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August, a month of holidays. It’s very hot.

This year, due to Covid-19, everything is different, but a semblance of normality seems to be returning here in Italy.

Let’s try to follow the traces left by our boys:


We find Gian, engaged in a canoe excursion on the Tirino River, in the company of friends, family, and the guide.


Guide = Hello everyone from the valley and the TIRINO river, from Capestrano.
Today we bring you the greetings of a special guest, one of the most important ambassadors of our land in the world

G = This way, you get me excited, (laughter) are we already connected ??

Guide = Yes Gianluca.

G = Hi, good morning everyone, today I am spending this beautiful day, with my family, in this wonderful place.

For me it is the first time and I am in the company of special, professional people, I am very happy, please, you must all come here.

Guide = Thank you!!

G = I’m honest, that’s not so much to say !! These words come from the heart.

Guide = Thanks again, we are all waiting for you here on the Tirino.

G = Greeting on the fly.

Guide = Greetings from all the Bosso staff, bye!!


G = Il Bosso profile.  (He is recording the video for the Facebook profile IL BOSSO)

We are here together, and as I said before, I’m having one of the best experiences of my life and I’m not kidding.

I am from Abruzzo DOC (it is the brand that means Of Controlled Origin, 100% from Abruzzo), proudly from Abruzzo, proud of my land and of our places, unique in the world.

Look, I’ll show you the water, look how wonderful.

Then, having these early morning experiences, regenerates, you start the day differently, and it really reminds you, how beautiful life is, right?
Then you do this job, since when ???

Guide =“For more than fifteen years”.

G = So I can imagine, for me it’s the first time and I’m crazy, you who practically live this life every day …

Guide = “I’m crazy”…..

G = You are crazy  !!

I really wanted to say hello to everyone, maybe I’ll come back soon and see you here.

Greetings, I wish you a good day, that we are having a truly beautiful day.

Where 01

Where 02


Piero is in Sicily, enjoying the sea in Taormina.

Where 03

He is in the company of his brother Francesco and  his sister Mariagrazia and with them he went to visit Aci Castello, where an ancient Norman castle stands.


Where 04

Where 05


Ignazio is in Sicily, but he is driving fans and gossip crazy.

New love for the beautiful puppy owner?

Perhaps, but for the moment we are content to see Ignazio so happy.

Where 06

Where 07



Whenever possible, Gianluca and Ignazio sing some songs.


“Bruises,” a song by Lewis Capaldi is really beautiful. 



How beautiful are the words of this song “Fino a quando fa bene”? ❤️


Piero …… not received!

But surely all three of our guys will be training their voices, there is an appointment at the weekend, Monte Carlo awaits Il Volo !!

Where 08

Perfect, guys, you have enjoyed the holidays, the sun, the sea, the rest.

But now, work commitments are looming, and we can’t wait to hear your voices again and see you back at work.

See you soon:


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


And here we also face the last three stages of South America, before Brazil.

Needless to say, it was a success everywhere! 😄






(PIERO and young lady: “We repeat the story again from 9 April 2016, again in his arms yesterday 9 October 2019”)


Latin 01

While they were in Santo Domingo, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca took part in a very pleasant television program, interviewed by Mariasela, to the question: “Is love better with a girl who is not a fan, or with a fan?”

And the answer from Ignazio was:
“Love has no barriers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fan or a normal person.”



Latin 02

Latin 03

Latin 04

Latin 05

Latin 06

PUERTO RICO – October 11

A mix of songs.



Really a beautiful “glance”, to see all the lights of the people of the Coliseo !!


Latin 07

The MAGAZINE PR, dedicated to Il Volo, a nice article, from which I extract the most particular parts, really beautiful words for them !!

MAGAZINE PR Article – Click Here

………………. With their privileged voices, the charismatic talent and personalities have overwhelmed every interpretation, making the experience of delighting us with their magic and very special music.

These passionate artists of lyric, opera, pop and contemporary music from the beginning, reach us with their joy, humor and try to speak Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent. They demonstrate, with the chemistry between them, the dynamics of interaction with the public, a closeness that runs from the beginning to the end of the concert. With their powerful voices and the excellent way they use them to sing each song, they presented a repertoire of 25 songs that made the audience feel and vibrate with enthusiasm and euphoria………………..

