Who’s Going to Verona in September? / PBS Detroit Labor Day… Update!


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Ok, the Verona concert is just about 3 weeks away now, but the guys will be visiting Mexico this next week!  So close, and yet so far….

Thank you to all of you that responded with comments and well wishes for everyone’s trips.  I loved hearing from everyone!

So, on that note, let’s see who’s going to Verona, soundcheck, and concert! (if you want the soundcheck passes, you need to be a member of the Il Volo fan club.  Membership is either about $20 or so for just digital, or it comes to about $32 if you want the membership card, including shipping – all benefits are the same.)

  1. me – Jana VandeLaare – Michigan – soundcheck

  2. Lorna Ste Marie – Michigan – soundcheck

  3. Betty Young – Louisiana – soundcheck

  4. Jeannette Giglio – Michigan

  5. Daniela Perani – Italy – soundcheck

  6. Rose Marie P. – Ohio – soundcheck

  7. Bill T Kathy Nelson (Facebook)

  8. Claudine D’haene (Facebook)

  9. Marie Yome (Facebook)

  10. Marlisse Porras (Facebook)

  11. Eliso Veziropoulou (Facebook)

  12. Alicja Leszczynska – Poland – soundcheck

  13. Susan Tafanelli – soundcheck

  14. Ann Marie Prior – Massachussetts – soundcheck

  15. Janet Dong and her husband – soundcheck

  16. Did I miss anyone?  🙂

Ok, as far as a meeting place, was discussing with Daniela and she could not think of anything.  I had heard of this before, but apparently we are trapped in the arena after the soundcheck!  Daniela expects the soundcheck to be around 5:30p.  I doubt it lasts longer than an hour (anyone have any idea?), concert is not until 9p, so we will have at least 2 -3 hours to kill.  Since it looks like a good majority of us will be at the soundcheck, I think that is our best option to meet.  How does that sound?  Perhaps we can decide on a meeting place, near one of the entrances or something?  I’ve already decided I am not going to have time to eat prior to the soundcheck, but I was assured there should be snack areas as well as beverage areas.  My question is, when and will they be open?

Our personal schedule will be very tight, as our train does not get into Verona until 1:37pm.  I thought we would have plenty of time until the 9p concert, not expecting the soundcheck to be so early, etc.  We also have to meet my other friend for the concert tickets, because I am sure we will not be able to get in the soundcheck without them!

One other thing I found out… were any of you contacted by Patrizia for contributing to the book that will be given to the guys?  If so, per Daniela, they will be presenting it to them in a special meeting sometime early afternoon before the soundcheck.  Rose Marie and I, along with Daniela are in the book.  If you are in the book, you get to attend!  🙂  So, I will be running all over Verona.  I hope it is right before the soundcheck and close to the arena.

Daniela also said the book will be available for sale at some area bookstores in Verona, as well as at one of the train stations.  I guess you can get it on Amazon.it, but shipping is more than the book!  I plan to get a few copies while I am over there.  🙂  Book is 18 euros. 

Ok, Labor Day and the Guys on PBS….

I did not watch too many of the clips from the Matera concert, so I will be surprised.  🙂

Chris and I are looking forward to being in the same room with the guys, even if we only see them from behind.  🙂  The phones sometimes tend to go crazy and it’s hard to hear in the room and we often miss a lot of what they are saying – those blasted donors lol!  But I’m sure their presence will fill the room with Il Volo joy and laughter.  It appeared that Il Volo Music was making posts on Instagram and Twitter about them appearing on PBS on Labor Day, which only confused many fans. We had several comments on this site as well, as people commenting on  the Twitter/Instagram sites.  I posted on a few Instagram sites that this taping was for Detroit only and that afterwards, it would be sent to the various PBS stations across the country and likely shown at their next major pledge drives.  I also found out that they decided to limit the tickets to 30, instead of the original 50.  I’m sorry about that, I know one of you emailed me with your disappointment.  Maybe they will get a whole 2 minutes with them!  🙂  That would make it just about an hour or so for their meet/greet time.


