MEXICO: MUSIC TOUR 16/17/18 by Daniela

After the summer break, the tour started again with three stops in MEXICO.

The boys were welcomed with great affection.

Mexico Tour 01

But let’s see some moments of the concerts of the various stages:


I am attaching this unique video but almost one hour in concert !!

What a beautiful series of songs and what to say about “La Luna Hizo Esto”, sung in the company of three girls from the audience. They will never forget it, how lucky you are !!!

Mexico Tour 02

Mexico Tour 03

Mexico Tour 04

Mexico Tour 05

Mexico Tour 06





Mexico Tour 07

Mexico Tour 08

Mexico Tour 09

Mexico Tour 10







Mexico Tour 11

Mexico Tour 12

Mexico Tour 13

Mexico Tour 14

Furthermore, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have participated in many radio and television programs, where they have always brought joy and sweetness.

Mexico Tour 15

Mexico Tour 16

Mexico Tour 17

Mexico Tour 18

Even the newspapers have spoken very well of them and of the concerts.

These are two excellent articles, of which I translate the most important parts.

Diario de Yucatan Article – Click Here

Il Volo fell in love with thousands of fans during the concert they offered as part of their “Music Tour” tour, with which they celebrated 10 years of their artistic career.

In the Italian, English and Spanish languages, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble have interpreted, for two hours, twenty themes of Latin American classical music, their successes and the new songs from their album.

As soon as the intensity of the National Auditorium’s lights decreased, the show began. The silhouette of each of the singers was barely glimpsed and the audience, mainly women, started screaming with excitement.

Quién Article – Click Here

The baritone Gianluca Ginoble, the tenor Ignazio Boschetto and the tenor Piero Barone provoked the euphoria of their Mexican followers, who gathered at the National Auditorium to answer the call of their idols, Il Volo, which after six years of absence is climbed the national scene again and simply fell in love. 

Mexico Tour 19

The power in the voice of Ginoble, Boschetto and Barone was the perfect pretext for the warm applauses, and regardless of the genre, compliments were shouted, like a strong “I love you Nacho!”, From a man, or the amusing – and already popular – cry of a woman: “Make me a son!”

Piero’s sensuality, Gianluca’s gallantry and total feeling, which Ignazio gives to each of his interpretations, as well as his renewed figure, caused delirium, all the more when they dedicated part of their repertoire to a tribute to one of the greatest performers Mexicans: José José.

Mexico Tour 20

Another of the highlights of the night was when the Mariachi appeared, with whom they delighted to the rhythm of “Cielito Lindo”, who made it clear that the clear register of Boschetto and Barone’s voices, and the most serious of Ginoble, reaches harmony with vernacular instruments, which have also generated the absolute emotion of the public.

The trio also made room for hearing their own songs, which reached a monumental chorus. If their mere presence was no longer a matter of madness, euphoria was unleashed at most when every young man invited a girl from the audience to sing directly with them. The face of the three lucky girls, between emotion and disbelief, will remain in everyone’s memory.

Mexico Tour 21

Guys, what to say, Mexico has also been conquered, by your talent and your love.
Mexico has not forgotten you, has patiently waited, and has rejoiced with you.
Beautiful songs, many in Spanish, which we would also like to hear more often in concerts.
How much love, how much happiness in these three concerts ………. but now away, Russia is waiting for you !!!


Mexico Tour 22

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

23 thoughts on “MEXICO: MUSIC TOUR 16/17/18 by Daniela”

  1. I like their concerts in Mexico and South America because the fans make the boys so happy and they relax and deliver a great performance.

  2. Great article & wonderful pictures ! So glad Mexico gets to experience our boys again ! Love the use of the words “euphoria & delirium “ in the article ! That sums up their concerts perfectly ! Jana if you see this, thanks for the shoutout of the PBS phone call !

    1. You’re right Chris–euphoria and delirium sum up audience reaction at every Il Volo concert. A great way to describe them to someone who doesn’t know who they are!

  3. To see and watch and listen to them in person is the last thing on my bucket list. I can’t wait until they come to America. I think chicago is the closest to where I will go to see them. I want front row seats, and a Meet and Greet with them. They are very special to me because they are kind and sweet and bring joy wherever they are. I only discovered them about 4 months ago and wow I’ve been on every Utube they are on. I never tire of listening to them sing. Each one has their own style and I love each one. Piero has a voice that thrills me when he holds onto those notes until I want to pass out for him. With much love for them I pray for their safety and well being. Thank you to all the administrators who do such a wonderful job bringing news to us… many sites out there watching and reporting IL Volo and their travels. To Gianluca, Ignaxio, Piero… you have my heart and my love. Hugs.

  4. Thanks Daniela for all you do. I especially love the first Merida video where the hilarious Ignazio moment is immortalized. As I said before, he solved the problem, endeared the audience and never missed a note!

    They are such fun performers with amazingly beautiful voices. Such talent brings us much joy every day!

    Enjoy Verona as we all wish we could be there!

    1. Yes, Sally, Ignazio is like that, simple and too joker!
      All three tragazzi inspire so much sympathy.

      We will update you on everything that happens in Verona!

  5. Thank you Daniela and Pat for sharing these beautiful videos and translating the article. The Mexicans are very open and enthusiastic people. The audience and the boys had so much fun, wonderful. Saturday is so close, I’m soooo excited. Thenks again

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