Surely you will remember that during the IL VOLO concert in Rome, we saw on video, two nice fans who came specially from Japan to attend the IL VOLO concert.

Here is the video that made them known to us, along with grandma Maura.

Their names are Yukio and Kumiko.
In this video they say that they came to Italy for the concert and that they attended three concerts also in Japan.

They seemed really a very nice couple and so I thought I’d do an interview with them, to satisfy our great curiosity about everything about Il Volo.

So I contacted them via facebook and then email, and they were very kind to answer my questions:  

“Hi Daniela, following are the replies of my wife and I, on your questions.”

The first question is certainly the simplest and most obvious: how did you come to know IL VOLO? How long have you been their fans? Was it an immediate pleasure or has it matured over time?

It was the morning of November 24, 2017. I happened to hear an Italian speaking voice on TV. I thought I must record it for my study immediately, since I have just started to learn Italian. 

Later, I replayed the recorded program, it was the voice of Il Volo, three guys, and their witty answering with the TV interviewers was exactly full of my favorite Italian taste.

They sang Grande Amore! Sono molto commosso! (I am very moved!)
I was totally knocked out.

After my husband came back home, I showed him this video. My husband also loved it very much.

In this TV program, I found that there were two concerts in Japan, I really wanted to go to the concerts. I tried to find tickets for them, but the tickets in major ticket offices had been already sold out. But I decided, never give up to purchase. I called one of the offices of concert, Kawasaki, directly. The answer was “there are only two tickets remaining.” Lucky!

Of course, I bought them immediately. Il concerto era meraviglioso!! (The concert was wonderful!!)

Since then, we have become Il Volovers.

Japanese Fans 01

How many concerts did you attend?

Just before the concerts in Japan, 2017, we bought CDs and DVDs, “IL VOLO with PLACIDO DOMINGO (Notte Magica)”, commemorative album for Japan, and “Grande Amore”.

We listened to and watched the concert of Florence and Pompeii, which were contained in the DVDs. The videos ignited our dream to go to a concert held at Roman ruins in Italy.

After their concerts in Japan, we became the member of IL VOLO official Fanclub.

In line with the above and our willingness, I had been searching their concert in Europe by way of internet with a keyword of “I concerti Il Volo” in Italian. I found there was their dinner show in Monte Carlo, Monaco and asked the ticket agency in Monaco directly and got tickets.

While scheduling our trip to Europe, the official fanclub announced there were several concerts in Italy, 2018. We found we could go and listen to in Taormina, July 29. We had rescheduled and decided to go there. (Kumiko wrote)

In 2019 May, IL VOLO 10th anniversary tour started from Japan. Obviously, we planned to listen to their concerts except due to some blocked dates for us:
We attended the concerts described below:


We brought handmade banners/flags and Japanese fans for these concerts to congratulate and send cheers to IL VOLO.

These good pictures were attached in this email.

Japanese Fans 02

In addition to these formal concerts, we attended/listened to following TV
recording/broadcasting programs as well as FM broadcast program:

On May 10, “Music station” produce by TV Asahi, is a live studio broadcasting by a set of guest artists, a kind of amusement show.

On May 14, “Utakon”. The program purpose produced by NHK is a wide variety of music genres, from enka and kayokyoku to pop, western music, and classical music, will be delivered to a wide range of people through live broadcasting and live singing.

On May 20, Daimei no Nai Ongaku Kai (Untitled Music Concerts) produced by TV Asahi. The program purpose is to challenge to integrate orchestra and music of different genres.

**Local FM radio**:
May 12, “Koyama Janet Aiko Botanica”. Inviting guests and talk to introduce on the current topic at noon time.

Finally, as you know, we attended Rome concert, June 26. (Yukio wrote)

We know that in Japan, IL VOLO has presented “Notte Magica”, while the concert in Rome, to which you have attended, is much more pop. Did you enjoy the concert in Rome? Your taste, is it more towards pop or more towards Notte Magica?

Yes, we enjoyed the concert in Rome, there is no discomfort for me. Even though the concert venue is not real Roman ruins, their performance was wonderful and the selection of the music from classic to pop was well-balanced. We were also very happy to hear new songs by Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero.

As a matter of fact, we like to listen music from classic to pop very much. It may seem that I have no philosophy on music, Yukio sometimes listens to Flamenco guitar music.

As Il VOLO members say, their music is constantly changing and changing, so  I’ m looking forward to how it will be changed in the future. (Yukio wrote)


Is there much difference between people’s reaction to concerts in
Japan and Italy?

