Cynthia from the Philippines, who is part of our crew, sent me this message:

“When I saw the video of “Mi Mancherai” for the first time, sung by Gianluca at the concert in Rome, I was no longer able to look at other things.

Every night I saw that video several times. I could not watch other videos or follow other posts, I was as bewitched by that performance.”

Mi Mancherai 01

“Gianluca’s execution of the song:

It fascinates me and takes my breath away.

Enters the depths of my soul.

It makes me cry … in a purifying way, purging the muck out and lets shine what is pure and true inside.”

Mi Mancherai 02

“Every note by Gianluca, every half note, every nuance, every breath … comes from the depths of his soul … truly honoring the music … giving (the) music (the) maximum respect …

I can only pay him homage, with so much dedication to his craft. What is kindled within me is that reverence to music, that awe…. ”

And here is the video that Cynthia is talking about.

Scrolling through the various comments, under this video, one immediately caught my attention:

Myron Heaton = I think the audience is on drugs – such small response ! This is one of Gianluca’s best songs ever and so beautifully done. This should have been shouts and tears and cheers. Bravo ! 

Gianluca is allowing his passion to show more and more these days. This is an example of that growth. From the shy kid 10 years ago to a stunning young man with exquisite musical heart.

Mi Mancherai 03

A friend of mine, Rita Spera, after attending the concert in Palermo, wrote these beautiful words about the execution of Gianluca.

With a tribute to Massimo Troisi, on the notes of the soundtrack of the film IL POSTINO by Bacalov, who received the Oscar for these music, Gianluca did not deny it, on the contrary, with “Aranjuez” he made me know the power of his voice, this time I saw and heard other aspects. He touched all the notes I never imagined could be sung, he modulated his voice like so many musical instruments, sweet deep and poignant before, in a crescendo then up to make his voice tremble inside me. Like rising from the ground and then descending down, sitting on the steps to end his enchanting performance.
Tears did not stop me from observing his elegance in his posture, and in his gestures, which were used as an ornament, to his song.

Thanks, my boy, for the beautiful emotions you make us live, and the surprises that you reserve for us.

Mi Mancherai 04

And here is the text of the beautiful song from the movie IL POSTINO

Beautiful Italian film, last work played and directed by Massimo Troisi, a good Italian actor who died prematurely due to a heart attack.

Candidate for 5 Oscars, got only the one for the soundtrack, by Bacalov. The words of the text are instead of Josh Groban.

Massimo Troisi, in a photo taken from the film Il Postino. (The Postman)


Mi mancherai se te ne vai
Mi mancherá la tua serenitá
Le tue parole come canzoni al vento
E l’amore che ora porti via

Mi mancherai se te ne vai
Ora e per sempre non so come vivrei
E l’allegria, amica mia
Va via con te

Mi mancherai mi mancherai
Perché vai via?
Perché l’amore in te sé spento?
Perché, perché?
Non cambierá niente lo so
E dentro sento te

Mi mancherai mi mancherai
Perché vai via?
Perché l’amore in te sé spento?
Perché, perché?
Non cambierá niente lo so
E dentro sento che

Mi mancherà, l’immensità
dei nostri giorni e notti insieme a te
i tuoi sorrisi, quando si fa buio
la tua ingenuità, da bambina tu

Mi mancherai, amore mio
ti guardo e trovo vuoto dentro me

E l’allegria, amica mia
va via con te

Mi Mancherai 06


I’ll miss you if you leave
I’ll miss your serenity
Your words like songs in the wind
And the love that you take away
I’ll miss you if you leave
Now, forever, I do not know how to live
And the joy, my love,
Goes away with you
I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you
Why do you leave?
Because the love inside of you is dead
Why, oh Why?
Nothing will change, I know that
Inside of me, I feel you

I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you
Because you go away
Because the love in you is dead
Why, oh Why?
Nothing will change, I know that
Inside of me, I feel you

I’ll miss the immensity
Of our days and nights together
Yours smiles when it was dark
Your being naive like a small girl
I’ll miss you, my love
I look and I find emptiness inside of me
And the joy, my love
Goes away with you

Mi Mancherai 07

There is not much to add, this music is really poignant, the words touch the heart and the voice of Gianluca …… caresses us deep into the soul, creating strong emotions.

Impossible to resist such sweetness.

Bravo Gianluca !! ❤️


Mi Mancherai Black and White

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

52 thoughts on “MI MANCHERAI: by GIANLUCA – Daniela”

    1. The first time I heard this amazing song, I was just getting back into my car from shopping. I turned the car off, sat there and just listened, mesmerized. Went home and immediately translated it, which made me love it even more. I could never pick my favorite Gianluca solo, but this is in the top three, for sure. No matter how many times I hear Gianluca sing, I am struck by his beautiful voice.
      In a very early interview, when asked about what they think about on stage while singing, Gianluca talked about getting lost in the lyrics, in the story of the song. He said, “If you look into my eyes, you can see that I am lost.” We’ve been looking into those hazel eyes ever since!

