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So I promised you to continue with the translation of the RTL 102.5 interview, but these three young men: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, didn’t stop for a moment!!!
Let’s go in order:

Thursday 14 September

Private event in Rome, in the beautiful Villa Aurelia, organized by the VIP travel agency: I.D.I. TRAVER SRL.
There aren’t many videos or photos, but from that little we see a very beautiful location and a very elegant audience.



Friday 15 September

New program on RAI 1 hosted by Bruno Vespa, entitled “5 minutes”.
Short but really nice interview, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca happy and relaxed, important news from Piero!!!
We’ve been missing “Uncle Bruno” interviews for a long time!!  😉
PIERO= Hi Bruno, we wanted to greet you and congratulate you on the new program.
GIANLUCA= We just returned from the tour in South America.
IGNAZIO= Do you have 5 minutes? (paraphrasing the show title) Just to tell you what happened.
GIANLUCA= So we’ll tell you everything.
PIERO= See you soon.
VESPA= And here they are:
Piero Barone, tenor 30 years old Agrigento.
Ignazio Boschetto, 29 years old, Marsala/Bologna
Gianluca Ginoble 28 years old, Roseto Degli Abruzzi, only boyfriend.
GIANLUCA= Abruzzo like you.
VESPA= Like me. The other two womanizers. 😁😁
VESPA= I said it on purpose.
What have you done?
PIERO= Many things, we promised you our presence, we came to wish you a good season.
VESPA = And happy tour to you, because you never stop, now a minimum of stasis and then you start again.
PIERO= We leave in two days for this 2-month European tour. We are happy because we will sing in cities we have never been to, in Greece, we will also sing in Prague. We are happy because next year we will celebrate 15 years of our career…….
VESPA= ……speaking of career, when Antonella Clerici took you on TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE you were fifteen years old, and immediately had an extraordinary success in America, but in Italy no one knew you, so much so that 10 years ago, on 17 December 2013, you made your television debut here. Let’s see it. (a short video of that evening in 2013 appears)
GIANLUCA= The incredible thing is that we were older then than we are today, we have gotten younger over time.
VESPA= So, you went to Sanremo essentially to make yourself known to the general public.
PIERO= We went to Sanremo thanks to you.
GIANLUCA= Let’s say that you were one of the first to believe in us, before the Italian success, let’s say, because it all started with talent…..
VESPA= There was a song called Grande…. how does he do it? 😁
PIERO= (he mentions a refrain from Grande Amore a cappella)
VESPA= But did you know that you don’t sing badly? 😁😁😁
IGNAZIO= Let’s try.
PIERO= The public should know that we were undecided whether to go to Sanremo or not for that song, (Grande Amore) you listened to that song and said: “You have nothing to lose, go!”
VESPA= In fact, all you had to do was win!
Then the great duets began in America, Domingo, Anastacia, Barbra Streisand, then Ramazzotti and then remember Woody Allen? When we met him in New York.
IGNAZIO= Absolutely.
(a video starts that summarizes all those moments)
VESPA= How much fun we had in America.
So you have returned to Italy for the first time from a theatre, the Arcimboldi, a glorious theatre, among other things the general public got to know it when during the restoration of the street, La Scala moved there. Sold out, there you are.
IGNAZIO= It was a wonderful experience, arriving in Italian theaters for the first time. We knew Arcimboldi from other television programs, having close contact with the public in Italy, having them close in a more intimate environment, was very interesting and beautiful.
VESPA= Sold out.
IGNAZIO= For 6 concerts…..
VESPA= Listen, but you also wrote the soundtrack…
IGNAZIO= By Makari, it was beautiful, it was interesting, I like the composition and therefore it is small satisfactions that unite us.
VESPA= (he turns to Piero) And do you remember when we sat in the seats at the Metropolitan?
VESPA= Your dream was to go there.
Right? Is he left? Are you growing it?
PIERO= It’s my goal.
And the most important thing is to persevere.
VESPA= How old?
PIERO= I believe and hope by 30. I have just turned 30, by the end of the year (by June 2024) I hope it happens.
IGNAZIO= I hope you reserve a place for me….
PIERO= No, not at the Metropolitan, debut with opera….
VESPA= Where, where….
PIERO= Let’s hope, I can’t say because we are still in the preliminary phase…
VESPA= Role, role??
PIERO= I hope for TRAVIATA, Alfredo!! ☺
VESPA= Ah, let’s start high…..and you boy (to Gianluca)
GIANLUCA= For me the objective of Il Volo is always the main one, then, who knows, then we’ll see, we are united and we are strong together.
IGNAZIO= However, if I may, I don’t know how much time we have, we want to thank you, because in these years you have given us fundamental support, especially in 2015, where you encouraged us to participate in Sanremo, because you were the first to say that We had nothing to lose anyway….
PIERO= …. and in 2013 to believe in us…
IGNAZIO= And then we want to wish you a good season, great success and lots of fun…
VESPA= You guys too! Good luck.
PIERO= Thank you.
VESPA= Are you going to Sanremo this year??
PIERO= Amadeus!!
IGNAZIO = Ama, Ama…..
GIANLUCA= Hi Amadeus!
VESPA= Hi Ama, are you taking them to Sanremo??
(with these sentences, it seems that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca want to say that the decision is up to Amadeus who is the artistic director of Sanremo and who decides who the competitors will be, so the three of them could have even proposed themselves). 😉

