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Il Volo Professional ~~ Sharon Stone Charity Gala Part 2

All the professional dealings of Il Volo



They’ve made their rounds on Facebook, but here are some more pictures from the Sharon Stone Gala at the Grand Hotel des Bain, St. Moritz Switzerland.



Kempinski Grand des Bain; Top Hotels in Switzerland




Planet Hope Facebook Page 

Planet Home Website





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~~ Kelly

Notte Magica! The Euro Tour Begins! April 24, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland!

Ciao a tutti!

First off, I’d like to wish all of the “Administrative Professionals” in the United States and other parts of the world that recognize “Admin’s Week/Day” – including us on this site, a heartfelt thank you for “all that you do!”  This also includes Barbara Vitali, although technically “Road Manager,” she has the most important administrative position there is to our guys, making sure their schedules and calendars are always on track, among many other things, I’m sure!  (ever notice how the admins get a whole week and the bosses just one day?  We are clearly more important!) 🙂  Ok, on with the show! 

nottemagica header

While the United States is still a bit starstruck with the guys having been here for the month of March, the magic has now moved on to the starry, night skies of Europe, beginning with Zurich, Switzerland!  A lovely picture posted by Il Volo Music FaceBook page…Zurich

The guys, after close to a three-week rest, lit up the night and the stage once again, to commence their European tour.  Their voices impeccable; their dress, varied blue/gray suits and ties.  Their eyes bright and shiny, and everything as perfect as always.  They once again teamed up with Maestro Diego Basso, who accompanied them on most of their USA tour last year, as well as several of their other performances.  I’m sure Joseph Modica is missing the guys right now!  🙂

Although not travelling to the Netherlands, they will be close to them while in Brussels, Belgium and Düsseldorf, Germany.  Like the famous painting of Van Gogh, “Oh Starry Night…,”  Ilvolover’s minds will be spinning like the stars in the picture, starry nightafter having seen them.  Especially those that will be able to meet them in person this time.  There were about 24 lucky persons that had meet/greets for the Zurich concert.  Here is the link to the OMGVIP site!  https://www.omgvip.com/il-volo-april-24-2017/  Look at those happy and smiling faces!  🙂

Here is also a link to some professional pictures by Kaul….  http://www.mkaul.ch/gallery.php?mode=gallery&id=247&page=1

Also, thank you to FaceBook and lemammeilvolovers, we have a nice link to you tube of about the first 35 minutes of their concert, including their 3 solos, along with their Ave Maria, for your viewing and listening pleasure!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3uL3ZelCvg


Well, hang in there guys, only 31 more concerts to go!  Next stop Brussels! (a nice Instagram photo from Il Volo Italian Fan Club from Zurich)

Get your tickets!  Remember there are 2 for sale for the June 1 Taormina concert!!

Ciao, a presto!



Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo European Tour 2016: Luzern



Next stop… Luzern, Switzerland.




Il Volo New CD
Il Volo New CD




L’amore si muove



Photos: Il Volo – European Tour 2016 / Lucerna ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook



Mix of songs, Dj Salvi concerto Il Volo Lucerna 2016





Photos: II Volo #EuropeanTour2016 – Luzern (Svizzera) – 23/05/2016 ~~ Il Volo Bolonga Fan Club



My way




Photos: European Tour 2016 May 23 #Switzerland ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook




Having fun…



More from Luzern Switzerland, here

Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins; Locarno and Assisi


Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook

Hey Everyone!

The Il Volo Tour 2015 has kicked off with a concert in Locarno, Switzerland, and it seems like the audience was completely smitten — as we already knew they would be.  You can’t see Il Volo in concert and not fall in love.  Well, I supposed you can, but then you’re probably on the wrong website.  You’re welcome to stay around while we shamelessly try to change your mind.      😉

Their visit to Locarno was followed by a fundraising appearance in Assisi.  Since they came right on top of each other, I included them both.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly




Il Volo Enchanted the People in Locarno, Switzerland  ~~ All About Il Volo



from Luan B.



Il Volo Report and Interview in Locarno Ticionline ~~ All About Il Volo




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Locarna Photo Album by Simone Cossa ~~ Simone Cossa Facebook; LiJoy



Beautiful Day

from Il Volo Abruzzo




Maurizio Lollini Facebook
Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Il Volo Con Il Cuore nel nome di Francesco Assisi  ~~  All About Il Volo (includes video)


Maurizio Lollini Facebook


Maurizio Lollini Con Il Cuore Photo Album ~~ Maurizio Lollini Facebook



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Il Volo Interview in Assisi  ~~ All About Il Volo



Piero on Periscope



gg3952805A Greeting From Ignazio