There is no doubt that Il Volo stole the hearts of all those who took part in this celebration last night with his great talent, charisma and humility, we wish them many more successes in his ascending career, so we exult and say excitedly, BRAVO! Very good!

Latin 08

Latin 09

Latin 10

While they were in hotels in Puerto Rico, as usual, our boys, in particular Gianluca, do not deny themselves to the people, in fact a nice duet is born!


A mix of songs.



“SONREIRAS” (A chi me dice)

I can’t believe it became a reality to hear them sing live 😍 it was one of those nights to remember.”




Latin 11

This is the comment of a fan who attended the concert:

“Super curious I started the concert sitting on one side of the theater, and I finished the concert standing, in the front rows on the other side 😂 it happened like this …

I almost remained without a heel, and without one of my shoes. I got soaked returning to my house that I couldn’t sleep well, but it was all worth it.

I am a person of electronic music concerts, but this was the only concert I waited patiently for so many years, and it was a gift that I owed to myself.

I knew that the third one was the right one for me.

I am 9 years late, but it was completely worth the wait, because it was the 10th anniversary concert 😍

Latin 12

Latin 13

Latin 14

Latin 15

I wonder if someone has kept track of how many people have so far attended the IL VOLO concerts, but there are still so many !!!

Congratulations guys and full speed ahead, destination Brazil !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


MEXICO: MUSIC TOUR 16/17/18 by Daniela

After the summer break, the tour started again with three stops in MEXICO.

The boys were welcomed with great affection.

Mexico Tour 01

But let’s see some moments of the concerts of the various stages:


I am attaching this unique video but almost one hour in concert !!

What a beautiful series of songs and what to say about “La Luna Hizo Esto”, sung in the company of three girls from the audience. They will never forget it, how lucky you are !!!

Mexico Tour 02

Mexico Tour 03

Mexico Tour 04

Mexico Tour 05

Mexico Tour 06





Mexico Tour 07

Mexico Tour 08

Mexico Tour 09

Mexico Tour 10







Mexico Tour 11

Mexico Tour 12

Mexico Tour 13

Mexico Tour 14

Furthermore, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have participated in many radio and television programs, where they have always brought joy and sweetness.

Mexico Tour 15

Mexico Tour 16

Mexico Tour 17

Mexico Tour 18

Even the newspapers have spoken very well of them and of the concerts.

These are two excellent articles, of which I translate the most important parts.

Diario de Yucatan Article – Click Here

Il Volo fell in love with thousands of fans during the concert they offered as part of their “Music Tour” tour, with which they celebrated 10 years of their artistic career.

In the Italian, English and Spanish languages, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble have interpreted, for two hours, twenty themes of Latin American classical music, their successes and the new songs from their album.

As soon as the intensity of the National Auditorium’s lights decreased, the show began. The silhouette of each of the singers was barely glimpsed and the audience, mainly women, started screaming with excitement.

Quién Article – Click Here

The baritone Gianluca Ginoble, the tenor Ignazio Boschetto and the tenor Piero Barone provoked the euphoria of their Mexican followers, who gathered at the National Auditorium to answer the call of their idols, Il Volo, which after six years of absence is climbed the national scene again and simply fell in love. 

Mexico Tour 19

The power in the voice of Ginoble, Boschetto and Barone was the perfect pretext for the warm applauses, and regardless of the genre, compliments were shouted, like a strong “I love you Nacho!”, From a man, or the amusing – and already popular – cry of a woman: “Make me a son!”

Piero’s sensuality, Gianluca’s gallantry and total feeling, which Ignazio gives to each of his interpretations, as well as his renewed figure, caused delirium, all the more when they dedicated part of their repertoire to a tribute to one of the greatest performers Mexicans: José José.

Mexico Tour 20

Another of the highlights of the night was when the Mariachi appeared, with whom they delighted to the rhythm of “Cielito Lindo”, who made it clear that the clear register of Boschetto and Barone’s voices, and the most serious of Ginoble, reaches harmony with vernacular instruments, which have also generated the absolute emotion of the public.

The trio also made room for hearing their own songs, which reached a monumental chorus. If their mere presence was no longer a matter of madness, euphoria was unleashed at most when every young man invited a girl from the audience to sing directly with them. The face of the three lucky girls, between emotion and disbelief, will remain in everyone’s memory.

