During one of the concerts in Mexico, exactly in Zacatecas, something very romantic happened, which perhaps not everyone knows about.

A boy, knowing that his girlfriend is a very passionate fan of IL VOLO, has seen fit to buy tickets for the concert, and then take her to Zacatecas.

But the surprises didn’t all end here.

During the concert, while IL VOLO was singing “WE ARE LOVE”, the boy led his beloved in the middle of the aisle (they had no seats ahead) and …

knelt down to make her the marriage proposal !!!

You have understood very well !!!
But then, romance still exists. ❤️❤️

Wedding 01

Everything was captured by a video made by a photographer present at the concert, who commented:

I never imagined that I would take pictures of a wedding proposal at a concert, and today I was an accomplice to this incredible moment, during the inaugural concert of the IL VOLO in Zacatecas National Fair. This can only happen in the Romantic City of Mexico.

And here is the beautiful video.

I bet you all got emotional.

What sweetness, what love, and could not have chosen a better moment or better song

Even the security, which stopped them at first, then let them pass, also because Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca understood what was happening and made signs with their arms to let them pass.

At the end of their song, IL VOLO informed all those present that there was a marriage proposal and congratulated the future spouses.

Everything was really natural and very nice. Too bad there were barriers, otherwise I am sure that the boys would have made them go on stage and would have embraced them.

However, this makes us understand that even young people like to be romantic.

The following day, Il VOLO tweeted this sweet photo:


Wedding 03

Women, who among you, would not have wanted a marriage proposal like this? With IL VOLO singing the soundtrack?

All are very good, especially the future bridegroom, I believe that his sweet idea will remain a great memory in his young bride for years to come.


Wedding 04

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

16 thoughts on “WEDDING PROMISE WITH IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. I bet this sort of thing happens a lot more often than we know. Considering the types of music Il Volo does it makes sense.

  2. I had tears the first time I saw it and the same thing happened on my second viewing. How very sweet!

  3. How romantic 😍. This girl will have so wonderful
    memory of this evening for all her life. Thank you very much for sharing

  4. first of all thank you Daniel for all that you do for us telling us stories. But yes I am seeing it in tears running down my eyes and trying to keep it from running my make up because I have a luncheon date with one of our priest and I don’t wanna have make up smeared everywhere but he said the tears have to come because this was so beautiful and so bro Mantich! 🙏❤️🇺🇸

    1. Jill, now from Jolanta it’s 4.30pm, because she has my same time schedule. I believe she will already be agitated by emotion.
      She will be preparing to watch the soundcheck 🙂 🙂

  5. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard…romance is not dead, and how beautifully this young man gave his love a memory she will never forget. Having the guys singing as a backdrop made it all perfect…such a beautiful, romantic proposal…the young man had a beautiful heart…thank you for sharing, Daniela…🇺🇸🇮🇹

  6. Beautiful way to propose, also nice to see the boys on stage singing even if it was a very short clip. I have been missing them singing on stage as they used to do. I loved hearing their amazing voices which I realized was missing from my life. To the young people starting your life together with Il Volo singing in the background what a very special way to start your life together it will be a wonderful union that nobody will separate. Congratulations and many happy years to both you and I L Volo xoxoxo

  7. That proposal is just about the sweetest most
    memorable one I have ever seen. What a lasting
    memory the young man made.

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