We can’t let this post go without a mention of our friends and loved ones in Florida and those on the eastern coast of the United States.  Was nearly 3 years ago that the last hurricane hit, very close to this same time.  Luckily, the west coast of Florida will seem to be spared, as the storm is making the north eastern turn, however, there are still many folks in the new path of the storm, including our beloved Marie, with her sister, in Myrtle Beach. I have not been in contact with her since the storm was predicted.  I will likely text her today.  I read they had orders to evacuate…  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many affected fans, and those with friends and loved ones that will be affected by this storm.






P.S. all picture credits go to me – lol 🙂  (except PBS one…)

38 thoughts on “Who’s Going to Verona in September? / PBS Detroit Labor Day… Update!”

  1. Wow! I’m so happy for you folks at Verona and at the PBS taping!

    Marie (Crider?) you’re in Myrtle Beach? Prayers for you or whichever Marie is in Florida. And for all those in concern.

    Today I was listening to my playlist of ALL of IL VOLO’s music in alphabetical order. So fun to have oldies but goodies as well as newer songs to pop up.

    I recently learned that humming along with enthusiasm helps increase nitric oxide and happiness and inspiration. Well, we knew about the happiness, yes?! Nitric oxide is so important in our bodies, so hum away, friends!

    Love and enthusiasm from Jeanine

      1. Hmm hm hmmm hm! 😉
        Hey thanks, Jana, for the heads up of a possible Radio City Music Hall concert in Feb. 2020. That would be So Cool!

  2. Can everyone attend the soud track or is this limited. I look forward to seeing my idols first. They are not yet coming to Belgium, but so grateful that I can come to Verona.
    Claudine, Belgium

    1. Not sure how limited it is, but if you go to the link where you can print the soundcheck pass, I think you are ok… 🙂

      1. I think you must be a member of the official fan club.to be at the sound check.

  3. How can we become a member of the fan club, where can we register ?Want to pay this before we go to Verona

  4. dear all, just few hints about the sound check. To enter – you need to be official member of il Volo fanclub – https://www.ilvolomusic.com/
    Go to SHOP and buy yearly membership. If you are not Italian, you have to buy option with card delivery (electronic membership not available because of tax reasons). You will get via e-mail registration code – than register and book sound check in Verona https://fanclub.ilvolomusic.com/prenotazione.php?fbclid=IwAR0HWkooccN-W7BDWKOyVEfQu5WRSBdgZd4AcgncQwdl8OQOzcWQBVYxCPg

    Please print entry code, you will not be able to download the code (to your handy) in the date of concert and you may have problems to enter.

    If I know well, after sound check you are not allowed to leave Arena, so if you don’t have gold tickets (buffet included) I strongly suggest to eat something before entry. In all Italian concerts sound check starts arround 6pm. Please be on time because there is about 15 minutes to enter, not more, than the gate is closed. Meeting point will be announced by official fan club Staff.

    I’m so happy to meet you all 😉
    kisses Alicja

  5. Not contacted by Patrizia re book but want to purchase. Thanks for all the info you ladies provided for the soundcheck time and possible meeting place. Just think of all the excitement we will generate between soundcheck and concert..yikes..22 days to go!!!

      1. Thanks for the info…18 days to go!!! Got butterflies in my stomach already!!

  6. So excited for this concert! I was just wondering if anyone else will be be attending the concert from the Chicago area? I am really looking forward to meeting everyone.

    1. Love and grace for all good, Marie, all your loved ones, and all those being affected by the conditions.

      It’s good to see your photo with Ignazio and to know you are surrounded by Love and the beauty of 3 voices / 1 soul.