It seems to me that Japanese audience want to listen to their music carefully and to get their message through their music. On the contrary, sorry to say this, in Italy while Il Volo sings, there are a lot of private language (talking) of the audience who is not interested in the music.

The reaction, applause, to songs seems to be the same; if the song is so emotional and touching, there is big applause.

In addition, there is one big obstacle between IL Volo and Japanese audience, that is language. Japanese audience can only understand the guys’ talk by the interpreter, even though she (Ms. Michiko Taguchi, who is an excellent translator for them, I believe.) translated the boys’ words with witness and changing voice tone depending on who speaks. In Italy, the guys could very easily communicate with the audiences, and back-and-forth of communication was speedy and comical.

What’s your favorite song ? (if you and your wife, have different tastes, make different answers as well.)

As I love too many songs, it is very difficult for me to choose just one song.
Therefore, I chose the following five songs:
– E lucevan le stele
– Grande amore
– Music che resta
– Ave Maria
– Ricordami

I also pick my favorite 5 songs:
– Il Mondo
– Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae
– Musica Che Resta
– Grande Amore
– El Triste

I hope these answers will satisfy you.
Thank you,

Il Volovers: Kumiko & Yukio

Japanese Fans 04

Dear Yukio and Kumiko, thank you very much for your kindness and for having accepted the interview.

It was not easy, I, an Italian, had to write in English and you, had to translate everything in your language to understand what I was asking you.

But in the end, we understood each other very well, our topic was music, and we all know that music has a single language and that of IL VOLO, unites people from one end of the world to the other.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


  1. Thank you, as always, Daniela. It was a lot of work for you but you did it “with love” and I loved every word. I was surprised in Italy, a lot of audience talking. I look forward to seeing them in Boston, in February..

  2. Thanks so much Daniela for this lovely interviewed translation for us in English!! Enjoyed it very much! I appreciate your efforts in translating and I appreciate their willingness to provide the answers!! Thanks again! 👍😘🎶🎤🇨🇦❤️

  3. Il Volo is loved all over the world. I will see him in NYC in Febrruary. 2020. My sad story is I was supposed to see them for the first time in NYC, but my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so we never made that show; being so sad, I tore up those tickets, knowing I would be too sad then. I hope to make it this time even though I am healing from a traumatic accident I had in my house–I fell down 14 steps, and broke everything. I pass my time listening to Il Volo!.
    Thank you, Daniel, for your post about the Japanese fans. Elisa

    1. Elisa, I’m sorry for your sad story and your loss.
      I hope you will enjoy the concert this time.
      It is true, the flight has a therapeutic effect for healing, but I recommend it to you, watch out for the steps !!

  4. This was very interesting. I love hearing about how people connect to Il Volo and their different perspectives. Thank you, Daniela, for doing this complicated translation. Every day I look forward to any news about Il Volo and you come through, every time ! Thanks!

  5. Think this chatter during artist’s performance is not only an italian thing. You find this modern kind (“the whole world is a Disneyland” thing) of disrespectful behavior more and more even in other countries like mine in Germany. Theire are es. stupid parents let theire toddlers crawling without control under the instrument during a very talented girls wonderful piano concert in a church. You find also very often loud chatting growing up people like on a marked place during concerts even they enjoy and love the artist and the performance. This is a very disrespectful sign of small education ore selfish ignorance of the performance of others. People should change this.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Martina, this way of doing it reveals a basic rudeness.
      In the end it is still our fault that we allow this to happen.
      One day at the Verona Arena, my husband and I were there to attend Aida. While we waited, a man’s cigarette smoke came to us, he was two rows ahead of us, and he was right under the “No smoking” sign. We pointed this out to him, but he didn’t quit smoking, he continued undaunted to smoke other cigarettes. In order not to create discomfort, we have given up, but I must say that rudeness has no limit.

      1. Daniela, I’m sorry to have raised the controversial issues.
        Japanese audiences are not always polite and gentle. There are some who are rudeness.

  6. thanks Daniela, I always enjoy to see how people from other parts of the world love il Volo. We are so different but some how the same too 😉
    Thanks to il Volo people learm Italian language, visit Italy, share passion and love to Italian culture and heritage. You should be very proud of such ambasadors
    kisses from Poland to all ilvolovers 😉

    1. Alicja, I am on your wavelength, I really like finding out what other people think of our beloved boys, and Kumiko and Yukio, they were really very available to the interview.
      Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are truly splendid ambassadors of Italian style, too bad that they are not 100% appreciated right here.
      A hug from Italy. 🙂

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