BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 34/35/36 by Daniela

New State, again different songs.

The affection of the Brazilian people has always been evident for Il Volo, and this time it was no different.


A mix of songs



Scrolling through the various Facebook pages, I saw this photo, published by the page IL VOLO SAO PAULO -BRASIL, is a really moving embrace between Piero and a man, which happened during the concert.

Here is what my friend Stella Maris, the page administrator, comments:

Achei linda esta foto! Pena que não dê para vermos Piero no abraço. Gostaria muito de saber que tirou.

Segundo a amiga Lara Silva, em Brasília (17/10), Piero “desceu, cantou junto com este senhor e o abraçou.”

(Foto publicada e compartilhada: grupo Tributo a Il Volo.)


I found this photo beautiful! Too bad we can’t see Piero in the hug. I’d love to know why you did it.

According to her friend Lara Silva, in Brazil (17/10), Piero “came down, sang with this man and embraced him.”

Brazil2 01

A fan comment:
“Day 17/10 I realized another dream! What a fantastic day! Ignazio Boschetto, who takes my mother and looks at me directly, Barone Piero takes my phone and takes a picture! What a show, what voices, what a dream! 10 years waiting for this moment and I have no words! I love you and return soon in Brasilia!” ❤️❤️❤️

Brazil2 02

Brazil2 03




Mix of songs



Really nice this video, where the boys sing “CANZONE PER TE” sitting among the fans and Ignazio forgets (or pretends to forget) the words and asks for help to Gianluca!



Brazil2 05

Lisete is the girl standing in front, this is that’s what she wrote:

“Olha como fui agraciada por Deus…o meu presente de aniversário… só gratidão.” ❤️


“See how I received from God … my birthday present … only gratitude.” ❤️

Brazil2 06

And what about this sweet Piero ??


(Click on each individual photo below to enlarge it.)






“CANZONE PER TE”  (very sweet)


Even this first adventure in Brazil was accomplished, but three other concerts are still waiting for you.

Come on guys, we’re all with you!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

14 thoughts on “BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 34/35/36 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for these wonderful video’s Daniela. I enjoyed them so much. I was in Budapest for the concert of IL VOLO, but as close as this I never came. 🙁 So for me this is a little private concert at home.

  2. Oh Daniela the music and videos are making my day. How lucky she was to have her Birthday with the boys. What memories! We are blessed to have your translations. How you do it all we cannot fathom. Love, Victoria

    1. I’m glad you like videos and translations. Yes, that girl was lucky, embraced by Ignazio on her birthday.
      Thanks Victoria, for the nice video you sent me.

  3. Hi Daniela, Piero was so sweet. Lucky girl!
    Because of the civil unrest that is going on in Chile right now, it would be too dangerous for them to go there. I hope they don’t even try it.

    1. Yes, Jill, Piero was very sweet, what a lucky girl.
      Unfortunately the boys have already published a video where they reassure the fans of Chile, saying that they will go for the concert.
      We hope everything goes well.

  4. Thank you for the videos and translations, they are marvelous. The guys are so sweet with the fans, especially with the youngest. I appreciate your hard work very much. Thanks again and hugs😘😘😘

      1. Thanks so much again Daniela for all the great photos and videos. I just love seeing them with little children and this beautiful little girl! They are so comfortable with them and you can see how much love they have for them.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you Daniela, for your wonderful videos and translations. They make it somewhat easier for me to wait until February when I get away from a Minnesota winter to go to the Tampa concert in Florida. Hoo boy! I hope the time goes by fast. – Allene

  6. Molto grazie Daniela and Pat for putting this meravigliosa concert together for us in this post!
    Our guys are amazing, it looks like they fully enjoy every concert that they are completing, day by day.

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