Ignazio Turns 25! – Oct 4, 2019

Our dear Ignazio turns 25 this year – hey, he’s catching up to us now!  🙂  Yes, he has really toned up this summer and is looking fantastic, not that he didn’t 1-igna3always look most awesome!  He may have come in third place, but he’s always been number one in our hearts (ok, me, Marie, and I know there are quite a few of you others out there, too!)

So, you know the drill… send your best wishes to Ignazio and comment on this site, or send to the site email if you know what that is….

Also, Kelly is always up for suggestions on a 1-igna4theme song for his birthday video!


Tanti auguri, amico maschio!

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Photo credits to:  Emilia T, from Detroit; Ignazio’s Poetry from Instagram, and me! 🙂

32 thoughts on “Ignazio Turns 25! – Oct 4, 2019”

  1. Hi! Laney Justus calling! IGNAZIO has always been my favourite!! Since HE sang on TLUC / 09! (maybe you know?) I hope we can share again – those wonderful comments – at about HIS solo – at that time with that pixfix (mine)?? Just a thought! If this isn’t suitable idea, I totally understand! Greetings from Canada! LaneyJ

    1. Hey Laney–whereabouts in Canada are you? I’m in the GTA and Loretta is a bit further out but not much.
      My favorite is Ignazio too, although I have to say the other two are very, very close runners up!

  2. For me Ignazio was always number one. It is true, that I felt in love with Gian first… when I heard he sang “Love me tender”, but than started to know il Volo better and my deeper feelings turned immediately to Igna. Can’t really explain why, obviously his has heavenly voice and smile that kills… but there is something more, kind of “shine” he spreads around.
    In addition we are both “X-mas gift” (I have birthday end of September) and Libras are super special 😉

    My birthday wishes to Ignazio:
    Dear Ignazio, I wish you to be always surrounded by decent and trustworthy people. Wish you to have freedom of choice in private and professional life, no matter what you decide be sure it is your decision, your success and your mistake.
    I wish to both of us (I have birthday few days before you) that we see each other very often at your concerts. You, on stage with piano, singing your own music and me, always in the first raw with butterflies in the stomach.
    Your true fan and virtual soulmate Alicja

  3. A special birthday wish for you Ignazio. May you always know laughter, sunshine, and beautiful memories of past. I think you are a fabulous man with so much to give the world. It warms my heart to see you and to hear you sing. Tears come readily down my cheeks because you sing with heart. Happy Birthday Ignazio and many more to come. Waiting to see you in America in 2020, probably in Chicago. I want front row seats and Meet and Greet…. I want it all to remember and at 83 it will bring countless joy. Happy Birthday to a very special perosn, may God watch over you and bless you each day. <3

  4. Happy natal day dear Ignazio. I may be one of your oldest fans at 90 . I have followed you and your Il Volo brothers from the beginig of your career. You bring joy always with your personality. Keep on going Iggy.

  5. Dear Ignacio, I’m watching and following you from the shy, insecure three boys to world superstars, GG may be the most beautiful man in world, but you are instant second, your smiling eyes, the way you express emotions while singing, I was so close to you sitting in front row in Rome, my heart was so full of joy and happiness, words can not explain the emotions I felt… and I will see you again in NY in RCM hopefully soon.
    Wishing you all the happiness, love and health, stay always way you are, sincere, humble, world loves you, God bless you,

    Your best fan, Irene

  6. I have felt that each of the guys has a totally unique place in the vocal pantheon: the best romantic baritone in the business. (you know who) The best helden tenor (heroic tenor). (you know who) But Ignazio is without a doubt the best lyric tenor I have ever heard. I refer to the Charlie Chaplin song – ” Eternally” – Ignazio’s solo work and especially the harmony work (which is much more difficult) on this song is SUPERB !!! Incredible vocal control and tone. Wish I could give him a hug on his birthday.

  7. another little true story: (this is in the archives on this site) a few years back one of Ignazio’s grandparents passed away and I decided to send a floral arrangement to the church in Marsala (in Sicily) for the funeral on behalf of Flight Crew as well as myself. The florist had all kinds of problems. I was not sure if the flowers would arrive in time for the funeral or even get there at all ! ! !

    I decided to call Ignazio’s sister’s pizza shop in Marsala and try to find out when this was to take place and if they had heard anything about flowers from the America ? The first person to answer was his sister and we tried for a while but my Italian and her English did not work to well so she said I have someone here that speaks English better. Ok, let’s give that person a try. When the other person started to talk I realized it was Ignazio himself. He was helping out in the shop for that day.

    Turns out the flowers had arrived and the funeral had been delayed due to a conflict at the church. So everything was just fine. He was so touched that someone from America would send flowers for his relative. He ended up talking and talking and it was so much fun and he was and is a total sweetheart ! That experience helped form a stronger connection. Happy birthday, Ignazio from Myron Heaton of Las Vegas.

    1. Happy Birthday, Ignazio! May this coming year give you every happiness and everything you desire!! Stay as you are, and please keep singing!!! Much love from America…👏🏻🇺🇸🥂

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IGNAZIO your heart is sooo BIG love you and wishing you the Best your smile is so infectuous you are a beautiful man🎂🎂🎉🎉🌹🌹🎹🎼🥂🥂😘♥️🎂🌹🎉🎉🎈🎈🌹🌹

  9. Ignazio is ‘always on my mind ‘
    He is ‘ simply the best’
    Obviously ‘mr wonderful’ and ‘ cant help falling in love’
    ‘My cherie amour’
    Too many beautiful songs to describe a beautiful young man.
    Happy, happy birthday.
    Please come to the uk and ‘light my fire’
    Always your biggest uk fan from Yorkshire, kay.xxx

  10. My wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you always. Happy Birthday Ignazio. Gina from Texas

  11. Wishes for a very Happy Birthday. Stay as you are, funny, playful. Keep giving me chills when you hit those high notes. See you in 2020. With love.

