As you have already seen on the various pages of the fans, a beautiful new book has been published dedicated to IL VOLO.

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The title of the book is GRANDE AMORE AL PRIMO ASCOLTO. It is written by Patrizia Ciava, our good writer and dear friend, who has collected numerous testimonies from us fans all over the world. In fact, the book is a “fan tribute” of how each of us has become aware and has begun to follow IL VOLO.

For now, the version of the book is only in Italian, but it is not excluded that it can be translated into English.

The book is preceded by a beautiful preface by Marino Bartoletti.

Since it is not yet known, if and when the English version will be published, for the moment I will translate the presentation of the book of the publishing house (AltrEdizioni) and the preface by Bartoletti.

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Unique in its kind this book-tribute to the Il Volo group by its fans, on the occasion of their ten-year career. The book bears witness to the affection and admiration that people around the world have for Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, well highlighted by numerous testimonies collected in the second part. An exciting journey into the music and soul of every person.

In the first part of the book, the author guides us on the extraordinary journey of the three young artists, approaching a discussion on the repertoire and on the vocal and interpretative qualities that have made the trio an Italian excellence and a phenomenon almost unique in the international music scene, not only because of the diversity and heterogeneity of their admirers.

The book also collects, in the second part, unique and often moving stories, written by people of all ages and coming from different countries and continents, which tell the ability of the three very young artists to create with their voice a magic that enchants and that it even causes a beneficial form of addiction.

“Once again Il Volo proves to have understood that mutual respect, sharing and teamwork are the real driving force to achieve and maintain success. (…)
I therefore thought of collecting some testimonials to describe what appears to be a unique phenomenon of its kind, it does not seem to me, in fact, that in the international music scene a group of twenty-year-olds who in a few years succeed in achieving global success, winning at the same time people of different generations, nationality and culture.”

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THEY CALL ME UNCLE MARINO (Foreword by Marino Bartoletti) 

Yes, they call me Uncle Marino. But they know very well that my affection (and obviously my esteem) in their regard will never ignore sincerity and even – if it were useful – from knowing how to pull their ears if I saw that they “missed” something.

When, four years ago, a slanderer fed the media the news that they had “destroyed” a hotel in Switzerland, I went on TV and said: 

“The Gianluca, the Piero and the Ignazio I know, would never do and they could not have done such a thing. But if, in a moment of madness, which I cannot imagine, this happened, the first to slap them would be their parents. That they are their strength, their anchor and their wisdom.”

It is history that everything was invented: but it is also true that there are people, “enemies”, who even today, not knowing what to say to “criticize them”, revive that absurd story as if it were true. And they even avoid a correct verification of the truth.

From then on I told them that even this “trial” so sad was the symptom of a success that has no equal (and therefore, for a perverse logic, used in our country, has disgusting symmetries on the part of those who have no other arguments to attack them): but certainly their dismay was mine, and even their pain was mine. Because it would be easier to “defend” oneself from faults than one has, rather than from the sick imagination of those who would pretend to invent our sins.

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I have known Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio from the beginning of their … real flight. I know their families. I know Michele Torpedine. Yes, they are guys I really love: to the point that someone told me that, while I have always managed, in my work, to hide my sporting faiths, to them, sometimes I “line up” with a transport, even far from my usual offer. 

But how can you not be indignant when you see and read certain things (almost always the result of ignorance, envy, frustration, pure malice: at best a stink under the nose)? God gave us intelligence and conscience: I too, at the beginning of their career, was conceptually suspicious of a “cold fusion” that did not coincide perfectly with my canons as an educator. But then, to love them, it was enough to know them, follow them, appreciate their passion, their humility, their spirit of sacrifice, their sympathy, their desire to always get back in the game and improve: and of course their talent!

This year, in Sanremo, I was forced to witness disgusting scenes that were unbearably beyond the right / duty of criticism. Yet I saw them react once again with composure, education and a smile.

While I myself burst out, as on “Domenica In” when I said verbatim that on the part of the famous “Jury of honor” I had witnessed an authentic demonstration of “artistic racism”. Evidently being good and admired in the world is the biggest (strictly Italian) “guilt” there is.

But in the end, why make bad blood? Their smile must be our smile. Their “beauty” of boys and artists must be the only thing that matters. And then, as far as I’m concerned, there’s friendship. The joy of embracing them whenever I meet them inside and above all outside their professional contexts.