Saturday 16 September

Il Volo will be one of the guests scheduled for the evening at the Arena organized by TIM MUSIC AWARDS.
The evening was supposed to be live on RAI 1 but, due to the final volleyball match between Poland and Italy for the European Championships, the evening takes place on Saturday evening in the Arena and is broadcast on Sunday 17th on Rai 1.
Even if a big secret surrounded the evening, during the afternoon rehearsals it transpired that Il Volo will open the evening with the beautiful Hallelujah.
……..but it won’t be the only song.

TIM Music Awards – Click Here

(Il Volo opens the evening, without introduction and with a truly engaging Halleluja, then the presenters enter, Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada)

CONTI= What a start!!!
VANESSA= Oh my goodness, we’re off to a great start here at the Tim Music Awards.
CONTI= Il Volo
VANESSA = With these three handsome boys.
CONTI= What a show (greetings)

VANESSA = What gentlemen
PIERO= Good evening Verona, good evening everyone.
IGNAZIO= It’s nothing new that I have a weakness for…. (Vanessa)
CONTI= What a start, what a powerful start.
Lights, crazy atmosphere, thanks also to your voice, the orchestra and the audience of the Verona Arena, in this magnificent place that you know well.
VANESSA= Next year 15 years of career.
IGNAZIO= Yes, let’s say we are getting older too.
VANESSA= All of us, me too.
IGNAZIO= Time passes for us too, we had a lot of fun.
CONTI= You will celebrate in the best way, the Arena is your home, we will be waiting for you soon, because we will see you again.
IGNAZIO= See you later.
PIERO= See you later (Il Volo exits)
VANESSA= What a great start.
CONTI= We started off great.
VANESSA= Yes, great.
(At this point the evening continues with many other singers. The video resumes with the mid-evening performance of Il Volo. There are three solo moments, the first is Ignazio performing from the royal stage with AT LEAST YOU IN THE UNIVERSE.
The second is Gianluca with ANGELS sung among the audience.
The third is Piero with E LUCEAN LE STELLE from the stage. At the end all three reunite with a short chorus of Grande Amore.)
VANESSA= They opened the evening of this TIM MUSIC AWARDS and obviously now they return to this stage. I, Carlo, would define them as the 3 musketeers of Italian music.
CONTI= Three unique, extraordinary voices, who are loved and known throughout the world, and truly perform with the same success not only in Italy, but from Japan to the United States, on the 5 continents, everywhere.
VANESSA= They are: Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
CONTI= Il Volo.
IGNAZIO= Arena, let’s turn on all the flashes (start the 3  pieces of solos followed by Grande Amore – applause) 
CONTI= Il Volo!
VANESSA= I love this song so much. (Vanessa sings the chorus of the song) Here we are again.
CONTI= It seems like yesterday, you know that they won Sanremo, my first Sanremo in 2015…..I said:
“The Sanremo Festival wins with Grande Amore Il Volo”, it was 2015.
VANESSA= And look where they are now!
So, 2 million records, 1 billion views, millions of subscribers on the YouTube channel. What else do you want?
PIERO= But they are fake numbers come on…..
VANESSA+CONTI= But how are these fake numbers?
PIERO= But yes you said random numbers (piero is ironic, because these are the responses of certain young people or the press when they talk about Il Volo).
VANESSA= Yes, in fact they came to mind like this now. (Vanessa supports Piero’s game, because it is logical that she gives real news).
CONTI= Let’s do one thing, let’s move this way, so the masters (orchestra) whom I greet and thank, can leave.
IGNAZIO= The orchestra of Franciacorta ( a country  very close to my home)
PIERO= Carlo, Vanessa, can we tell you something very important for us?
VANESSA= Tell me, tell me, sure.
PIERO= We can’t say the day yet, but next spring we will have 3 big events here at the Verona Arena, the ALL FOR ONE concept, three big events where every evening there will be 10 guests…
CONTI= With you?
PIERO= Yes, here at the Verona Arena. So we are really happy to announce this event.
VANESSA= But it’s a scoop.
GIANLUCA= But then next year will be a year of great celebrations because we are celebrating 15 years of career.
VANESSA= Exactly, as I said before.
GIANLUCA= Exactly.
IGNAZIO= We will also have Carlo Conti as a guest who will sing with us for the first time.
CONTI= Sure, I guarantee it. All for One is a bit like your life philosophy.
IGNAZIO= Absolutely, we grew up together, it’s been 15 years now, unfortunately we’ve been together…. no, I’m joking!! (laughs) We have been together for 15 years and we really know each other better than our brothers, and sharing our music together, but above all with you (the audience), which in the end is thanks to all of you if we are here, so we are very grateful to our public and to the people who have followed us since day one. And in April 2024 he will even tour Japan.
CONTI= Here are the prizes for you, a prestigious prize, the ARENA DI VERONA prize with this motivation:
GIANLUCA= Thank you
IGNAZIO= Thanks everyone.
PIERO= Thanks Verona.
(The DIVA award is given to them)
VANESSA= They are well deserved, good luck, see you next year.
PIERO= See you next spring, thanks everyone!
IGNAZIO= Thank you very much Verona!
VANESSA= Good evening.
PIERO= Thanks to all of you, have a good evening. (final greetings)

