Piero was interviewed by SHOWINAIR, the events magazine.

Nice interview, Piero’s answers are beautiful ….. but we had no doubt !!

I translate the most interesting parts, the direct questions.

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Q = Your new single “A CHI MI DICE”, is a song with a bitter and nostalgic taste. Are you always around the world, but there are moments of bitterness and nostalgia in your life, when maybe the lights on the stage go out?

P = I state that this beautiful question, I had never been proposed, therefore, thanks. We are fortunate and have the privilege of traveling a lot, but never staying still means unfortunately giving up; distance, very often, takes us away, from a person we care about, or, even before, does not allow us to know this person, as we would like.

“A CHI MI DICE”, tells us this, the awareness, of not meeting that person anymore. I am not referring, only to the girls, but to all our loved ones, on the other hand, however, we live by our greatest passion, that is, music.

Q = Is the single from the album MUSICA, when music has become your traveling companion?

P = We were born in the midst of music, all three, we have a very similar past. My grandfather made me discover the art of musical notes.

After a concert, around the world, we continue to sing music, that’s all for us: it’s oxygen.

Piero 02

Q = How would you define the art of notes?

P = A life without music would be meaningless. A film cannot exist without music.

We may not notice this, and yet, wherever we are, and in whatever phase of our life we find ourselves (whether it is full of light or darkness), music is always there.

Q = You are Sicilian, precisely from the province of Agrigento, what do you always carry with you, from your land?

P = It is a particular land, mine. Many boys of my age are forced to leave it, it’s nice to come back, but it’s very difficult to re-start.

When I leave it, it’s like taking a piece of me. Sicily is a land that teaches you to fight for what you want, it allows you to get used to it and adapt to everything. When I’m away from my land, a few words in Sicilian always come out of my mouth.

Q = Everything started with TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, with Antonella Clerici, what did you expect from that talent?

P = It was all by accident. I can say that our journey was really a fairy tale, like all those unexpected encounters that change your life forever.

TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, it was a nine-week experience that marked us a lot. We were noticed by Michele Torpedine who is our current manager, Tony Renis and Roberto Cenci.

The great fortune is that of being a group of three boys, who have developed a great friendship.

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Q = Now, to whom “would you leave a song” to say Thanks?

P = The first person, it would be my grandfather, because it was he, who when I was little, accompanied me to piano lessons: I have the same, identical voice, it was he who advised my father to insist on this path. As a blind person, he gets sad, because he can’t see me, but fortunately we can hear each other.

Q = In Sanremo, in 2015, you won with “Grande Amore”, but love to whom? What meaning do you attribute to this word?

P = It is a theme that occurs a lot in our melodies. In this profession, you can discover the positive and negative side of people and understand what is really needed.

I spend a lot of time on the phone with my brother and sister, because I love them unconditionally; a girl can leave you, but your family doesn’t, that’s a love that will never end.

In my opinion, in life we must not trust someone outside our loved ones, but we must be able to enjoy the moment of people who are really close to us.

Q = 10 years have passed since your debut, how were you?

P = We were completely different from what we are now. We were shy and insecure; today, getting on stage means emotion and to do emotion all those who are listening.

If before, we quarreled, the quarrels lasted two days, now, a few minutes. We are much more mature than before, we live and we throw ourselves headlong into what we do.

PIero 04

Q = You have walked the most important stages in the world, but which one really gave you the chills and much emotion?

P = I could say New York. Before “Grande Amore” we did many concerts abroad; we were sorry not to share the songs with our Italy. After Sanremo, we started here too, and I must say that our country, gives us unique places in the world, which are not found anywhere else.

Q = What message do you want people to get from your music?

P = The same desire that we all three have, to make music, and not let die, this musical genre that was born in Italy, and that is always played in our country.

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Beautiful answers Piero, by now we know your character, but every time we learn something new and that we always like.

There are fixed points in your education, family, friendship, respect, very important and not obvious qualities, for an excellent artist like you.

Bravo Piero !!



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43 thoughts on “INTERVIEW WITH PIERO by Daniela”

  1. The entire world admired them for who they are, gifted, not only by great voices, but gifted by moral values, family, integrity,
    They perform for what they are. Nowadays the entire world needs to see three ragazzi that have overcome to all kind of experiences, nevertheless, they keep their feet on the ground.
    They are the true meaning of success, professionalism, brotherhood, support, how and what they give in every concert.
    I am in love with their hearts, souls, voices and the way they are grateful for what they love to do.
    This is la Era de Il Volo, a palco that gives peace, art, professionalism, example of humbleness, hard work, discipline, love and gratitude.
    I’m counting down to see them in Messico, my country. La ci saro!

  2. These three awesome guys keep me going I listen to them everyday and night . They are such role models, they make me smile and make me cry. Loved the interview with Piero. Can’t tell you enough how much your articles mean to us that can’t understand Italian, A million times thank you to you and all the crew.

  3. Thank you Daniela for this loving and r
    Touching interview from this amazing man. His heart and love shines through and true. Bravo and sincere Thank You for sharing. Long Live ILVOLO.

