Updates on our boys.


He obtained his superior diploma.

Here he is photographed with his teachers who have written really nice words about our dear Piero.

Waiting 01

Istituto Tecnico “Federico II di Svevia” – Naro – AG

As many as 32 students have reached matriculation at our Institute this year.

Among them, also Piero Barone, tenor of the trio of “Il Volo”, who showed his brilliant preparation, supported by a fine and lively intelligence, combined with a spontaneous and enviable simplicity.

Already a student of our Institute, Piero had to abandon his studies to devote himself to the preparation in the singing art that led him to deserved international successes, which did not upset his character honesty and sincerity of mind.

Both the students and the commissioners were happy, as well as proud, to have carried out the operations of the state exams together with the famous young tenor Narese (from Naro).

Waiting 02

Congratulations Piero, we had no doubt . . . but to see you so happy and to read these beautiful words about you, makes us especially happy!

Piero can now relax happily at the sea and in his Naro . . . and indeed, here, at Naro, he met the beautiful American ladies who are doing the tour of Sicily.

Piero was photographed by the good Suzana Gutierrez of AAIV.

Waiting 03

Waiting 04

But who do I see in the front row ????

Our ROSE MARIE PALIOBEIS, wow wow ….. how wonderful, a coffee with the company of Piero! We envy you a lot, Rose, no indeed, we are very happy for you!!


Even our Gianluca got a good result, his driving license.

He bought a small Smart Cabrio car, now he can reach the beach of Roseto, whenever he wants. Surely, will be very happy with this result, even Mr. Ercole!!

Waiting 05

And here is Gianluca, happy driving his car.

Always very nice, our Gianluca !!

Waiting 06

Congratulations Gianluca, you too have reached a good goal, your longed-for driving license.


As usual, of Piero and Gianluca everything is discovered, while instead, Ignazio leaves no trace of himself.

In this photo, this girl met him while he was taking a flight (nice pun), but where was he going?

Waiting 07

Surely in his beautiful Sicily.

But when he arrives in Sicily, Ignazio becomes invisible.

This video, posted by him, makes us understand that he is in Favignana, the beautiful island in front of the coast between Trapani and Marsala.

Certainly he went to relax, in complete tranquility, before facing the concerts.

Let’s imagine it like this, just like when he was in Lampedusa, only on the rocks looking at the sea.

Waiting 08

Ok Ignazio, we respect your privacy, but sometimes show where you are, otherwise we are worried about you.

Ok, guys, holidays is enough, it’s time for concerts, it’s better if you come back to start the rehearsals.

Waiting 09

Waiting 10

And here is Ignazio and Piero on the streets of Bologna.

See you soon guys! 🙂


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


13 thoughts on “WAITING FOR THE CONCERTS by Daniela”

  1. Hi everyone, I was happy and surprised to see the group photo when I checked The Crew this morning. In the group photo to the left is Piero’s good friend Dario Mirabile, the organizer of our tour to Naro and Agrigento. He did a wonderful job of keeping us busy for 8 days, his tour is called Tournaru if anyone is interested. Then there are the ladies whose company I had the pleasure of being with, Wendy, Suzana and Joanie. Needless to say, this was one of “The Best Day of My Life” days. Thanks Daniela, tomorrow is your big day and we will all be there in spirit!

    1. Hi Rose Marie. LIke Daniela I would love to have a more detailed report of your trip to Naro. So lucky to have a relaxed coffee date with Piero and Dario. Question: I wanted more information on this trip and emailed twice to info@tournaru.it and never received any kind of reply. Is this the resource you used to contact Dario? is there some other way to find out if there will be future tours like yours? Thanks in advance if you can help me out with this.

      1. See Janet that I’m right, I want the details of the meetings of RoseMarie with Piero.

        As for the tour information, it’s best that you always give it to Rose, but I think your e-mail address is right.

    2. What a lovely way to see Sicily Rose Marie! To have Piero’s good friend Dario organizing your trip and then to have Piero visit with you had to be a wonderful experience. I don’t think a vacation can get any better than that!

  2. Dear RoseMarie, do not think to please us, with so few words, we await your report on this trip.
    Tomorrow …… help, my concert anxiety is growing!

    1. Hello Rose Marie!…. yes, i too am so very eager for your juicy details!
      and i too, would love love love to have lunch in such fine company….!

  3. Daniela and Pat, thank you for keeping us posted on our guys. now looking forward to your report on the concert you will be attending tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.

    1. Janet, tomorrow at this time, I will be sitting in the second row listening to our guys and I will also use your eyes and your ears.

  4. is there a list of venues for the forthcoming concerts. are we going to see the boys in England this year? missing them and the excitement they generate on stage. x  x  xLynda Johnson BromboroughEngland

    1. Unfortunately no, Lynda, for now we only know that at the end of July they are in Montecarlo and then they go to Poland.

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