FINAL UPDATE! Who’s Going to Verona in September? / Someone needs a ticket…


A week from today, I plan to be on a plane… 🙂

Below is the list from a few weeks ago.  Was there anyone else that planned to attend?

  1. me – Jana VandeLaare – Michigan – soundcheck

  2. Lorna Ste Marie – Michigan – soundcheck

  3. Betty Young – Louisiana – soundcheck

  4. Jeannette Giglio – Michigan

  5. Daniela Perani – Italy – soundcheck

  6. Rose Marie P. – Ohio – soundcheck

  7. Bill T Kathy Nelson (Facebook)

  8. Claudine D’haene (Facebook)

  9. Marie Yome (Facebook)

  10. Marlisse Porras (Facebook)

  11. Eliso Veziropoulou (Facebook)

  12. Alicja Leszczynska – Poland – soundcheck

  13. Susan Tafanelli – soundcheck

  14. Ann Marie Prior – Massachussetts – soundcheck

  15. Janet Dong and her husband – soundcheck

  16. JUDITH GRASSIAN – found her on a comment from the book post 🙂

I think we agreed that we should meet after the sound check – somewhere in the arena.

Per a comment from Daniela, the presentation of the book still has not been confirmed.  It’s literally 10 days away, so I hope they can finalize it soon.  🙂

If you will be in Verona, you can purchase the book from the Feltrinelli book store in the Porta Nuova train station.  Daniela said she is taking names and they will set aside a book for you. Contact Daniela on this post, or the book post from a few days ago.  Many are hoping it’s published in English.  She said if you go to their website and request it, and they get enough response, they may publish it in English as well.



SOS!  I know of someone that thought they had a ticket, but the site they thought they purchased it from, must have oversold and now she does not have a ticket to Verona!  If anyone knows of an available ticket, please contact me at  However, due to vision issues, she really needs a ticket in orchestra pit or very close in the first section.  Grazie Mille!!





P.S. all picture credits go to me – lol 🙂  

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  1. Hello Jana! Sorry I’m late😯My name is Xinjie Wang and I’ll be in Verona too, Also at soundcheck 🥰 see you there!

  2. Safe travels Jana & can’t wait to read your story about concert, meet & greet etc !! Give my boys an extra big hug from me !! Have a wonderful time !

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