Valeria Bosch offers us a beautiful analysis of IL VOLO’s success. It is always a pleasure to read and confirm what we all think in our hearts.

Once again, thank you Valeria! ❤️


Analysis 01

The last part of the Latin-American tour of  Il Volo, which takes place in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, has begun. Thus comes halfway the long celebration of the trio’s ten-year activity, which started last January with the event in Panama, on the same altar next to Pope Francis, then continued with the participation in Sanremo, the tour in Japan, the  series of concerts in various Italian cities, in Mexico, in Eastern Europe and in Central America

The second part of this event will take place in 2020, with a long tour that will start from Canada and touch the main North American cities, and then with other surprises that the tireless trio preparing for us.

Analysis 02

No music star ever celebrated in such a solemn way an anniversary of their activity, so much so that you get the feeling that the boys want in this way to pay homage to all the public of the world that always support them and have made them of the first-rate stars. If we consider that these artists who after a 10-year career can afford such a celebration, are only 24, 25 and 26 years old, really curiosity deepens about the reasons for such extraordinary success, so inter-generational, so planetary of the guys who, starting as teenagers from three provincial areas of our beautiful Italy, to conquer the world took less than Caesar when, after a battle, could proudly exclaim: “Veni vidi vici!” (I came, I saw, I won!)

Analysis 03

But it’s enough to attend even one of their own concerts to understand all the elements that, together, form that explosive mix called “Il Volo’s success”, which makes people move from one continent to another and makes sold out  continuous, and  makes the public of all latitudes repeatedly stand up in endless standing ovations.

Let us then examine these elements.

Analysis 04

A) THE MUSICAL GENRE – For most of their performances, Il Volo prefers the operatic pop or pop-opera, a genre that results from the contamination between “opera” and pop, an operation brought to worldwide fame especially by Luciano Pavarotti and which now, among a thousand imitations, finds the most famous followers in Andrea Bocelli and precisely in Il Volo. The repertoire is mainly aimed at the tradition of the great classics that are part of the history of Italian, Neapolitan, American and Spanish music. The boys also perform several unreleased songs, which always follow the path of bel canto, of melodious and elegant music. Although there are some critics clinging to the stereotype that this is old and demodé music, which only appeals to the elderly, the truth is that these songs have a great success even among young people, who learn the lyrics by heart and sing them by voice explained during the concerts: therefore this beautiful romantic music, which creates emotions and envelops the heart, always appeals to many people, even very young people, probably tired of the boring and senseless rappers and trappers.

Analysis 05

B) THE VOICES – No one, not even the most convinced haters, will ever deny that Gianluca, Ignazio and  Piero have in their throats not only three beautiful voices, but three golden voices, formidable devices that very few others in the world can boast. Their added value, compared to those who have a beautiful voice, is the set of the three voices, voices different from each other, but equally extraordinary, which complement each other giving rise to a concert in the concert, as if they were three instruments that, played together,  create such a myriad of musical combinations that those who listen to them feel transported immediately to the sky.  Among  them there is no front man: their interventions follow each other in an absolutely equal way, each having its own precise reason to be in that particular musical passage. All that gives rise to a result of a unique excellence, which no one else’s interpretation is able of rendering.

Analysis 06

C) THE FEELING WITH THE AUDIENCE – The three boys of Il Volo don’t limit themselves to appearing on stage and singing, albeit in a formidable way, but give rise to real entertainment with the audience, sometimes moving (as when they dedicate moments of tenderness to their fans and especially to the children), sometimes funny, with a whole series of dialogues and jokes in which Ignazio usually acts as a star, and Gianluca and Piero follow him in a way worthy of the most consummate actors. All that creates moments of great empathy and fun that, combined with the emotion created by the music, transports the audience to a different world, something that you would like to never end, the 2-3 hours of the show pass in a flash and, then, a feeling of loss takes over, that will last for days. In this relationship with the public the three boys are greatly helped by the fact of speaking with fluency both English and Spanish, languages that allow them to talk practically with people from all over the world.

