RUSSIA , MUSICA TOUR 19/20 by Daniela

But these guys never stop ??

A few days ago they were in Mexico and now, in one flight, they are in Russia …. but of course, of whom I speak, they are IL VOLO !!!!

Here they are in ST. PETERSBURG, beautiful this video by Gianluca.

Almost total change of program, different songs, different language.

A few days ago they sang in Spanish with repertoire of Mexican and Spanish songs and now songs in English and new repertoire, all in a couple of days …. I would say that few can do it !!

And I want to delight you with three fantastic solos, which give us the greatness of these guys.




What to say, these fantastic performers amaze us every time. How wonderful to hear their wonderful voices.

Every time I hear a different song from the program, I think “It would be nice to hear it here too.”, it would take a concert at least four hours long.


 And here we are at the end:


Russia 01

Russia 02

Russia 03

Russia 04

Russia 05


And now immediately, rushing to Moscow.



Beautiful concert, as you can see from these beautiful videos.









Russia 08

Russia 09

Russia 10

Greetings from Moscow, even from our beautiful Barbara. ❤️

Russia 11

Fantastic, even Russia, has suffered your charm.
You are bringing “great love” everywhere.
Your skill combined with your sympathy, conquer everyone.
You are a little over half way, for the concerts already defined.
Always keep these great performances, we always support you:



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

20 thoughts on “RUSSIA , MUSICA TOUR 19/20 by Daniela”

  1. great 😉 as well concert in Poland was magnificent. I would like to share some of my feelings after this great experiance in Gliwice but don’t want to spoil that article with comments not related to russian concerts 😉
    greetings Alicja

  2. I very much agree with you Daniela. I was having the same thought as I watched the concert videos from different parts of the world. I have to wonder how they learn, memorize and sing music in different languages and then present concerts of such different repertoire . They seem to be able to switch languages with ease and they never seem to make a mistake in music or lyrics. I find this amazing and it is truly one of their greatest strengths. And when in a country where they do not know the language they always try to learn some phrases or words to communicate with the audience. Just one reason they are so loved and respected by fans.
    Daniela, do you know what time the sound check starts in Verona so we can be on time. Thank you.

    1. Yes Janet, they have the power to adapt to different situations, different languages, it is certainly not simple and not even for everyone.
      They are really admirable.

      I don’t know anything about the timetable, but it will be announced on the official fanclub website, usually for 6.00 pm. However when it is communicated I write you in the messages.

    1. Hi Linda and thank you !!
      Tomorrow in the cinemas in Spain the concert in Matera will be broadcast, I believe that they are preparing the way for future concerts. 🙂

  3. Daniela be sure to do a nice write up about the concert in Lithuania.
    Wish I could have made a trip to my birth Country but got old too fast and a long trip would be hard on me and one of my children who would have to be ‘dragged’ along. Thanks for this posting.

  4. I am worn out reading their adventures!!! They are simply “Amazing” in everything they do!!! Thank you for sharing the info and pictures! 😍👍😍

  5. Thanks Pat and Daniela for all the great photos and videos from Il Volo’s concerts in Russia. I agree that it is amazing that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are able to perform in Spanish, English and Italian and then to change the playlists for these concerts. It has to be exhausting traveling from country to country!

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