There are fairy tales that want to hear from me and listen like enchanted children. And there are messages that sometimes come to me, in the middle of the night: “Uncle Marino, I know that this time I really fell in love, what do I do?”

“Sleep, that tomorrow, pass.”

Come on kids, you know perfectly how much love, you move!

And this book is yet another proof. It’s another voice inside that is bringing you where the sun is born.

Marino Bartoletti

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It is really a beautiful reading, a splendid introduction by Bartoletti, excellent the first part with the chapters edited by Patrizia Ciava and then in the second part, all the stories of us fans, from all over the world, stories that unite us for this affection and respect we have for these three adorable young men, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero: IL VOLO.  ❤️


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The book can now also be ordered on Amazon.
The cost of the book is 18.00 euros.
For those who will be in Verona, there is the possibility to buy it directly in Verona.


Credit to owners of all photos.


  1. These young men are talented, and I believe they are good and honest!! I love their voices and their dedication to their fans. Yes I am a fan , I am 75 years old and have followed their careers for ten years. Boys keep singing and being yourselves. You are winners!! I love you, as a great Grandmother, keep singing and entertaining us. God bless you

    1. I too an 75 and followed these boys. Iam a Black American and can’t understand their Italian but regardless.I love their songs. I saw them in person in Detroit at the Fox Theatre. It was amazing, this was the best concert in my life. I have everything they have made. I just love those young men. Maria Barrow,

      1. Maria – I am so glad you enjoy the guys and the concert at the Fox! Are you referring to their last one devoted to the 3 Tenors? 🙂
        I also have a black friend at work, a bit younger than 75 :)… she also enjoys them. I gave her the latest CD Musica to take home and listen to. She came back the next morning and said, she has to have the CD and she can’t get enough of Musica Che Resta! I hope you were able to watch the Matera concert on PBS a few weeks ago. I sent her the link to the concert and she was able to listen at work. 🙂 I told her if she likes that song that much, she’ll love it with the electric violin guy!

    1. Claudine, the publishing house is thinking about it, but you should enter its website or its facebook page and ask for the book in English, if there are so many requests, they do.

    1. Judith, the book can be purchased at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Porta Nuova, the store is located inside the train station (Porta Nuova) in Verona. I’m collecting the names of those who want the book, then deliver the list to the library, if you want I will add your name. Payment is upon withdrawal of the book.

  2. Hello!!!!
    I absolutely love the guys. I’ve been following them for several years and consider myself a Forever Follower!! I love each of the guys for their different qualities and talent! I will admit that Gianluca is my forever love, my Grande Amore if only in my dreams. I am advanced in years, but Gian has won my heart and my soul…his sincerity, gentleness, humbleness, his willingness to show his true emotions plus many other endearing qualities have touched me more than anything or anyone has ever done. I live only through my dreams, and they must sustain me…I would trade my life instantly if I could and not dream of my love, but live it…if only… I do not see the book on Amazon yet here in America, but I will watch. Thank you for sharing!! 🇺🇸🇮🇹

  3. Just for the Marino Bartoletti quote, “Uncle Marino, I know that this time I really fell in love, what do I do?” “Sleep, that tomorrow pass.” I would buy this book if it were in English. It is so sweet and full of wisdom. It is so very delightful to read the thoughts of people who have loved the guys of Il Volo for a long time.

  4. Again appreciate your translation giving me the ability to be closer to the boys by understanding what the book is about.

  5. I would love to see the book printed in English. Thank you again, for your translation. I have followed them since 2012, after the loss of my husband. They helped me thru a tough time. Luv them to pieces. (78 yr old grandma).

  6. I had not heard about this book, and now I realize which book you were talking about in the post a few days ago. I would imagine that the guys will be thrilled to receive this wonderful tribute of love from fans around the world. I would love to see their reaction when it is presented to them. They are talented, kind and inspirational to so many of us. This honor is well deserved. I will see you in Verona and you can tell us about the meeting and the presentation. Ciao for now

  7. Thank you Daniela for posting everything I read on this site & thank you Patricizia Ciava for the wonderful book you wrote about our treasures Il Volo the BEST singers in the world. I am also going to write Mr. Bartoletti for the wonderful comments he wrote about our sweet hearts. I have always said our sweethearts can do no wrong they are perfection & I am happy that I heard them singing when they were starting their carears. I am still heartbroken missing them singing so close to were I live a few days ago. I didnt know they were near Toronto. I’m still heartbroken.

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