      1. Janice, I agree that this is one of my top songs sung by Gianluca. Some of IL VOLO’s music makes me emotional just hearing the music and their singing. Mi Mancherai especially touched me after translating the lyrics. I lost my husband eight years ago and those words about missing someone really gets to me. The most emotional performance I ever saw of this song by Gianluca was in a Rome concert I watched on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxfPz5yj_XU It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

        The first IL VOLO song I ever heard in 2016 was IL MONDO. Someone in a live online video was playing IL VOLO on their car CD player. We asked who was singing and they showed us the IL VOLO CD. I immediately went to my local library andd got it. At that time I didn’t know a word of Italian. By the end of that song I had tears in my eyes! What powerful music. My friend also listened to IL MONDO and did the same thing.

        I’ve been in love with these guys ever since! I’ve only been to one concert in 2017 in Chicago. The one in Las Vegas that I was going to was cancelled in 2020. So, after I recover from my recent back surgery I would love to see them again!

        Thanks for your comment! 😊

  1. I agree with Myron Heaton. Gianluca’s sings this song as though he is living the lyrics of this song. Each and every solo he sings, he puts his heart soul into it. Bless you Gianluca for your beautiful voice and your talent.

  2. Every song Gianluca sings just touches my soul… But his delivery of this beautiful song took my breath away… Even without understanding the words his interpretation of the song, made tears come to my eyes…He has had many amazing performances in the past, but I have to say this is his most amazing performance … Thak you Daniela for this very beautiful and very heartfelt article about Gianluca and Mi Mancherai.

    1. I agree with you Jeannette! This song also brought tears to my eyes when I heard Gianluca sing it and even more so now that I know what the words mean. He sings with such feeling!

    2. Jeannette, you said it better than I did. Thank you. I sometimes think that my command of words is not enough. Can’t figure what to say some times. That probably means that the music is filled with so much heart.

      1. I am also at a loss for words. Sometimes there are no words good enough to express what is in our hearts…..you just have to feel it! ☺️

    3. Jeannette, every time Gianluca amazes and shakes our hearts.
      Impossible not to hear how much love is transmitted by Gianluca’s voice.
      It’s a great power and it’s not at all obvious, great artists, they don’t always have great interpretations.

  3. Thank you so much Daniela for this beautiful article on Gian and his amazing performance of the lovely song. The first time I heard it I was enchanted. I don’t understand the lyrics, but the beautiful presentation and gorgeous voice of Gianluca brought me to tears and crept into the depth of my soul. This wonderful performance it my favorite of Gian’s.

    1. Barbara is undoubtedly also my favorite.
      For us Italians, it was easy, that this song, liked to our tastes, reminds us of a good film ………. but Gianluca was able to raise this song to a higher level.

  4. I agree with Myron also. I would have thought this was an American audience.I’m not sure if they don’t want to say”Bravo” or show emotion, but they haven’t at most of the concerts I’ve been to. Unlike myself!!!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Joan, in fact I often read, that the American public is much more content, in the demonstrations of affection, and many fans of IL VOLO suffer for this narrowness.

      1. Patricia, I just wanted to say that many people say that the American public is colder at concerts. This impression is given because the Americans are much more composed, they applaud, they don’t scream, they don’t move from their places. The Italian public and also the South American one is much more fiery, shouts gets up, gets closer, goes to touch the boys. This gives the impression of more involvement from the public and the boys seem more involved and interact more with people.

    2. I have noticed better response to the guys at their concerts here. I don’t say that to brag about the location. I get the impression that the Italians take this more in stride.

  5. Well, I just re-read my own comments (shown above on this site) and I thought that perhaps I over-stated thing a bit. Then I went and listened to that performance again. Now I am positive that I am right and maybe I should have said it even stronger : WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS AUDIENCE ! ! ! This is musical perfection and it is vocal perfection. The audience should be standing and cheering and yelling – and crying. Such beauty we humans don’t experience every day.

    He better be doing this song on tour.

    1. No, Myron, you have not exaggerated at all, and when I first read your comment, I replied “I agree”.
      I allowed myself to write your comments here, because they are very fair.
      It is true, people do not seem to realize the power of this interpretation, or maybe they are just trying to do all this.
      You said well, “this is musical and vocal perfection”, once again, “I agree !!”

      1. I reviewed the video of the last concert they gave here in Vegas at the Park Hotel (used to be Monte Carlo Hotel). The audience response was very strong, I am happy to say.

        Oh, well, you and I and some of our friends on this site know what audience should be.