      You’re in my heart.
      Love from Jeanine

  7. Jana and crew thanks for all the great information about our upcoming adventure. Really helpful. Just another note about the sound check entry, I thought I read you will need 3 things, the concert ticket, the sound check pass with your name on it and an ID so they can check to see if you match the pass. I wonder since we will have so much time inside the arena between the sound check and concert can we bring snacks in with us? Also I was not contacted by Partrizia about the book. What book I am wondering and how to get involved. Could I get more information about that? Also the book will be presented to the guys before sound check and outside the arena? This sounds like an amazing afternoon and evening. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    1. Janet, Patrizia warned only those who wrote stories published in the book. But for now there is nothing definitive yet.
      For what I remember, for the entrance to the soundcheck, you need the Arena ticket and the fanclub sheet, no ID, what you need if you don’t have permission.

  8. i checked the fan club website about sound check and this is where I read it I think:

    To participate you need to:

    make your reservation from this form
    print the reservation (or have it on your smartphone)
    have the physical ticket of the concert (who bought it online must pick it up before reaching us)
    have the name displayed on your profile equal to that written on your identity card (please update your profile if names do not match)
    show us a valid ID

    1. Janet, last time I attended the soundcheck in Verona, at the entrance they asked me to show the admission ticket (which is validated, that’s why you can’t go out) and the soundcheck participation sheet released by the fanclub. They didn’t ask for any documents, but if they did, they recommended that the name printed on the soundcheck permit match that of a document. This is because so many people had joined the fanclub using invented names.

  9. Prayers for those in harms way from Dorian and that includes family of a dear friend of mine.
    The excitement of those going to the concert and sound check is enormous. It is vibrating on my computer screen! I’m looking forward to your pictures, reports and comments when the concert is over.

  10. It was so surreal to see Il Volo and Barbara arriving in Detroit, and once again on American soil, thanks to Judy Thurman’s picture. Very exciting. Cannot wait for the concerts to begin here.

  11. I called the Detroit PBS donation line last night and was able to reach a volunteer in the studio. Gianluca and Piero had just exited the sound stage but Ignazio remained with the volunteers. Sadly I could not speak with him, but the volunteer was willing to relay a message. I shared that I was one of the 10 fans selected to be at the PBS taping and sat in the front row.

    During the Detroit PBS promotional video for the evening fundraising event I was able to view myself from the back during the brief videoclip (I was wearing a multi-colored pastel jacket.)

    I also shared that I was from Oregon and that I had visited IL VOLO’s home villages in Italia and Sicilia before the Matera concerts. Of course I ordered the DVD—it will arrive in 4-6 weeks. I cannot wait to view the entire video and re-live the experience.

    Best wishes for those attending the Verona concert and lucky you for sound check and meet and greet— two extras not available for Matera. Say hi to the guys for me.

    1. Hi Crystadown, nice to hear from you.
      How nice that you were able to talk to PBS and communicate who you were.
      You have seen what a beautiful video that has attached Alicja, it must be nice to relive an evening like this.

    2. What a coincidence! Do you know who you spoke with? I also spoke to one of the flight crew folks that night – Lana Christine Hadley, I think? 🙂 I don’t recall Ignazio staying with the volunteers, per se, none of them came over to us…. 🙁

    1. Alicja, how wonderful, beautiful video, thanks for bringing it to our knowledge, you are a treasure !!!
      We will use it for the post 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. thanks Daniela, that video made me very happy last evening. I had bad day at work, came home angry and frustrated. Watched my mobile and saw that link… I shared with all my “il Volo friends” immediately 😉 Hope I helped to make happy at least one person.
        Only 10 days to the concert in Poland 😉

  12. Thanks for sharing Alicja. I love this video and I’m happy I will see the whole concert from Matera in the cinema in October. But first Gliwce I’m so excited😍. See you there 🤗

    1. next Saturday – Gliwice, 10 day later – Verona, October – Matera (only in cinema unfortunately but still my il Volo) I need to start planning next events …

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