Analysis 07

D) THE ELEGANCE AND BEAUTY – Gian, Ignazio and Piero are undoubtedly three handsome boys, their young age and the care they take in keeping their bodies trained with the practice of sports and gym, make them present at the public, despite the hard efforts caused by concerts and continuous travels, always in the midst of their freshness and vigor. They also possess that natural, typical Italian elegance of attitudes and posture that led them to be models in various photo shoots. This beautiful presence, let us not deny it, also contributes to their success, together with the extraordinary voice and the ease on the stage.

Analysis 08

In conclusion we can say that, although the entertainment world is very hard and these guys have navigated through risks and difficulties, their ship, after 10 years, is in a safer and stronger harbor than ever. The relationship between them, over time, has clearly improved, becoming a friendly, even fraternal relationship; they have continued to study, incredibly maturing their voice and the interpretative ability; they are surrounded by an immense and ever increasing affection of fans from all over the world. Even their relationship with the mass media has improved, despite an Italian press small group surviving that deliberately (and inexplicably) hide their sensational success. In short, if the current ascending curve continues in its direction, we can safely say that in the near future Il Volo will become the first Italian musical reality and will access the Olympus of international music.

Analysis 09


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  1. This post certainly sums up and says it all about this fabulous trio, with out one false statement. What else could possibly be said, to add to an already elegantly and beautifully written tribute? I wouldn’t even try, I just don’t have the words and originality, but I love what I see and hear.

  2. We all feel the same, but only very few blessed ones can write it down so beautifully,
    Thank you Valeria from bottom of my hearth and please keep up writing…

  3. A truly beautiful tribute to the most amazing group in the world. They are a joy to know and watch and their success over these past ten years is well deserved. They have worked very hard to always give their best for their fans and I love and admire them greatly.

  4. Valeria, like our young men you also have a great gift. The gift to put into words all of the emotions we carry in our hearts for Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. Thank you.

    1. Rose Marie, for me there is no greater satisfaction than feeling you appreciate what I write! Thank you!

  5. Valeria, this is such a beautiful post. You write from your heart…and it is a pure joy to read. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Valeria for these beautiful words. You are really gifted and reading your posts is such a pleasure. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio give us ilvolovers so much happiness. Their music fills our lives with joy and beauty. Italian wonders of the world. Thanks again and I am waiting for more.

    1. Thank you Jolanta for your beautiful words! In Italy the boys are our pride, they are our ambassadors in the world!

  7. This is a beautiful article. Il Volo is an amazing singing group. I have watched these young men since almost the beginning of their careers. I love their interactions with their audiences. I love how wonderful they are with young and old. I wish them a long and healthy career and pray they remain as humble and gracious as they are. ❤️

  8. As many have already said, you put into beautiful words what we all feel about these talented and special young men. Thank you .

  9. Valeria, I agree with Daniela that your analysis of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero’s success is spot on!!!!
    I thank you for this beautiful post and I hope that our three guys will also find the time to read this tribute to them..

  10. Thank you so much Dear Valeria for your masterly write-up about our beloved Boys ; Il Volo. They are everything you wrote and more. I have had the pleasure of being present during 3 of their concerts when they came to Malta and the great joy of actually meeting Gianluca and Iganzio on their last trip here in July 2019. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to meet Piero who arrived 4 hours later on a different flight. I shall never forget the time I talked to them both and my photos with them which I shall always treasure. May God bless them always

  11. I really wanted to see these young men in person. However we are an old couple marries 50 years and living on a fixed income so that will not be possible. I do so much enjoy therir music. I love the way they preform together and they bring joy to my heart!! My papa was from Naples and we played much of this music. I love the way they bring the music of yesterday to all people today. I love the way they laugh and joke around with each other!! I love II Volo. God bless the 3 of you everyday of your lives!! Thank you so much for bringing me such joy!
    Joan Conzalina Bohata

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