And after only one day, here we are in Codroipo, at Villa Manin for the second concert.

We start with the souncheck.

Codroipo 01

Codroipo 02

Codroipo 03

Codroipo 04

Codroipo 05

After the soundcheck a relaxation in the backstage ……. but what do I see ??? Ignazio’s hair is back smooth ??? Much better in my opinion. 🙂

The guys are ready to climb the stage, Ignazio complains about big flies.

And here are two amateur videos.



Codroipo 06

Codroipo 07

Codroipo 08

But Ignazio is very beautiful tonight!! 😍

And now, LIBIAMO NEI LIETI CALICI, this time Gianluca perfectly remembers the verses. 😄

Codroipo 09

Codroipo 10

Codroipo 11

Codroipo 12

Codroipo 13

How beautiful is Villa Manin!!

The boys are accompanied by the Venetian Philharmonic Orchestra, which has released this message:

“With great emotion we announce that tonight we will climb again on the stage with IL Volo. It will be the first of three dates.”

And here we come to GRANDE AMORE !!




Codroipo 15

Codroipo 14

I would say that everything went very well, the audience was happy.

The next concert is Marostica, and I’ll be there too.

Arrivo a Marostica !!! (Marostica arrival !!!)


Credit to owners of photos and videos.

20 thoughts on “IL VOLO TO CODROIPO by Daniela”

  1. When I was in Sicily 2012 no one there knew who I was talking about. I am so happy that Italy now knows what a wonderful gift God has given them in thes wonderful voices of these young men

  2. Oh no!! I like Ignazio’s curly hair. Of course any hair style he chooses I like. How ‘bout just for the summer!

    1. Sharon, I like curly, only for the moments that is at the beach, in relax, but last night at the concert he was amazing with his straight hair !!

      1. Your right. He is amazing. As is Piero and Gianluca. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us informed. Especially the pictures, they make my day. Such a pleasure.

  3. Thank you so much, Daniela and Pat for these wonderful, happy concert videos. The boys look very joyful and comfortable being back on stage pleasing their audiences!!! ☺ Of course, they are So handsome and looking refreshed from time home with family and friends. Grazie, Grazie!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Harriet, they are happy to be in concert again, but we are even more so. How could we stay a whole year without their fabulous concerts?
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. Daniela. Once again we are grateful to you for all the pieces of information on the boys. Any bits and pieces makes us feel we are there with you. Enjoy everything. And thank you sharing so much.

    1. Thanks Victoria, the Marostica concert was wonderful, I hope to make you a good relationship.

      1. Daniela, we are with you in spirit and how wonderful it is that you are sharing all these videos, pictures, and comments with us. We are all so grateful that you are taking us with you on this wonderful journey through the recent concerts. Bless you for all your time and effort in keeping us informed.


  6. Grazie Mille Loretta, I am sure that the details I will give you on the beautiful concert of Marostica will please you.

  7. Daniela thanks again for bringing the event so clearly to us. You do a great job and I appreciate it. I too love Ignazio’s curls. The haircut I loved is when his hair was long and would fall on one side of his face. Memories of the old days.

    1. Gina, that haircut you like, I think it’s the best period of Ignazio, who does not like it? Superb!

  8. Daniela, I am so happy you were able to go th the concert. We, who live in the states are waiting for 2019.
    In my other post I did not give many details of our conversations with Piero because we did not want to impose on him during his time off from work, so we said we would not repeat everything he said. It was mostly small talk. He asked if we liked his hometown of Naro and Of course we did. He did say there would be concerts over the next three years. He said how difficult it is to arrange for such a tour because so many thing must be coordinated. Venues must be arranged for far in advance, musicians must be available to travel, songs must be chosen, hotels, drivers and the list goes on.
    Most of all, he is a dear young man and loves the fans.

    1. Thanks RoseMarie, the concert was amazing, you will read it from the post.
      As for the idea that I keep telling you to write a post about your stay in Naro, does not mean that you have to write the things said by Piero, we, the whole crew, wants to know your reaction to being in Naro, Sicily, in Italy, what have you tried to know Piero, as you thought, to understand if you were enthusiastic or disappointed, you do not necessarily have to report what he said to you, but your feelings on this trip. I know you are capable of it.

  9. Thank you so much Daniela for keeping us all posted on the guys various concerts.I am so glad you enjoyed the Marostica concert, I certainly wish I could have been there. I too prefer Ignazio’s hair straight. The guys are now in Miami for a couple of days appearing at the University of Miami for Univision tomorrow morning. They certainly pack on the Air Miles !!!

  10. Marion, I’ve already seen some photos of Miami, and I must say that they are very different from the guys I saw in concert, they are really chameleons !!

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