  12. I love this young man. He is a joy to watch and listen to. His smile is beautiful, his heart is full of love and jot!! I hope your birthday is fantastic!! Happy birthday!!!!❤❤💕💕

  13. Dear Ignazio,

    I want to congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you continuing success in your career, the support of your family and friends and for the future I hope you will find someone someday who will stand beside you, understand you and love you.
    I admire you as a very talented person. Everything you pick up seems to succeed.

    Good luck and have a great day!

    Looking forward to the concert in Budapest.

    Nice regards,
    Tineke Athmer (dutchtiny)

  14. Happy Birthday and many more, to a most talented and generous young man who spreads great joy and enjoyment to a world full of Ignazio fans who can’t get enough of his voice with every note he sings, not to mention his wonderful persona.

  15. Dear Ignazio,
    I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. You have made me laugh when days have been difficult, The charm of your personality has warmed my heart and your voice, that gift given to you by God, has delighted me over and over again. Thank you so much for those gifts you have given to me and millions of others. May your birthday and your life be long and continue to be filled with blessings.
    Jeanette Hicks

  16. Happy Birthday Ignazio! May your life be filled with the same joy and beauty you give to others by just being you. You and your music are a treasure.
    Jane from Minnesota

  17. Happy Birthday Ignazio, the one who makes us smile!
    This was so apparent recently in Merida, Mexico when, during the concert, the lighting person couldn’t find find Igna who was sitting on the piano singing in the dark. Watch this video on Instagram and see how Igna solves the problem in an hilarious way which endears him to the whole audience, without missing a heavenly note.
    A typical Ignazio moment!
    He is a true treasure to watch, to hear sing and to admire.

    I have some constructive criticism for the venue picked in Merida in hopes that Ignazio or his team reads this website. It was a new concert hall in the suburbs and the videos show empty seats. As I spend time in Merida every winter, I question the wisdom in picking this concert hall. Downtown in the middle of things is Merida’s gorgeous opera house located directly across from the university. Everyone can easily access it via bus or auto. I also question the time of year chosen: hurricane season which is also very hot. Winter there is very pleasant and there is a large expat population residing there In the winter (U.S., Canadian, and European). The city of Merida is known for its love of music and many wonderful European musicians spend their winters playing with the Merida Symphony Orchestra in the opera house. They fill that opera house twice weekly in the winter. That all seems more suited to our boys. Merida is a charming colonial city, capital of the Yucatán, with amazing architecture, museums and uncrowded Mayan ruins (Uxmal), in case you’ve never been there. Our boys spent less than 24 hours there, how sad.

  18. Dear Ignazio,

    Happy Quarter-of-a-Century Birthday. May the next quarter of a century and beyond, bring you continued good health, sustenance, tranquility, peace of mind, resourcefulness, personal and professional growth. Continue to surround yourself with people who respect and love you. You are a very special caring, sensitive, warm human being who exudes charm. May you reach new heights yet remain the humble, fun-loving man we all love.

    On your birthday you have the ability to bless other people. My wish for you is that you be blessed with the myriad blessings you bestow on other people.

    Love from your old-enough-to-be-your-Granda-fan in San Diego, CA/USA, and who looks forward to meeting you in person,

    Doris Jaffe

  19. Happy Birthday Ignazio. In s deck of cards you are the King of Hearts. The ladies adore you, us guys have an admiration for your magnificent voice and your goodness that comes from within. You make us all smile, you have a way of touching all bases with your kindness and caring. God Bless You on your special day.

  20. Dear Ignazio
    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Stay as sweet and nice as you are. You make me laugh and turn my sadness into happiness. You and your brothers are great and I look forward to seeing you again in Tampa. Keep smiling it makes the world a better place.

    Alice White in Florida

  21. Happy Birthday to Ignazio the handsomest young man with the most beautiful voice that thrills my heart with every note from Loretta from Canada, you are always in my thoughts & heart.

    1. Also Ignazio how caring you were when at one of the first concerts I saw you that when after the show you came up to me to ask if I got home alright because I walk with a limp I may be an elder lady now but you are my heartyhrob forever. I so wish you could be my grandson.from Loretta forever.

  22. Dear Ignazio I wish you all the best, all happines you deserve so much. Let all your dreams come true. Let your wonderful voice and beautiful smile bring joy and happines your fans all over the world for mamy years.
    Passano tutti i tuoi desideri avverarsi in questo giorno. Auguri.
    Jolanta from Poland

  23. Dear Ignazio, may this birthday be “The Best Day of Your Life” with enough ” Memories” to last you a lifetime! Mucho amore from Texas! Hurry back! from e Great granny fan ! With great affection, Dorothy! ♡

  24. Happy birthday to a fine young man. I truly believe you are the most genuine of the trio. Your beautiful personality shines through in such a simple fashion, which draws your fans to you. Continued success and happiness in your life from one of your biggest fans. See you in Atlanta and last Vegas soon!

  25. Happy 25th Birthday Dear Ignazio,
    I wish you the most amazing wonderful birthday surrounded by your dear family and friends. You bring sunshine light and love into my day every day each time you sing. Your beautiful smile, your charm and charisma have changed my life from the first time I heard you and your amazing brothers sing. You are magical because your special talent reaches far and wide to everyone lucky enough to see or hear you sing. May the angels above always watch over you, may you continue to have success and good fortune in your career, may you find your one true love that will melt your heart and will be beside you always and may you receive back tenfold all the joy and love you give freely to all you meet and come in contact with. Many blessings on this birthday and always.

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