And here we also face the last three stages of South America, before Brazil.

Needless to say, it was a success everywhere! 😄






(PIERO and young lady: “We repeat the story again from 9 April 2016, again in his arms yesterday 9 October 2019”)


Latin 01

While they were in Santo Domingo, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca took part in a very pleasant television program, interviewed by Mariasela, to the question: “Is love better with a girl who is not a fan, or with a fan?”

And the answer from Ignazio was:
“Love has no barriers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fan or a normal person.”



Latin 02

Latin 03

Latin 04

Latin 05

Latin 06

PUERTO RICO – October 11

A mix of songs.



Really a beautiful “glance”, to see all the lights of the people of the Coliseo !!


Latin 07

The MAGAZINE PR, dedicated to Il Volo, a nice article, from which I extract the most particular parts, really beautiful words for them !!

MAGAZINE PR Article – Click Here

………………. With their privileged voices, the charismatic talent and personalities have overwhelmed every interpretation, making the experience of delighting us with their magic and very special music.

These passionate artists of lyric, opera, pop and contemporary music from the beginning, reach us with their joy, humor and try to speak Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent. They demonstrate, with the chemistry between them, the dynamics of interaction with the public, a closeness that runs from the beginning to the end of the concert. With their powerful voices and the excellent way they use them to sing each song, they presented a repertoire of 25 songs that made the audience feel and vibrate with enthusiasm and euphoria………………..

There is no doubt that Il Volo stole the hearts of all those who took part in this celebration last night with his great talent, charisma and humility, we wish them many more successes in his ascending career, so we exult and say excitedly, BRAVO! Very good!

Latin 08

Latin 09

Latin 10

While they were in hotels in Puerto Rico, as usual, our boys, in particular Gianluca, do not deny themselves to the people, in fact a nice duet is born!


A mix of songs.



“SONREIRAS” (A chi me dice)

I can’t believe it became a reality to hear them sing live 😍 it was one of those nights to remember.”




Latin 11

This is the comment of a fan who attended the concert:

“Super curious I started the concert sitting on one side of the theater, and I finished the concert standing, in the front rows on the other side 😂 it happened like this …

I almost remained without a heel, and without one of my shoes. I got soaked returning to my house that I couldn’t sleep well, but it was all worth it.

I am a person of electronic music concerts, but this was the only concert I waited patiently for so many years, and it was a gift that I owed to myself.

I knew that the third one was the right one for me.

I am 9 years late, but it was completely worth the wait, because it was the 10th anniversary concert 😍

Latin 12

Latin 13

Latin 14

Latin 15

I wonder if someone has kept track of how many people have so far attended the IL VOLO concerts, but there are still so many !!!

Congratulations guys and full speed ahead, destination Brazil !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


26 thoughts on “MUSICA TOUR 31/32/33 LATIN AMERICA by Daniela”

  1. Thanks again for all the pictures and videos sure appreciate all your hard work Can’t wait for February to see them live and to finally meet them at the meet and greet It would be interesting as you stated above how many people have attended these concerts so far

  2. We all appreciate your updates. I eagerly await Il Volo’s concert in San Diego. Wishing our guys safe travels, safe venues, and fun along the way. They work hard; they play hard; and they are living their collective dreams much to our delight.

    1. Thank you very much, Doris. Doesn’t it seem to you that we too are living a beautiful dream together with the boys?
      San Diego, it will be beautiful!

  3. So many videos to watch, so many songs to listen too, I’m pushing aside other things I should be doing. Very behind on my routine, but enjoying all the blog coverage. I don’t know how they do it all! Thanks Daniela!

    1. Mark, the routine waits ….
      You have seen how many different songs, I am very sorry for not being able to hear some songs that they sing only abroad and are very beautiful.
      I don’t even know how they can do everything! I think they took at least 10 aircraft in 15 days. Incredible !!

    1. Thanks Joan, I try to keep you updated on the various concerts and news. Sometimes I think I’m repetitive, but then, reading your comments, I understand that the posts are welcome.

      1. Daniel as usual as I have repeated many times you are always on top of what our sweethearts are doing & performng I really really hope I can get to see a few of their concerts because they will be near me.

  4. Once again you outdid yourself… I simply do not know how you gather so much information, pictures and videos and put them in perfect order for each concert and still maintain a job and a home… You are one amazing lady my dear friend… Thank you for this article. It is filled with all of my favorite songs and I will be playing all these videos over and over tonight…

    1. Yes, Jeannette, my thought too (on Daniela, with all she does for us here.. and maintaining a job and family and home and a life…. Grazie, Daniela! Muah! BACI !

      1. Thanks Cynthia, I can do it because I think of all of you, and I want to update you. The facebook pages are endless, and sometimes I think you have already read everything, but then I remember that some do not follow facebook, I think of them and write.

    2. Dear Jeannette, you always give me so many compliments, and I thank you.
      I hope the fan faire can be realized, there will be safe fun.
      I also love a lot when they sing in Spanish, it would take a 4-hour concert to hear all their songs.

  5. I’m bringing this over from the last board discussion.
    This was my reply/comment to Jill Manning’s post.

    Gianluca according to this interview don’t drink and there is a video where Ignacio said that Piero is a teetotaler ( I believe the boys were invited in a wine vineyard show). So I assume, Ignacio drinks.
    Please correct on this if I’m wrong.

    As to their having disagreements, I saw a video in the English translation Facebook, where Ignacio was really getting annoyed with Gianluca. It was an interview about the incident in Miami when Ignazio was robbed and beaten up. But that was when they were younger and it might be because Ignacio is Sicilian.

    Thank you Daniela for this translation ( interview) . I really appreciate it. I’m really excited and can’t wait to see them perform in MGM on February. Been so busy at work.

    1. Sonia, actually I know for certain that none of the three is a drinker. By drinker we mean one who habitually drinks, the glass of wine once if there is an event, it is quite different.
      There is a video where the boys are having dinner and making a funny video in connection, and someone asks them if they are drunk and Gianluca, who is holding the phone, says “absolutely not, we are happy and we are having fun, to be happy not you must be drunk indeed, we are having dinner (and he shows that there is only water and a coke on the table), we don’t drink wine.”

  6. Thanks for helping me follow them on the South American tour. They have been moving so fast it is hard to know which country or city they sang.Your help us enjoy their tour.

  7. Thank you Daniela for all the photos and videos of Il Volo’s Latin American concerts. We do appreciate all you do and know it must take so much of your time. It certainly was a very nice magazine article and comment from a fan. We love the translations and knowing what is happening with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on their Musica tour!

    1. Thanks Margaret, I always try to find some news that is important and that you can’t have seen.
      We are happy for them and our hearts are happy too.

  8. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed about what the boys are doing. just reading about all the places they have been in such a short period of time makes me tired but it sure gives us all a lot to read about. Once again thank you so much for all your hard work. You are a delight.

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