In Loving Memory of Mary Bohling…by Jane

Mary and her precious Piero

For those of you who may be newer to this site, one of our former writers, Mary Bohling, has passed away.

Mary had such a deep love and devotion to Il Volo,  and especially to  her dear Piero!  She flew all over the U.S. attending concerts and Meet and Greets,  PBS Pledge Promotion events, the MOA event, was instrumental in all of our Minnesota Il Volo fan get togethers,  plus attended the Fan Faire in Las Vegas.   When ever she could adore them up close and in person…she was there!  The highlight of one of the concerts she attended was out in back of the venue after the concert was over.  Mary, along with Marie and her other cohorts, were waiting to catch a glimpse of the guys and lo and behold, out came Piero who jumped right in with them in the van they were sitting in!  She was in seventh heaven!

She had a heart of gold and everything about her was genuine. As Joyce, a friend of Mary’s put it, “I am sure she is in heaven making sure the angels are listening to Il Volo.”

Mary was a gifted writer and poet.  Writing for the blog made her feel closer to the guys, as if they were family.  In honor of Mary, here is a post taken from the many of hers in our archives.



To our darling sweet Italian boys,
Keepers of our hearts, our joys,
While you’re away you keep us guessing
About new projects you’re addressing.
A new CD would be so neat,
A DVD would be a treat.
You’ve been busy, that’s for sure.
Broadcasts, photo shoots demure,
Modeling, getting new wheels,
Making contacts, sealing deals,
Since staying fit’s high on your list,
Trips to the gym cannot be missed.
We search each day for what you’re doing,
Wondering what surprise you’re brewing.
We know it will be something great,
Anticipation makes it hard to wait.
We fell in love–you’re our addiction,
Lots of Il Volo time is our prediction.
A heavy dose both day and night
Will help to keep us feeling right.
We love to see your charming faces
Smiling back from distant places,
Tempting us with looks beguiling,
Teasing with Il Volo styling.
It hurts us, though, not knowing when
You’ll come back to us again.

And now your tour is on it’s way,
Back to work–no time to play,
This schedule puts you to the test,
Doing what you love the best.
But  we can only wait so long
To see your faces, hear your songs.
We will be brave, but nevertheless
Please keep us posted, we confess
We need to see you every day,
Though Internet may be the way.
Your future calls to spread the word,
Throughout the world your voices heard.
But we will wait for your returning,
To satisfy our ardent yearning.
So patiently for you we wait,
Eager to see that special date
When you’ll return to us once more,
Bringing  us the music we adore.

                    ~~~Mary B.~~~


Mary and her boys in Detroit

Mary and her boys in Detroit.

Mary and daughter, Anne, at TPT event in St. Paul.


~~In Memory~~










35 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Mary Bohling…by Jane”

  1. Beautiful! I hadn’t read that poem before…. I’m sure her and Linda are smiling down on all of us and will watch over the boys forever!

  2. Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you, Jane, for the tribute and letting us know. Warm thoughts by and condolences to her family.




  4. I will surely miss the kindest, sweetest woman I have ever known. Our Boys made her life even sweeter. Another reason to love them more. She nor Linda will never miss another Ilvolo concert. Comforting to know they will forever have front row seats.
    Thank you, Jane, so much for this lovely memorium.

    1. Miss you Marie. Mary was a great part of our earlier years when we spend so much of our time “helping” the boys succeed.

  5. My condolences to Mary’s family. I always looked forward to her input on The Flight Crew. May her memory be eternal.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Mary! Although I didn’t know her personally, she seemed like such a sweet person! There was no doubt about her love for “ our boys”! My thoughts and prayers are with her family! Thank you, Jane, for letting us know.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I did not know Mary, but reading all of your comments here has told me much her love of IL VOLO and the kind of loving person she was. My thoughts and prayers for her and her family. ❤️🙏

  8. I am so very sorry to hear this news. Although I do not know Mary, I really appreciated her gift for writing and her love for Il Volo. We’ll miss her words and thoughts about ‘our boys’. Now she won’t miss one concert! Keeping her and her family (that is us, too!) in my prayers. Rest in peace, sweet soul.

  9. I loved reading her posts – they made us very happy to hear of the successes of these great young men. She will always be in our hearts.

  10. Before starting to write actively for this site, I followed for a whole year, without commenting, I read everything that was posted and I read many beautiful tributes and poems to our boys, written by Mary with an infinite sweetness.
    You made us so much company Mary, and your love for Il Volo was evident, in particular for Piero.
    Heaven has been enriched by a new angel.
    Condolences to her family.

  11. Condolences to Mary’s family! May she Rest In Peace knowing that her Flightcrew friends carry on the torch for her beloved boys 🙏

  12. I am sad to hear of the passing of dearest Mary Bohling I met her in Las Vegas at he first Fan Faire and what a doll she was so kind. I also loved the way she wrote about Piero her favorite and Mine too she put into words so often things I wished I could say about Piero but didn’t know how. My heart aches for her family’s loss but I know her sweet loving natures will be one they always cherish.