    2. I agree with you Myron–but if you want him to sing this on tour, you better use your connections with them and let them know. They think the North Americans want to hear songs in English, which is dead wrong. I don’t know where they got that idea, but they certainly have stuck to it for the past tours. No matter how many of us tell them at Meet & Greets we want the Italian songs, they still persist on loading down the program with whatever they sing in English.
      You may have a bit more influence on them than just us ordinary fans–so let them know! No more Maria! No more Surrender! No Delilah or Beautiful that Way! I have nothing against these songs per se, it’s just I would prefer hearing Vicinissimo, and especially Meravigliosa Creatura.

      1. Penina, I really like your way of being direct, but I think you’re right. When I met the boys, I told them that American friends would like a less classic program and more songs from the last CD. Surely there will be a little of each one, but I hope they hear the voices that somehow reach them.

      2. I do too! The songs on the new CD are so lovely, it is hard to pick a favorite! And I have a feeling that the solos will all be in English as well.
        I would love to be able to come to Italy for a concert but that does not seem to be possible for me for now.

      3. Penina, they have to keep “Surrender” in their repertoire, that is the song they let loose on. Without it Ignazio would burst at the seams!😁
        When Gianluca sings Mi Manchurai in the US or Canada, we must make sure we give him a standing ovation🙂

      4. I am on my feet after every song when I go to one of their concerts!
        There is always a very vocal cheering section for Piero, so I feel we have to really pour it on for the other two as well!

      5. I agree with Penina, we want more songs in Italian, and I’m waiting for a Sicilian song. I must say, though, that I really love Piero’s theme from Love Story, I hope that will be on tour to the US And keep Surrender, too, but go easy on the rest of the English songs.
        I’ve been wishing for a Christmas album with Italian or classic Christmas songs, not just the modern ones in English.

    3. hello, Myron, from Manila….
      sometimes, outer appearances deceive.
      perhaps the audience was transfixed and immobilized like YOU and ME

  6. Gianluca”s voice is so mellow that sometimes the audience just enjoys the song and reacts with a quiet applause. I winder how he would do with a more ‘thunderous” song.

    1. yes, i agree Regina.
      when i first heard the audience response on the video clip,
      what came to me was, oh wow, the audience keeps clapping and clapping… and clapping!….
      the video is ending already, the audience is still clapping…. !

  7. Magnificent! Yes, I agree, this song should be on the tour. When a song is done this beautifully, the language does not matter.

  8. beautiful song, beautiful performance and beautiful Gian … definately the best Gian’s solo ever.
    I’m afraid will be performed only in Italy like all songs with Alessandro Quarta participation

      1. Thanks Daniela, I did not know that, but in that case maybe we have luck and hear this beautiful song abroad as well 😍

  9. Daniela I was hoping that you would highlight this song and even give us the translation as well!!!
    I love Gianluca’s solos and the best one was Anema e Core, but I think that Mi Mancherai is slowly winning the race.
    The Rome video above, that Cynthia is talking about, has had nearly 69,000 thousand views in the two months so far. I added significantly to that score!!!!
    Daniela and Pat ~ you two are great and very much appreciated. Many thanks.

  10. Bravo mi lindo Gianluca Ginoble! Maravilloso! Bravissimi!!! Con una canción tan bella en una voz preciosa, tan bien interpretada, la frase “Te extrañaré” toma aún mas profundidad, mas sentimiento… Amor, dolor, belleza… Cómo me hace feliz verlos, a Il Volo, crecer tan bellos, tan grandes como personas y como artistas! Gracias también a la magistral ejecución del violín del mágico Alessandro Quarta! Hoy me hacen mas feliz que siempre! Gracias Gian! te admiro y te quiero mucho!

  11. I agree with those who feel this is Gianluca’s song that showed his voice, heart and soul. I also hope they will use it in their lineup for America. I, as an American want to hear those melodic Italian melodies and words. I do not understand the words but there is so much emotion that the words do not matter. Americans have many ways to listen to English speaking songs. When we go to hear Italians perform, we want Italy brought to us, as is the established goal of Il Volo. I notice that at some of their performances they ask-English or Italian or?
    Regardless they are wonderful.

  12. Just became a member of the Crew in early May and must agree that the video of Gianluca singing Mi Mancherai is absolutely wonderful. I play it so much it has become an “ear-worm” in my head and I hear it nearly all the time, even without the video. He has such an extremely interpretive voice and has the ability to make us feel his emotions, too.
    Being the shy one of the three, he seems to stay in the background but lately is coming out of his shell a bit. Bravo!!

  13. As I’ve started each day listening to Gianluca singing Mi Mancherai (what a better way to start a day??), I marveled at the superb violinist, Alessandro Quarta. His violin “cried” along with Gianluca for the love lost. Such a virtuoso Alessandro is to interpret the song, too! Kudos to him, also!

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