Mexico Tour 21

Guys, what to say, Mexico has also been conquered, by your talent and your love.
Mexico has not forgotten you, has patiently waited, and has rejoiced with you.
Beautiful songs, many in Spanish, which we would also like to hear more often in concerts.
How much love, how much happiness in these three concerts ………. but now away, Russia is waiting for you !!!


Mexico Tour 22

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

BATTITI LIVE 2019 by Daniela

And the BATTITI LIVE show has also been archived.
But what a splendor, at PUGLIA, that with its people has participated in a very affectionate way, as regards the performance of our boys.
They only sang two songs, “A CHI MI DICE” and of course “GRANDE AMORE”.
But here immediately the video of the participation of IL VOLO.

We have to thank Xinjie who managed to record this video, then published on our fanpage.
The exhibition is wonderful !!!!

The boys have been stellar, but I want to bring to your attention their words at the end of “Grande Amore”, when they are joined by the presenters.


PR = Wonderful !!! Guys, you’ve made me shudder, you’re PAZZESCHI (extraordinary).
G = Thank you
PR = Il Volo in Battili live, the heart of music.
G = It’s always nice to hear our songs sung by heart!
I = It is the first time we have come here, especially to Vieste and we will return to Puglia on 27 and 28 July, to Barletta and Lecce. We can’t wait, because in any case Lecce is wonderful and maybe we do even a little bit of the sea.
PR = We will certainly come to hear you.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, we immediately hear Maria Sole (their delegate among the people) and your audience, you can talk directly with them.


MS = Guys, what to say, congratulations for everything, really. For us it is a great pleasure, to have you here, for the first time at Battiti live, not only for me, but also for Alan and Elisabetta (the presenters on stage), but especially for our audience, and I bring them to you now.

GIRL = Guys, you were crazy, I ask you this question, you are always traveling around the world, how do you find the time to do your things?
P = We don’t find it.
G = It is not true, there is always, because fortunately the important thing is to have next, A FAMILY, FRIENDS, AFFECTION, and when we come back, we can’t wait to be with them.

MS = Very true, and we have another question.
BOY = You are three, how do you come to an agreement, even when you don’t have the same ideas?
I = Just beat them (Piero and Gianluca)
P = This year we are celebrating 10 years of career, being together is like a marriage, if all goes well, you are happy, fortunately we are celebrating 10 years of music but above all of FRIENDSHIP and we thank each other every day, because WE WANT US WELL.
PR = These are universal values. Thank you. IL VOLO.
G = Thank you.


Guys, I have no words, you are really great artists, but also guys who give really positive messages, during these performances, where there is the maximum presence of your peers.
Really, all of us, your fans, we are very proud of you.

Thanks: Daniela

Some shots

Click on each photo to enlarge.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



The Pen Is Mightier Than The…what in the heck?

s - something




The original message:
Dicev nonnm: “La bellezza fin a la port, la bontà fin a la mort!”.

The English translation:
Dicev nonnm: “The beauty right in the port, since the goodness in the mort.”

Excuse me?

Sometimes that beautiful language just shouldn’t be translated.
I’m sure our youngest Angel meant something much more profound!

From Piero:
s - sanremoGoogle Translated it to: “Loads and determined for 2015”
Well good, ’cause I’m loads and determined to see him in 2015.

This fan reply to Gianluca just can’t be right.

S - ITALTyphus! Really! Doesn’t sound very nice Carolyn.


Then sometimes we clearly Understand:

s - sanremo3

s - sanremo 2





Brrr translated into English is Brrr!

You all don’t know this, but we have a new follower to our site. It’s Ignazio’s Uncle Giuseppe he only speaks Italian. I used Bing to help me thank him in his own language. I hope it translated alright and I didn’t end up saying something stupid like, “Send me your nephew in a plain manilla envelope.” or, “How about I move in for a year or ten?”   I would be so embarrassed (Depending, of course, on the outcome of the misinterpretation). Maybe it merely read something like, “My ostrich ate your mothers toaster”. Oh well, no matter what you think I said we’re glad to have you looking in Uncle G.

~Marie       s - shakespear