry Laura, I know it’s there turn to fly, but I have to agree with Gerri about sharing. Sigh

  3. So happy for them, but whether they win or not, they still are winners to me and many others. My best to il Volo. Jacque

      1. I caught that, Marie! If there’s any sharing going on it’s all three of them! Don’t be selfish!

      2. That is not selfish at all!! When I found the award results where in, right away I went to Marie. I wanted to be first that the Flight Crew posted. And Marie did it. And Marie is sharing with the dimpled one . . .

  4. Geri and Marie, I agree. I only like sharing with the Flight Crew, too. But, sigh, what can we do. The world is our boy’s stage now. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio . congratulations for more honors being heaped on you. I am SO Very Proud of you. But, of course, we on the Flight Crew knew you were winners right from the start!

  5. And you & I can share Ignazio MARIE if you don’t agree then its permanently for me just him & I.

    1. Why is everyone trying to break us up? It get’s harder everyday to keep our relationship going. I’m sure there are guys who are more handsome and can sing better …someplace. Go find that guy, Loretta.

      1. NO WAY I was kind enough the other day when you were feeling down I am playing fair HE’S MINE & ALWAYS HAS BEEN

  6. And you & I can share Ignazio Marie & if you don’t agree then Ignazio will be with me permanently

  7. Hey, I can hear you, Loretta!! Why did I get left out from the Boschetto Battle Royal? There are only two dimples and I’m staking my claim. The rest of you can figure out what you want to do regarding the second one. I think this is fair, right?

  8. Laura, now that Loretta has gone to bed, I will tell you. I let her think she’s claimed him. I’m just kind like that. Plus she’s older and I can run faster. Shhh! Don’t wake her or there will be hell to pay.

    1. Somehow I thought these would be about Il Volo, I guess I was mistaken. Would love to hear more about ILVolo.

  9. Love all your comments!!! We know that these charming young men are the best in the world in anything they do!!! They have worked so hard & deserve every award they receive!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero, I am so proud of your achievements & so happy for you! Since there is no controversy about Gianluca & Piero today, I will take both!! Ha, Ha !!!

  10. I get such a kick out of you guys “fighting” over one or another of the guys. I have to wonder, tho. If I found my teenage granddaughter doing this, would probably ground her. Lol.
    I love all three of them and in my warped mind I try to think of them as three more grandsons. I already have seven and the guys fit right in agewise. Of course, hair and eye color might take some explaining. I’m sure I could come up with something.
    I was very disappointed when the so called jury didn’t put them in first place but I think all those pole confirm what the rest of us have always known.
    Now, the sky is the limit for them and we just have to enjoy their successes. That deserve them all.
    Barb W Arizona

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