15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ And Let the Screaming Commence…UPDATE: SOLD OUT!”

      1. No, Jana, I don’t have any tickets. Waited too long. They are all sold out. Would have loved to go. Thanks for asking.

  1. I heard two of our dear ladies are going to this event. They are trying on outfits to see which will be the best to impress the boys. I told them to please not have a ‘death grip’ on Iganazio and act like ladies.
    In the meantime I AM TURNING GREEN WITH ENVY.

    1. Gina, we have more than just two ladies going. The ones I know so far are about 7-8, and I know that number will prove low. No wonder they sold out so fast. It was only the Detroit PBS that let the word out!

      1. I hope all of you have a great time. Hug the boys for all of us that can not make it.

  2. Oh to be rich… I’d fly to Detroit from Portland in a heartbeat if I only could afford it AND the ticket.
    Instead I’ll be here waiting to hear the reports and see the photos. Eventually I trust my PBS station will have this program….then I will RECORD IT!
    In the meantime….I wait.

  3. OMG!!! Lucky, lucky IlVolovers with a ticket to see this wonderful PBS Special!!! Gianluca told us they were coming soon! I would think I was in Heaven if I could go!!! We will get to see this in Aug so again, we wait!!! Grande Amore!!!

  4. They only had 25 tickets for sale! PBS said they had thought they “would not go very fast because it’s a weekday”!!!!??? They do NOT KNOW IL VOLOvers for sure! They do now!

    1. It’s hard to believe that somebody decided that 25 tickets would be enough. They obviously don’t follow this site,or any other fan sites for that matter! And, if they were sold by the pair, basic arithmetic would be helpful (25/2=12.5). What happened to the .5???

  5. Everyone here has been alerted that I wont be available in Aug. when the concert is broadcast. I listened to Piero sing E Lucevan le Stelle from Sweden. It was beyond belief.

  6. Wish I could go too. I have miles saved so I can go to a concert. I wonder how much tickets will be, I’ve always paid around $300 in the past. Doesn’t really matter, I’ll go and I’m sure I’ll see some Flight Crew

  7. Gerri from what I read on Il Volo Mundial the tickets for the dinner & Meet & Greet & whatever after was $500. Is that why you are going to Detroit Marie you got a couple of tickets? Nice to be rich

  8. I seriously doubt this means they only had 25 seats to sell. I bet some of these seats were either given to special sponsors or were specially sold

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