IGNAZIO= Hi guys, we are Il Volo.
PIERO= To all the friends of RAI Radio 2….
GIANLUCA = ???? ( He didn’t remember the phrase to say) 😁😁😁
IGNAZIO+PIERO and then GIANLUCA= We send a big hello!!

Rai Radio 2 interview with Il Volo and LaMario

LAMARIO= I remember when I saw you for the first time, I was younger too, but you were obviously children and now I find them again: grown up, cool, successful…..oh how beautiful life is!
IGNAZIO= Cool… I would be slow to say it….but…
LAMARIO= But it’s like this….
PIERO= Established yourself, but I wouldn’t say it…
GIANLUCA= Sweaty tonight…
IGNAZIO= We were lucky enough to do in life what we like, our passion, and it’s nice to grow together, 15 years have passed…
PIERO= We can say that we are privileged.
LAMARIO= I really like this consideration, but sorry, can you tell me the story of the Korean band? Because I’ve read it, but I’d like to hear it from you
IGNAZIO= We too saw it on social media.
LAMARIO= But they didn’t warn you?
LAMARIO= They didn’t even have the good heart to send you their piece for you to listen to?
PIERO= But they are strong. They are very strong, right Ignazio?
GIANLUCA= Ignazio didn’t like it very much…
IGNAZIO= No, why?
PIERO= I have to tell you that I like the Korean version of Ignazio, I prefer it. (laughter, Ignazio tries to make some Korean sounds)
I’d say it was a very intense weekend and the award at the Tim Music Awards was truly deserved. 
And what about the news that Piero will soon be making an entire opera, fantastic!
And now off to Zurich immediately, the concerts begin!!
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. I love reading your posts and I always feel I want to let you see that I do read and follow “The Flight Crew”. If only, instead of taking his daughter to Amsterdam to see some group he recently took her to Boston to see, he’d take me to Italy to see Il Volo live. At 80 years of age I have few things I have on my bucket list. Three things in fact. To see Il Volo live, to see Il Divo live and to experience Scotland the home of my Mother’s ancestors.
    But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it won’t happen. In May I was rushed to hospital with “a complete heart block”. I told the doctor that I had no intention of dying just yet because I had things still to do. He listened and scheduled a pacemaker, but it was a Saturday and he didn’t have surgery until Monday so he arranged for me to get a temporary pacemaker on Saturday night and then put in the permanent pacemaker on Monday and I was released on Tuesday. On Saturday my heart rate dropped to 30 bpm and it was evident I wouldn’t last to Monday so I got the temporary pacemaker for the weekend. It’s amazing how fast I felt better!
    I’m much better now but I still have issues with walking any distance…weak leg muscles. If I could get to see the boys I would fix that! But my son wasn’t encouraging when I mentioned it.🥺
    So I gave you these details so you’d understand why I spend so much time watching them on YouTube. I even found they already had recorded the beautiful, “Be My Love”. Trying to get the service to replay it for me is harder. Maybe my son will let me buy Musica so I can hear it whenever I want.
    I guess you could say that that song was sung by my first Italian crush, Mario Lanza. He died so young!
    So the guys are full on with their Fifteenth anniversary celebration. That’s great news.
    Sorry for rambling. Give the guys my best wishes for continued success. And birthday greetings to Ignazio!🎂