  13. I will let Mary’s daughter, Anne, know about the tribute here to her Mom. I know all of your beautiful comments will touch her heart.

  14. I’m so sad to hear this news about Mary. I loved her posts and am glad she got so many visits with the boys, She added so much to this site and we will miss her. Our prayers and love to her family as I know she will be greatly missed.

  15. This has to be the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read. I can see and feel her love for IL Volo. She took the words in our hearts and put it to the pen and paper. Rest in peace Mary and I know you will be missed by many including IL Volo. My love for them is as you say, can’t wait to start another day seeing and reading about them. Piero is a joy to my heart also and his voice is out of this world. I dearly adore and love them as you do and did. I know they will be with you in heaven and you will be the angel to send them on their way to please us and into the next generation after ours. May I say this is a wonderful tribute you wrote about them and it gave me joy to read your words, as I too know your feelings as they are mine also. Thank you Mary for loving our guys and I know they will miss you. Much love and ask God to keep them safe and. blessings to all who love IL Volo.

  16. Oh, Jane. Your tribute has brought tears to my eyes. If you remember, it was you and Mary who met me at the MOA for my very first Il Volo concert. We had to scramble, but we got to see our boys up close and personal just as they were prepared to leave. I think it was somewhere in the bowels of the MOA! Mary was a dear friend and I will miss her terribly at our next get-together. Il Volo meant so very much to her and our friendly squabbles over Piero were all in fun. RIP Mary. We will miss you.- Allene

  17. I am sad that Mary Bohling passed away I always liked the way she posted, she made a story out of her postings which sounded like stories about our sweet hearts. MY prayers are being sent your way May God bless you.

  18. I was so very saddened when I read this beautiful tribute to Mary. She was one of our Il Volo family and losing a dearly loved member of our family is always so very sad. I too was at the Fan Faire but unfortunately somehow Mary and I didn’t get to meet each other when we were there. Although I didn’t get to know her personally I loved reading about her encounters with her beloved boys and her other wonderful posts. Now and forever she will be watching the boys from the heavens above and following them throughout the many milestones in their lives. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. R.I.P. dear Mary.❤️

  19. This is a beautiful tribute. I was very saddened to learn of Mary’s passing. She was a beloved member of our Il Volo family and losing a cherished family member is always very sad. I too was at the Fan Faire but unfortunately somehow Mary and I did not get to meet each other when we were there. Although I didn’t know Mary personally I loved reading about her encounters with the boys…especially Piero… and her many other wonderful posts. Now and forever she will be following her boys from the heavens above throughout the many milestones in their lives. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. R.I.P. Sweet Mary.❤️

  20. I remember reading Mary’s wonderful poems. My condolences to her friends and family. Now she can go to every Il Volo concert anywhere in the world. Rest In peace, dear Mary.

  21. Thank you Jane for letting us know about Mary and for the lovely photos. I always enjoyed reading her poems and posts sharing her love of Gianluca, Ignazio and especially Piero with us. I always felt her sweetness and kindness in her writings. My condolences to her family and God bless her and keep her.
    As Marie said, Mary and Linda will never miss another Il Volo concert and they will forever have front row seats!

  22. I did not really know her, but I remember her posts. May she be watching and listening to them from above. Prayers for her family🎼🙏🏻🎼

  23. I was always impressed with Mary’s writing skills and wonderful poems. I loved her posts for many years.
    Condolences to her family and friends. R.I.P Mary.

  24. I was so sorry to read of Mary’s passing. When I was a very new fan we had a lunch together to share our delight in Il Volo. Mary told me about “The Flight Crew” and showed me pictures of her times of meeting with Piero. Mary was a very lovely lady and we lost her too soon.

  25. R.I.P mary… you are so lucky to have their frnd ship. i myself have cancer even though im in full remission , i know i have a was to go.. my tumur cout is 13, while when being in hosps and rehabs, , their music helped,, im going to see then in April and hope to have the honor in meeting hem or ?

  26. I am heartbroken, terribly. My Mother left this world five years ago. That first Christmas Eve without her I heard Il Volo singing the Ave Maria from a cathedral in Italy. Over the next few days I learned more about them and offered a comment on this site regarding the performance I had previously watched. Mary reached out to me from here and we became friends through emails, Facebook, and phone calls. Oh Mary, I will miss the kindness and humor of your advice and expressions. I treasure the chance to have known you. Godspeed, Mary Bohlings. 🌟

  27. I am so very sorry that I am just now reading this news. I didn’t know about Mary until just this evening…she spoke all the words that are in my heart…I have been u to Italy smitten with beautiful Gianluca…he has caused my heart to expose all the love I have kept hidden…I have no one to give it to…a piece of it is for him. I admire Mary so very much…I am sure she is watching the guys from her heavenly home with a smile on her face, and their songs in her heart. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

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