  4. Thanks Daniela! Love this translation of the interview! Great answers and thanks for giving us the privilege of knowing Piero better!! ❤️❤️😘‼️🇨🇦✔️🎶🎶

  5. Thank you Daniela!! Piero also like the other 2,, is an amazing, passionate person. I love how he loves his family, and always keeps in touch with them on tour. He is more handsome every day! I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him!! 🤣

    1. Donna, I admit that I would also like to have a coffee with Piero, and if there were also the other two …… it would be perfect, I would even add a nice ice cream! 🙂

      I also love the affectionate relationship he has with his family.

    2. He is so admirable. Piero is grateful for the gifts he possesses. He works at everything he’s achieved. Mentally works out, physically works out. There are few at any age who can speak so eloquently. I could listen to him sing endlessly!

      1. Ann, you would be in good company, there are so many of us who would be listening to him all day.
        Very few people, even adults, make such important statements.

  6. Beautiful interview and every time I learn something new about the boys, They really are genuine and open to all questions. Honesty makes that easy for them. Thank you so much for this translation and I always love reading about the boys.

    1. Daniela…. what touched my heart was his love from for his grandfather and I could feel the tenderness and deep feeling that was there. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us.

      1. Victoria, Piero has a really beautiful and special relationship with his grandfather. This is truly admirable, and even more so, the fact that Piero shows it to everyone.
        Even Gianluca has a beautiful relationship with his grandfather, you think that Gian has repeatedly said he can’t look his grandfather in the eye, because he arouses so much emotion in Gian until he cries. They are really special guys.
        Ignazio doesn’t have his grandparents anymore.

  7. All three have a gift to give the people… their talent. I admire them very much. They work hard and it shows, and I also think their parents did a wonderful job raising them to be the men they are today. They belong together as a trio, but I can see them doing solo also. Each one has their own style. I’m praying that I will be able to attend a concert close to where I live in the U.S. All speak vividly with passion. Thank you Piero, enjoy reading what you say, listening to you sing, and admire you for the love you give to your family and friends. God Bless you, Gianluca, and Ignazio with continued grace and health. Thank you Daniela for translating when necessary.

  8. 2,191 days. Since I found the boys that is the number of consecutive days I have listened to our boys sing. Cd’s, Facebook, Instagram,YouTube, dvd’s and live concerts. I am so happy for the opportunities to have them in my life.
    Thank you Daniela for the great translation and thank you to Piero for sharing a little bit of his heart and soul.

  9. Once again thank you for the translation of this very good interview with Piero. As Piero mentioned, it was different being asked what he may sometimes feel when the lights go out on stage. He mentions the sacrifices and also the beautiful love for his family and Il Volo’s passion for music. I have always been amazed at how intelligent, thoughtful and well spoken Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were even when they were much younger. And how fortunate for all of us that they were all raised in a similar way with a great love of this type of music.
    I agree that the concerts in Italy are the most beautiful and unlike any others. Thank you also for the lovely photos!

    1. Margaret, when, sometimes casually, I read nice interviews, released by the boys, I immediately think, that it would be nice that you too could read them. And your kind and loving comments lead me to continue my translations. Thank you 🙂

  10. That was an interesting interview and as someone else said, I always learn just a little more about him each time. I had read somewhere that he has lots of friends and acquaintances, but allows close friendships with just a few and trusts those few implicitly. He seems to acknowledge that in this interview and his siblings seem to be some of his closest. He is such an intelligent, hard working, humble and passionate guy. I am really happy that he and Igna and Gian have been so successful after all the sacrifice and hard work. They are a gift to our world. Thanks Daniela and Pat for the translation.

    1. Yes Janet, I believe that Piero really has a high value in his relationships with his family, so also Gian and Igna, certainly they had some excellent bases.
      When they talk, have the gift of expressing concepts that we all always want to hear, and when they sing, they make us FLY.

      VERONA in a few days 🙂

  11. I agree with all of you, our boys are superspecial in everything they do. Their beautiful music makes my life better, I listen them every day too. Im so happy to see them again within 2 weeks 😍

    1. Alicjia, you see them before me, I am almost jealous ….. you will write us your emotions, send me your thoughts that we publish them in the post.
      I am on facebook. 🙂

  12. Pat, thank you for all of your input keeping this blog going. Thanks Daniela for your translations, they bring our boys closer to us when we can read their interviews in English.

  13. I love getting to know our precious Il VOLO singers better through your interviews, Daniella. They are incredibly talented and even though they are international stars, they remain with good human values of kindness, compassion and love. I hope to attend a concert some day to meet them.

  14. I know that this interview took place a few years ago but these boys have transformed my life. I feel different when I watch and listen to them. I too listen every day. They have renewed my spirit and I thank you so much for this interview that gives us more insight into his private life. What is it about them that grabs my heart and doesn’t let go. Thank you so much Daniela for sharing this interview. I am grateful to you. ❤️

  15. This is the first time I have read this piece, grazie Irene for pointing me in the direction of it with your reply. I found it very moving, so moving in fact it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

    Grazie mille Daniela.

    Hugs Roz 😉

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