    1. Oh Muriel! I am glad you got your heart taken care of. I truly hope you can one day see our guys live. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 😊 I have only seen them once in Chicago back in 2016. I was supposed to go to Las Vegas in 2020 to see them for my 65th birthday but it was cancelled. Broke my heart. When they last toured the U.S. I was having neck and back surgeries. But I will see them again hopefully soon. Big hugs to you! 🤗🧡

    2. Hi Muriel, write without any problems, I’m happy to know that you read it and that you liked it.
      I hope with all my heart that you can fulfill your wishes, and please, you have to tell that slightly crazy heart of yours to be quiet, that you have to see Il Volo.
      A big hug to you and listen to the beautiful Be My Love!!

  2. Thank you for the translations Daniela. It was nice to see them get the award for the Verona concerts. They sure are busy, even into 2024. I hope that they will be able to come to the United States sometime next year. I have to say that Ignazio was even more handsome than usual with his new look.

    1. Yes Cathy, it was nice to see them rewarded and with a special prize. I hope they can come to you next year. I agree Ignazio’s new look suits him a lot.

  3. To my dear Daniela and Pat, all I can say is the more you give the more all of us fans hope to have! Your posts keep getting more wonderful with each one! Our three guys…boys to men never disappoint and thanks to you two and Susan we don’t miss much!
    I’m with Muriel, I’m 80 in February and lots left on my bucket list,…..IlVOLO in America, IL VOLO in Italy (. Verona and Taromina…specifically,!) atrip with my kids and grandchildren to Italy, especially Sicily because they haven’t been to the place that their great grandparents are from…those are at the top of my list!……oh and meeting our guys to give them all hugs and a kiss…GG is my favorite but hey I love all three!
    Great post, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m hoping someday to meet both of you and lots of other fans…we all have so much in common!
    With gratitude and love, Carol💖💖💖🤗😘🎼🎶🎤🇺🇸🇮🇹☮️🩷🩵💜💛

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Carol. Daniela is doing a great job keeping track of the guys who continue to move at lightning speed! It is also my dream to see the guys in Italy and to meet Daniela! Probably in Verona, although I’d also love to go to Taormina! I’d love to meet you too! 🧡😊

    2. Carol, I imagine you already here in Sicily revisiting the lands of your great-grandparents.
      Thanks for the nice compliments and I have to tell you that this time we are late with the publications because our page had been blocked, but now everything seems fine, let’s catch up on the latest European concerts immediately!

  4. This was such a delightful post, Daniela and Pat–many thanks, as always! And we’re bustin’ our buttons–so proud of our guys again. What a great idea–the staging of the guys at Verona in three different places for their solos. And such great response from the audience! Terrific news about the three upcoming Verona concerts, and I’m eager to hear more about Piero’s news too.

    1. Judi, it was nice to see them in the Arena for this award, and they were able to demonstrate their singing skills even to those who don’t always follow them like us.

  5. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat. So many good news and thanks to you we can stay up to date with the latest news. You’re doing a really good job and that’s so much work. I would love to to be in Verona next year, would be wonderful, at least for one concert. I hope it will be possible and maybe we could meet again and maybe some other fans. Oh, I was daydreaming😉.

