The European tour has begun.
First stop:

7 September= SWITZERLAND: Zurich.

Here are some videos of the evening.


Gianluca: ANGELS


MISERERE Piero and Ignazio

Ignazio: MY HEART WILL GO ON (Ignazio’s presentation is very funny)

(at first he addresses someone in the audience)
I didn’t understand what you said, but that’s fine anyway.
So there’s one scene in particular from this movie (Titanic), when they’re in the car and leave all their fingerprints everywhere……I was 6 years old when I saw it for the first time and so it really stuck with me (laughter ) and I said: “One day I’ll sing it.”
But they put this song as the soundtrack to when Rose gets like this (he opens his arms wide) and says: “Jack I’ll throw myself”…….no, no I’ll throw you!! (laughs) 😁😁😁 MY HEART WILL GO ON.





HERE’S TO YOU  (Gianluca greets his relatives who live in Switzerland and have come to see him) 

My friend Cinzia, who is also one of the administrators of the Facebook page LE MAMME IL VOLOVERS, was present in Zurich and wrote this nice comment:
“I’m still under the influence of the emotions I felt last night.
They made us dream, excited, entertained and they too had a lot of fun.
Despite the size of the location, they were able to create a friendly, almost family-like atmosphere. These three guys are a constant surprise.
Thank you very much, once again, for the beautiful evening, for making us laugh but above all emotional.” ❤❤❤


The boys before the concert.



O SOLE MIO – Click Here



MP PUEDE SER – Click Here


Ignazio and our friend Alicija 
I would say that the European tour got off to a great start, not only because there was a wonderful response from the public, but also because, despite the numerous commitments before the tour, I see Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio really relaxed and happy. It’s true that they love this “job” but it’s also true that having an enthusiastic audience that loves you…is priceless!!
Daniela  🤗😁


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

28 thoughts on “EUROPEAN TOUR: ZURICH AND VARNA by Daniela”

  1. Wonderful , I love you Il Volo 💗💗
    Thank you for sharing your magic with us!
    I do have a question- why does Gianluca change his suit to white when the other men don’t?

    1. Sheila, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca all start dressed in the same way, then at a certain point, everyone starts the solo songs and everyone dresses as they want. Gianluca wears a white dress, Piero wears an evening dress, as he sings opera, Ignazio, when it’s his turn, wears a leather jacket. Each one demonstrates their particularity in different individual songs and also wears a different dress, perhaps to underline that they are three personalities who then unite in a group.

      1. That makes sense ! Thank you
        They are different personalities for sure!
        I silently wonder if they may tour less as their individual interests take some more of their time! These tours must be gruelling!
        They just need to have a stop in Canada 🇨🇦 for sure!

  2. They are just beautiful when I saw them last year Atlantic City they left me speechless for 2 days I couldn’t believe I was there can’t wait for them to come back maybe then I can talk lol 🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕

    1. They’ll be back Nilda, be patient. When you listen to them, they enter your heart, when you see them, you always want to be there to see them……..they are addictive!!

  3. Thank you for this. I was also wondering about the white suit. I appreciate the insights that you have. I could not open all of the music and I’m checking into why that happened. We all love these emails. Every time I get one I don’t know how to thank you for all the time you put in to support the boys and all of their fans. Hugs!

  4. Fantastic ladies! Thank you for these great videos and for the translation of Cinzia’s impression of the evening…lucky lady getting to see the show!💖💖💖💛🩵🩷💜🎼🎶🙏🏻🤗🤗

    1. You’re right Carol, Cinzia is lucky, in fact I have to tell you that she took part in many concerts this year, lucky her!

  5. Isso mesmo Daniela, eles são viciantes. E o trabalho de vocês, como sempre, maravilhoso! Estou ansiosa para saber qual mês dos concertos de Verona em 2024.
    Dalva Nunes

    1. É verdade Dalva, eles nem nos fazem dormir, mas muitas vezes nos fazem sonhar.
      Só espero que dessa vez não chova em Verona!!

    1. Morris, have you noticed that their songs vary depending on where they perform?
      They are not always the same, they have to understand which songs that audience likes and by changing countries, the audience’s tastes change. They said they’re writing new songs, I want to hear them.

  6. I understand what you mean, Sunny, but it was the songs they’ve been singing for nearly 15 years that got us hooked!!

    I like some of them more than others but will never tire of hearing their glorious voices. As they mature, they’ll make more songs their individual choices. May they never stop singing!!! Hugs, Dol.

    1. Exactly Dolores, many people want to hear their usual songs, in an interview they said that sometimes they don’t want to sing “O sole mio” or “Grande Amore”, but they are part of their history.

      1. The picture of Gianluca walking into the Athens location and they had to have a picture taken , I thought Gianluca (actually all of them ) looked exhausted and like lost soles! We need to understand the pressure we as fans put on them to perform night after night singing the same songs is unimaginable!! Of course if They would like a couple of nights off, they could hide at my place and they wouldn’t need to sing!
        Just my sense of humour, after all I’m Canadian and I have never seen them in person ❤️🥰🇨🇦

  7. Thank-you again Pat and Daniela for putting this together, especially for the translations. Your articles that follow their tours are always so interesting. I am happy that their tour (or is it tourS?) continues to be so successful! -Amy

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