    1. Jolanta, I have a vague feeling that next year in Verona there will be a large gathering from all over the world. Let’s hope the weather is nice though and not like this year!! I want to enjoy the show and clap my hands and not keep everything under a poncho because of the pouring rain!

  6. You’re welcome, Jolanta!! I also would like to be in Verona next year. it would be so great to meet you and all the other Flight Crew members there! 😊

  7. Again – thanks Daniela and Pat for yet a great update on our beloved guys. I didn’t know about the private concert – did sure look classy. I wish I would win the grand lottery, and I could arrange for a private concert for me and my fellow Il Volo-friends. LOL. Dreams.
    But reading the translations of the interviews were really interesting and good news! Loved to learn that Piero has a genuine opera performance in the making – albeit not at La Scala but rather at the Metropolitan in New York. What is not to like? I hope for him that his dream will come true but, honestly, I do also fear a bit what the concequences of same could be…. I do hope he will stay put with his IL VOLO brothers and not split out one day soon.
    The upcoming 3 “Tutti per Uno” concerts for spring 2024 is also great news. Especially now we know what the concept of these concerts are like. I would love to be able to fly to Verona and experience one or more of them again – and yes, as Jolanda and more of you mention – and to meet up with a lot of other Flight Crew members too, Let’s see what dates will come up…
    Warm greetings from Denmark – Kirsten

    1. Hi Kirsten, the news that Piero will do an entire opera was really fantastic, he’s always said it, but now there’s confirmation that they’re already making the arrangements. I think it will be here in Italy, but we will know everything calmly.
      I’m happy that from what you read you were able to get news that you hadn’t read……a private concert, it would certainly be wonderful, I hope you’ll invite me!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Outro post maravilhoso! Obrigada por nos manter tão bem informados sobre os nossos rapazes. Também tenho um sonho de ver o Il Volo na Arena de Verona. Em maio do proximo ano irei à Itália. Quem sabe, não será desta vez?

    1. Excelente Dalva, como eu disse, ano que vem vai ter um grande fanmeeting em Verona, estaremos todos lá para eles e para nos conhecermos. Mas agora vamos aproveitar os seus concertos europeus!

  9. Daniela & Pat – the people who write comments to you have a genuine love for you – you both have an amazing ability to connect with people in the nicest way – plus you go to great lengths to make sure we know what is going on with our beloved Boys – this note is to let you know of the appreciation we all have for you & our Boys – one small thing that is making me anxious- I know Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca have a full-on concert at the Acropolis Amphitheater in Athens – I wonder if YouTube will upload this event so as we can all have the benefit of seeing it – would you know anything?? – love you girls – have a good week.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jude! We do it all out of love! 🧡💕💖 I personally don’t know anything about being able to view the Athens concert. Maybe Daniela will have heard something? Hugs to you and you have a wonderful week! 😘

    2. Jude, thank you so much for the compliments, much appreciated.
      It is our concern to ensure that any news from Il Volo does not escape to you on the other side of the world. This time we had problems, because the page was blocked, but now everything seems to be ok.
      We will try to give you a very comprehensive article about concerts in Greece.

  10. Finally got around to watching the videos and must agree with the ladies who mentioned Igna’s new look! Now you can see the dimples which were very evident at the beginning of his career, before beard, etc. Such a lovely man!

    The Italian Travel agents will certainly expose their travel clients to more of Il Volo, I’m sure. I remember on my trip to Sicily the tour lady on the bus was playing CDs of Italian singers, not Il Volo, so when I got home I sent her a CD of our boys (at that time, 2012) to play instead on her next bus tours. Hope she enjoyed being introduced to them!

    The last note of Hallelujah is spectacular! And, Gian’s rendition of Angels was so clear and pure!!
    Piero introduced all the young persons at the concert to opera, and then very cleverly morphed into Grande Amore with Gian & Igna.

    The close-ups of all three were beautiful!!!

    Thanks for sending us this terrific posting, Patti & Daniela.
    Many hugs, Dol.

  11. I agree with everything you wrote Dolores, and what can I say, you were very good at sending an Il Volo CD to that travel agency.
    What we wouldn’t do for our sweet boys.
    Ignazio looks great like this!

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